Best Cold Smoke Generator Review In 2021 With Buyer Guide

The secret behind the exclusive smoking hacks of the home chefs to keep the family members surprised with the homemade grilled foods is to keep adding different flavors. 

You can take these grilling hacks even to the next level if you own the best cold smoke generator.

A traditional smoker can help you impart your desired flavors to any meat. But, you’ll need a cold smoker to smoke sausage, cheese, jerky, salmon, or any other foods which are prone to spoil if heated too much.

So, if you want to surprise your little kids and other family members or any of your friends today with a completely new smoky flavor, hopefully, this excellent cold smoker by Smoke Daddy won’t spoil your day.

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Key Features of This 8-Inch Cold Smoke Generator @ A Glance

  • Made in the USA
  • Built to last
  • Performs great in hot or cold temperatures
  • Can hold 1-2 cups of fuel
  • Smokes for 45 minutes to an hour on a single fill
  • Designed for use with any smoker, gas, charcoal, electric or pellet grill
  • Can smoke anything from cheese to brisket
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with high output adjustable air pump

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Why Is It The Best Cold Smoke Generator

I can’t guarantee that it’s the best one. I just can tell you that the smoking time, flexible fuel types, dimensions, specific design, super easy installation process, adjustable air pump, and above all, the unparalleled quality of this smoker makes it the No. 1 cold smoke generator of my sweetheart who’s a crazy smoking enthusiast.

Moreover, Smoke Daddy is a family-owned business in the United States committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality grilling and cooking accessories. 

Their product quality and top-notch customer service will make you happy to become a part of the Smoke Daddy family.

You can easily attach this 8-inch cold smoking device to your existing smoker or grilling machine to cold smoke cheese, fish, meat, nuts, salt, brisket, ribs, or anything you want. 

The most surprising fact about this amazing generator is that it works great both at low temperatures and hot temperatures.

This smoke generator is suitable for any standard gas, charcoal, electric, or pellet grilling machine or medium size smokers, and you won’t need to buy any expensive cartridges to run this generator. Any of your favorite wood chips or chunks will work great with it.

To ensure a proper seal with long lasting workability, this matchless cold smoke generator is made of super-strong heavy-gauge SCH 40 6061 precision-machined aluminum. 

It’s also designed with a removable end cap for easy lighting and equipped with a smoke outlet tube to ensure clogging-free smooth smoking.

Don’t you think that these Topcellent features are enough to make this smart cold smoke generator the best one which you can easily install with your existing grill or smoker?

Flaws But Not Dealbreaker

My sweetheart loves this smoke generator. But, she has noticed that the wood chips burn up so fast when the pump is turned up. As a result, she has to keep going out every hour and filling it with chips when she smokes my favorite brisket

If you want to smoke for a long period of time and it seems to be a pain to you refilling the generator every hour, then you can soak the chips in water for 30 minutes (it’ll slow the burn) or use large wood chunks to refill it, or you can consider buying the Magnum PIG Cold Smoke Generator. Smoke Daddy has designed this premium smoke generator with a longer smoke time.

Things to Consider While Choosing Perfect Cold Smoke Generator 

Supplying ample amounts of high-quality smoke without producing much heat – is what we expect from a cold smoke generator. 

But, finding the most suitable one among the hundreds of cold-smoking attachments isn’t as pleasing as playing hide and seek with our puppies.

So, after smoking dozens of different foods with an 8 inch Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator and testing a couple of other smoke generators from our neighbors and friends, my sweetheart has pointed out some key features which will help you choose your best cold smoke attachment.

  • Flexibility to Use Fuel

After surfing from Cape Sable, Florida, to Point Barrow, Alaska, you’ll find four types of fuel for the cold smoke generator. 

These are – Wood chips, Wood chunks, Wood pellets, and Sawdust. Wood pellets can be the best choice for the pellet grill owners, and the next best choice is, of course, flexibility.

Some cold smokers have been designed to produce smoke using any fuel type, and few models are restrictive. 

For instance, Sawdust is the best fuel for tube or mesh grid smoking kits, and surprisingly fine Sawdust may sometimes be a rare bird.

On the other hand, wood chips and wood chunks usually produce thicker and stronger smoke which is best to flavor any foods. 

So, it’ll be the best generator for you if you can use any type of fuel in your generator. Here, I’m sorry to say that no cold smoker is designed to effectively burn all types of fuel.

But, you’ll be happy to know that you can use wood chips as well as wood chunks in almost all the Smoke Daddy cold smoke attachments. These fuels are easily available all over the United States. 

