Best Place To Buy Chicken Wings – 5 Places You Can Go For

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Whether you buy chicken wings from the grocery shop next to your place; or the supermall and even online, you always crave one thing mostly which is nothing but delicacy. 

Now, coming to the fact, buying chicken wings online won’t give you the perfect taste similar to the wings you buy from an original butcher shop. These are the most reliable options that you may ever have. 

Amongst all these, now it’s your turn to go anywhere you want. However, I will assist you to the last about all the best places to buy raw chicken wings that would taste good and overlook your appetite. 

Stick to the piece and acquire information as much as you can. 

5 Best Places To Buy Raw Chicken Wings

In the next portion, I will be giving you a distinctive overview of buying raw chicken wings from places near you. 

Following the piece would help you convey information much more effortlessly than ever before. 

Local Grocery Stores

The most minacious thing about buying raw chicken wings from any local grocery store is you won’t know if the meat you’re purchasing is fully fresh. 

However, if the shop is trusted, I won’t suggest you not go for that. But, if the place is not familiar to you, then don’t purchase from there. That would be my advice to you. 

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Butcher Shops 

Coming to the part, buying raw chicken wings from a butcher shop is the most authorized, guaranteed, and yet the wisest attempt. No matter if the butcher shop is familiar to you, you would be able to see everything in real-time while you’re buying. 

This would automatically provide a huge trustability to you. And you will get fresh and authentic meat from a butcher’s shop as a plus. 

Point to be noted, in some cases, you would manage to buy raw chicken wings from a butcher’s shop costing much less money than supermarkets, grocery shops, and anywhere else. 

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In terms of buying from supermarkets, something has been mythically brought to us very confusing. First of all, supermarkets store a large quantity of meat. 

So, they won’t keep a wicked chunk of meat knowing that a large consumer group will devour it. 

It’s the most trusted part of buying from supermarkets. On the flip, many supermarkets or brands will intentionally deliver you low-quality chicken wings. Your job is to check them very carefully and refrain yourself from going for the cheap one. 

However, I would suggest you go for supermarkets if that is authorized and has a positive review from users. Otherwise, there’s a high possibility of getting grounded chicken wings. 

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Online Retailers

To be honest, buying from an online retailer is the worst. You may agree with me on some of the cases. Apparently, nobody relies on the internet when it comes to food or any other consumable products. I don’t get the point. 

Nonetheless, many branded butcher shops and grocery stores have their specific online shop as well. If it seems trustable, you always buy from them, sitting at your home, using your best friend that is nothing but the internet. 

But, I would sum up with the words I said earlier. There is no alternative to buying from a butcher’s shop to get the highest quality. 

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Meat Shops

Meat shops are closely related to butcher shops. But, they don’t provide facilities similar to a butcher. Buying raw chicken wings from meat shops would allow you to enjoy tasty chicken wings. 

And considering some perks, meat shops are more reliable than grocery shops and supermarkets. As it’s a specialized shop that sells meat, they won’t cheat on you, I hope. 

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5 Best Grocery Stores For Chicken Wings

I already pitched to you that if the grocery store you intend to buy chicken wings from is trustable, nothing is wrong with buying from them. Now, which shops are trustable? 

In this portion, I have come up with the five best grocery stores that would be trustworthy in buying raw chicken wings. Let’s get to the details of the stores. 

WinCo Foods 

The following store is basically a grocery store that has been delivering groceries to its customers. However, the meat section of WinCo Foods has a large reputation around the US, and it’s increasing over the time being. 

Here’s some of the details about WinCo Foods.

Location: Branches of WinCo Foods are available to most of the states of the USA and Canada. Go to their website and search with your states’ name. You’ll be lucky to find the closest shop. 

Opening Time: Open 24 Hours.

Additional Facility: WinCo Foods provide Pick-Up options. You can order your meat online and later on can directly receive the parcel from their stores. 

Website: WinCo Foods

Facebook Page: WinCo Foods

Farmer’s Fresh Mart 

Farmer’s Fresh Mart is a Texas-based meat shop that has also provided fresh meats to customers for decades. Considering the quality, you’ll get the maximum from them. Along with the quality, their meats are not overpriced as other meat shops. 

Location: 9541 Mesa Dr. Houston, TX 77078832-767-1877

Time: Monday- Saturday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sunday: 7:00 AM to 4.00 PM 

The Fresh Market 

The following one we’re discussing right now is a highly motivated shop from the European-style food market. Since its inception, it has been providing legitimate services to consumers for 35 years. 

From a small wicked shop in North Carolina, the magnificent Fresh Market has now spread into most of the major countries of the United States. It could be the appropriate option if you want to purchase some good-grade chicken wings. 

Location: From Alabama to Virginia, you would be lucky to find at least one store in The Fresh Market. Yet, to be on the safe side, I suggest you go to their website and manually search for your area. 

