6 Best Container For Brining Turkey Reviewed By Experts In 2021

You should always use a food-safe container while brining a turkey. There are so many containers available in the market that it’s pretty tough to find the best container for brining turkey. A container with enough space, commercial-grade and durable build quality would be perfect for this purpose.

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Brine is a popular method used for meat packaging. This method works as a preservative for the meats and enhances the flavor and texture as well. The process tenderizes the meat to a butter-soft texture.

6 Best Container For Brining Turkey

Using the proper container for brining your turkey should be the first step for this process. Check out this article to pick the right one for your brine.

The Ultimate Brine Container Used by Award-Winning Chefs

The Briner will be a great choice for brining your turkey. The simple design container will make the job more effective as the product resolves one of the major challenges to a successful brining that is floating food. You will be able to brine turkey, chicken, ducks, and fish as well. 

Top Features 

  • Suitable for both meat and fish
  • Used by the professionals 
  • Easy to use and wash
  • It comes in a variety of sizes
  • Resolves the floating problem

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Have a look at the detailed features described below –

Patent Pending Design

One of the most common problems during a brine is floating food. The Brine will make your food completely submerged in the brine. This will make your food completely mixed with the brine solution.  


The container can be used for most food types. You can use the briner to make the turkey moist and flavorful. In addition, the container is suitable for making the cricket more tender and juicy. You can use the Briner container for shrimp and ribs as well. 

Recommended by Professionals 

There should not be any doubt about the performance of this container. This product is recommended by professionals. Restaurants, caterers, and culinary schools use this product all over North America. 

Size Variations

There are three different variations available of this briner. You can choose the one that you need. The Briner has three different variations of Briner Jr(8 qt), Briner Mini(3.5 qt), and Briner(22 qt)

You will be able to brine turkeys up to 25lbs. The Briner container of 22qt is suitable to brine 4 to 5 chickens.

Instructions Included

The Briner is perfect for professionals and beginners as well. You will be able to use this container easily as there are instructions included with the product. You will get instructions about soaking time and briner quantities that will make the brine better.


  • The build quality isn’t top-notch

Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Brining Container 

This container from Rubbermaid Commercial Products will surely satisfy you with the product quality. For turkey brining, this will be a perfect choice as the product offers some premium features. You will get to pick your required size from the variants. The manufacturers focused on some flaws that will make the brining more easier. 

Top Features

  • Built-in handle for safe use
  • Visible gradation market with metrics
  • Easy cleaning rounded corners
  • Suitable for food storage as well
  • Break-resistant polycarbonate materials
  • Designed to save space in the kitchen

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Read out more about the container below – 

Quality Engineering

The break-resistant, commercial-grade container with a product visible design will make it easier to check the brine without any complexation. Rubbermaid used polycarbonate to engineer this product thus, there won’t be any issue in terms of durability.

Built-in Handles

If you use large turkeys, don’t worry about transporting the container. It will be super easy because of the built-in handles. The integrated handles will allow you to carry the containers from shelf to table easily.

Gradation Marks

There are visible metric and gradation marks on the containers to make the brine portion accurate. You will be able to make a good mixture because of this feature. Also, if you use multiple containers, it will be easier to identify the content of the containers from outside.

Durable Materials

Rubbermaid commercial products are dishwasher safe and can withstand a temperature of -40 – 212 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, they are made of FDA-compliant materials. Thus, they are safe to use for direct food contact. 

Easy Cleaning

You will be required to clean the containers perfectly after every brine session. No need to worry about cleaning.  Rubbermaid containers are made with rounded corners that will let you clean the containers easily. You will be able to wipe the corners because of this design. The design also allows you to use every space of the container. 

7 Different Sizes

Whether it’s for a turkey brine or food store, there are different sizes available for any kitchen purposes. You will be able to pick one from 7 different sizes of Qt. The different sizes are designed for storing dry cereals, rice, or pasta. The size varies from 2 – 22Qt.


