Pellet Grills With Flame Broiler – Everything You Must Know

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If you want to get those amazing classic grill marks with tasty brown coating on burgers, steaks, brisket, chicken breasts, or anything of your choice, the pellet grills with flame broilers have been designed for you.

Though a pair of fairly efficient hands are required to operate these grills, the popularity of this kind of cooking is now at the top.

Moreover, it’s the most convenient way to cook with wood which helps you sear hot dogs, steaks, sandwiches, burgers, as well as any meat like never before.

This recent innovation allows the cooks to control the flame. You can adjust the direct and indirect heat with just a simple slider. 

But, the flame broiler feature is not available on all the pellet grills which makes it even more unique. So let’s start our adventure to find one.

5 Pellet Grills With Flame Broiler At A Glance

There are dozens of quality brands in this industry that produce high-quality pellet grills for beginners to experts which endure for a long time ensuring excellent performance. Anyway, I’ve hand-picked 5 of the best grills of this type.

First, Look at the quick decision-making chart –

Key FeaturesPit Boss Austin XL Pellet GrillSmokePro Slide  Pellet SmokerLouisiana Grills Pellet Grill
Dimensions62.4 x 25.79 x 28.23 inches40.5 x 25 x 22 inches23 x 29.8 x 26 inches
Weight181 Pounds144.7 Pounds143 Pounds
Cooking & Hopper1000 sq & 31 lb811 sq & N/A707 sq & 14lbs
Temp Range150 – 500 F160°F to 650°F.170F to 600F
The HallmarksVersatility, Flame broiler, Digitally control, Porcelain-coated grid construction & Large cooking capacityEasy temp. control, Gen 2 PID Controller, Easy Cleaning, Full-sized folding shelf & Convection style cookingDigital Control Center, Flame Broiler, High Temp. range, Quality Construction & Even 2 tier cooking System
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler 

This pellet grill makes your bbq party more entertaining with the unique features it includes. Pit Boss XL grill comes with 1000 square inches of cooking area that is enough for cooking multiple items simultaneously. The Pit Boss flame broiler slider lets you control the flame by sliding the plate. You can control this grill automatically as this grill is full-function LED controlled. 

This is an 8-in-1 grill that can be used for multiple purposes. This grill comes with two tiers of grid construction with a porcelain coating. In addition, Pit Boss Austin has a high-temp copper finish on the lid with a removable side shelf. 

This stunning build quality makes the grill more durable for long and extreme use.  

pit boss austin xl

Top Features

  • 1000 sq inches of surface
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Four rolling casters with serving tray
  • Flame broiler for direct flame grilling
  • Automatically control with LED readout
  • Incredible temperature range from 150 – 500 F

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions62.4 in. x 25.79 in. x 28.23 in.
Item Weight181 Pounds
Power SourceWood pellet
ColorBlack & Bronze
Cooking surface1000 sq in.
Hopper Capacity31 lb
Temperature Range150 – 500 F

This smoker grill comes with two tiers of grid construction to start cooking immediately. For large groups, this is definitely the best choice so far.

Heavy-Duty Construction

This feature makes the grill more durable. For outdoor purposes, it provides you with a durable service without any complexation. Two tiers of porcelain-coated grid construction make the grill more durable. 

In addition, there is a high-temp copper finish on the lid and the shelf has a stainless-steel build. 

Digital Control Board

The digital control board allows you to set the temperature and forget it about the rest. The digital control board with LED read-out makes temperature control easier. 

This allows the user to control the heat automatically so that you can set the perfect temperature for your recipe.

Sear Function

The Sear function makes your steaks more delicious. This grill comes with a sear function that helps you sear perfectly every time. Cooking brisket, wings, and even whole chicken is also easier with a flame broiler. 

Large Surface

No need to worry if you want to grill multiple meals at the same time. There is enough space available in Pit Boss Austin XL grill. 

It comes with a cooking surface of 1000 sq inches. In addition, there is a 31 lb hopper with a purge system to make your cooking more efficient. 


  • Well known for its versatility
  • Perfect for low and slow cooking
  • You can also cook quickly seared ribeyes
  • Sliding plate makes it very easy to sear steak


  • Produces too much ash
  • The control board isn’t user-friendly

Additional Information

Can I smoke cheese in Austin XL?

