What Size Vortex For 22.5 Weber Kettle Grill? Sizing Up Your Vortex

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The vortex is a kind of big funnel that is cone-shaped and made of stainless steel. It keeps the food safe from the radiant heat but keeps the grilling pan to the highest heat possible. It has been one of the most tremendously loved BBQ utensils lately.

Now, you might be wondering what size vortex for 22.5 weber, right? You will get to know about it after rolling your eyes on the whole article. 

During high heat grilling, the vortex is generally used to accumulate the overall heat and ensure the grilling. The perfect sized vortex is needed as the larger one will not fit according to the grill grates, and the smaller one will be able fully to accumulate the heat and heat it. To be precise, 22.5 weber grills are a standard size where a vortex can be used. 

Now let’s dive deep into the core and try to find answers to all your questions.

What Size Vortex For 22.5 Weber You Need

For a 22.5 weber, medium size vortex is the best choice. The dimensions can range from 12 to 13 inches large, 4 to 7 inches tall, and the narrow cone-shaped portion should be 8 inches. This is the ideal size of vortex for 22.5 weber kettle grills. 

You can also use more small sizes, but the experts prefer the medium size as the ideal one. 

Medium-size vortexes are the most perfect for any weber original or premium kettle grills. But, do you know that without a sear grill grate, you can’t even use a vortex accurately? Do you even know how much important a grill grate is? Do you know the secret behind the seared steaks? 

It is the vortex direct sear grill grate that ensures the perfect seared steaks for you. The vortex direct sear grill grate is just perfect for medium-sized vortexes, especially for the 22.5 weber. The heat tolerance of this grill grate is higher for its premium quality stainless steel construction. 

Many grill grates get slightly damaged because of excessive heat while grilling, but the vortex direct sear grill grate runs greatly, covering the whole searing space while it is on high heat. Experts from the USA also acknowledge this grill grate. 

To place the great sear marks on your grilled food, you can use the vortex sear grate because it is super easy to use! Because the sear marks fulfill the moderation, right? 

To clear your confusion about choosing the perfect vortex for your favorite weber grills, I’m here to introduce you to my top-picked vortexes that are specially made for weber kettles and grills. 

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Vortex for 22.5 Inch Weber – My Top Pick

This medium-sized vortex from the ‘Island Outdoor is my top-picked vortex for 22.5inch weber. This vortex is perfect for weber charcoal grills and kettles. This vortex is loved by the USA experts, not just the size, starting from premium construction to its versatility. It can easily convert your kettle to a smoker. 

The coals inside the vortex last about a few hours as it accumulates the heat altogether and spreads it to the grilling pan. It allows the grill to get the highest temperature and maintain the crispiness and seared marks on the grilled food. 

This is a perfect choice as it covers the whole grilling zone and offers a great deal.

Vortex for 22.5 Inch Weber

Top Features

  • Versatility
  • Genuine to use
  • Lightweight vortex
  • Heat tolerance ability
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Perfect for searing steaks and chicken

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This vortex is specially made for both indirect and direct grilling inside the Weber grills and kettles. It is a combination of amazing features. So why wait for more? 

Let’s know some detailed information about it-

Heat Tolerance

Vortex is generally used in terms of high-tempted grilling. Not all vortexes can tolerate and stay firm after getting excessive heat while grilling. But this special vortex for 22.5inch weber is strong and durable enough to make the grill get the highest heat to cook your desired food quickly. 


The indirect heat vortex is known for its versatility. There are four types of grilling methods. The surprising fact is that you can grill your food using these four methods with this vortex. You need to change the food’s position, and it’s done! 

It is versatile with super easy usage. Its unique design makes it creative and suitable to use in any grilling method.

Overall Construction

The vortex is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is premium and healthy for base construction or grilling material. It allows the vortex to work nicely both indoors and outdoor, preventing the product from being rusty. 

This award-winning vortex lets the coals burn longer and ensure high heat all over the hot zone.


The vortex is perfect for grilling chicken and meat steaks. It makes the perfect crispy and juicy chicken wings and puts beautiful sear marks on the steaks to maintain the delicacy. 