So this will likely not be any big issue in determining the best cold smoke generator for your garage or backyard grilling equipment.

  • Portability

As my sweet wife is a big fan of organic foods, there are some smoking enthusiasts who’re crazy about portability. They want everything portable. It’s not any bad thing. So, you can, of course, look for a portable cold smoker. 

In that case, a dedicated carrying case will help take proper care of your smoke generator and will save you from creating a hole on your existing grill, barbecue, or offset smoker.

  • Fuel Capacity And Smoking Time

It’s a very important thing to consider while buying a cold smoker. Smoking time mainly depends on the fuel capacity. So, it’s good to go for a big chamber if you need to smoke for a long period of time.

Pellets generally burn longer than any other fuel. But, pellet smoke is not as strong as wood chips or wood chunks can give off. 

Anyway, it’s also not an issue if you need to smoke for a long time. High-quality cold smoke generators are designed to let you refill the generator without opening your food chamber. So, no matter how big the fuel tank is, you can consider buying it if it’s easy to refill.

  • The Dimension of The Cold Smoker

You don’t need to think about it unless you’re going to place your cold smoker inside the food chamber. The smoke generator I’ve represented here is not of that type. 

I’ve already told you that you’ll need to mount it outside of your food chamber. And most of the electric smoke generators are portable.

Determining the dimension, maintaining the proper distance between the generator and foods, removing ash produced by the smoldering wood – these facts sound to be a bit confusing to me.

So, I never looked at the type of cold smoke generator which wants me to place the smoking container with the foods. But honestly speaking, I’m not discouraging you. Feel free to share with me if you know of any extra advantages of this type of cold smoker box.

  • Type of Cold Smoke Generator

Almost all cold smokers are categorized into two – electric and manual or non-electric. It’s very easy to operate electric cold smoke generators. 

They are portable and suitable to fit with any type of grill, Barbecuer, and smoker. They use power to heat the fuel and produce smoke.

Manufacturers claim that electric cold smokers require very little fuss. Maybe they’re right. You won’t need to use any propane burner or lighter to fire up the fuel (wood chips/ chunks/ sawdust). 

But, I couldn’t find any extra advantage. You’ve to refill manually when the fuel is finished, which is no different than non-electric generators. Moreover, you’ll need a bit of extra space beside your grill machine to place this smoke generator.

Anyway, I don’t know much about the other non-electric cold smokers. In fact, you’ll get almost all the features of an electric version into the Smoke Daddy smoke generators. 

These generators are also suitable to work with any type of container, and they require no extra place as they can be mounted on the container wall.

So, no extra attention is needed when these non-electric smoke generating devices are not in use. Moreover, you can control the smoke flow with the air pump. 

You can go for the electric version, but as a big fan of the organic method of cooking, my sweetheart prefers the above-mentioned generator by Smoke Daddy as it produces organic smoke from burning organic fuel with organic fire.

There are also tube or mesh grid cold smoke generators available in the market. As they need to be placed in the same chamber where foods are stored for smoking, so I find them a bit confusing while maintaining temperature. 

It’s also not possible to refill those generators without opening the food chamber when fuel is finished. Also, from this perspective, my selected type of cold smoker is better than the rest.

Final Thoughts On The Best Cold Smoke Generator

Cold smoking can bring a whole new world of culinary adventure to your backyard grilling, and high-quality smoke can take you to that dream world where foods taste deliciously different. 

Whether you want cold smoke-cured sausage or your own handmade cheese, to ensure supplying enough flow of flavorful smoke, all that you need to add to your grilling machine or existing smoker is a reliable cold smoking kit.

Of course, there are more expensive choices; some cheaper devices are also available out there in the market. Whichever you go for, please don’t forget to share with us about the first food you cold smoked with your cold smoke generator. It’s our pleasure to connect with other crazy smoking enthusiasts.

What Are the Best Woods for Cold Smoking

Best Woods for Cold Smoking

Here my sweetheart is completely different from other smoking experts. They suggest digging out the right type of woods, but she tells of trying all and then deciding which flavor can please your lust for taste better. 

She firmly believes that using different woods always imparts new flavors and aroma to your cold-smoked foods, and there’s no specific wood for cold smoking.

The proper balance of moisture, dryness, and heat is necessary to ensure perfect smoking, and no matter if it’s cold smoking or hot smoking, clean smoke should be your aim to make sure that your smoked food is healthy. And you’ll be happy to know that almost all the commercially processed woods are safe to use.

