Pit Boss Flame Broiler Slider Open or Closed (Answered)

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As flame broilers are a new addition to the pellet grills, you should know how it works and when to adjust the heat. Whether to keep the Pit Boss Flame Broiler Slider open or closed is a bit confusing for the new users. The slider should be adjusted when it’s needed. 

If you use the flame broiler ideally, it makes the dish better for sure. Using the flame broiler perfectly helps you to maintain the perfect balance of your meat and other items as well.

Flame Broiler is designed to make jobs easier. Operating the flame broiler is pretty simple. But the slider should be controlled accordingly. This is the one and only condition to get the best result while using the flame broiler.

Check out this article to clear your doubts about Flame Broiler – 

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Pit Boss Flame Broiler Slider Open Or Closed?

Pellet grills with Flame broiler are designed to provide you with a better cooking experience than before. The slider plate is pretty much simple to control. You may open or close this flame broiler slider based on your recipe. 

Yes, You can open the flame broiler slider. Also, you can keep it close. But both depend on your purposes. If you open the flame broiler slider, this lets the flame provide direct heat to your meal. In the same way, if you close the flame broiler slide, the meal gets indirect heat from the flame.

Flame Broiler also works as a protection for channel grease. This slider prevents the grease from reaching the fire pot and helps to flow the grease towards the grease bucket. 

Flame broiler just changed the definition of open fire grilling. With a simple slide of a plate, you are going to cook steaks, burgers just like your favorite steakhouse.

If you want to switch between open or close in the middle of cooking, you should use a screwdriver or something similar. It will be quite tough for you to slide the plate in between as the grates will be extremely hot then. 

You may make a custom rod as well for sliding the plate. This allows you to change the flame heat anytime you want. Sometimes, users want to change the heat in the last stage of cooking to make the meat more crispy. 

Thus, whether you open it or close it, you should know when to slide the plate. If you use the direct flame when it’s needed, this makes the dish more delicious. The flame broiler made cast iron cooking more convenient. Whether you’re a newbie or professional, the meal will always be cooked with perfection.

When To Open Flame Broiler On Pit Boss 

Some recipes require direct flame heat. This makes them perfectly cooked, and they will taste better as well. If you want to get a sear on your meat, you should definitely open the flame broiler on Pit Boss. 

In addition, steaks will be cooked better if you open the flame broiler.  Grilling burgers or pizza in this method will also provide you with a better result than traditional methods.

Using flavored pellets while smoking turkey, burgers or hotdogs will add a smoky flavor that will make the dish more delicious. You will be able to finish the cooking within a very short period of time. The direct heat of the flame broiler adds grill marks to your dishes. 

Opening the flame broiler finishes the cooking quicker than usual. Thus, if you want a quick meal with no slow cooking, then you should definitely open the flame broiler on Pit Boss.

Finally, if you want a crisp finishing on your items, then open the flame broiler. Also,  juicy steaks require a direct flame as well. Keeping the flame broiler opened during smoking burgers, and pizza will add an enhanced flavor and taste. 

When To Close Flame Broiler On Pit Boss 

Well, it’s pretty simple to know when to close Flame Broiler on Pit Boss. In short, if you are cooking something that requires slow cooking, then you should not open the flame broiler. 

You should close the flame broiler if you are not observing the grill for the whole time. This will prevent the dish from getting overcooked. The meal will be cooked by taking time. 

If you are cooking meat with cheaper cuts, then close the flame broiler. The medium heat will be sufficient for cheaper cuts and other meat like beef brisket. In addition, if you don’t prefer to sear meat, then keep the flame broiler closed.

How To Use Flame Broiler Slider 

Using a flame broiler is pretty simple. You should control the slider based on the item you are cooking. If you are a newbie and using the flame broiler for the first time, you may follow the below instructions – 

  • First of all, close the slider plate. Make sure the flame has reached the standard heat. This will be the first step while starting to cook.
  • If you want the direct heat immediately, place your food on the grill and slide the plate. 
  • Place the food first, use the indirect heat for the required time, then slide the plate and use the direct heat.
  • Close the lid for both direct and indirect heat to have the flame exactly how it should be.
  • You may use foil paper if you are cooking large specks of meat that require slow cooking.

