What is red chili pepper that can extend your life

You’ll be surprised to know what is red chili pepper that can really extend your life. But, before disclosing the secret, let’s see how this red chili pepper becomes a must have ingredient of your cooking.

Cooking without chili makes the meal incomplete. Every people know very well that two types of chilies are commonly used in various cooking. One is ripe red or dried chili, another green or raw red chili pepper.

Both the chilies have very distinct and different tastes. There are various health qualities, as well.  However, though maximum fresh peppers are green but fresh red peppers are also available by the side of the fresh green chili.

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When the raw chilies are dried, it contains red, or dark red or chocolate or brown color. Dried chilies smell more intense than natural chilly. But when peppers are dried, it loses some nutrients too.

Many people cannot think of eating any food without chili’s solder. When they sit down to eat, the presence of a chilly menu must be there with the food menu. From vegetarian curry to fish or meat, maximum people barely need a little too moderate spicy. Even those who do not like any solder food they also like to eat one green chilly with certain foods.

Pepper is used for enhancing the solder taste as well as to enhance an attractive color to the food. If some foods aren’t sold – that means they are just tasteless. However, in many cases, doctors give a restriction to eat excess solder. They think that excessive solder may cause harm to the bodies. But a recent study found that chili pepper also has some health benefits.

Here is one example, how red chili pepper is healthy for us- chili peppers reduce the chances of heart disease – Capsaicin, which is high in chilly, lowers LDL cholesterol levels in the body.  One of the leading causes of heart attack is LDL cholesterol. Therefore, peppermint LDL helps keep you out of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels.

So, lets have an overall discussion on chili pepper mainly focusing on Red chili pepper

What is red chili pepper?

red chili pepper

Chili is a type of fruit that is used in cooking as a spice for cooking. The fruits of the plants of the Solanaceae family of Capsicum are commonly called chilies. Chili Pepper is native to the continent of America.  However, it is currently used as a culinary and medicinal herb across the world.

So, the chili which are red in color is termed as red chili peppers. Both the fresh chilies or dried chilies can be red in color. Both have the same function but use in different dishes to enhance some distinct flavor.

History of chili spreading worldwide:

Nowadays, we are using red chili peppers in almost every dish and each kind of chilies are very much available today. These chilies have a nice history on how it spread just from one corner of the earth to another corner. Let’s know the adventure of chili pepper.

adventure of chili pepper

About thousands of years ago, indigenous people of America have been using chili. Archaeologists found evidence of pepper cultivation thousands of years ago in the southwestern part of Ecuador. In that time, pepper was also cultivated in various parts of Central and South America.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first Europeans to see pepper in the Caribbean. He called them Pepper because of the round pepper produced in India. Of course, chilly trees are not related to the round chilly tree. Since the discovery of America, pepper has been spread all over the world. A physician named Diego Alvarez Chanaka brought pepper to Spain from the West Indian Islands during his second expedition.

Spanish merchants take pepper from Mexico to various places in Asia. The pepper was first spread to the Philippines, and then to India, China, Korea, and Japan.  It soon became an indispensable source of local food in various regions of Asia for its flavors.

Classification of Red Chili Pepper:

Chilies are of two types, one is red chili, and another is green chili, but from the functional points, chili can be divided into two types. Solder peppers and sweet chilly or non-seasoned peppers (capsicum).

Solder chili:

Basically, raw chili or naga chili, which is less spicy, is used in cooking. At the same time, dry pepper, which looks like a tall variety, is also used. Dried pepper is used in cooking by powder or paste. Pepper sauce is widely marketed in which solder chili are used as the key ingredients.

Peppermint (capsicum):

This chilly in the subcontinent is called Simla chili (capsicum). This chili is usually large and thick in shape.  This chili is used as a vegetable and is also used in salads. At present, it’s considered to be as a high-value crop because of its world wide demand.

Capsicum or sweet pepper comes from eggplant family. It is too an important vegetable. Pepper is the epicenter of South American equatorial regions. Brazil is thought to be the origin of sweet pepper. All the peppers planted in the world are of the same species, consisting of eleven groups and have been classified as non-seasoned and seasoned chilies.

Sweet pepper fruit varies in size and shape, but usually, the fruit is round and the skin is thick which are sold in elite restaurants and various supermarkets.

Sweet pepper has become a popular vegetable in many countries around the world. The second most important vegetable in the world is tomato pepper. It has many uses such as leafy salad or soup, raw fruit salad, and very delicious food as a cooked vegetable. Nutritionally sweet pepper is a precious vegetable. Due to the abundance of vitamin C and suitable for tub cultivation, people of this century are getting encouraged to eat sweet pepper.

Red Chili’s Ingredients:

The special ingredient of chili is capsaicin, which makes pepper a solder. Raw chilies are usually eaten raw, roasted or cooked in different cookers. It contains vitamin A, C, B -3, iron, potassium, and very little protein and carbohydrates. There are also ingredients such as beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and lutein zeaxanthin.

Only one raw pepper contains one hundred and thirteen milligrams (one hundred and twenty percent) of Vitamin C. Similarly, a red chili contains five milligrams of vitamin C (one hundred eight percent).  Forty servings per 100 grams of servings.

Fat, cholesterol sodium is zero percent. Sugar three percent, dietary fat six percent, vitamin A twenty-four percent, vitamin C four hundred four percent, calcium two percent, iron seven percent, vitamin E three percent, vitamin K eighteen percent, thymine six percent, riboflavin five percent, niacin five percent, Pantothenic acid is five percent, vitamin B-4 four percent, folic acid six percent, potassium ten percent and manganese twelve percent.

