Cowboy Lump Charcoal Review For 2023

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I’m not a cowboy, but I’m crazy about cowboy lump charcoal reviews because I badly want a smoke-filled flavor in my BBQ dishes. As you know, lump charcoal is a fairly favorable option to put your charcoal grill on fire and I know how reliable the Cowboy is.

As lump charcoal is prepared very carefully from pure hardwood pieces, it offers a super consistent flame that makes the food tastier. So, BBQ enthusiasts prefer it more than charcoal briquettes.

Cowboy manufactures the finest lump charcoal that fires up very easily. Besides, the flame is steadfast enough to keep it under control. On top of that, Cowboy lump charcoal is the best when you expect a powerful charcoal essence in your grilled items.

4 Top Cowboy Lump Charcoal Review

Based on usability, performance, and exclusivity, we picked the following four lump charcoal from this famous brand. Let’s discover how they perform!

Cowboy 24220 All-natural Lump Charcoal

Who doesn’t want an enchanting aroma in the hard-cooked smoked dishes?  Cowboy 24220 Lump Charcoal isn’t only preferable for infusing the addictive charcoal flavor in the food but also lets you cook much quicker than any other fuel. 

According to Cowboy tradition, these lumps are made by burning the purest wood. The hardwoods are a combination of oak, maple, hickory, etc.

As an all-natural product, the charcoal flavor you get is the purest one to please your taste buds. Let’s find out what top amenities it has in store for you.

Top Features 

  • An all-natural product 
  • Doesn’t overpower the food 
  • Made from 100% pure hardwood
  • Burns cleaner creating fewer ashes 
  • Fires up quickly without lighter fluid
Cowboy Easy Light Natural Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal Briquettes for Grilling and Smoking, 20 Pound Bag
Cowboy Easy Light Natural Hardwood Lump BBQ Charcoal Briquettes for Grilling and Smoking, 20 Pound Bag
FLAVOR: No strange flavor changes usually found from additives used in briquettes; EASY USE: Easy to light charcoal without using any lighter fluid
Dimensions14.25 in. x 5.75 in. x 30 in.
Weight20.4 lbs

A lump is the base form of charcoal, it isn’t reshaped with any additive or chemical. So is the case in this Cowboy charcoal. They burn neat and clean and last really long. As a result, you can cook rapidly without wasting your valuable time. 

Actually, we highly recommend this fuel for beginners who just stepped into the barbecuing field. Being reasonable in price point, you don’t need to spend much for these professional-level grilling charcoal. Yet, you can get the authentic taste of hardwood even at the very first attempt. 

Most importantly, it will work for whatever you smoke or grill. Besides, we tried it for both slow and fast cooking and it performed outstandingly well. When you need a high temperature, they burn fast and reach the heat point pretty quickly. 

On the other hand, for a slow burn dish, we found them burning for so long to make the dish flavorful enough.

As no additives are infused into this all-natural charcoal, it imparts the exact charcoal essence to your food, no off-notes at all. Therefore, you can enjoy the enchanting aroma of whatever you make. And the 20-pound bag is quite handy to carry. Also, it is enough to accompany you several times in family get-togethers.

What we liked the most about this product is that it’s environmentally friendly. Only fine hardwoods are charred to prepare these lumps, those too are renewable. 

What a great advantage to enjoy your BBQ party with this nature-friendly lump charcoal, isn’t it?


  • Quickly fires up
  • Reaches up to 450 – 500 degrees so fast
  • Keeps the temperature constant
  • Large pieces of charcoal


  • I don’t like the odor when it burns
  • It produces ash
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Cowboy Southern Style Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Next on the lineup, we have amazing outdoor lump charcoal from Cowboy. This southern-style hardwood is perfect for your charcoal grill and smoker to let the flame bless your food with a strong charcoal essence. 

Perhaps, the most convenient part of this product is that you can avail of this in a package of two packs or four packs. Even a single bag of 18 pounds is also available. 

Being prepared from pure wood, an outstanding woody, and smoky savor will be imparted to your smoked fish, meat, or veggies. The kiln-dried southern hardwood is incomparable when it comes to offering the original southern BBQ smack in your dish. 

To learn more, check out the top features below.