However, some of the most popular woods for smoking are Alder Wood, Apple Wood, Cherry Wood, Maple Wood, Pecan Wood, Hickory Wood, and to name a few. 

Some of these woods give off a very strong flavor while Cherry produces a romantic light flavor, and mixing Maple with Hickory or Pecan with Cherry will hopefully surprise you.

Another most popular option is Oakwood which is the No. 1 choice of my wife to smoke chicken wings

So, it’s completely up to you. You’re free to choose and also you can mix woods on your choice and in case of combining multiple kinds of wood for cold smoking, this article will tell you the prospected taste of your experiment-

One more thing to consider while choosing woods for your cold smoking is the model of your cold smoking kit. I’ve already talked about it in the “Flexibility to use fuel” section. 

If your smoking device is designed to use Sawdust, then other types of woods won’t work for you. You can follow my wood preference only if your smoke generator is the same as ours.

How Does Cold Smoking Work

How does cold smoking work

The usual temperature for cold smoking is around 75°F and more than that temperature may spoil your foods or can cause the foods to melt down. 

So, you can’t simply put the smoker box beside the food while cold smoking. Separate chambers are required for food and smoke to ensure a low temperature.

In cold smoking, instead of a simple smoker box, you’ll need a cold smoke generator which is completely a separate chamber, and very often, it’s placed or mounted outside the wall of the main chamber where foods are kept for smoking.

The smoke passes through the outlet pipe of the smoke generator. So, there’s no chance to transfer any unwanted heat from the smoker to the food. 

This is how cold smoking imparts aromatic flavors to your desired foods without heating them up. The only thing you’ll need to cold smoke using your existing grill or smoker is a cold smoker. 

How to Install a Cold Smoke Generator

All the Smoke Daddy cold smoke generators are designed to be installed easily. You just need a drilling machine or metal hole cutter to mount the smoke generator on your grill or smoker. You can even install this generator on your barbecue machine.

It requires drilling a 1-1/8” hole in a round shape on the side of your smoker or grill. Try to drill the hole as low as possible. 

Some smokers or barbecues are designed with double walls. But, nothing to worry about. The extra length of the outlet pipe of this smoke generator is enough to cover the extra thickness.

After drilling the hole, carefully slide the outlet pipe through it and attach your generator with the wall using the provided washers and locknuts. Do not over-tighten the nuts; finger-tight is just fine.

Now, fill the generator with wood chips, off the lid, fire up the chips using a lighter, and turn up the air pump to start cold smoking your desired foods. This instructional video will make the job even easier – 

Interesting Facts About Cold Smoking

Smoking isn’t always injurious to health. Sometimes it offers a completely different taste. Yep, if it’s cold, it’ll make your foods taste different, and that difference can easily make you fall in love with cold-smoked delicate foods.

But, the beginning of cold smoking was a bit different. Can you imagine how people used to preserve raw meats for months after months before the invention of the refrigerator or freezer? That’s what cold smoking accomplishes.

This method of preserving raw meat had been devised by the ancient people who used to live their life by hunting. But, now cold smoking is widely used as a flavor enhancer for foods that people love to eat raw.

Modern Americans also cold smoke beef, turkey, lamb, and other types of meat. But, you’ve to bake, grill, steam, roast, or sauté those meats before eating because cold smoking doesn’t cook any foods.

It may take up to six weeks of cold smoking to preserve meat for your next cruising adventure. It’ll cost you a huge pile of wood chips. 

But, only a few hours of cold smoking is enough to flavor any meat, and the performance of the suggested cold smoke generator is excellent to serve this purpose.

Is There Any Difference Between Hot Smoking And Cold Smoking

As there’s a difference between fire and flame, so is between hot smoking and cold smoking. Hot smoking is a popular method of cooking. 

So, you’ll need 225°F or even higher temperatures for hot smoking. It cooks as well as flavors your desired meat. 

Raw meat becomes edible and tasty just after hot smoking. In this cooking method, you’ve to place your smoker box very close to your food and, of course, in the same chamber.

But, you’ve to keep the temperature 75°F and sometimes even lower in cold smoking, and as you know, this temperature can’t cook anything. 

So, if you want to cold smoke any meat or food, it must be cured first. Cold smoking is actually suitable for adding flavors to cured sausage, cured fish, cheese, and foods that are usually eaten raw.

In a word, the temperature is the key difference between cold smoking and hot smoking, and hot smoking can cook and flavor any food at the same time, but cold smoking can’t cook anything. It just can add your desired flavor to any edible food. Today, I’ll ask my wife to cold smoke milk.