So, at least one raw or red pepper should be added to your diet list every day and fill up the deficiency of this vitamin-rich in essential antioxidants for the body.

The nutrient value of Dry and fresh red chili:

Both raw pepper and dried pepper are used in cooking. Let’s know the nutrition value and health benefits of these two types of chili peppers.

Fresh red chili pepper:

It contains a lot of vitamin C. Which is good for the body. It is also good for the skin because of the high amount of antioxidants which helps to reduce the impression of age on the skin. Raw pepper can also cause harm to patients who have gastric or ulcer problems. But, if one eats raw peppers with rice or salad, they are more likely to get the right amount of nutrition. Because, when cooking, the vitamin C in the heat of the pepper is gone.

Dried red chili pepper:

Dry or red pepper is extraordinary to enhance the taste of food. It makes the colors of the food and the food delicious. Dry pepper or red pepper is strictly prohibited for patients who have gastric or ulcer or pancreatitis. When the peppers are dry and turn red, its vitamin C does not exist.

Health benefits of fresh red chili:

Not just for taste, but for the body to be healthy, fresh pepper should be consumed by every health-conscious person. Having one raw chilly in your daily diet list will easily help you to overcome some of the physical problems. These are the major benefits of raw pepper that many of us are unaware – 

  • Raw chilly reduces the risk of prostate cancer in boys. 
  • It also helps in fast digestion of food.  
  • Iron deficiency is a common problem for women in our country. Raw pepper is one of the natural sources of iron.
  • During the hot season, raw peppers are used to keep the body cool through sweating.
  • Eating one raw pepper every day reduces the risk of blood clotting.
  • Regularly eating raw pepper reduces various heart problems.
  • Raw peppers help burn calories by increasing metabolism.
  • Raw pepper contains a large amount of antioxidant beta-carotene that keeps the cardiovascular system functioning.
  • Regularly eating raw chili improves immunity.
  • Raw pepper lowers blood cholesterol.
  • Raw pepper contains vitamin A that helps keep bones, teeth, and mucous membranes functional.
  • Raw pepper contains a lot of vitamin C which protects the gums and hair.
  • Regularly eating raw pepper reduces various nerve problems.
  • If you put at least one raw chili in your diet every day, the skin will not easily fall off.
  • Fresh pepper contains vitamin C.  Therefore; raw pepper is very useful for any cut or blow-dry.
  • Fresh pepper’s antioxidant and vitamin C protects the body from fever, colds, coughs, etc.

Benefits of dried red chili:

Dried chilies are full of solder taste. This chili is used in many delicious dishes. Even with the plain white rice, many of us love to eat hot chili. Again, some people do not catch this pepper for fear of frosting. But dry pepper is not only solder, it also offers some surprising support to our body –

  • Dried pepper contains a lot of vitamin A and C. Therefore, playing this chilly regularly eliminates vitamin C and A deficiency in the body.
  • If you are cool and cold, you can try dry pepper. Because if you have a cold nose in the cold, you will benefit greatly.
  • This pepper contains vitamin A. Which is also very useful for our eyes. If you have any eye problems, you can start cooking with dried pepper regularly.
  • You can start eating dried chilies from today if your body is immune to the disease.
  • Even for those who suffer from hypertension, dried pepper is beneficial.
  • People of all ages suffer from the pain of body light.  You can try dry pepper to relieve this type of pain.
  • Diabetes: The main chemical ingredient in chili is capsaicin, which causes an intense smoldering sensation. This ingredient called capsaicin lowers sugar levels in the blood.
  • Obesity: Capsaicin is a type of thermogenic ingredient that enhances metabolism and acts as a unique tool in the fat breakdown process.
  • Diabetic neuropathy: Phytochemicals in epilepsy serve as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the risk of diabetes-related neuropathy.
  • Cancer: It contains a large number of phytochemicals. By acting against an enzyme called phytochemicals, it helps to prevent disease; xanthine oxidase is an enzyme that produces free radicals and destroys DNA and cellular tissues.
  • Stomach ulcer: Pepper stimulates the inner walls of the stomach and helps to drain the juice of the stomach, thereby reducing the risk of being infected by the bacterial bacteria.
  • Increases sexual arousal- Capsaicin in dried pepper increases sexual arousal.  Which increases the demand for endorphins, increases sexual demand.

Dangers of eating red chili peppers:

Dangers of eating red chili peppers

Disadvantages of eating dry red pepper:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease: Excessive intake of dried pepper can lead to gastro-esophageal reflux (GER).
  • Liver cancer: Dry pepper contains harmful compounds called aflatoxin, which increases the risk of stomach, liver, and colon cancer manifold.
  • Stomach cancer: Dry pepper contains harmful compounds called aflatoxin, which increases the risk of stomach, liver, and colon cancer manifold.
  • Oral cavity, throat, and stomach problems: People who suffer from oral cavity, throat, and stomach problems can make inflammation and irritation of the body if they consume too much dry pepper.  In that case, taking cold yogurt can produce good results.
  • Colon cancer: Dry pepper contains harmful compounds called aflatoxin, which increases the risk of stomach, liver, and colon cancer manifold.

The disadvantage of eating fresh red chili:

There are no harmful ingredients in fresh chili. That is to say.  But if you have abdominal pain and gastric, it is better to eat less. Because of the extra solder, there may be a tendency for some ulcers on the stomach surface.

Fresh red chili vs. Dried red chili:

There are some differences between raw chili and dried chili.  So, let’s know which chilies are healthier?