  • The containers don’t include any top
  • Not recommended for sous vide

Rubbermaid Commercial Turkey Brining Container for Restaurant

For restaurants and cafeterias, this container would be a good pick. The large container with durable material can be used for turkey brining and other kitchen stuff as well. The large container can be stacked that will require less space in your kitchen. If you need to store or brine a large number of foods then you can choose this without any second thought. 

Top Features 

  • Safe for commercial use
  • Available in standard industry size
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • It comes with a date control panel
  • Rounded corners for easy clean
  • Available in different size variants

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Have a glance at the other features of this product below – 

Freezer Safe

The container from Rubbermaid is freezer-safe. You will be able to make your brine in this product without any issue. The container is perfect for storing food types as well.

Standard Industry Size

The container comes in standard industry size. Thus, you won’t need to worry about the space. It’s large and safe for dishwashers. There are different size variants available for other kitchen purposes.

Easy to Carry

You will be able to carry the containers easily because of the ergonomic design. There are four spaces on each side to make you feel comfortable while carrying the containers. For commercial use, if you need to shift them to different places, there won’t be any problem for sure.

Stain Resistant

The durable containers are stain-resistant and can be washed easily without any effort. They are clean and provide visibility of the food inside. The container comes in a white color variant as well.

Date Control

Here comes one of the unique features that will keep you updated about the condition of the food you stored. In addition, there is a panel available in the boxes and lids that can be used to control dates to avoid food spoilage.


  • The lid doesn’t provide an airtight fit

5 Gallon Extra Heavy Duty Bucket Bags for Brining & marinating

The leak-proof Liner Bags can be an excellent addition for brining your turkeys. These Liner Bags are safe for marinating and brining meat, seafood, or even poultry. 5 Gallon Bucket Liner Bags are thin, but they are super strong with a high-density food-grade material. 

Top Features

  • Disposable bags with a 2-mil thickness
  • High-density food-grade materials
  • Can store a large portion of foods
  • 100% leak-proof liner bags
  • No odor after brine
  • Does a fine job of marination

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Have a look at the detailed features of this product below – 

Heavy Duty

The brining bags are leakproof and can withstand 75lbs. You can use them for turkeys without any doubt. The 2mil thick bags will perform a heavy duty for any size of meat or other foods.

Food Grade Material

The container bags are made of food-grade materials that are safe to marinate fish, meat, or even seafood. As a result, there will be no bad odor in the foods after brining. You can use the bags for any food, marinate or brine. 

Large Enough

Don’t worry about the size of your turkey, as the bag has a capacity of 75lbs. The dimension of the liner bags is 30-inch x 21-inch. They are transparent so that you will have an idea of the inner portion. 

Marinate Anything

The disposable bucket liners are suitable to marinate any kind of food. Whether it’s a large turkey or seafood, you are always ready to brine them. They will do the job exactly how you want it.


  • No seal or zip option
  • Pretty complex to use

Tiger Chef 12 Qt Commercial Grade Plastic Container Set 

It’s quite tough to use multiple containers as they require a large space individually. Tiger Chef containers will make it easier to use multiple containers for brine. They are stackable that come with a unique design of lids that can nest inside each other so that you can place them one above another.  

Top Features 

  • Build with Freezer safe materials
  • It can be easily cleaned
  • Stackable to save space
  • Includes air-tight lids
  • Suitable for fruit storage

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Check the other features below to know more about this container –

Freezer Safe

The containers are freezer-safe and built with commercial-grade plastic. They are microwaveable and dishwasher safe as well. The containers from Tiger Chef are NSF listed, meaning the product has passed the standard of the National Sanitation Foundation. 

Snap-Tight Cover 

Most of the containers don’t include a tight cover or lid that makes it tough to store specific types of food. You will get a snap-tight cover with this Tiger Chef container. The cover will keep the food safe from bad odors and also remain fresh for a long time.

Solid Build Quality

The containers will provide you solid performance for a long session as they are made of translucent break-resistant polycarbonate. There won’t be any stains on the plastics that will keep the products look fresh. 


Tiger Chef food containers can be stored as a stack in a corner or refrigerators thus they will take less space than the traditional containers. 

You will love to use them for your kitchen especially if you need to store a large number of items. The lids nest inside each other that made them easier to stack. 

