Best Wood Pellet Storage Containers (My Top 5 Picks)

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As the wood pellets are used for smoking, they should be stored in a dry and safe place that will save them from getting damaged. The container should not damage the flavor and the freshness as well.

So, you should choose a premium quality wood pellet storage container to store the pellets for a long time. 

A heavy-duty container with an ergonomic design will be an ideal choice for storing pellets. You should choose a food-grade plastic container as this won’t change the flavor of the pellets.

They should be easily identifiable and should have unique features for safe and comfortable use. It will be a wise decision to pick a container that can be used for multiple purposes.

5 Best Wood Pellet Storage Containers You Can Go For

There are so many features that you should have while purchasing a wood pellet container. This is why I picked the top 5 storage containers with details that may guide you to pick the best one. 

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Features ComparisonWood Pellet ContainerStayDry Pellet ContainerHeavy-duty Pellet Container
BrandBuddeezTraegerOklahoma Joe’s
Safe to UseYesYesYes
Item Weight4.59 lbs4.44 lbs4.99 lbs
Storing Capacity20 lbs Wood Pellets22 lbs Wood Pellets20 lbs Wood Pellets
LidFlip lidAirtight lidAirtight lid
The HallmarksStickability, Durability, Space-SavingStackable Design, Easy Swapping, Long-LastingHeavy-Duty, Weatherproof Design, Durability
Special FeaturesIncluded Flavor ID LabelEnsures Optimal Flavor & BurnWire-mesh Filtering & Pellet Scoop
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Kingsford Heavy Duty Pellet Storage Container

This one will definitely be among the top plastic wood pellet storage containers to be picked. The container from Kingsford is a heavy-duty plastic container that can be used to store up to  20-lbs of wood pellets. The sturdy top handle will keep the pellets fresh and dry for a long time. You will have easy lifting because of the molded hand grips. 

Kingsford Pellet Storage Containers are made with crystal clear plastic material so that you will know if the container needs to refill or not. Another great advantage is that there are flavor ID labels as well to make it simple to identify the flavors.

Kingsford Heavy Duty Pellet Storage Container

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty plastic container
  • Flavor ID to identify the flavors
  • Made with food-grade materials
  • Pouring spout to refill the containers
  • Narrow stackable design to save spaces

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Dimensions14.5″ x 7.75″ x 16.5″
Weight4.59 lbs
Capacity20 lbs

The containers will save your space because of the narrow stackable design. It will be easier for you to refill the containers with pellets as there is a built-in pouring spout.

Pouring Spout

Sometimes, it’s hard to refill the pellet containers. Kingsford Storage Container comes with a unique pouring spout that will allow you to refill the storage when it’s needed. 

You will have a neat and easy filling with no mess. The pellets can be refilled directly from the packs. This will definitely save your time, and protect the pellets from getting damaged as well. They will get less contact with the air and this will help them to remain dry and fresh.

In addition, the containers come with transparent plastic material. Thus, it will be easier for you to know when it’s time to refill them.

Stackable Storage

You may require multiple containers while storing a large stock of pellets or even different flavors. In this case, if you use multiple containers, they will require a large space.

The stackable design of Kingsford Heavy Duty Container will solve this issue as they can be stored one on another.

Flavor ID

Wood pellets are available in different flavors for a delicious meal. This is why it will be easier to find them if you can attest an ID or label to the containers.

This product comes with a flavor ID label in the front to make it easier for you while choosing the right flavor for your smoking. This will help you to identify the contents of the containers without opening the boxes. 

Heavy Duty

As the wood pellets are used to smoke food, they should be stored in a food-grade container. This will ensure you have healthy and chemical-free pellets while smoking. 

Kingsford Storage Container is heavy-duty storage that can store up to 20-lbs of wood pellets. In addition, the sturdy top handle will protect the pellets from moisture and will protect them from getting damaged as well.


  • Keep the pellets dry
  • It can store up to 20-lbs of smoker pellets
  • This transparent container offers a very clean look
  • It’s very easy to open and close the lid of this container.


  • Its seal on the spout is not 100% air tight
  • Not suitable to store in the open air (outdoor)
  • There’s a risk of spilling out the pellets if your container is bumped
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Traeger StayDry Pellet Storage Container

This premium-looking pellet storage container from Traeger will allow you to store the pellets dry and fresh. The container comes with an airtight lid and locking closure. The locking closure will ensure a safe and effective lock that will prevent any air from getting inside the container. 

With a stackable design, this container will save your space and keep the containers organized. There are six pre-labeled containers available from Traeger and also 6 with blank flavor stickers so that you can pick according to your preference. 