  1. There is no doubt that fresh chili is healthier than dried chili powder. Fresh chili has more water and has less calorie intake, which makes it more robust. Green pepper is an excellent source of beta-carotene, antioxidants, and endorphins. On the other hand, dry pepper is more likely to have a peptic ulcer.  Besides, the artificial color used in dry chili is very harmful to the body.
  2. Regularly eating raw pepper helps to control the amount of sugar in the blood. Dietary fiber in fresh chili helps digestion. Being a good source of vitamins E and C, fresh pepper is very beneficial for the skin.
  3. Beta-carotene in raw pepper preserves the function of the heart. At the same time, the immune system increases.
  4. Green pepper also plays a role in reducing weight by keeping metabolism in balance.
  5. On the other hand, potassium in dried chilies helps reduce high blood pressure.
  6. The capsaicin ingredient in dried pepper plays a role in calories burning, keeping the body metabolized.
  7. Green pepper contains vitamin C as it increases immunity.
  8. Potent antioxidants in dried pepper prevent any blood vessel blockage.
  9. Experts say whole pepper is more healthy and safer than dried chili powder.
  10. Both raw and dried chilies have more health benefits than cooking them.  At the same time, you can get rid of adulteration.

Green chili vs. Red chili:

Green chili vs Red chili

Maximum raw chilies are green in color, and ripe chilies are red. However Raw chilis can be of either green or red too. It is suggested to eat ripe red chilies rather than eating any dried chilies or green chilies.

Raw pepper is good, or ripe red pepper? There are many disagreements about this. However, doctors say that raw red pepper has the same quality as green chili pepper. So, doctors say, keep at least one ripe red pepper in the diet daily.

According to doctors, ripe red pepper contains a lot of vitamin E. Which is very useful in the body? The efficiency of red chili pepper reduces the risk of heart disease is greatly reduced. Not only that, in the words of doctors, this red pepper does much to reduce cholesterol.

Studies have shown that those who suffer from cholesterol problems are relieved of cholesterol by consuming regular pepper. Besides, it also works to keep thyroid under control. It also controls blood pressure.  Even those who suffer from food starvation may have problems with eating red chili.

For those who have insomnia, ripe pepper gives a lot of work!  Not only that, but this chili also works to reduce excess fat from the body. Doctors say you can eat ripe red peppers daily with salads Because it has so many food qualities.

Why all chili peppers turned red while they are dried?

The color of raw pepper is either green or red, as it contains chlorophyll in green, which helps the plant produce food. Like other fruits, once the chili is ripe, and chlorophyll is changed, its color also gets change.

The ripe peppers contain red color when dried.  Why is the color of ripe pepper red? This is because the red color attracts the birds, while the birds eat and fly away, the seeds of chili help spread it in different places. If the color of ripe pepper was not red, then the birds might not have been interested in eating, and the line of chilies multiplication would have been lost.

Two hormones basically play a role in the complex process of fruit production.  One is ethylene involved in plant growth control. It breaks down chlorophyll once. The second is the auxin hormone, which is linked to the plant’s leaves.

Auxin is controlled by these events, no matter how big the day or the amount of sunlight available.  When chlorophyll is low, raw pepper gradually softens, and its sugars and organic chemicals are converted into acid sugar. As a result, the ripe fruit is also somewhat sweet. These changes help attract birds. Not just chili, one of the strategic goals of ripening any fruit is to play a major role in the tree’s multiplication.

Why Red chilies are solder in taste?

As you know, pepper contains a type of chemical called capsaicin. As a result, these peppers are soldered when they touch their lips. Although soldered, it does not harm the skin. By contacting the chilly with the lips, the chemical contained within it creates a warm feeling inside the mouth. And the feeling directly hit the brain, and the result is that the lips feel a lot hotter. The ‘Capsaicin’ is a type of chemical that betrays emotions. So, red chilies are solder in taste.

An impressive way to remove the red chili’s solder.

Red chili pepper is very nice to see. Though red chili peppers are very attractive to see, many people are not able to eat this chili due to its solder taste. Especially when cooking for sick people or children, it is essential to think of the solder test.

Occasionally, peppers are bought in which the huge solder is present to make the chili fear able! So, what to do in such a situation? Be aware that from both dry or raw peppers, there is a great way to remove the solder.  Extremely chili peppers will be reduced by half in this way too!

Whatever it takes:

Chili, chicken head knife, raw milk.


Raw chili contains an inner portion with some seeds and flesh inside the shell.  So, if you want to reduce the solder, you have to discard this part first.

  • Chop the chili with a knife. Then remove everything from the inside by scraping it with the top of the knife.
  • Soak this chili in raw milk for a few hours.
  • After the specified time has elapsed, wash the chili with milk. That way the chili solder will be gone!
  • If the pepper is washed, make it a paste after washing. And cook the curry with that paste. You will see than an extraordinary color, but you will not feel the solder taste anymore. You can use this raw chili by doing its paste. Or you can use this chili’s slice into any meal.

3 incredible magic of red chili pepper:

There is some magical performance of red chili papers, some of them are described below-

  1. Eat red chili every day, and you’ll not have to eat apples:

Fresh pepper is very beneficial for health. The special ingredient of chilli is to make capsaicin. Because of the raw pepper mixture, many do not dare eat it raw. So, everyone’s question arises, is it good to eat raw, chilly raw, or eat it with cooking.

The answer is that eating raw peppers is good. Baking raw peppers at a temperature higher than 40 degrees Centigrade degrade the vitamin C contained in them, so vitamin C is wasted.  So, to get the real benefits of it, practice eating raw chili with food daily.