How to Clean Pit Boss Flame Broiler After use 

Once you are done cooking, you should clean the Pit Boss Flame Broiler for the next use. If you don’t keep it clean, during the next cook, the surface will damage the food flavor and the taste as well. 

The slider won’t move freely as well if you don’t keep it neat and clean. There are some tools required to clean the grill. Check the below instructions to have a better cleaning of your grill – 

Firstly, make sure the grill is empty. There are no leftovers or food pieces remaining. Start with the lid. You may separate it for better cleaning. There will be some buildup on it. 

You may clean the debris by using a knife. Don’t scratch too much that may damage the surface.

Clean the grates with a non-abrasive sponge. You may soak the sponge into a detergent for a better result. However, letting the grates into soapy water for 24 hours will also clean them effectively. This requires less work and does the job as well.

The flame broiler can be cleaned with a soft sponge. Soak it into the soapy water, and the surface will be cleaned without any scratching. There are smoker cleaners available that remove the grease. 

You may use them if there is too much grease on the grill. Once the cleaning process is done, let the flame broiler dry completely. 

How Does The Pit Boss Flame Broiler Work

The Pit Boss Flame Broiler does come with simple control. You will be able to adjust the plate that controls the flame. The slider is usually placed under the grates. If you slide the plate or open the slider, the flame will be exposed. 

There are some holes in the lower plate of the slider. This allows the flame to get in and makes direct contact with the food. This is called direct heat during cooking. In the same way, if you close the slider, the meals will get indirect heat.

The flame broiler prevents the grease as well. There is a catch tray on the backside of the flame broiler. The flame broiler works as a barrier and prevents the grease from falling into the firepot. The flame broiler will flow the grease towards the grease bucket and will keep the grill clean.

Benefits of Using Flame Broiler 

There are a couple of benefits of using the flame broiler. First of all, the flame broiler made open fire grilling much easier. You have full control of the flame without any hassle. With just a simple slide, you are controlling the direct and indirect heat into the meal. 

Any item can be cooked with a flame broiler as it has both flame options. With the indirect heat, you will be able to cook cheaper cuts of meat more easily. They will be cooked exactly how you want them.

The flame broiler makes steak more delicious. You will be able to cook steak just like the steakhouse. This makes the meat cooked perfectly with an exact heat. The meal gets an enriched flavor that enhances the taste of the meals as well. 

Cooking burgers, pizza, and hot dogs in a flame broiler make them more mouthwatering. The single pellet grills allow the steak and making of burgers as well without damaging the flavor. Using the flame broiler with indirect heat will make slow cooking more effective. 

Flame Broiler makes meat a bit crispier. Thus, it will be delicious to eat. In addition, if you want to sear the meat, a flame broiler will be the best option. Brisket, ribs, chicken grill will have a better taste in the flame broiler. 

Does a Pellet Grill Have an Open Flame

Well, no. The Pellet grill doesn’t have an open flame, but the flame broiler will have an open flame to the item you’re grilling. The flame broiler just made the open fire grilling easier. 

The flame broiler won’t have any open flame or fire, but the user will have full control to expose the flame by using the slider. You will have the freedom to cook like open fire grilling. The foods will get direct heat from the flame broiler.

This innovative addition to the pellet grill made it possible to have open fire grilling in your backyard with no hassle. The flame stays inside the grill, and there are multiple holes in the plate to provide direct heat to the meal you are cooking. 


Flame Broiler changed the definition of cooking, and every user must try it. If you are a BBQ enthusiast, you should definitely try cooking with a flame broiler. If you haven’t purchased your grill yet, make sure it has the flame broiler in it. Controlling the flame broiler is very simple. You should not bother about it. The article will help you to adapt to this new innovation much quickly. Try the flame broiler if you are cooking something that requires direct heat. You will have the best cooking experience for sure.

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