Sure. It’s recommended to smoke cheese in low heat for a better result.

Do I need to assemble it after purchase?

Yes. But no need to worry. It’s pretty simple to assemble.

Is there a cover included?

Unfortunately, No. You are required to order the cover separately.

Is it possible to slide the plate for searing from outside?

You will be required to lift the grill for searing.

Pit Boss Austin XL grill with Flame Broiler is packed with so many features. This will surely make your backyard cooking experience better than before. The large surface with heavy-duty construction will be your long-term cooking partner for sure.

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Camp Chef SmokePro Wood Pellet Grill 

Looking for a grill to replace your old grill? This grill from Camp Chef comes with so many features that you will definitely enjoy using it. This grill comes with a large capacity of 811 inches of cooking space. It is much easier to control this grill as it has Gen 2 PID digital controller with adjustable smoke settings.

There are dual stainless steel meat probes included with the grill to provide you with stats about the internal heat. Thus, it is easier for you to perfectly cook the dishes. The grill comes with a hopper and ash cleanout system to eliminate the hassle once your cooking is done. The cleaning of this grill can be done with a simple flip. 

For better output, the Camp Chef pellet grill comes with a convection style cooking design with a dual top shelf that is fully adjustable. 

camp chef pg24mzg

Top Features

  • New PID controller
  • Gen 2 PID controller
  • Full-sized folding shelf
  • Direct flame mode for steaks
  • Easy to assemble and start-up
  • Digital controller with meat probe

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandCamp Chef
Model NameSmokePro
StyleSlide Smoker
Dimensions40.5 in. x 25 in. x 22 in.
Weight144.7 Pounds
Cooking Surface811 inch
Temperature Range160º F – 500ºF

Flame Broiler

Here comes the most initiative feature of modern pellet grills. This feature allows you to switch between indirect and direct flame mode with a simple pull of a slider. 

There is a drip tray that allows the flame to reach the bottom of the grill racks as well. This temperature outreach makes the meats perfectly cooked and tender.

Easy Cleanout

Sometimes. The hardest part is the cleaning after the cooking is done. Camp Chef grill just eliminates the hassle of cleaning. 

The ashes will be cleaned by pulling the lever included on this pellet grill. You won’t require a vacuum or other tools to clean it. This will keep your grill free from dirt, grime, and rust as well.

Easy Assemble

Sometimes, it’s quite tough to assemble the grill and start cooking. Camp Chef SmokePro Wood Pellet Grill comes with the most simple assembly that allows you to start cooking the next moment you purchase. It may take just a few minutes to prepare the grill for smoking.

Digital Control

The newly designed PID controller makes cooking more enjoyable. You will be able to maintain a consistent temperature by using the Gen 2 PID controller. There are adjustable smoke settings as well. The menu dials are placed on the left-bottom of this pellet grill. 


  • Earth’s coolest ash clean-out system
  • Requires minimal attention when cooking
  • Extra large hopper is another cool feature in this grill
  • Designed with a high-quality control board to ensure accurate stats


  • The customer service is not satisfying
  • The temperature probes don’t work in high heat

Additional Information

What is the material of the grill grate of this smoker?

They are made of nickel plates. You will be able to easily clean the grates.

Is it possible to use the sear box on this grill?

Sure. This will replace the side shelf and they are easy to attach.

How safe are the grates for dishwashers? 

They are safe but not a good option though.

Camp Chef SmokePro with Flame Broiler is a premium device to purchase. You will enjoy the features while using this device. The digital control board and the flame broiler helps you to cook dishes without any hassle.

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Louisiana Grills LG 900 Wood Pellet Grill with Flame Broiler

Just imagine, you have a pellet grill in your backyard that includes all the unique features you can have. This is a pellet grill with a flame broiler that comes with an impressive 707 sq inches of surface. There are two variants available in 913 sq inches and 1061 sq inches as well. 

Louisiana LG 700 Wood Pellet Grill comes with a digital control center that allows you to adjust the heat from 170F to 600F. You are required just to set the temperature and the grill takes care of the rest. You will get a durable service from this pellet grill as it has porcelain-coated cast iron main grids and a solid bottom shelf. 