If you eat one red chili every day, you should not eat apples. And for those who have never eaten raw chili with rice every day, the good news is that raw chilly is a very effective ingredient for health. Red chilies are usually eaten raw, cooked, or cooked in different cookers. It contains vitamin A, C, B-3, iron, potassium, and very little protein and carbohydrates.

It contains ingredients such as beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin and lutein-zeaxanthin.  These ingredients bring saliva to the mouth, thus making it yummy to eat. They are also very beneficial to the skin and health.

  1. Depression will be reduced:

Suddenly you become upset? Do you suffer from depression? One of the best ways to keep your mind up is to eat solder. According to researchers, serotonin is produced in our brain when we eat pepper. This hormone called serotonin is excreted in our brain while we feel depressed. Not only to reduce depression but also to reduce anger, chili is a fantastic herbal medicine.

  1. Helps to reduce weight:

In the 5G life, less or more of all suffer from weight problems. If you want to lose weight, then chili is very helpful for you. Chili peppers help to reduce weight. Studies show that capsaicin affects the body, called the thermogenic effect, after eating the solder. This thermogenic effect causes the body to lose fat as long as it remains in the body. Therefore, you can lose weight without losing the calories without worrying about the quality of the chilly.

7 super advantage of red chili pepper:

Many of the favorite dishes refer to fried dried chili or red chili.  Make a filling with roasted chili and fill it with rice, oh just look at your tongue water! Some will boil some eggs, some fish, some will take ghee/butter and chili pepper again. However, if you suffer from acidity, raw pepper, dried pepper, oil, or solder, everything is forbidden for you. But know the 7 great qualities of red chili pepper if you’re free from acidity-

  1. The capsaicin content of red pepper will keep you from getting fat, the drier the pepper is.
  2. Sometimes it reduces appetite. This capsaicin ingredient will reduce your appetite. Always feeling a stomach filled will work.
  3. This red chili will also play a proper role in reducing high blood pressure. One of its ingredients is fiber which helps blood circulation.
  4.  Red chili Increase digestive power. Being a digestible food increases digestion.
  5.  Reduces pain in the gut, while vitamin E in chili works to reduce pain.
  6. Phytonutrients in red pepper work to prevent colon cancer and breast cancer.
  7. Red chili has enough vitamin A; it also works to increase eyesight.

However, please do not sit in the pile of red chili, listening to such qualities.  2/3 pcs of red chili is enough in the daily diet.

3 best fast-food item made with red chili pepper:

There are many fast food item or regular home made food item in which using of red chili pepper is a very common matter. Anyway, we are sharing here 3 most favorite fast food items in which red chilies are used as key spices.

  1. burgers with potatoes:

Burgers are a favorite fast food item of everyone. Many people eat burgers for their lunch. And the kids also have no saying about any burger’s, they don’t need anything else when they have a burger.

But eating outdoor burgers every day is detrimental to health. So, you can make homemade restaurant burgers. However, this burger is a bit different from any regular burger. Almost all children are fed up with eating vegetables. But potatoes are the favorite vegetables of all children. So, let’s make a delicious potato keema burger with red chili today. You can serve this meal into your baby’s School tiffin too.


  • Two boiled potatoes.(make mashed potatoes).
  • Two cups of cooked vegetables (whichever if you want to add).
  • One teaspoon of fresh ginger paste.
  • Coriander leaves chop two table spoon.
  • Salt -a little bit or as you wish. 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of fresh red chili peppers chop.
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Two spoons of Corn Flower Paste.
  • Three tablespoons of Corn Flower.
  • Water -As you need.
  • Fried bread crumbs-As you need.

 To make a coleslaw:

  • One cup of mayonnaise (salt or sweet, It depends on your choice)
  • Half cup-carrot cookie
  • Half cup-Chopped onion
  • Red Chile paste-One spoon.
  • Peppermint-A little bit.
  • Salt-As you need.
  • Burger forest-As you need.
  • Butter-One teaspoon.
  • Tomato ketchup-As your taste.
  • Lettuce leaf-two or three bunch.
  • Some Pieces of cucumber.
  • Some pieces of tomato. 


  1. First, add the potatoes, ginger, chili paste, seasoned vegetables (beans, beans, carrots, cauliflower), coriander leaves, salt, hot spices, lemon juice, cornflower and mix well.
  2. Apply a little oil on the palm of your hand.  Then make a large chop with vegetables.
  3. In another container, make a paste with cornflower, salt and water.
  4. Dip the vegetable chop into the cornflower and then add bread crumbs to the oil.  Remove from the oil when it becomes a brown color.
  5. Now mix mayonnaise, carrot, onion, red chili chopped, round pepper, salt together and make klosol.
  6. Put butter in the burger forest and bake in a non-stick pan.  Serve with vegetable oil.
  7. Cover the chop with the cheese in a small bowl with the cheese over the vegetable chop.
  8. In the burger forest, serve tomato ketchup, lettuce, cucumber, tomato slices, a little salt and red chili powder, potato chop, coleslaw salad over it.
  9. Enjoy yummy potato Keema burgers.
  1. Yogurt Fuchka:

It is a very popular south Asian fast food. But now a days it is also getting severe popularity into our country.


For Fuchka: One cup of semolina, half cup of flour, half teaspoon of baking soda, one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of salt water, half a cup of hot water, to fry in oil submerged oil.

For Pure: Potato three medium sized, raw peppermint five pieces, onion one piece, coriander leaves 2 tablespoons, half a teaspoon of salt.

For the sesame sauce: 3 grams of sesame seeds, one teaspoon of roasted cumin powder, half teaspoon of roasted red chili powder, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of salt, one fourth spoon of teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of sugar.