Traeger StayDry Pellet Storage Container

Top Features

  • Stackable design
  • It’s reliable for humid climates
  • Airtight lid with locking closure
  • Storage for up to 22 lb of pellets
  • 6 pre-labeled & 6 blank stickers

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Dimensions14.5″ x 7″ x 13.5″
Weight4.44 lbs
Capacity22 lb

Traeger Pellet Storage Container is capable of storing up to 22-lbs of pellets. The strong seal of this container will provide you with solid flavor while burning the pellets. 

Airtight Lid

One of the key features of the container is to have an airtight lid. Without an airtight lid, it’s impossible to keep the pellets dry. Otherwise, they will catch moisture and lose their freshness. 

Traeger StayDry Storage Container comes with a sturdy lid that will prevent the air from getting inside. You will have dry and fresh pellets even after a long session of pouring.

Pre-Labeled Stickers

Traeger Storage Container comes with 6 pre-labeled stickers with flavor. Thus, it will be easier for you to pick the flavor you need while pouring. This allows you to pour the flavor into the appropriate containers. 

In addition, there are containers available with blank stickers as well. You will be able to label with the assigned flavor.

Ergonomic Design

Sometimes, it becomes quite tough to carry the containers when they are full. An ergonomic design with easy handles will solve this problem.

The compact container comes with a sturdy material with an ergonomic design. The portable design of Traeger pellet storage containers will make you feel comfortable while carrying from one place to another. 

Easy Swapping

Here comes one of the most unique yet demanded features of a container. This feature will allow you to store the containers as a stack.

Thus, they will require very little space in your house, and you will be able to place them in any corner of your home. 

In addition, because of this feature, you will have an organized corner in your house.


  • Sturdy enough to withstand regular use
  • One is enough to hold a full bag of Traeger wood pellets
  • Very effective to keep your smoker pellets from breaking down


  • It’s lid is sturdy but not comes with an airtight seal
  • You may not close your container properly if it’s overloaded
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Buddeez Pellet and Charcoal Weatherproof Container 

With heavy-duty handles and Weatherproof features, Buddeez Pellet and Charcoal Container will be an ideal choice for decks and patios. Whether it’s rainy or summer, the container will be perfect for outdoor use. You will be able to use them for both storing BBQ charcoal and wood pellets. 

The rugged and waterproof design will keep the pellets fresh and dry. The elements inside will always be ready to pour into the smoker. This product is made with recycled polypropylene. 

Thus, there will be a more negligible effect on the environment by using this plastic container. Buddeez Pellet container is also a great choice for other storage such as kitty litter, ice melter, and grass seed as well.

buddeez kingsford charcoal and pellet dispenser

Top Features

  • Great look with polished finishing
  • Comfortable heavy-duty handles
  • Rugged and weatherproof design
  • Made with recycled polypropylene
  • It can be used to store other needs

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Dimensions14.5″ x 7.75″ x 16.5″
Weight2.27 lbs
Capacity24 lb

The product will be helpful for multiple purposes. It will be easy to carry the container even if it’s packed with pellets.


The polished black container with the great look comes with durable plastic materials. You will get long service from this container. There are heavy-duty handles to make it easier to lift or pour the container. 

Thus, you can easily lift or transfer the containers from one place to another. You will be able to store up to 24-lbs of pellets or charcoal in this container. 


This plastic container from Buddeez will surely provide you with a durable performance in any weather. The rugged weatherproof container is perfect for any weather and will withstand extreme weather conditions easily. 

The lid will protect water or dew from getting inside of the box. In addition, the rugged design will ensure dry and fresh pellets all the time. You will have ready-to-use pellets because of the high-density lid.


If you are worried about the environment, you should minimize using plastic materials. Buddeez pellet storage container is a recycled polypropylene container that has less effect on the environment.

The product is made with recycled materials. Storing pellets on this product won’t damage the flavor of the pellets.


This container is not only made for storing pellets but also can be used to store other needs. The container can be used as kitty litter, grass seed, ice melter, or even for storing sand and fertilizer. Thus, the multi-purpose container will be a beneficial purchase without any doubt.

If you use the bbq seasonally, you will be able to make effective use of the containers for other needs. You can carry the container for camping as well.


  • It can easily fit under the grill cart
  • Sturdy enough to carry in any RV (if needed)
  • You can keep this container near your smoker/grill
  • It can withstand light rain, so you can leave it outdoor


  • Prone to melt in the fire
  • Only available in large and small sizes
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Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Storage Plastic Container

This one is quite different from the traditional pellet containers. Oklahoma Pellet Storage Container comes with an additional wire-mesh filter that separates the wood dust from the pellets. Thus, you will have a clean burn with less ash. 

