How To Know When Brats Are Done? (8 Easy Ways)

We, the foodies of the culinary industry, love to try different items. Most of the time, we try to make international food items in our kitchen. Literally, we want to experiment with diverse cuisine using different methods and tricks to reach the tastes of prominent chefs. Consequently, some of us become experts on a particular cooking process.

However, today I intend to share my experience with my homemade brats. You know brats or sausages are a trendy meat item all over the world. 

So, most of the cooks try it to show their best. But the matter is, most of the new cooks, even experienced cooks, do not know precisely when the brats are ready to eat or serve.

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However, if you are the one who gets puzzled about how to know when brats are done, then the article is the right choice for you. Check out the article to get your puzzle card.  

In this article, I’ll discuss all the possible problems, its solution, and the pros and cons of grilling brats.

8 Great Way on How to Know When Brats Are Done

You know, the bratwurst is a famous German cuisine, but its fame got spread all over the world. So people want to experience its taste. 

And when you are a cook, there is a responsibility to reach the taste like expert chefs. However, it was challenging for me to grab perfection as a foreign cuisine while experimenting with this dish. 

Basically, cooking is an art that somebody can do quickly and face some hassle. In regard to sausages, many people face trouble making them perfect. So I’m going to describe below how I tested the brats to recognize them as thoroughly cooked.  

However, in the last few days, I did experiments on grilling brats. I made some mistakes, and then I recovered them. 

By applying different methods and making mistakes, I understood the actual timing and situation of brats. Let’s know how I did the tests to know if the brats were cooked or not. 

Temperature Test

At first, what I did to cook my brats was I gave immediate attention to the temperature. When I placed the brats on the grill, I made sure the grill was not too heated. I cooked the brats for the whole time at low heat.

Since I used the brats made of beef, I was ready to spend a lot of time simmering it. It took almost 20 minutes to become the temperature 160° f. of the inner side of the brats.

I used a meat thermometer to calculate the temperature. I poked the thermometer into a brat and held it for a while to figure it out. 

When I showed it the temperature became 160° f. I turned off the heating and placed my brats on a single plate.

Cake Tester Test

Another day I experimented using a cake tester instead of a thermometer. Now, you may have a  question; how did I understand that the brats were ready to serve?

However, when I poked the cake tester at an angle of the brats, I touched my wrist with the tester.  And what I noticed, it was hot enough. 

It made me understand that the meat was well cooked. But, if the tester didn’t become hot, it would mean the brats needed more time to cook.

I found It was an excellent hack to apply. That’s why I thanked the internet a lot since I learned about it online.  

Time Test 

No matter what method I applied, I always kept remembering the timing. As I mentioned before, the whole grilling process was at low heat temperature. I allowed keeping the brats around 20 minutes for cooking well. 

I did a job when I was grilling the brats; I turned it over to cook both sides after a while. Sometimes, I allow more than 20 minutes to cook the meat properly. 

Finger Test

I was so excited to reveal the outcome of my cooking. So I was checking it, was it complete or not again and again. When I intended to see the seasoning of the brat, I used my finger to test the brats. 

I just touched the flesh and pressed a bit with the tip of my finger. I noticed it was a little bit bouncy. It meant to me that the brats were ready. If my finger didn’t feel bouncy, it would tell me to keep cooking for a while.

Although there is a standard meaning of testing meat with fingers, the most distinguished chefs use their tip of fingers to understand the meat’s seasoning. 

They have some individual criterion of the finger to understand the well-cooked meat. I’m not going to talk about this matter. I just learned a little bit of the fact.

Juiciness Test

I did the juiciness test by a simple trick. As I didn’t add any liquid or sauce to enhance the juiciness, so I was slightly worried at my first attempt. 

So what I did to check the juiciness was poking with a fork into one of my brats. And I did it after grilling for 20 minutes.

When I poked the brat, I noticed the meat was a bit tender, and the meat’s color turned pink. It gave me a hint to turn off the heat and remove it to serve. 

Finally, I got the bratwurst, which was very juicy. As you know, the brats are mainly famous for their juiciness. So, I gave more attention at this point.  

Skin Test

I named the test as a skin test because I decided to continue my further testing after seeing the brat’s skin color.  

When I saw my brats were turning to pink color, I understood the brats were becoming well-cooked. The grilling time won’t make any change to turn the brat’s color to pink.  It depends on the meat and temperature. 

Basically, I was concerned that the brat’s skin color did not remain uncooked or overcooked. Otherwise, the brats might become rough outside and inside. 

Bounce Test

The bouncy test was very fun for me. When I cooked brats for 20 minutes, I checked their wiggling level. I used a tong to test it. 

At first, I held a pinkish brat with a tong and wiggled it. It was bouncing. So I decided to remove the brats from the heat.