Yogurt mixture: One cup of sour yogurt, half a teaspoon of dried red chili powder, half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed cumin powder and salt as your taste. 


Mix well all semolina, flour, salt, baking soda and cinnamon in the bowl. Then mix the mixer with hot water and make a strong doe. Cover it and keep as it is for half an hour.  

Start to cook the potatoes with hot water. When the potatoes are boiled well, break them in half. Mix raw pepper, salt, onion and coriander leaves into it. Soak the mix with a cup of water for half an hour.  Then beat it well with all the ingredients in the sauce. 

This time you have to make six balls from the doe. Cut the bread dough into small balls using a single knife. In this way, make small loaves from each ball. Heat the loaf in hot oil one by one to make Fuchka.

When all is fried, cool and sprinkle it in the middle of the Fuchka and serve it with a sprinkling of potatoes, sprinkle with sesame seeds and ginger powder.

  1. Potato Mashed:  

It is a southwestern food. Mainly Asian people love to eat this recipe along with plain rice.


Three large sized potatoes, two dried and roasted red chilies, two medium onions crushed, half teaspoon of mustard oil and a little bit of salt.


Wash potatoes thoroughly and divide them into two portions, deep all the potatoes into water and place them in a saucepan. Boiled the potatoes well for half an hour.

When boiling over, let it cool down. Fry chopped onion and dried red chili pepper in a little oil.  Make the onion to a brown color. Now, grind the potatoes with a pinch of salt and mustard oil, onion, pepper and mix them well. When the mixing is done, make six small balls in your hand and serve in a bowl. You can eat this spicy mashed potato with plain rice. But, I like it most with bread.

Storing of red chili pepper

Storing of both the fresh and dried red chili pepper:

Knowing the benefits of chili pepper, maybe you’re thinking of eating it daily. But, researchers say that raw pepper’s vitamin C loses a bit due to heat, excess light, and air.

So, if you do not eat fresh raw chili, then you’ll need to store it in a cool and dark place. For this, stick it in the refrigerated fresh chili zipper bag from the market and keep it in the refrigerator and try to finish it in three to four days.

As raw pepper prices rise often, many people think about how to save it for longer. Because, if raw chili is brought home and not kept properly, it smells rotten. So, now I’m gonna show you a few ways to preserve raw chilies-

Zipper lock:

Many people buy raw chilies for fear of being spoiled. Those who want to store it in the refrigerator for up to a week should use a zip lock bag. A zipper lock bag is great if raw chili doesn’t want to keep the air flowing for long.

However, before putting pepper in it, you must remove the chili stems. Then it should be packed in a zipper-lock bag. Then put the bag in the refrigerator. From there you can use it when needed. If stored in this way, raw pepper is refreshed for more than a week.

Airtight container:

Going on a tour somewhere? You can use an airtight container to prevent the peppers from being stored in the refrigerator. Place the kitchen towel (the kitchen towel is somewhat like a paper napkin, available to buy while rolling) in an airtight container.

Peel off the pepper and put it inside. Place a second level kitchen towel on top of it. Then hang the mouth of the pot well. The towel will absorb the moisture from the chili. The chili will be refreshing for a long time. Thus, chilies can be stored for 20 to 25 days.

Aluminum foil:

Raw peppers can be wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in the refrigerator to prevent corrosion. Place raw pepper on a plate and wrap the whole plate in foil paper and refrigerate. After placing it for six to seven hours, bring it out and place the frozen peppers in an airtight container. Put that pot in the refrigerator. This way, the peppers can be refreshed for up to two months.

If the dried chilies are kept in a relatively cold, shady, and dry place at eight degrees Centigrade temperature and 60% relative humidity for one to two weeks, then the chili will not be harmed. Only the good ones need to be stored after collection. And drying fruit with the help of sunlight is a common practice.

While drying the chili, it is essential to take special care that the chili should not be opened. Keeping the dried chili in hot water at a temperature of 65 degrees Centigrade reduces the drying time of the chili, thus increasing the pigmentation capacity and reducing the subsequent loss of chili.

After drying the chili, it should be placed in a tin bucket, shell, wedge, polythene, or drum on top of the lid. The chili round should be such that the air cannot get in from the outside. Pepper cannot be stored in homes where shade falls and in damp places.

3 ways to dry red chili pepper:

If you have any abundant harvest or leftover supply of ripe chili, you can dry them for your further use. Dried chilis are just amazing, and you can use them as it is or by rehydrating with water. Whatever the way you use the dried chilies, you will able to taste a versatile flavor of chilies.

How to dry chilies depends on several issues, such as airflow, weather, humidity levels, etc. So if you want to obtain an additional way to taste these incredible vegetables select one method which will work best in your surrounding environment to get an efficient result.

There are three ways of drying chilies, and these are-

  1. Drying by sun’s heat that is drying outside.
  2. Drying into an oven.
  3. Hanging the chili peppers.

1] Drying by sun heat that is drying outside:

Select the best ripe chilies for drying purpose. Observe so that any rotten or corrupt quality chilly is not present with the selected chili peppers. Use a sharp utility knife to halve the chili in lengthwise. If you wish you can dry the intake chilly, in that case, you don’t have to cut them. 

Discard all the vein, seeds from the inner part of the chili.

See the weather report from anywhere, if you find three consecutive sunny days in your hand make a plan to dry the chilies.

Place the chilies into an open tray or cut-side down of a cookie sheet. And place the chili tray or holder at the direct sunlight.