The weatherproof design will keep the hardwood pellets fresh and dry. You will be able to store the pellets for a long time by using this container. The heavy-duty plastic scoop will help you to easily transfer the pellets. 

You will be able to refill smokers easily with the scoop. The pellets will stay fresh as there is an airtight lid included with the container. 

oklahoma joe's pellet bucket kit

Top Features

  • Wire-mesh filter
  • It seals perfectly
  • Durable plastic scoop
  • Airtight lid for better protection
  • Store up to 20 lbs of wood pellets

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Dimensions10.8″ x 10.8″ x 12.7″
Weight4.99 lbs
Capacity20 lb

You will be able to store up to 20 pounds of hardwood pellets in a single container. There is a handle included on the top that will help you to pour the pellets comfortably into the smoker.

Wire-mesh filter

This is one of the unique features of this container. There is a wire-mesh filter included with the pellet container. This will remove the specks of dirt while pouring the pellets into the smoker. Thus you will have less dirt and ash by using this container. 

In addition, this filter will help you to get a better flavor in your dish. The wire-mesh filter will separate the wood dust from the pellets. 

Durable Plastic Scoop

As the container comes in a bucket design, it may get tough for the users to pour the pellets into the smoker. To solve this issue, Oklahoma introduced a very effective solution. 

You will get a durable plastic scoop that can be used to pour pellets into the grill from the bucket container. You will be able to transfer pellets easily without any complexation.


This is one of the best containers for indoor use. You may use this container for storing outdoors as well. The weatherproof container provides you with a durable and solid experience because of these features. 

Bucket Design

The unique design of this container makes it more preferable to the users. The bucket-designed container with a sturdy lid will keep the pellets fresh and dry. 

You won’t face any difficulties while carrying pellets in this container. It will be easy to refill the container as well. The construction of this product will definitely impress you.


  • You can easily move it with its sturdy handle
  • It comes with a scoop to make your job easier
  • It comes with a mesh strainer to separate the dust from pellets


  • It’s not comfortable to grip the handle when the container is fully loaded
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Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser With Grip Handles

If you are looking for a large container to store a large stock of pellets, then this one will be a top pick for sure. The container is capable of storing up to 24-lbs or 4 gallons of pellets. With an ergonomic design, this container will allow you easy lifting and pouring. 

There are two handles included so that you will have less trouble while using the containers. They are made with 75% recycled plastic materials. Thus, they will have less effect on the environment. Buddeez Ice Melt Dispensers with Grip Handles are available in two different sizes. 

buddeez ice melt dispenser

Top Features

  • Patented flip lid 
  • Comfortable grip handles
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Pour spout for easy transfer
  • Rugged design for better durability

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Dimensions14.5″ x 7.5″ x 16.5″
Weight2.5 lbs
Capacity24 lb

The pellets can be scooped from the wide flip-top, or you can even fold up the built-in spout and pour.  They will require less space as the containers are made with a stackable design.

Rugged Design

As you are using the container for storing pellets, the build quality should withstand any extreme conditions. You will surely have durable feedback from this container as the product is made with premium raw materials. 

The heavy-duty construction will withstand any extreme conditions and there won’t be any damage to the material.

Patented Flip Lid

Buddeez Ice Melt Dispenser with Grip Handles comes with a patented flip lid. Thus, you will have fresh pellets for a long time. This feature will prevent the air from getting inside. 

Moreover, it will be easier to pour pellets into the smoker when it’s required. You will just need to flip the lid while pouring.

Grip Handles

Without grip handles, it will be tough to carry the containers. There are grip handles included on the containers that will help you to carry them when refilled. You will be able to transfer them easily from one place to another without any difficulties.

Perfect Size

The container from Buddeez comes in a perfect size for storing pellets. You will be able to store 24-lbs of pellets in this container. The container is available in multiple sizes as well.

If you don’t need the large one, you may pick the smaller one. This one can be easily refilled with the traditional pellet packs.


  • Suitable for versatile use
  • It lets you easily refill your smoker hopper
  • It’s grip handles make it comfortable to lift


  • The bottom is not thick as expected
  • Gets hot if the container is placed under the smoker

What To Look Before You Buy Pellet Storage Container 

Pellet containers are not a typical element to buy. Thus, you should ensure that the product you are about to buy includes all the required features. This will make your pellet storing more effective. 

Here are some common features you may check before picking one – 

  • Durability

This is the primary feature that you should check before purchasing a pellet storage container. A heavy-duty container with food-grade material will be the best pick for this case. 

