How To Extinguish Charcoal Grill-Easy and Simple 4 Steps

Are you worried about how to extinguish the charcoal grill? By reading this article, you can remove your worries and get a step by step process. 

Consuming grilling food is a fantastic experience for people who love grilled food, isn’t it? 

But for inexpertness or lack of a little bit of awareness of using the grill sometimes make a great hazard.  

If you learn how to use the grill top to bottom properly, then you can avoid many difficulties.

There are a lot of grills in the market, like gas, electric, and charcoal. But my sweetheart wife and 7 years old princess like the charcoal grill to taste their grilling food.

To make my wife and princess happy and secure safety, I have learned every step of using a charcoal grill.

In this article, I will discuss how to extinguish charcoal grills with 4 simple and easy steps. If you face any problems to put out your grill, you can stick to this article. I can ensure you will learn it and can perform without any hassle.

Overview of The Whole Process

As I and my whole family like to eat grilled foods so that we have a grilled food lover community. Once one of my neighbors and I talked about grilling mistakes as fun. During the discussion, he told me that sometimes some amateur grillers think giving time to extinguish the grill is not as important as cooking.

They seem it is just pouring the water into the grill, and it automatically is extinguished. I became surprised after listening to this. As he knew  I had learned everything about grilling, he requested me to share some of my experiences with him. 

Then, I started to share some of my experiences with him. I told pouring water may instantly put out the grill, but it is not the right way to do the job. It lessens your grill performance and ruins its shiny color. 

If you like to ensure your and your grill’s safety, you have to invest some time in putting out your grill.

How To Extinguish Charcoal Grill

Everything that you want to learn has some step by step process. You have to follow these steps first to last to do the task perfectly and precisely. Here is the process of putting out the grill. 

The things you need to put out the grill are long grill tongs, some aluminum foil, an ash removal bucket, a small bucket full of water, and heat resistance barbecue hand gloves. Now it’s time to follow these steps-

Step 1:  Interrupt oxygen flow:

You know that fire needs oxygen to flare. When you make oxygen interruption, it starts to put out from itself. Look at the top and the bottom of the grill cooking chamber. There you have found two vents. To make oxygen interruption, close the vents of the grill. 

Though you close the grill’s lid and vents, in most of the cases, it needs about 48 hours to extinguish it fully. The bigger your grill, the less time it takes to put out.

Step 2. Remove the briquettes and ash:

When the grill becomes fully cool, remove the ash and briquettes. With a scoop, take the burning ash from the grill and keep it in the ash removal bucket. Do it carefully so that you can avoid ash speediness into the air. Now, take your grill tongs in your hand, pick all the briquettes and keep them in the aluminum foil.

While removing the briquettes, you must be super careful; otherwise, you may burn. Still, 48 hours have passed, but the briquettes could be hot to burn yourself. 

Note: If you notice the briquettes are still hot, carefully handle your tongs to pick them up individually. After that, keep them in a bucket of water to fully extinguish.

If you have some half burn briquettes, keep them separately into another foil to reuse them. 

Step 3. Disposing of the aluminum foil:

When you have completed the second step by keeping the briquettes in the aluminum foil, it’s time to warp up the foil like a packet. Then throw the packet into the dustbin. If your briquettes are warm, please avoid any plastic dustbin because it has a chance to catch fire.

Step 4. Wash the grill:

It’s almost done to put out the charcoal grill. After putting out the grill, you have to wash it with warm water and a mild dishwasher. After washing the grill, make it dry to keep it free from rust. Because if you keep it clean, it ensures you provide healthy and tasty foods. And healthy food is essential to give you a long life. 

When you are finished cleaning and making it dry, cover your favorite grill with a grill cover.  The grill cover protects your grill from air dust and any other climate moisture. Now it is ready for your future use.

What Should You Do in An Emergency

In a simple sense, any kind of cooking means handling fire or electric heat. So you must be aware of it while dealing with fire and heat.

But sometimes, by lacking enough awareness, there will arise any emergency. It can happen while grilling with charcoal. So you must know what to do if you face any emergency situation. 

How can an emergency arise? If the food grease drip down to the grease’s bucket, it can catch fire to the grill because the grease works like oil to increase the fire flame. 

If you use too much charcoal into the grill, it increases the flames up and can catch fire.

If you cook too many fatty meats, the meat fats can stick to the grill’s rack and come touch the hot charcoal and make fire.

If the fire catches, what to do? First, don’t panic because it is a thumb rule; in the time of danger. You have to keep your brain cool to think logically, not emotionally.

Try to cover your grill with a big and thick cloth. It helps to control the fire.

If you have some sand beside the cooking space, take some sand and throw it to the grill. Sand helps to put out the fire.

Don’t throw water to the grill because it helps to spread the grease, and it spreads fire flame. 

I think nobody wants to experience this kind of situation. To avoid it, you should be aware of using the grill from first to last. And wear heat resistant hand gloves, and use the grill in a vast space. 

How Can You Save Unused Charcoal

I have mentioned before if you want to use half burn or unused charcoal, you have to keep them separately in aluminum foil. 

Saving half burn or unused charcoal means saving your penny. And who doesn’t want to save a penny?

I think you want to save your money. Here are some instructions to save it properly for the next use.

  • Before putting out the grill, make ready a full bucket of cold water. (You have to use a metal bucket as you keep hot charcoal there. So don’t use a plastic bucket)
  • Wear your heat resistant hand gloves and take your tongs in your hand.
  • With the help of the tongs, take all the unused charcoal one by one.
  • Sink the hot charcoals in the bucket to be cool. It can take 45-60 seconds to be as cold as to hold with the finger.
  • Now remove the charcoal from the bucket and let it dry in the sun or air.
  • When the charcoal will be dry, store them in a separate container. While storing it, close the box tightly so that the air can’t pass into the container.