Minimum of eight hours you have to keep the chilies in the sun contact. In the mid-time turn, the chili peppers over so that the chilly holder or tray can get some solar heat and prepare own self for a continuous drying process.

When the daylight is over, cover the chilly tray with a kitchen towel and place the whole covered tray at a secured place so that ant or night bugs cannot attacks to eat the peppers.

At morning, again let them dry by the sun’s heat.

So finally remove the dried chilies from the tray or holder once you can break the chilies apart easily into two pieces with the help of your two fingers.

Store them in a glass or SS container and sealed the bottle tightly.

2] Drying into Oven:

  1. Select your chilies for the drying process. Preheat the oven to 175/180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Place the chili peppers (with the cut side down) onto an oven proof tray. A single layer of chilies should place in the baking sheet or plate.
  3. Keep the chilies sheet into your oven.
  4. Cook the chilies for around five to six hours. Once the chilies appear brown, be sure that your drying process has accomplished. So, let the chilies be cold at room temperature and finally store them at a well-sealed glass container. 

3] Hanging Peppers:

Many people have a tradition of drying chili pepper by hanging them into their kitchen or in their outhouse. This method also requires a dry air environment with the presence of sun heat. So, if the weather is an attempt to moist or any overly humid climate, the chilies may face to fungal attack.

Take a long thread (Cooking thread, nylon thread, or polyester thread you can use whatever). So cut the thread according to your chili’s quantity.

Tie the thread stalks so close and tightly so that each chilly can have enough space to hang on this thread.

Let them dry for a minimum of three or four days.

Red Chili dryer machine:

The manual drying process seems to be very critical? No worry….! There are various drying machines by which ripe chilies can be dried. Such as- small hot-air food drying oven, double door food drying oven, Large food drying oven, Multi-layer Belt Food dryer, Microwave Vegetable Dryer, etc.

Though chili peppers can be dried locally in the presence of sunlight, it takes such a long time that you cannot utilize this local procedure in case of any significant volume of chili production. Besides this, if you are living at a place of more humid weather, you cannot dry your chilies in the sunlight.

So, to avoid this over long drying timing, food drying machine will be your best choice. Before starting the drying process, you should inspect all peppers and select chilies in the following way-

  1. Discard all chilies which are soft and mushy.
  2. Discard all chilies which are white, grayish and looking stain spots.
  3. Diseased if any chilies look discard too.
  4. Discard all the chilies with any rotten odor or questionable odor.

After the selection of good chilies, place them into the dryer machine for further drying procedure.

Rehydration of dried Red chili: 

I was talking about the drying process of red chili. But, as a crazy chef, sometimes you may need to rehydrate the dried chilies. So, don’t worry! You can quickly rehydrate your dried chili before making any fantasy chili recipe. Just have a look at these simple steps to rehydrate them-

Firstly, scoop out:  It is the first stage. You have to scoop out the chilis dried pod with a sharp knife very thoroughly. Some people may interest to scoop out the dried pod after roasting them. But it can do prior to roasting the chilies also.

Roast the dried pods: Take a suitable frying pan and heat it up to medium level. Keep all the dried chilies into the pan and then roast them each side. Approximate 30-50 seconds you will need to roast each side of all chilis.

Set into the water: Keep the roasted peppers into an ovenproof bowl and pour boiling water over them.

Remove from water: After half an hour, remove all the chilies from the water and start to use them. Here one more thing, never lose the dripping water on which the chilies were set. This water is full of some nutrients which come from chilies while they were placed into the water. So, you can use this chili water according to your needs.

Choosing dried red chilies requires the following consideration:

Dried chilies are principal spice use in very southwestern and Mexican food. Since each category’s chili has a very distinct color and fragrances so around the whole world, various chilies are used as signature dishes in various international cuisines. So, you might want to buy it and before buying, you shoild think about the followings-

Where to buy chilies:

You can buy various dried or fresh chilies from any supermarket. But if you want to buy dried chilies from Mexican or Latin American market, you are going to get here a high turnover.

How to buy chilies?

Put your concentration on three facts-

  1. The chilies should feel flexible, but not brittle.
  2. They should look naturally shiny.
  3. Finally, after opening the packets, the chilies should feel you like some dried fruit.

Also don’t forget to look for the expiry and manufacturing date, though it may have an expiry date of one year it is suggested to use any dried chilies within three or six months after production.

Which type of chilly you want to buy?

So dried chilli always are not used to add some fragrances or solder taste with any dishes, sometimes they are reconstituted and pureed to make any Sauce. Very often some dried chilies or fresh chilies are used in a salad to increase some sweetening taste too. So, fixed at first, which type chilly you want to buy. You can purchase the following chilies from the supermarket-

Ancho (Dried poblano)- has a sweetness taste along with mild and a medium heat. Containing a triangle-shaped.

Cascabel– It is not significant as Ancho, rather then it is small and round. It has a hottest and deep pea-nut flavor.

Chipotle (Dried jalapeno)- they are smoky and spicy. They have a little sweetness. You can use two types chipotle, chipotle Meco and the other is chipotle Morita. Among the two of them, the first one is large in size tan colored with a strong flavor. Second type chipotle is small-sized dark red colored and a little bit sweeter than chipotle Meco.

Chile de Arbol– they are hottest chilies having a bright-red skin.

Guajillo– almost test like ancho but shape is different from ancho. In contains a mild and smooth dark-red skin.

Pasilla (dried chilaca chili)- it has a very distinctive characteristic from any other chilies in the world. It never loses its chlorophyll when it mature and dried. It has wrinkly skin with hay and bitter chocolate flavors.

Can you use the mixing of various chilies by one another?