If the brats were not well cooked, then they couldn’t bounce well. So the test was very much accessible and confidential to me. 

Mouth Test 

Lastly, it was a mouth test. When I removed the pinky one brat from the heat, I waited a bit. Then I cut a little slice with a knife before serving it to the others. 

I ate it and found the juiciness and softness were perfect to prepare. The inner part of the meat also was well cooked.

Then I served the brats to all. So I can say without mouth testing, the perfect brat you cannot identify. 

Do Brats Float When Done

Once, I applied a different method of making sausages, which I learned from an online chef’s seminar. I used cold coke and cold brats to prepare my dinner. 

I was waiting to float the brats. But, what I noticed was, the brats turned white when they were floating. It took almost 3-5 minutes to float with the room temperature brat. So yes, brats float when they are ready to serve. 

Tips for Cooking Brats 

As I said earlier, cooking brats are pretty tricky. So if you get some implications before starting your journey, I think it will be wise for you. I can give you some tips from my previous realization to cook the brats thoroughly.

  • Try to cook your brats at low, medium heat. 
  • Do not overheat to cook fast. Otherwise, the heat will cook the brat’s outside, but the inner sides will remain uncooked.
  • Do not boil the brats in water before or after grilling them. It may take away the natural meat flavor.   
  • If you boil your sausages, it will split the brat’s skin for the high boiling temperature.
  • Steam your brats with simmering vegetables in an aluminum pan before grilling. You can do it after the grilling process as well.  
  • So these were I found to tell you as advance tips.  These tips will save your time and brats from wasting any more. 

Avoid These Mistakes While Cooking Brats

There were some likely mistakes that I witnessed when I was experimenting with the dish. Some of my colleagues made some mistakes. And I also made some mistakes that destroyed my brats.

So, from my bad experience and some gathered online research, I made a list of mistakes while cooking brats. So check them out and avoid them.

  • First and foremost, overheating. Do not overheat to cook well; instead of high heat or overheating; cook the brats at a very low temperature. And allow the desired time.
  • To make your brats juicy, do not use water.
  • Some people try to boil the brats before grilling. But do not do that. Boiling the brats before grilling will change the taste of it. You cannot find the signature taste of the brats.

You may face different hassle or confusion to cook brats; it’s another matter. But I discussed the possible mistakes and our bad experiences. Try to avoid them and you will get a good outcome.

Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

After discussing 8 possible ways of brat testing, tips and some simple mistakes let’s have a look at the 6 frequently asked questions and their answers. I Hope, you will like the questions answer section of my writing.

  • Is it okay to eat brats that are a little pink?

It is entirely okay to eat a few pink brats. You see, some meats look pink when you cook them; they remain slightly pink. 

The health experts recommend eating meat after cooking at a temperature of 145°f.  So, it will not be harmful to health if you maintain the cooking temperature and still, the meat remains light pink.

  • How long does it take to cook brats?

Generally, it takes almost 20 minutes to cook brats. You can spend more time cooking the brats better. But you have to keep in mind that the temperature should be low. Otherwise, you can’t eat the brats, as they will become too rough to eat. 

  • Will undercooked brats make you sick?

Yes. There is a possibility of getting sick by eating undercooked brats. As far as I researched about it, I found it depends on what kind of brats you are eating. 

As you know, brats are made from different types of meats, so there can be bacteria on the flesh. Also, the fat that is available in the meat can be harmful to the health if it is not well cooked.   

  • What temp should brats be cooked to?

Some people asked me the question. They wanted to know what is the actual temperature to cook brats, so the answer is 160.

You can cook at this temperature, but make sure you have no harry. Take time to cook in low heat and when it reaches 160° f., remove the brats from heat.

  • How long does it take to smoke brats at 300 degrees?

I didn’t smoke brats till now. But as far as I can recall, once I heard from a famous chef, it takes almost an hour to smoke the brats. He did the smoking at 300° f. temperature, and he counted the time. Apparently,  

  • Is it okay to boil brats before grilling?

I do not prefer to boil brats before grilling. Some are accepting the phenomenon of boiling with water before grilling or cooking. 

But I stay opposite of it. I think boiling may change the meat flavor from the brats. So In my perspective, it is not okay to boil the brats before grilling. 


To sum up, brats are tasty when they are well cooked and remain juicy. Otherwise, it will become chewy. The taste will be different from the signature taste of it.

However, I tried to make you understand how to know when brats are done from my experience and different experiments.  I hope this guideline will be helpful enough for you to surprise your fiance with a delicious platter as well as other loved ones.

And make no mistake, it will be worth it when you become successful at your first attempt without incurring any hassle, and your impression will be like a superman towards your loved one.

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