It fits well in the 22.5-weber grill and kettle. It is also compatible with any weber grill with any grilling method. I hope no more reasons are needed to describe its perfection.


  • Suitable for both indirect and direct heat cooking
  • Super easy to use it with weber
  • Can hold enough coals to burn longer


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Doesn’t perfectly fit in the larger weber grills

So, here it is. You have just now got introduced to my top-picked vortex. It is not as heavy as other regular vortexes. This USA-certified vortex is authentic and premium in quality. If you want to enjoy sear-marked steaks at home, grab this vortex now.

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Lutani Vortex for 22.5 Inch Weber – My 2nd Choice

Want to know why I have put this in my second choice? Do you think that it is not worth your money? Not to worry because the quality is not compromised in this vortex. The Lutani vortex is semi-medium in size, and that is why I have personally put this in the second position, as it will not fully cover the whole grilling area.

Do not get disheartened as it is also a package of perfection and good services. This vortex is a special one as it saves fuel and ensures an efficient longtime burning. It is suitable for 22.5inch Weber kettles. 

This is one of the most money-worthy vortexes with super-saving services.

Lutani Vortex for 22.5 Inch Weber

Top Features

  • Controls the heat
  • High-quality element
  • Reduces coal wastage
  • Can afford multi-dimensional cooking

Check today’s price on Amazon

The same process of longtime grilling and smoking is so boring, right? Want to change your grilling styles? Here is the solution. Let’s know about it more-

Heat Controlling System

Confused about how a vortex can control the heat? Let me clear your confusion. The vortex focuses on the heat while you put burnt coals in it.

It makes the kettle too hot and spreads the heat upwards. It removes the unwanted radiation downwards. This is how this vortex controls the heat.

Reducing Coal Wastage

This is the most special quality of the Lutani vortex. It is corrosion-resistant that does not let too much coal get burnt. It ensures the sufficient use of coal-burning, and thus it saves the fuel for later.

The fuel dome quality extends the burning, and not much coal gets wasted. This is a money-saving quality too. Who does not want to grab this product?

Multi-dimensional Cooking

The same smoking style that kills lots of time is not trendy anymore. Everybody wants to save time and money, and this vortex is just a good precedent for it. Change your smoking style with the Lutani vortex. 

It ensures fast cooking and is multi-dimensional because you can easily have indirect and direct smoking faster than ever. Though it provides better services in indirect cooking, you can enjoy multi-dimensional cooking.

High-quality Element

The vortex is made of high-grade stainless steel material. It is rust-free and corrosion-resistant. It makes efficient use of the fuel. The basic elements used in it make the vortex healthy and durable. You will be highly satisfied with this vortex.


  • Efficient to burn the coal
  • Produces high heat
  • Also great for low and slow cooking


  • The edges are very sharp

Using this vortex, you can make juicy and crispy chicken wings. This is too good for smoking chicken. Though it claims to be medium in size, it is semi-medium. But still, it is well enough for a 22.5inch weber. Grab it now!

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What Goes with What? – An Ultimate Vortex Size Chart

To enjoy grilling and smoking with a vortex, selecting the vortex’s size is important. The too-large vortex covers all the vents and creates hesitation and disturbance. On the other hand, too small a vortex can’t capture and fulfill the demands of the BBQ enthusiasts. 

So, you should know which size weber needs which size of the vortex. Let’s know about this-

Weber SizeLarge VortexMedium VortexSmall Vortex
Weber 18.5inchNoYesYes
Weber 22.5inchNoYesYes
Weber 26.7inchYesYesNo

So, from this chart, we can see, large vortexes are not suitable for 18.5, 22.5, and 26.75inch weber. Large-sized vortexes can’t maintain the harmony between the kettles and the grates. Medium-sized vortexes are the best and ideal size that go with all of these sizes of weber. 

For an 18.5inch weber, a small size vortex is an ideal fit. It can slightly go with the 22.5inch weber too. But it does not fit in the 26.75inch weber because it does not cover the whole searing zone. Mini vortexes can be used in all of these sizes of weber.

When you need less amount of smoke with high power, then you can use the mini vortex. This is how you can choose your ultimate vortex for your grill.

