Masterbuilt Smoker Tripping GFCI (Solved)

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Do you have a Masterbuilt electric smoker? Chances are it’s been subjected to tripping the GFCI outlet, right?

Truth be told, it’s a pretty common issue in any electric smoker. And sadly, Masterbuilt is no exception. 

There could be several reasons for your masterbuilt smoker tripping GFCI issues including ground fault, circuit overload, worn-out insulation, faulty heating element, moisture leakage, etc.

Here I go with the explanation of the causes with potential solutions to fix this issue. So, jump in!

Why Is My Masterbuilt Smoker Tripping The GFCI?

As we know, electric smokers run the risk of catching fire frequently. That’s why when the smoker suspects any potential ground fault, the system trips the GFCI unit to automatically shut the smoker down. 

As a result, your masterbuilt electric smoker keeps shutting off to avoid the threat of an abrupt electric fire. It mostly happens when water, moisture, or debris gets into the masterbuilt smoker heating element

However, there are other causes as well. Let’s explore them in detail below-

Ground Fault

Most probably, the smoker has a ground fault. If the smoker and the electric circuit are placed in a damp area, the electricity is most likely to follow an unrestricted path along the ground causing the GFCI unit to be tripped.

Circuit Overload

If the electric flow is higher than the smoker’s actual wattage capacity, it will certainly trip the GFCI outlet. The capacity is 750 wattages by the way. 

If the setup is overloaded with electricity higher than this, you should get ready for Masterbuilt smoker troubleshooting.

Worn Out Insulation 

After long-term use, the Masterbuilt smoker will be subjected to withering. Resultantly, the insulation will wear out leading the smoker to shut off abruptly.

Moisture Buildup

If there is moisture buildup inside the coil of the smoker, it will be susceptible to catching an electric fire. Therefore, the GFCI outlet will be tripped beforehand to prevent such a mishap.

Dust/Debris Leakage

If your Masterbuilt smoker accumulates dirt, dust, and debris in the coil, they will certainly be leaked to the heating element leading the GFCI outlet to tripping. 

Faulty GFCI Outlet 

Sometimes, the fault is not in the smoker but in the GFCI outlet itself. Over time, it degrades and deteriorates like any other electric component. That might be the reason it keeps tripping. 

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How To Fix If My Masterbuilt Smoker Tripping GFCI

If you are looking forward to a masterbuilt smoker tripping GFCI reset, the following quick fixes would be of great help. Have a deeper look at them to get rid of the GFCI tripping issue.

Unplug Multiple Lines

To resolve the overload issue, you must check the circuit breaker first. An electric smoker calls for a dedicated circuit breaker and outlet.

If there are multiple lines coming out of the same circuit breaker, unplug them all. Then connect your smoker only and it should fix the tripping issue. 

Check the Heating Element 

If the heating element of the smoker has a rust, spot, or hole, moisture can get into it.

So, check it thoroughly to verify if the heating element is right. You can also use a digital multimeter to measure its resistance level.

In case you find it defective, you should go with the masterbuilt smoker heating element replacement policy.

At the same time, you need to check all the electric contacts including the wires to be reassured that they are not worn out.

Remove Moisture

Among the primary causes of GFCI tripping in a Masterbuilt smoker, moisture leakage is the most common one.

To get the issue resolved, first, you need to open the pan. Then check the coil thoroughly. Probably, it has been subjected to moisture accumulation alongside the pan. 

Now what will you do? Are you going to use cleansing chemicals to get rid of the moisture buildup? Hold on, that could ruin your entire smoker. 

Now you are dealing with GFCI failing only. But using any chemical cleanser in an electric smoker will result in several other issues.

So, use a heat gun instead. Turn the gun on and use it throughout the coil for a few seconds. Repeat the process a number of times. The moisture will eventually be gone.

Get Rid of Dirt/Debris

You should open the front panel of the smoker to expose the heating coil. If you find any dirt accumulation there, you can remove it by heating the coil with the help of a blow torch.

Replace the GFCI Unit

If none of the solutions works for you, it’s probably due to a bad GFCI outlet your smoker keeps turning off. Test the smoker on a different GFCI outlet. If it doesn’t trip, replace the previous unit with a new one.

Nevertheless, GFCI tripping leads to abnormal temperatures in your electric smoker. When you troubleshoot the GFCI unit tripping issue, you cannot see any abnormality in temperature in your Masterbuilt smoker up to 200°.

So, check the temperature probe once you follow the quick fixes. Set it to the lowest level and it shouldn’t catch any unwanted heat output. 

Congratulations! You have solved GFCI tripping. 

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Is It Normal For My Masterbuilt Smoker To Trip The GFCI Frequently?

No, until it detects a ground fault or leakage issue. The GFCI unit is basically designed to prevent sudden electric shock or fire hazards when there is an electric issue in your smoker. 

If the electrical system in your smoker leaks some current through the normal circuit and makes it flow into the ground, your smoker will catch an electric fire. In such cases, the GFCI unit trips and shuts the electric smoker down. 

Similarly, if there’s any wiring issue such as loose or damaged wiring connections, an intermittent ground fault is bound to occur.

Plus, a connection to an already overloaded circuit also makes the GFCI trip. In a word, the GFCI unit won’t trip frequently if there’s no issue with your smoker.

Could The Weather Conditions Affect The GFCI Tripping?

Yes. Weather conditions do affect the GFCI tripping in an electric smoker. When the masterbuilt smoker parts, electric components, outlets, or wirings are exposed to weather elements such as rain, snow, or heat, it could result in GFCI errors.

To be more particular, outdoor GFCI outlets are the most vulnerable to colder climates and rain is the most common culprit.

Whether it’s because of rain, snow, or humidity, if moisture accumulates into the electric components of your smoker, the GFCI unit will trip to stop a potential fire.

Also, extreme heat can affect the insulation of a masterbuilt smoker leading to GFCI tripping. 

Is There A Potential Risk Of Damaging My Masterbuilt Smoker Due To GFCI Tripping?

Yes. In fact, repeated GFCI tripping means there is an underlying electrical issue in your Masterbuilt smoker. If you ignore the concern for a long time, the entire electric system of your smoker might be damaged. Besides, frequent GFCI tripping runs a safety risk for both yourself and the smoker. 

The GFCI unit trips mainly because of ground faults, worn-out wearing, or a malfunctioning electric component. All these could lead to an electric fire. So, beware!

To add more, frequent GFCI tripping in any electric smoker makes the internal components of the smoker prone to wear and tear.


That’s all about the masterbuilt smoker tripping GFCI issue. Hopefully, you can now identify the basic reasons for a tripped GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet and troubleshoot it at home.

However, a GFCI unit can protect a number of electric appliances. But it still has a limitation. So, make sure not to put multiple lines into the same outlet.

Most importantly, don’t forget to wear hand gloves along with other safety guards while you are dealing with the GFCI tripping issue.

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