What Is The Best Temperature for Cold Smoking

Cold smoking can not cook. It’s not any cooking method, and essentially it’s done for a long period of time. So, temperature plays a vital role here. 

100°F is not enough to cook anything. But, 100°F or above this temperature is risky for cold smoking as this temperature can eventually start cooking your food for a long time.

So to avoid any risk, most smoking enthusiasts prefer keeping the temperature below 90°F. Some German chefs like 65°F and European recipes suggest keeping the temperature of the food chamber below 72°F while cold smoking. 

You can follow anything between 65°F to 90°F. I think this is the ideal temperature for cold smoking.

What Can I Cold Smoke

Cured sausage and salmon are the two most common cold-smoking foods. Actually, the crazy smoking enthusiasts leave nothing unturned. Today my wife helped me to cold smoke a cup of coffee. You can cold smoke almost any food.

But, if today is going to be the first day to get your hands on cold smoking, then it’ll be better for you to get started with cheese. It requires by far the easiest cold smoking process

Cheddar, gouda, pepper jack, Swiss, fontina, or mozzarella, you can start with whichever you like. Some other popular foods that require a very simple cold smoking process are –

  • Tofu (don’t laugh, it’s worth a try)
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Boiled eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Quality cuts of beef
  • Roe
  • Fruits
  • Butter
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Cream
  • Honey
  • Ketchup
  • Lamb
  • Lemons and limes
  • Peppers (all kinds)
  • Oysters
  • Peaches
  • Turkey
  • Mustard and seeds
  • Salt
  • Scallops

When you taste your own cold smoked foods, you’ll be surprised why you never did it before. Now, let me show you how to cold smoke cheese.

How to Smoke Cheese With a Cold Smoke Generator

As I’ve told you, it’s really very easy to smoke cheese using a cold smoke generator. Just take the cheese out of the fridge 5 minutes before you start to smoke them, so they do not sweat, and then follow these steps-

  • Double-check that your cold smoke generator is properly mounted on your grill or smoking cabinet
  • Fill up the fuel tank of your cold smoker with wood chips of your favorite flavor.
  • Light the cold smoke generator using matches or a propane burner and let it begin to smolder
  • Make sure that wood chips are producing smoke, then lid off the generator and place the cheese in the smoking cabinet (cutting cheese into smaller chunks will give off better result)
  • Now, wait for two hours to get surprised. Also, don’t forget to refill the fuel tank after an hour if your one is the 8 inch Cold Smoke Generator.

That’s all. You don’t have to worry about controlling temperature. Smoke Daddy is the master in designing their cold smokers to keep the temperature as low as you actually need. 

But, on hot summer days, at times somewhere, it becomes very challenging to keep the temperature below 90°F, which is enough to keep the cheese solid.

So, it’ll be better for you to start cold smoking in the morning or after the evening when the room temperatures become comparatively cooler on those warmer days. 

Placing some ice inside the food chamber will also help maintain the required temperature. Also, don’t forget to follow specific cold smoking recipes before trying to cold smoke other foods another day.

Hidden Dangers of Cold Smoking

Experts and professional cold smokers know the dangers, and they’re well-armed to defend botulism. But, what about you? I’m not trying to scare you. 

There’s no risk to apply this method of flavoring to cheese, vegetables, garlic, mushrooms, butter, salt, or eggs, and essentially you shouldn’t get your hands on meat and fish unless you know what you’re exactly doing.

Cold smoking is usually between 40° to 100° F, which is a very suitable zone for meat and fish to get badly contaminated by various microbes and bacteria. 

So, keep practicing with the risk-free foods, get experienced, and then look at the experts to see how they could smoke meat and fish.

Topcellent Tips for Cold Smoking Meat or Fish Safely

From salmon to brisket, my sweetheart can cold smoke anything. Moreover, sushi is raw fish, and a lot of people eat cold-smoked sushi every day. 

So, it’s sure that there’s a way to cold smoke those foods. Here’s a few tips that’ll help you cold smoke meat or any fish-

  • Take all the necessary precautions suggested by the experts
  • Use fresh meat (not aged)
  • Handle raw meat with proper care
  • Cure it following any reliable recipe
  • Refrigerate your cured meat in a sealed container
  • Find out a recipe on cold smoking cured meat
  • Never use woods that you find lying around to cold smoke anything

Woods that are lying around may be poisonous or sprayed with pesticides. So, you should avoid those woods. Anyway, from curing to cold smoking any meat, I’ve found this guide on how to cold smoke very helpful.

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