Yes, you can but mixing of various chilies by one another will not provide you any exact match or any specific flavor. Anyway, you can mix Ancho with Guajillo instead of cascabel. Again, you can use Ancho instead of pasilla. You can use Thai bird chili to get a chili de Arbol flavor and heat level.

Using dried chili powder:

It is the standard procedure to roast your chili, then soaked into water, finally make a puree or paste to use in various dishes. But if it seems complicated to do this process, you have an option for using any dried chilies powder.

Chili’s powder of different brand is very available in any supermarket. Not only dried chilies powder but you can apply some green chilies powder too. However, you only need to adjust the quantity of the dried powder in such an efficient way so that neither the meal contains a bitter in test, nor it becomes so solder.

Whatever, to keep dried chilies like fresh as earlier keep them into a tight container so that any insects or bugs never can reach them. I suggest to keep your dried chilies into your freezer, and it will help you to keep your chilies good for up to one year. But for the full flavor and potency use your chili within three to six months.

How to make homemade Red chili oil & Red chili Sauce:

Red Chili Sauce:

The sauce is needed before eating any delicious food. Guests will arrive at the house or serve breakfast in the afternoon, using any sauce with it is mandatory sometimes. If the sauce is served with the food, the taste of food increases automatically. And green or red chili sauce is also very easy to make. Check out the Chili Sauce recipe now.


  • Sugar – 1/3 cup
  • Salt – ¼ teaspoon
  • Green or red peppermint chop – one tablespoon
  • Garlic chop – One teaspoon
  • Ginger chop – One teaspoon
  • Water – 1/3 cup
  • White vinegar – 1/3 cup


Chop green or red pepper and then stir in hot water and give them garlic and ginger. When the chili peppers drop down, pick them up and dip them in a mixture of white vinegar, sugar and a little salt.  Then you can use raw chili sauce (as needed). But if you want to save this sauce, you must keep it in the refrigerator.

You can make Red dried chili sauce in the following ways:


  • Twelve ripe red peppers
  • Half cup vinegar
  • Four garlic wells
  • Two tablespoons sugar
  • One pinch of salt


Soak the dried chilies in warm water for half an hour first.  Then take the peppers out of the water and blend all the ingredients.  This sauce is quite delicious to eat with Samucha, chops, Tikia, French fries.  If you want to save this sauce for a long time, then keep it in the fridge. Now let’s see the process of making red chili oil-

Red Chili Oil:

Red Chili oil is used in Chinese, Thai, or any oriental food. Like- Garlic mushrooms. Without Red Chili Oil, this recipe will not have the real taste. Many other recipes use this oil. Below is the recipe for making this oil –

Whatever you need:

  • Olive Oil / Canola Oil / Sunflower Oil – Two cups
  • Chile flax or chop – 1/2 cup
  • White sesame seeds – two tablespoons.


Mix well in a container of dried sesame seeds and pepper. Heat the oil in another container.

Leave a sesame oil in the oil to see if the oil is hot and if the sesame slowly bubbles up and down, and then you will take the oil down from the oven. Do not overheat it, then the sesame seeds and peppers will be gone.

Heat oil, sesame pepper and pour it slowly into the container and keep stirring well (Understand the pot a bit. After pouring hot oil, it should not hurt the pan). When the oil cools, place it in a jar or bottle. The older the oil is, the stronger the taste and color. The use of this oil is a flavoring to the excess of the food.

10 hottest Red chilies in the world:

We all know about Bombay chili or Naga chili. After one bite is enough to finish someone!  Capsicum is also a chilly, but even if you chew the whole capsicum, it will not taste as solder. So, despite all the peppers, which one has more solder, and the other one, why is it less? Is it possible to measure how much pepper is solder? 

Let us first explain why chili is soldered. Capsaicin (peppermint) is a type of substance that causes chilly to become chilled. Capsaicin is mainly made in a mixture of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.  But the amount of carbon and hydrogen is higher than that of nitrogen and oxygen.

If you notice that you can eat pepper, then you do not get much profit by drinking water.  This is because the ratio of electronegative atoms like nitrogen, oxygen to capsaicin is much lower than that of carbon and hydrogen. The oil that is cooked at home is mainly made of carbon and hydrogen. So, the oil used in the diet can easily reduce capsaicin.

We have learned that due to capsaicin in chilli, it is a chill to eat chilies. Therefore, the amount of capsaicin that can be measured will be measured by the amount of pepper it has.  A US scientist, Wilbur Scoville, discovered a scale that could measure the amount of capsaicin in a chili. This scale is named after him, the Scoville scale.

Scoville scales are rated for solder sizes. The higher the pepper rating, the higher its solder.  Ratings are made based on the amount of capsaicin in the pepper. So, based on this scale, here I’m representing the list of 10 hottest chilies in the world-

  • Carolina Reaper (2,200,000 SHU):

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. The scientific unit for testing soldering is the SHU or Scoville Heat Unit. The typical Jalapeno pepper solder is 2500 to 8000 SHUs, and Carolina Ripper has whopping soldering of about 15,69,300 SHU.

After ten years of research, a man named Ed Curry invented it. In the Guinness World Record Book, it is referred to as the hottest pepper in the world in 2013.

  • Trinidad Moruga scorpion (2,009,231 SHU):

The original home of the Maruga District of Trinidad and Tobago province in the Caribbean Islands.  Their average solder is 1.5 million SHUs, although more than 2 million SHUs have been found in one Lanka.  