The heavy-duty steel construction allows you to use this grill anywhere in any condition.

louisiana grills lg 700 pellet grill

Top Features

  • Digital control center
  • Programmable meat probe
  • Proprietary exhaust system
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Flame broiler for flame cooking
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron main grids
  • 900 sq inches of cooking surface with size variant

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandLouisiana Grills
Dimensions44 in. x 39 in. x 24 in. (When assembled)
Weight143 Pounds
Power SourceWood pellet
Cooking Surface700 Sq. In.
Hopper Capacity14lbs
Temperature Range170°F – 600°F
Upper RackRemovable

There is a proprietary exhaust system available for 2 tier cooking in this smoker. The Flame broiler Louisiana pellet grill provides you with indirect and direct flame cooking.

Digital Control Center

There is a digital control center available in this grill to regulate heat and ignition. Thus, you will be able to maintain your full focus on cooking.

You just need to set the temperature on the smart controller and the grill will take care of the rest. The temperature can be F to incremented by 5 degrees from 170F to 600F.

Open Flame Grilling

The flame broiler of this pellet grill makes your cooking more delicious with flame control. The side plate allows you to provide a direct or indirect flame to your dish. This provides you pretty advantages while cooking steaks, burgers, and other recipes as well.   

Quick Heat-Up

If you have a very short amount of time for grilling, this pellet grill is here to solve your hassle. This pellet grill reaches the optimum heat in a very short time. Within 30 minutes, the grill is capable of making world-class smoked meats and barbecue.

Programmable Meat Probe

Louisiana Pellet Grill comes with a programmable meat probe that makes your cooking more precise. The probe displays the internal temperature of the meat that will be visible on the LED readout. 

You will also be able to monitor and adjust the heat according to your requirement. This also maintains the heat once it’s reached the desired temperature that was set by the users.


  • Heats up so fast
  • Great customer support
  • Perfect for both Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ cooking


  • You’ll need two or more guys to assemble the grill
  • Temperature control is complicated

Additional Information

Is this grill value for the money?

Sure. With the features and the premium build quality, you will surely have an enjoyable grilling experience from Louisiana Pellet Grill.

Do I need to clean this smoker most often?

Not at all. Even after years of use, this smoker will have zero signs of rust.

What’s the minimum time to reach max temp?

The grill will reach the max temp of 600F within 20-25 minutes.

Louisiana Grill is a recommended one for bbq enthusiasts. The open flame cooking with meat probes will make your steaks mouthwatering for sure. For a versatile cooking experiment, you should definitely try this grill.

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Pit Boss 700FB Corded Electric Pellet Grill 

Here comes another pellet grill from PIT BOSS, the most reliable name in the industry. The pellet grill has a total of 700 sq. inches cooking surface that comfortably holds multiple cooking items at the same time. The grill cover is built with durable material that protects the grill from extreme outdoor elements. For backyard cooking, this will be a top pick for sure. 

You have complete control of temperature from 170F to 600F. If you prefer flavor in your dish, the flame broiler makes it easier by direct and indirect flame control. There is an electric ignition and fan-forced air to maintain a clear burning flame with less ash and rust. 

The grill has wheels on the bottom that makes it more suitable for backyard smoking. Pit Boss grill cover also includes a locking drawstring to provide top to bottom coverage and protection. 

pit boss 71700fb pellet grill

Top Features

  • Advanced burn system
  • Complete control for flame grilling
  • Versatile grill for any cooking method
  • Heavy-duty polyester and PVC backing
  • Porcelain-coated cooking rack & wire grids

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions24.8 in. x 22.05 in. x 43.11 in.
Item Weight117.95 Pounds
Fuel TypeWood, Natural Gas
Power SourceCorded Electric
Cooking surface700 sq. in.
Hopper Capacity18 lb
Temperature Range170 F – 600 F
Cooking GridsPorcelain Coated Wire

Durable Material

This grill is made with premium quality steel to withstand extreme conditions making it a perfect addition to your backyards. 

The pellet grill is made with heavy-duty polyester and PVC backing to prevent the grill from common outdoor elements. There is a locking drawstring included on this smoker that cinches tight to provide ultimate coverage and protection.