Hours: 8 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Sun)

Sprouts Farmers Market 

At the very last of my bucket lists, I have got Sprouts, Farmers Market. It’s another grocery shop that has been providing grocery items to its customers, precisely for decades. 

In case you’re wondering how to buy your desired chicken wings from this shop, then you’re welcome in the very first place. 

No worries. Because, in terms of quality and assurance, the Sprouts Farmers Market has a distinctive reputation that has made it unique from others. 

Location: Mercado del Rancho Center, 9301 E. Shea Blvd. #132, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Hours: 7:00 AM –10:00 PM (Open Daily)

Things To Consider While Buying Raw Chicken Wings

I was talking about the places where you can buy chicken wings, and for your sake, I have suggested the five best grocery shops from where buying chicken wings would be worth it. Now, if you’re a person who doesn’t go to market frequently and loves to shop online, this specific portion will tremendously help you. 

In this part, I have tried to elaborate on all the terminologies that you should look forward to while purchasing chicken wings. 

Let’s get to the main part without further ado…

  • Appearance

Appearance defines it all. Yes, first of all, you have to look forward to the appearance of the raw chicken wings that you wish to purchase. If that seems unscrupulous to you, don’t buy. That’s it. 

  • Aroma

If the wings pass the appearance test, try to take their smell. You know how raw meat smells, so do i. Try to match both of the smells. If they get passed in this one, then go forward. 

Otherwise, don’t even dry to purchase them. Stinky meats get stored and often delivered to consumers in most grocery stores. 

So, if wicked meat gets delivered to your door, then you will be the one who suffers. Better to check it in the first place. 

  • Blood on Cut Parts

Checking out the cut parts would provide you with the maximum assurance of the freshness of your chicken wings. 

Check closely and observe if any blood marks or red-spot exist or not. If yes, don’t buy it. Only purchase meat that is fully fresh. 

  • Texture 

Looking forward to textures would do the job for you. Though it’s under the appearance part, we’ve discussed earlier. But, texture refers to another special criterion. Look closely at the bones and the overall meat texture. 

If the texture seems moist, I suggest you not buy that. Go for another one instead. Most of the damp meats are very hard to thaw. So, it’s better to skip. 

Why Are Chicken Wings So Expensive At The Grocery Store

The answer to this question could be very straightforward on the flip; we can make a very labyrinthic answer as well. No matter what, I’m presenting the easiest solution to you- 

It’s comparatively easy to buy meat from grocery stores other than online or supermarkets. 

In many towns of America, you will barely find butcher shops to purchase chicken wings from. Considering all these, buying from a grocery store would be appropriate from all the way out. 

As people rush towards grocery stores, the demand gets higher than the average. And, at the same time, if the supply gets beneath, the price gets upward over the time being. This is the most common example of the question asked above. 

Another reason could be the shortage of the supply of chicken. Though, it’s not that much applicable to a country like America. For a few counties again, it’s legit, right. 

Why Most People Don’t Want To Buy Frozen Chicken Wings

To be very precise, buying frozen chickens will increase your trauma a thousand times. Like many people, I am also against buying frozen chicken wings. 

Let’s look at the cons of buying frozen chicken wings in a nutshell- 

  • When meat gets frozen, it turns into nothing but a chunk of bones and skin. Sounds surreal, I know. But, the meat disappeared to nowhere. 
  • Not only the texture, when you finally manage yourself to buy frozen chicken wings, but you will also surely fall into trauma thawing it properly. Guess what? Frozen chicken wings get systemless after thawing. 
  • Frozen wings taste terrible.  

Considering all these perks, I recommend you buy chicken wings in normal form but frozen. Go for my command if you want to have a delicious piece of juicy and tender chicken wings. Otherwise, your trauma will get no bound if you buy frozen chicken wings. 

Is Buying Wings from Online Good Idea

Buying stuff online is a legit good idea. But, whenever it turns to foods, I’m way much out of the radius. In terms of cooked and dry foods, it’s manageable. But raw foods and meats are not good options to buy online. Here are the reasons. 

The chicken wings you wish to purchase can smell funky or stinky. You won’t be able to smell it over the internet. 

And, if the product once gets delivered to your door, then there’s no going back. If the shop doesn’t consider a return, your entire money has already gone into the loss. 

Like smells, the meat you’re purchasing could be below-grade, rotten, and even moist/damp. And there’s nothing that you can do for the sake of your meat. 

I wish to conclude; it’s better not to purchase chicken wings or generally meats from online retailers. Go to the shop physically, choose the best healthy chunk and pay for that one. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 


We have come to the verge already. I have tried my best to assist you with the best place to buy raw chicken wings. I suggested to you some of my trusted grocery stores where I also buy meat. I would be glad if you took those suggestions and received all my recommendations, in a sense. 

It’s better to end the piece right here. And heartfelt gratitude to you for adhering to us for this long. 

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