Top Features

  • No additives added
  • Made of premium hardwood 
  • Cooks quicker as gets hot faster
  • Reaches the highest heat possible 
  • The kiln-dried southern hardwood burns quickly

For BBQing or grilling, fuel is equally important as the main ingredients. In fact, it’s the most important item sometimes. For grilling outdoors,  try this southern hardwood charcoal once and make repetitive purchases countless times. Yes, this Cowboy lump charcoal is that good for smoking.

As already discussed, being available in three options, this is more preferable by the customers as they can easily get their desired amount. Moreover, this is premium quality hardwood in southern style. That means you can get the authentic southern smack in your dish wherever you grill.

Being prepared without any additives, this lump charcoal comes neat and clean. As a result, you have to clean less ash after cooking. In that way, it saves your time.

Want to experience the next level of smoking experience?  Try this out and you will not be disappointed. The super serviceable lump is crafted from kiln-dried wood. 


  • Great for backyard or outdoor cooking
  • Medium to large pieces
  • Gives a nice flavor


  • It burns a bit faster
  • It’s not inexpensive

On top of that, you can get the highest level of heat due to its top level of carbon. It warms so fast that you will find your long BBQing hours interesting instead of boring.

Thanks to their versatility, you can use them with any type of cooking system including barrel grills, smokers, kettle/kamado-style cookers, etc. Also, rest assured that the perfect mixture of authentic hardwood will improve your grilled flavor to a notable extent at the very first try.

Cowboy Hardwood All-natural Lump Charcoal

When it comes to avoiding fried food and going for grilled and smoked dishes, Cowboy is the reliable name to supply the best lump charcoal for outdoor BBQs. We found no exception in this Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal as this maintains the age-old tradition of Cowboy.

In grilling or smoking, this pure hardwood charcoal will create an inviting essence instantly that will please your dinner guests right away. The rich smokiness and quintessential charcoal flavor are two big pluses for this wood-burnt lump charcoal. 

Like all other Cowboy charcoal, it too is purified without oxygen for better heat production. The packaging clearly shows that it’s made by burning hardwood in a kiln in the most genuine way. 

Let’s discover the core specifications below.

Top Features 

  • No additives or filters
  • Doesn’t overpower the food 
  • Starts firing in a half time of briquets 
  • 100% charcoal instead of mixing coal 
  • Instantly imparts authentic charcoal smack  

Do you need some charcoal chunks which are meant for minimal cleaning once your backyard barbecue is over? Look no further as this is the most perfect one according to your desire.

You have already been introduced to Cowboy’s supremacy in the fuel field for outdoor grilling. This 100% hardwood charcoal chunk only proves their claims more. Compare it with any contemporary top-ranked lump charcoal and you will know the difference. 

First of all, it is a 100% authentic production, with no coal or fillers blended into the package. And that’s why you will grill smoother than ever with the warmest heat possible. Resultantly, your food is cooked faster than others. 

As the lighting starts quickly, the food will taste better reasonably. No unnecessary smoke will ruin the actual enchanting essence of hardwood charcoal. Just imagine you are grilling your favorite item with the best Cowboy lump charcoal and there are no smelly fumes. Already making your mouth water, right?

Moreover, two twenty pounds bags at a reasonable price is another great convenience for this all-natural lump charcoal.

Whether you roast something or make steaks, these chunks will burn pretty long to hold the heat despite burning faster. Furthermore, it will retain the moisture of your food to make it tender and appealing.

The only issue we found was that there will be some charcoal powder left in the bag. But it shouldn’t bother you as it’s not much in amount and the overall performance is really satisfying. So, we found it as a decent deal for all the BBQ enthusiasts out there.


  • Burns at a higher temperature
  • Made from natural resources
  • It’s environmentally friendly


  • Size is not so large
  • Not suitable for extremely high temp recipe
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Cowboy Hardwood Faster Burns Lump Charcoal

As the name suggests, it’s the fastest burning lump charcoal of all in this list. Therefore, we cannot but recommend it as a highly professional Cowboy lump charcoal which you should buy right away!

Talking of the flavor, you’ll experience a heavenly wood flavor in your smoked food for sure. The enchanting essence of hardwood is the most powerful plus point to make you fall for it. 

Although it burns pretty fast, because of the heat retention for a long time, you will end up spending fewer charcoal chunks than you expect. As a result, it will save your sweat-earned bucks. 

Well, the salient features are pointed below for your better understanding. 