Last but definitely not least, use these unused charcoal for your very fast grilling. And to get the maximum result, mix up some new charcoal with them. 

But, this process doesn’t work if you use cheap and ordinary briquettes because the cheap briquettes lose their workout after getting a bath.

As the charcoal doesn’t cost you too much, so I recommend using the best charcoal for your grill; otherwise, the effort you will give that go in vain.

Can You Pour Water On A Charcoal Grill

You can’t pour water into the grill to put it out. If you pour water into your grill, then the ash will wet and turn into mud. Which is not a good thing even it makes the grill too messy and increases your workload to clean. 

When you pour water into your grill for extinguishing the grill, it damages your grill’s health. Because the cooking grates, grills, and chamber can’t take this quick temperature change. As a result, the rapid temperature change can damage your grill’s thermal shock, grates, grills, or chamber. 

Even the charcoal grill has a porcelain coating inside the grill to make it rustproof. This coating will lose its effectiveness because of the temperature change. So it may crack if you pour water as a technique of how to put out the charcoal grill. 

Any Faster Way to Put Out The Grill

When you want to save your grill and want to use it for a long time to satisfy your grilling enthusiasm, then there is no faster way to cool down your grill. You may think pouring water can be a quicker way to extinguish it.

In the meantime, by reading my article, you know the danger of using water to extinguish the grill.

Of course, it’s very boring to wait a long 48 hours to cool down the grill totally. Though it’s a lengthy process, it’s both the safest and fastest way. By adopting this method, you can secure your grill from early damage.

When Should You Cover The Grill

After finishing grilling, then it is the right time to extinguish the grill. But earlier, I have said the charcoals remain hot up to 48 hours after closing the fire. To avoid any damage to your grill and yourself, you have to cover the grill for these 48 hours.

After passing the two days or 48 hours, remove the cover and start cleaning the grill. When you will finish the full cleaning process, again cover the grill with the cover.

Some Effective Tips for Using Charcoal Grill

Yes, knowing some tips, tricks, or hacks can make your life easy, simple, and increase your productivity level. Here I like to share some tips and tricks which I follow while using my charcoal grill. 

  • I always try to keep my garden hose pipe beside the grilling space to use it in case of any emergency.
  • I don’t wear too much loose and full sleeve cloth while using the grill. Even I wear those types of clothes which don’t catch fire so quickly. I avoid synthetic garments. If I wear a cooking apron, I maintain my apron strings. So there I leave no chance to catch fire.
  • I like to keep some kinds of fire extinguishers like ABC, A Class B fire extinguisher, or a class K extinguisher at home. These fire extinguishers can help me to extinguish if I need to put out the fire quickly. 
  • But, if you don’t keep any fire extinguisher like me, then you may have some baking soda at your home. If you face minor and low flares up, throw the baking soda into the fire. It helps you control the blazes. Then close the lids of the grill.

Some Warnings For Using The Grill

There are some warnings that you should avoid. For example,

  • Please don’t use your charcoal grill on any wooden surface because it has a greater fire risk as the air blow spreads the flame.
  • Never pour water into the grill to make it cool. It makes cloud steam, and it can increase the chance of serious burns.
  • While you are burning the charcoal, it produces carbon monoxide, and it is not good for the general health. So please don’t use it in a populous area. Try to use the grill in a place where you don’t have a gathering. After finishing cooking, keep the grill outside your home to ensure your health. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • What is the procedure for turning off the charcoal grill?

At the bottom of the grill, you notice a vent. Just close the vent and close the lid. These things interrupt the oxygen allowance to the briquettes. 

So it helps the grill to put out. If you have a little charcoal to the grill, it takes less time, but if you have a massive amount, it takes comparatively more time to extinguish.

  • Is it ok to let the remaining charcoal burn out?

Actually, it depends on your preference. If you like to reuse the partially burning charcoal, you have to remove them from the grill after cooking. But if you don’t like it, you should only cut off the oxygen supply to extinguish the grill. Then wait 48 hours to cool it. 

  • Has the charcoal gas any toxic elements?

In common sense, any gas has some toxic elements, and the charcoal gas is not different from all. It produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide while burning. So you shouldn’t use this ash in your garden as a fertilizer to grow your favorite tree. Rather you should throw them into your residual dustbin. 

  • What are the reasons for my charcoal burning so fast?

The fire needs oxygen to flame. If you set the grill in an open space like your backyard or lawn where there is a quick and good airflow. Then the charcoal of your grill will burn so quickly because of the pressure of the wind. Even a middle flow of wind can cause the charcoal’s fast-burning because it adds additional oxygen to the fire flame.

  • How long does a charcoal grill remain hot?

The time depends on the constancy of the temperature. If you maintain a medium temperature, then you can burn the charcoal for around one hour. But it is not for any charcoal.

Because there are many charcoal brands in the market, and every brand has its own features. So it may vary from brand to brand. So it will be a great decision for you to select the best option for you among the different brands. After finding out the right charcoal, you should stick with it to get even cooked excellent grilled food.

Final Verdict

How expertise you should use your charcoal grill, you must show that much expertise in putting it out. Otherwise, it may destroy your grill and mitigate your grilling enthusiasm. 

So every charcoal grill user must know how to extinguish the charcoal grill. Now I can expect that you know everything in detail after reading this informative article and feel confident to use and put it out properly. 

At first glance, it seems to extinguish the grill takes too much time, but every good thing takes some time to do it correctly.

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