You will get a comfortable storage experience if the material is durable. Sometimes, you may need to carry the containers. Thus, if it’s not durable, it may crack. 

  • Lid

If the container doesn’t come with an airtight lid, it will be meaningless to store them in that container. An airtight lid will keep the pellets fresh and dry for a long time. 

The flavor will last for a long time because of this feature. In addition, the sturdy lid will prevent moisture from growing inside.

  • Weatherproof

Weatherproof and waterproof are both common features of pellet containers. Most of the time, you use the grills outside. Thus, the container may face extreme weather most often. 

If the plastic box comes with this feature, there won’t be any difficulties using the products outside. They will be safe to use in snow or rain.

  • Design

If you are using multiple containers, they will require more space. This can be eliminated by using containers with a stackable design. You will be able to store them as a stack in any corner. Just place them one on another.

  • Capacity

You should always check the capacity before purchasing. Most of the containers come with 20-lbs of capacity. If you need more than 20-lbs of capacity, you may purchase containers with higher capacity. There are containers available in different sizes as well.

  • Labeling

It will be tough to find the exact flavor if you’re using a variety of flavors together. This is why there should be a label sticker so that you can mark individual flavors with labeling. Most of the containers come with a flavor label so that you can easily identify them.

If you pick a container following the mentioned features, you will definitely get the best one. These are the common features that every container should include. Focus on the quality and the features as well to have the best one on your list.

Pellet Storage Container Vs Pellet Storage Bags

It’ll always be recommended to store wood pellets in storage containers. They are designed in such a way that you will have less trouble while pouring them into the grills. 

In addition, you will be able to filter the specks of dirt from the bags while pouring them into the containers. Most of the containers come with food-grade plastic material. 

Thus, storing the pellets into the container will help you to retain the flavor of the pellets for a longer period. It will be easier to pour the pellets from the container rather than the bags. This will help you from wasting pellets while pouring.

You can store a large number of pellets in the containers. They will definitely provide you with a better experience of storing pellets. They prevent moisture from growing inside of a container. 

This keeps the pellets fresh for a long time. Most of the pellet storage bags come with a weak build. They may have a hard-to-find leakage. Thus, it’s always a wise decision to use pellet storage containers. Pellet storage bags are for instant use.

If you are not using the pellet immediately after purchasing, then you should definitely try the containers. They will stay fresh there for a long time.

Benefits Of Having BBQ Wood Pellet Storage Containers 

There are lots of benefits of having BBQ Wood Pellet Storage Containers. As you are here to find out the best container, you should also check the advantages of purchasing Wood Pellet Storage Containers. 

First of all, they are not expensive at all. Most of the pellet containers come within a decent price range. If you are getting quality products with so many advantages, you should definitely try them out. There are containers available from popular manufacturers, such as Traeger, Buddeez, and Oklahoma Joe’s as well.

They come with an airtight lid that prevents moisture. This will keep the pellets dry and fresh and also will retain the flavor for a long time. The food-grade plastic materials won’t change the authentic flavor of the pellets. If you have a variety of flavors, you can store them separately with individual tags. 

Using indoor wood pellet storage bins makes your space more organized. You will be able to store multiple containers as a stack because of the unique design. They will require very little space.

Wood Pellet Containers removes the hassle of pouring pellets into the grills.  They will allow you to pour pellets directly from the containers without wasting a single piece of pellet. You will be able to filter the dirt from the pellets. 

Thus, you will have less ash, and the meal will have a better flavor. This also enhances safety as well. You will be able to eliminate the hassles by using premium wood pellet containers.

These are among some of the benefits of Having BBQ Wood Pellet Storage Containers. If you are looking for something to store wood pellets, you should definitely try the pellets mentioned above.

Can You Store Wood Pellets In A Plastic Container?

Sure. It’s fine to store the wood pellets in a plastic container. The top or cover of the container should lock well to prevent moisture inside. 

Will a bag of Traeger pellets fit in a 5-gallon bucket?

Traeger grill pellets usually come in a 20-lbs pack. You will be able to store the pellets easily in a 5-gallon bucket.

How many pounds of wood pellets fit in a 5-gallon bucket?

A 5-gallon bucket will be able to store around 30-lbs of pellets. Most of the wood pellet containers come in a 20-25 lbs of capacity.

Final Words

Wood pellets are quite a sensitive element. As they come with added flavors, you should always ensure the flavor till the last burn. Using a premium wood pellet storage container will save your hassles and also will maintain the flavor of the pellets for a long time. You should purchase heavy-duty containers with grip handles for comfortable use. The stackable design is more preferable as it will require less space in your house. It’s always recommended to pick containers that include unique features with advantages.

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