Pit Boss Corded Electric Pellet Grill is a versatile grill that will be useful in so many ways. You will surely have the best cooking experience by using this premium grill.

The smoker can be used for any backyard cooking method whether it’s smoking ribs or pizza. You will be able to cook with confidence with this pellet grill. The grill can be used to grill burgers and bake biscuits as well.


If you don’t need the side shelf, you may pick the variant with no side shelf. This costs less than the one that includes this shelf. If there is less space in your backyard, these variants are here to solve your problem. 

Flame Broiler

This is the most unique and demanded feature of this pellet grill. You will definitely love using this feature to make your dish more delicious.

The flame broiler allows you to control the flame with a simple slide plate. You have complete control for direct flame grilling. Flame broiler just made the cast iron cooking easier for your backyard parties.


  • Perfect for small family cookouts
  • An ideal choice for backyard grilling
  • Gives the perfect texture to the steaks, briskets, chicken & fish


  • Sometimes the temp is not consistent
  • Not suitable for regular use

Additional Information

Can I open the grill vent after the smoking is done?

Well, you will be required to use a handle that is included in the upgraded one. Otherwise, you may use a screwdriver or a manual handle to open the grill vent.

Do the pellets last long?

It actually depends. If you are using 40lb of pellets, it will last for around 20 hours if used in medium heat. 

Is there any fan included on this grill?

Yes, there is a fan that works as the convection fan.

If you are looking for a grill with flame broiler for your backyard, you should definitely try this Pit Boss Pellet grill. The unique features of the digitally controlled burn system allow anyone to cook like a professional. You have complete control of flame grilling as well.

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Pit Boss Pellet Grill & Smoker With Innovative Flame Broiler 

You are definitely wasting your bucks if you ignore this versatile pellet grill. The smoker comes with 700 sq inches of surface. The temperature range of this pellet grill is 180F to 500F. You will be able to select your preferred cooking style with the digital control board and the standard flame broiler. The hopper comes with a capacity of 21 lb. Thus, it is possible to cover a whole cooking session without any hassle.

The grill is compatible with wood and natural gas as fuels. For durable performance, this grill comes with high-temperature powder-coated steel. The flame broiler can be used for ‘set it and forget it’ or flame control as well. 

You will be able to use this smoker for the grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, etc.

pit boss classic 700 sq pellet grill

Top Features

  • Digital control board 
  • Hopper with 21-lb capacity
  • 700 sq inches of cooking surface
  • Porcelain-coated wire cooking grids
  • Flame Broiler for direct and indirect heat
  • Powder-coated steel to withstand high heat

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions40.75 in. x 25.59 in. x 43.9 in.
MaterialPorcelain, steel
ColorBlack & Brown
Cooking surface700 sq. in.
Hopper capacity21 lb
Temperature Range180° to 500°F

Digital Control Board

You will be able to select your preferred cooking style with the digital control board and the flame broiler. The grill can be used as ‘set it and forget it’ and as an open flame as well. 

There is an LED readout included with the Digital Control Board to enable you to maintain the condition of the dish. You have the information about dual-probe on the LED readout that helps you to cook better.

Huge Space

The pellet grill can be used for multiple purposes at the same time. This grill comes with a cooking surface of 700 sq inches. In addition, there is a  large pellet hopper with a pellet auger to enable you to complete the whole cooking session without any hassle. 

There is an additional tier rack to cook different cook items without damaging the flavor. This pellet grill is a perfect choice for group parties.

Premium Build

Pit Boss is one of the leading manufacturers of pellet grills. The build quality of this product will definitely satisfy you. This pellet grill from Pit Boss is a premium and organized one. 

It’s built with heavy-gauge steel components and complete structural strength. The cooking grids have porcelain coating as well to last for years without getting damaged. 


If you are looking for an all-rounder pellet grill for your backyard, here it is. This pellet grill is a top choice for smoke, bake, roast, and braise. In every application, you get the same top-notch performance for sure. This pellet grill is designed for satisfaction.


  • Budget-friendly grill with flame broiler
  • Allows you to enjoy grilling even in the winter
  • Topcellent at controlling the cooking temperature
  • Makes your meat always tender and juicy (if cooked perfectly)


  • Not a durable one
  • The Control board doesn’t last for regular use

Is this grill comparable with Traeger?