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Small Or Medium Vortex For 22.5 Inch Weber – An Ultimate Solution

Medium vortex is the perfect fit for 22.5inch weber. Want to know why? It is because the medium vortex contains a standard size that goes with almost all weber. 

It perfectly fits with the grilling grate. You know that grill grate is very important for seared steaks that enhance the overall look of the food. 

Another hand, a small vortex can go with the 22.5inch weber, too, but it may fail to keep up the harmony between the grill and grate. Moreover, the small vortex can’t cover the whole seating area. 

That is why I think the medium vortex is the best for 22.5inch weber.

How Do You Use the Vortex on A Weber Grill

BBQ flaming has always been a tough job to do, as the amount of flame and area to cook is large enough for a single person to work with. But this job has been easier lately with the help of the weber vortex. 

Weber vortexes are nothing but ordinary steel cones that provide various unique uses to the user. The thick steel is heavy and durable, which passes a high amount of heat from the heating zone without damaging its structure.

Let’s know about them using the method of it-

  • The weber vortexes pass the heat from a small tunnel to the main grilling area, which creates a lot of heat. And it is enough for the pot to get the adequate heat needed. This means the pot gets ready to cook in.
  • The poultries or overall going-to-be-cooked ingredients must be assembled on the top of the grill. If the food is placed right on top of the vortex, they might get overcooked easily, or the result might not be what you’re looking for. 
  • The area around the vortex is overall shielded from much of the radiant heat. That’s why they should be kept on top of the grill surrounding the vortex to enjoy the best experience. 
  • Poultry skins might hold a little crisper in them compared to the other times, but the perfect amount of flame and cooking techniques may lessen the cons. 
  • Sometimes the food can be placed inside the inverted box as well. This process has lately been used among users. 

The Weber vortexes provide you with these unique ways to cook, and you can choose any of them according to your choice of test and knowledge. This heavy and durable unit can perform its heating mission with both coals inside and around it. 

The whole process might be a tough handed job for the user, and the result might not always be as expected. But ultimately, accurate processing can make this work easier, and the food that comes out will be exactly what you want.

What Does The Weber Vortex Do

The weber vortexes are mainly tunnels made with durable steel, which makes BBQ smoking easy and unique. The tunnel has a wide end that catches a high amount of smoke in it and passes them. 

The passing sight gets a smaller space to spread the heat. As a result, the cooking pot gets a high amount of heat, and it gets ready to cook. 

The vortex can redirect the flow of heating up and control the flame according to the need. Thus, issues with sudden high flames, frequent flare-ups aren’t any problems anymore. 

BBQ vortexes don’t always come with a perfect result. The changes in cooking methods cause the differences. That is why the tenderness in food doesn’t remain the same every time you use it. 

The product might be heavy and might provide a lot of work to do with it. But its performance is outstanding. Basic knowledge about its user guide is suggested before you use it. 

Once the using method becomes catchy for you, you’ll find out how much time it saves. It will let you cook more evenly without any issues. And that is why the weber vortex is worth using.

What Can You Cook with A Vortex

A vortex is very easy to use. It helps the grilling pan heats up fast. For its fast and better services, you can cook many foods with it. 

The foods you can cook with a vortex are-

  • Chicken items
  • Crispy chicken BBQ wings
  • Any pizza
  • Meat chops
  • Juicy steaks

Vortexes are special for cooking chicken, and it is the best way to smoke chicken faster. There are a lot more recipes you can cook by using a vortex. Most of the foods you can grill in a regular griller can be smoked or grilled through vortex too. 


I hope what size vortex for 22.5 webers should not come up in your mind again as you have got all of your answers in this article. Vortexes are designed cones that enhance the grilling process and offer a faster smoking process. 

A good quality stainless steel vortex with versatile cooking techniques will give the best performance. If you want to use a good quality vortex, you can undoubtedly go for the vortexes mentioned above. You need to buy according to the size of your favorite weber. 

Hopefully, all of your hesitations are cleared, and now you are willing to buy a vortex for having amazing juicy seared steaks at your home. I hope you find your perfect vortex size. Shop now and enjoy!