Cowboy 29088 Hardwood Lump Charcoal, 8.8-Pound
Cowboy 29088 Hardwood Lump Charcoal, 8.8-Pound
100% All Natural & Contains No Coal Or Chemicals; Burns Faster & Hotter Than Standard Briquettes

Top Features 

  • It Burns faster and cooks quicker 
  • Creates outstanding woody aroma 
  • No filler, chemical, or additive used
  • All-natural charcoal without any coal
  • A balanced blending of traditional hardwood

In the final spot of this best Cowboy lump charcoal review, we cannot but include this irresistible charcoal chunk which is, indeed, a power-player in this field. 

Being burnt in a natural way to reach high warmth rapidly, the heat retention capability is out of the box, we must say. Also, the hearty flavor it infuses among the fish, meat, or vegetables is truly out of the world. 

As a 100% hardwood product, it burns quicker creating fewer ashes. So, your grilling surface wouldn’t be a mess and you can quickly clean it up. And it starts lighting so easily that even an amateur can start the fire. 

That being said, you cannot get an affordable charcoal lump from other manufacturers with so many advantages. This might be cheap but performs like high-end grilling charcoal. So, why spend much when you have an affordable alternative?

To add more, we all want a subtle smokey smack in our dish without any bitter off-notes. This is where Cowboy Faster Burns Lump Charcoal outperforms others as it vents an appetizing aroma in your food without overpowering it with too much charcoal essence. 

The savory taste satisfies your appetite in such a way that you can never forget the flavorsome extract. What more do you need for a perfect grilling game when it pays you back with appealing meals?

Whether you are a seasonal griller or an everyday smoking expert, you can get this package from Cowboy as you will never regret your purchase.


  • Amazing flavor
  • Nice blend of hickory, oak, and maple hardwoods
  • Imparts a nice charcoal flavor


  • Produces a lot of smoke
  • Smells a bit like lighter fluid

What To Look Before Selecting Lump Charcoal

Now, it’s time to explore what distinctive features make the difference between best and worst lump charcoal. Truth be told, not all the lump charcoal in the market are meant to perform conveniently. Certainly, you should focus on some prime specifications to make an intelligent purchase. 

Let’s look for the features below!


To get the authentic smokey taste, you must collect the original lump charcoal resourced from 100% hardwood. Moreover, there should not be any additives or chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 

In this regard, Cowboy lump charcoal is highly suggested by the profession as it is kind to the environment, sustainable,  and sourced from renewable materials.


Lump charcoal is naturally costlier than briquets. Besides, premium-grade lump charcoal is way more expensive. So, budget is a big issue when you want to buy charcoal chunks. Try some reasonable ones. 

To be honest, it shouldn’t cost your fortunes. Again, we suggest Cowboy products as they are affordable yet high-performing lump charcoal to bless your barbecued food both with attractive color and appealing essence. 


Lump charcoal is often used in outdoor grilling. So, if the packaging isn’t convenient, you cannot carry it easily. In that case, decide the amount first. If you go for Cowboy lump charcoal, they offer you one, two, three, or four bags based on the product you choose. 


For better grilling, larger charcoal chunks are suggested. They burn hotter and last longer. Besides, the lumps should be properly shaped. So, be sure to check the size of the chunks before you buy.


Last but certainly not least, in fact, one of the most important features of good lump charcoal is the ability to infuse heavenly flavor in your cooking.

As Cowboy makes original charcoal lumps from the blend of hickory, maple, oak, etc., you’ll experience a subtle symposium of authentic hardwood in your food. 

Undoubtedly, your meal will be palatable enough to please your taste buds.

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Cowboy Lump Charcoal Brand Overview 

If you opt for an all-natural barbecue flavor, Cowboy is the name you can depend on. The brand males lump charcoal in the finest possible way in the USA. Oak, maple, and hickory are three of its primary ingredients to make authentic charcoal chunks from 100% genuine hardwood. 

Below, we have discussed the salient characteristics of this world-famous brand you must learn before making a buying decision.

First of all, only high-quality hardwood is used as the source of this high-performance charcoal lump. No additives, fillers, or chemicals are included. The finest hardwood is carefully collected to make sure of the best barbecue flavor. 

In addition, all hardwood is kiln-dried properly and carbonized carefully. And it burns hotter than any usual charcoal chunks. That’s why the flame lasts longer than your imagination, more than eighteen hours, resultantly, suitable for all-day-long smoking.