Well, this pellet grill with flame broiler will perform better than Traeger similar models.

Can the temperature be controlled automatically?

Sure. You can set it and the food will be cooked. You are not required to monitor it all the time. 

Is it possible to set the desired temperature?

You will be able to set the desired temperature but the device won’t shut down automatically.

This versatile smoker won’t disappoint you with the performance. You will definitely enjoy the premium build and the digital control board of this product. The automatic temperature control will eliminate the hassle of cooking foods.

What To Look Before You Buy A Pellet Grills with Flame Broiler

Pellet grills with flame broilers are a versatile tool to purchase. You will be able to cook different food items at the same time.

For this, you need to ensure the device includes some common features that maintain the flavor and also make your cooking experience more enjoyable. 

Here are some common specifications that you should look at before purchasing one –   

Easy Control

The flame broiler is the most in-demand feature of recent pellet grills. Pellet grills with flame broilers should come with an easy to control feature.

As this is a new addition to the grills, the user feels more comfortable if the design is user-friendly. The flame broiler should have a simple flip or slide operation with no complexation. 

Cooking Surface

The Cooking surface is the feature that provides you with some advantages while cooking for large groups. You will be able to use the whole space and cook comfortably.

The surface will allow you to finish the cooking shortly which saves your fuels as well. Some of the pellet grills come with size variants. Thus, you will be able to choose the one you need.

Build Quality

When choosing a pellet grill with a flame broiler, you should focus on the build quality as well. Most of the devices come with porcelain-coating that enhances the durability of the pellet grills.

In addition, a premium build enables you to use your pellet grills’ backyard. A strong or durable lid saves your pellet grill from common outdoor elements. 

Temperature Control

This feature makes your cooking more convenient. You will be able to set the desired temperature through this feature. Thus, you won’t be required to observe the cooking from start to end. Just set the suitable temperature based on the items and your meal will be ready. 

Additional Tier Rack

Here comes one of the most important features for a pellet grill with a large surface. An additional tier rack allows you to cook different items at the same time. This won’t mix up the flavors and you will be able to cook various items at the same time. 

Meat Probe

The Meat probe provides the internal heat of the meat. Using this feature gets the exact heat of the meat you are cooking. Thus, you will have a slice of meat cooked with more perfection. The pellet grills show the temperature output on an LED display.

If you manage to purchase a pellet grill with the above-mentioned feature, you will definitely be a winner. For backyard parties or normal cooking, a grill with flame broiler will be a great purchase for sure.

What Are The Advantage Of Flame Broiler Pellet Grills

So why should you invest in pellet grills of this type? Obviously, they have some advantages that made them so popular in a very short period of time. A Flame broiler allows a user to use direct heat to the meat. 

This helps to cook the meat with more perfection. You can even switch to indirect heat with just a simple slide. This control is what makes cooking more enjoyable.

While cooking steaks, you have the best-flavored steak with flame broilers. The output will be exactly like the professionals or your favorite steakhouse.

In addition, grills with flame broilers allow you to cook food with less smoke. You will be able to complete the whole session with the flame broiler. The flame broiler also works as a protective barrier that flows the channel grease to the grease bucket. 

Finally, the control of flame is the major advantage of a flame broiler. Pellet grills with a flame broiler make your cooking more delicious for sure.

Is A Grill With Flame Broiler Worth The Money

Definitely, yes. These innovative grills make cooking more appetizing. Flame broiler feature surely adds a slightly distinct flavor to make your meal more delicious. The flame control with pellet grills is obviously a plus. 

You will be able to cook restaurant-style steak with the flame broiler. With just a simple slide of the plate, you will be able to sear burgers, hot dogs, and other food items with the flame broiler. Flame broiler made cast iron cooking more convenient and affordable as well. 


The Flame broiler is the latest addition to the pellet grills. This makes the cooking more flavorful and the output will be exactly how you want it. The 5 pellet grills described in this article are top class. They are built with perfection and will satisfy you with the performance for sure. You should check the features well before choosing one. Make sure the device is designed as user-friendly and is not tough to operate. 

This is how you will be able to choose the best pellet grills with flame broilers for your sweet home.