Masterbuilt Smoker Leaking From Bottom – How To Fix?

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If you find your Masterbuilt smoker leaking from bottom one fine day, what should you do? 

If you have read my earlier blog posts, you already know that I am sold on Masterbuilt, for good reasons though. 

They offer one of the best smokers of all time in terms of producing consistent cooking results. 

However, there’s no denying that sometimes they might malfunction in some particular aspects. And leakage from the bottom is one of the common Masterbuilt problems.

So, let’s look forward to why this happens and how you can fix it at your earliest convenience. 

Why Your Masterbuilt Smoker Leaking From Bottom – The Reasons 

Having years of experience in handling a Masterbuilt smoker, I noted down some common causes behind its bottom leakage issue. 

Let’s check them out below one by one.

Worn Out Gasket

If your Masterbuilt smoker has been used for years, most probably the gaskets are damaged or worn out over time. Naturally, the smoker will not get a snug seal as required to trap the heat and smoke inside resulting in bottom leakage. 

Rust in the Smoke Box

Again, you could see a rusted smoke box due to overuse or misuse by the smoker. Undoubtedly, a damaged smoke box is responsible for causing smoke leakage. 

A Clog in the Drain Holes

One of the major reasons for bottom leakage in a Masterbuilt smoker is the clogged drain holes. With time, there might be dirt, grime, or grease build up in the drains. Naturally, it will lead to leaks.

Misaligned Drip Pan

Sometimes, the drip pan or grease tray in your smoker might not sit properly. Or, they might be damaged as well. In both cases, you will see a significant amount of smoke leaking from the smoker’s bottom.

Loose Screws/Bolts

Last but not least, the loose/misaligned bolts and screws can cause the leakage.

How To Fix A Masterbuilt Smoker Leaking From The Bottom

Enough of the causes. Now it’s time to talk about the solutions. Yes, it’s quite common for any outdoor smoker to leak a tiny amount of smoke. But when you notice unnatural smoke or any other leakage from the bottom, it’s surely a matter of concern. 

So, let’s look forward to the ways of fixing a Masterbuilt smoker that is leaking from the bottom.

Check the Gaskets

First thing first, you should check the gaskets thoroughly. If there’s any issue that might affect the overall seal of your smoker, such as a crack, replace the gaskets with new ones.

Because a brittle/worn-out gasket will continue to leak heat and smoke. So, it’s better to change it.

Inspect the Smoke Box

Similarly, you should replace a damaged smoke box to avoid smoke leakage. Find out if it’s alright or not. If not, you know what to do next.

Unclog the Drain Holes

If you found no issues in any of the above components, it’s certainly in the drains. So, locate the drain holes in your Masterbuilt smoker and clean out any dirt or debris. Once you are done, hopefully, the problem will be resolved.

Check for the Drip Tray

As I discussed in the masterbuilt electric smoker guide, a misplaced drip pan could result in leakage from the smoker. At the same time, excess accumulation of food grease/oil in the pan could cause the lubricant to leak as well.

So, always adjust the drip pan so that its hole sits above the drain hole in the smoker. Also, keep the grease tray clean to avoid such issues.

Tighten the Screws and Bolts

Well, it’s easier said than done, I agree. You need to check all the components of the smoker to be sure if there are any loose screws or bolts out there.

If yes, then tighten them immediately. To trap smoke, heat, and moisture inside, a smoker must have all the screws tight and secured. Only then you can expect a proper seal with no unexpected leakage. 

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How To Prevent Your Smoker From Bottom Leaking 

We all know the saying- prevention is always better. The same goes for grills/ smokers as well. 

So, let’s learn how you can prevent a Masterbuilt smoker from bottom leaking issues-

Maintain the Smoker Regularly 

Honestly speaking, most of the leakage issues result from grease or debris accumulation. So, try to clean the smoker after every culinary session. It will prevent grease build-up. 

Keep the Smoker Dry

When it comes to a Masterbuilt smoker, you should never leave it wet. Wipe away excess oil, moisture,  or water with a high-quality paper towel to keep the surface dry.

Because a wet surface will eventually lead the smoker to rust and corrosion. That’s how the smoker will be damaged and it will start to leak.

Store It Properly

When the smoker is not in use, you should store it in a safe and dry place. Don’t let rain, snow, or any harsh weather conditions affect its overall buildup.

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Is It Normal For A Masterbuilt Smoker To Have Bottom Leaks?

Not really. Although it’s common for any smoker to leak some smoke, it’s not normal when the smoker shows significant leaks in the bottom.

Unless your Masterbuilt smoker has an issue with alignment, sealing, or draining, it’s not supposed to cause bottom leakage. 

How Can I Identify If My Masterbuilt Smoker Has A Bottom Leak Issue?

Well, the most straightforward way is visual testing. Check for the bottom thoroughly whether there is any crack or opening to let the smoke escape. 

If you notice a significant inconsistency in heat and smoke density despite closing the lid securely, rest assured the smoker has a leakage issue in the bottom. 

To identify the issue, you can run the paper test. Close the door or lid snugly, and adjust the vents as you usually do. Then start the smoker and let it reach your desired temperature. 

Now, place a small unit of paper along the bottom edge of the smoker. If it shows any sign of airflow, rest assured that there is a leakage.

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What Impact Does A Bottom Leak Have On The Smoking Process?

A bottom leakage will notably affect the temperature stability of your smoker. If it lets the heat escape through the leaks, the smoker usually struggles to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. 

As a result, your food will not be properly cooked. And you will end up feeding more fuel to the smoker to maintain a high smoking temperature. 

At the same time, you will experience reduced smoke density because the smoke escapes from the bottom instead of circulating around your food.

Unless you treat the bottom leaks to stop, you can never enjoy an authentic smoke-filled essence in your food.

Can I Continue Using My Masterbuilt Smoker If It’s Leaking From The Bottom?

Yes, you can but you shouldn’t. A faulty smoker that causes leaking from the bottom can never produce the same BBQ results as a sound smoker. 

So, it’s better to identify the causes of the bottom leaks and treat them accordingly to maintain the seal and insulation of your Masterbuilt smoker. 

Besides, frequent bottom leaks could result in higher risks or accidents such as sudden flare-ups. 


That’s all about a Masterbuilt smoker leaking from bottom issues. Hopefully, you can now mark out why your smoker is doing so.

Once you can identify the causes, the job is half done. Above, I have explained all the possible quick fixes of bottom leakage in detail.

Whether it’s about damaged gaskets or clogged drain holes, you should take immediate action accordingly. 

Moreover, keep the smoker under regular maintenance and care. Trust me, regular maintenance can prevent future leakages pretty well.

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