  • 7 Pot Douglah/Chocolate 7 pod (1,853,936 SHU):

It is also known as seven pot and it is native to Trinidad. It is very hottest chilly and also very rare too. 7 Pot Douglah is very similar to Naga chilies and Bhut jolokia. This chilly is currently third hottest chilli in the world.

  • 7 Pot Primo (1,469,000 SHU):

It is the hybridized form of Naga chilies and Trinidad 7 pot chilies. These chilies discovered by a horticulturist Troy Primeaux (Primo) from Louisiana. Scoville heat units for this chili is 1,469,000 SHU. Seven pot primo is very different from other hottest chilies in the world because these chilies have a distinctive tail which is long skinny. So many chilly cultivators tend to cultivate a replicate of 7 pot primo only for this long skinny tail shapes.

  • Trinidad Scorpion ‘Butch T’ (1,463,700 SHU):

Butch Taylor invents these chilies (actually he was propagating this seeds). But the owner of Hippy Seed Company, Neil Smith further collected these chilies seeds from that person. These chilies are indigenous to Trinidad. It has a solder of 1,463,700 SHU.

  • Naga Viper (1,349,000 SHU):

On the 21st, a British farmer hybridized several types of solder chilies, producing a terrifying solder chilly called “Naga Viper.”  It has a rating of 1,349,000 SHU on the scale. These chilies are so soldered that once they have eaten, their solder will not be able to reduce by testing anything like water, milk, and sugar.

You must be mad at the burning sensation of the solder for at least a few hours. These chili peppers do not stick to the mouth only. Once these peppers are eaten, they will burn from mouth to stomach. It seems to have caught fire inside the body. Even after eating these peppers, many people may become unconscious if they cannot tolerate high solder taste.

  • Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) (1,041,427 SHU):

The most popular chili pepper in the world is called Dragon’s Breath / Ghost Pepper/ Bhut Jolokia.  Anaphylactic shock by eating this chilly can lead to human death. Horticulturist Mike Smith from Welsh, UK, invented the chili. The ghost pepper is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. This chilly is cultivated in some parts of northeast India and Bangladesh. The average solder is 1,041,427 SHU for this category’s chilies.

  • 7 Pot Barrackpore (1,000,000 SHU):

Another important hottest chili in the world. This, 7-pot name is just indicating the ability to heat seven pots stew at a time. And the word Barrackpore means, no exception. This chili is much better for preparation of hot sauce and powder as it has a high flesh volume, good flavor, and unrelenting sensation. Some unknown person discovers this chili from Barrackpore (in Trinidad and Tobago).

  • 7 Pot Red (Giant) (1,000,000 SHU):

It is also sporadic type hottest chili in the world. This chili is generally used for hybridization purpose with some other chilly to make the next hottest chilies in the world. It has a 1,000,000 SHU scale measurement on the Scoville scale. This chilly has a beautiful red bumpy skin with a two-inch-long and one and a half inch-wide pod.

  • Red Savina Habanero (500,000 SHU):

The Red Savina Habanero Pepper is a pepper called Habanero Chile.  From 1995 to 2006, this pepper held the title of most solder chili in the world.  Frank Garcia, one of the founders of GNS Spices, developed the chili. The chili score is 500,000 SHU units on a square scale.

How to cut Red chilies?

Right now, I fear even to touch any red chili, but you want to cut them? Well, cutting of chili peppers are an effortless and little task, though its action always goes a long way. That’s why you should follow some procedure prior to cut chili peppers.

  • Cover your both hands by any rubber or resin gloves, because cutting of chili pepper can burn or irritate your skin. Do not touch your eyes or other portion of the body after handling of chili peppers.
  • Wash the chili peppers with tap water, let them dry onto a kitchen towel. Then cut each chili into halves with a kitchen knife. Discard all the seeds, stems and veins of the chili with the top of the knife.
  • If you need a small dice of all chilis, group strips together and cut onto the chopping board.
  • If you need a thin lengthwise cut, cut seeded pepper into halves themselves.
  • In case of any whole round shape, do not slice the chili into half, place the chili on the chopper board and start to cut them.

When you finished cutting all chilies, remove your hand gloves and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Though you have to wear hand gloves while handling the chili peppers, it is mandatory to wash your both hands once you’re dealing with chili peppers just finished.

Prevention of hands burning after cutting the Red chili:

Many people have a lot of irritation when cutting or holding chili. As you know, chili is solder because the presence of organic matter called capsaicin inside the chili. Because of this organic matter, the chili cannot be washed with water.

In this case, you can apply cold milk or sour yogurt in your hand. Instant irritation will subside. Or wash your hands by mixing cold milk with cold water. Mix Vinegar, lemon juice and water together, you can put ice on it.

Petroleum jelly and olive oil also will reduce the hand glow if applied to the hands. You can mix the baking powder with water and apply it to your hands. You’ll get almost all of these things stored in your house.  So, you can use any of these methods to get rid of the ghost pepper. 

2 B Concluded:

Pepper is probably the only fruit in the world that bites on the counter. The response to this counter bite can be varied in the varieties of pepper. Some begin to irritate the mouth, and some are not detected until they are swallowed, some are irritated by the tongue, some are burned all over the mouth.

There are about 20 thousand varieties of chili in the world. The color, shape, size, and dimensions of the mold are entirely different. Chilly is used as a spice in many varieties. It’s used to enhance the taste of vegetables. It’s also used in various salads to make it super delicious. Besides, there is a great demand for chili sauce to enhance the taste of any spicy food.

After such a long discussion on chili, there’s even more to describe what is red chili pepper. But, right now, I feel like finishing the crispy burger presented before me which is flavored with red chili pepper. So, let’s chill with chili…..!

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