Also, every package is perfect for quick searing as it reaches the highest temperature fast.  To add more, it burns cleaner resulting in fewer ashes to clean up. 

Another great benefit is Cowboy charcoal starts lighting very easily, in half of the time of briquets. So, it’s more than perfect for beginners as the charcoal is pretty convenient for temperature control as well. 

Cowboy is also famous for producing a powerful yet subtle flame without any smelling fumes.  The authentic charcoal aroma makes the meals palatable.

However, the finest lump charcoal doesn’t ruin the original smokiness by overpowering the food. Also, they are compatible with all outdoor cooking appliances, be they smoker, grill, or kettle.

What makes them more desirable is the decent mixture of large and small chunks without much charcoal powder to be wasted along with the convenient packaging to carry wherever you go.

The standard size bag is perfect for a family gathering,  backyard barbecue, or small get-together. Besides, Cowboy offers a very reasonable price point compared to high-end products.

Most importantly, it’s made in the USA under expert observation. 

Lights quicker and burns longer- this is the tagline of  Cowboy, the power player in manufacturing BBQ fuel. Besides, the sterling smokey smack is the USP of this power-packed lump charcoal as well. 

Whether you roast, grill, barbecue, or smoke, fuel is the concluding factor to decide on the final outcome. If you go for low-quality charcoal mixed with coal, you will never get the same result as this original Cowboy lump charcoal will provide. 

Certainly, the taste will be different which can wipe out the authenticity of southern hardwood. But no worries as long as you use this all-natural charcoal as this will cherish the year-old nourishment of southern barbecue sapour.

Being available in several suitable packages, you can easily choose your needed one. Most importantly, the brand never compromises with the quality and sources the charcoal from substantial hardwood. On top of that, the sources are renewable. 

So, all BBQ enthusiasts who are concerned about the environment prefer this nature-friendly lump charcoal most.

To add more, because of the use of fine hardwood only you will never experience any unwanted smell that can bother you. In addition, Cowboy all-natural lump charcoal never produces any off-tastes in any of your grilled dishes. 

Instead, enjoy the exclusive extract of premium-quality charcoal only with Cowboy and make your BBQ party blissful.

How Do You Use Cowboy Charcoal – Cowboy Lump Charcoal User Guide

As Cowboy lump charcoal doesn’t need any lighter fluid, a charcoal chimney is the most convenient thing to put the charcoal on fire. You can also use an electric starter or paraffin-coated sticks. They are quite easy to start a fire. 

In the case of a charcoal chimney, you will not get any bitter taste as it uses newspaper as a starter. 

But if you use a fluid as a starter, a bit more cautiousness is required. In that case, you should make the necessary adjustments to close the air vents. Then make a pile of charcoal. The pile should consist of two pounds of lump charcoal. For the amount of starter fluid,  you should check out the directions on the package. 

Now, start the fire immediately by lighting it. After 10-15 minutes,  the charcoal should be expanded. You can see an orange flame of the charcoal to cook the food perfectly. 

However, these charcoal chunks are air-sensitive. So, check the air vents setting first. Also, don’t forget to keep the grill without any cover until you start cooking. Whether you need fast searing or slow-burn heating, control the temperature based on your demand.

Where is Cowboy Brand lump charcoal made?

Cowboy is a famous brand for producing fuel for outdoor grilling. All their lump charcoal is made in the USA from original hardwood.

How long does Cowboy lump charcoal last?

Usually, Cowboy lump charcoal lasts longer than any contemporary charcoal chunks. It lasts for over 18 hours for slow-cooked dishes. 

What is Cowboy Charcoal made of?

Cowboy charcoal chunks are the balanced blending of traditional hardwood like oak, maple, and hickory. 


To conclude, all we can say is that Cowboy is different from other contemporary manufacturers in so many ways. Their lump charcoal lasts way longer than others which is outstanding. Also, they are eco-friendly. 

However, in this cowboy lump charcoal review, we have reviewed four of their best-selling products which are not only affordable but also workable both indoors and outdoors. As a beginner, you can grab Cowboy 24220 All-natural Lump Charcoal. For the cheapest pick, we suggest Cowboy Hardwood Faster Burns Lump Charcoal. 

Or if you have already used them, share your experience in the comment section below.