For any Ingredients

The containers can be used for any kind of food storage. For example, after a brine session, you can use them to store fruits or even vegetables. There are multiple size variants available so that you can choose the one you need. 


  • The cover isn’t suitable for the freezer

New and Improved Double Track Zippers Turkey Brining Bags

This one is the most unique and dedicated container for turkey braining. You should use an individual bag every time you want to brine. This is a bag to keep the turkey in the liquid solution. There is a zipper on top to seal the bag. The bag is large enough to store any size of a turkey. It’s pretty simple to use the brining bags.  

Top Features

  • Included the required components
  • No chance of breakage
  • It can be used for any meats
  • Simple to use doesn’t require any space
  • Double-track zipper
  • Get nicely seasoned inside

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Look into the detailed features below – 

No Breakage

There won’t be any breakage as the high=quality bag has thick seams to bear up to 40 pounds. The food-grade standard Brining bags are made of heavy-duty materials that are BPA-free. There is no question in terms of safety in your cooking while using these brining bags.


The bags are not only suitable for turkey brine but also can be used for wild game, deer, ham, or even jerky. You can even marinate your meats inside of these bags. They are super easy to use, and the flavor will be exactly what it should be. 

No Space Required

The bags are not like the traditional containers. They don’t require any kitchen space. Just open the box and fill the bag with your brining solution and the turkey. Seal the bag with the clip that is included with the bag. Finally, throw away the bag in the bin after the job is done.

Included Everything

You won’t need any additional ingredients if you are using the Brining Bags. There are double-track zippers included with the bags to seal the bag perfectly. You can use the bag for any volume with decent stability.

Works Great

The performance won’t disappoint you for sure. Your turkey will be juicier and filled with flavors inside these bags. In addition, the bags will absorb the extra moisture that will help the turkey enhance the taste and the flavor.


  • Tough to use for bigger turkeys
  • The zip may break off

The Ultimate Brine vs Commercial Space Saving Square Food Storage Container

The Ultimate Brine and the Commercial Space Saving Container are two of the most popular containers among users. They both offer multiple features to their consumers and do a decent job of brining as well. 

The Briner is manufactured by TurkeyTom Products, while the other one is manufactured by Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

The Briner comes in a simple design and introduces a solution to one of the most common brining problems. The turkey won’t float on this container as it has a patent-pending design. 

This product is recommended and used by chefs and culinary schools. There are instructions available with this container to guide you to make a perfect brine for the turkey.

On the other hand, the Commercial Space Saving container from Rubbermaid comes with quality engineering. This container has a transparent body that will allow you to check the product inside. The large-sized container can be used as fruit storage as well. 

There are visible gradation marks with metrics that will help you use an accurate portion of the mixture while bringing a turkey. The rounded corners will make it easier for you to clean and wipe the corners. 

These are some of the unique features of both containers. If you want to use the container only for turkey, then you should pick The Briner. Otherwise, you may choose the Commercial Space Saving Container from Rubbermaid.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Best Turkey Brining Container 

Without a perfect container or bag, you won’t be able to brine your turkey in a proper way. Sometimes, you may get a bad odor due to the container. The fault in the container will make your turkey unacceptable. There are so many factors that you should check before buying one. 

The below points will guide you to select the best turkey brining container.

Build Quality

This is one of the major features that you should look for while buying a container. Some containers get defective while brining large sizes of a turkey. Check the manual properly if there is a weight limit for a turkey. 


Food-grade materials are safe for brine turkeys. They won’t let the food get any chemicals from it. A food-grade container will save the food from getting any bad odor. Some of the containers come with additional certifications. You should prioritize this fact to have the best brine experience.

Cover or Lids

An air-tight cover will save the container from growing any bacteria inside. This will help to absorb the moisture as well. You will get a flavored turkey by using the lids. In addition, if you want to keep the containers as a stack, you must use a cover or lids. 


The size should be large enough to fit any turkey. There are different sizes available for some of the containers. That can be purchased according to your need. A rounded container looks better and easier to clean as well. You can use the whole space inside.


A container with a handle will be easier to use. If you need to shift them from one place to another, you may use the containers that have handles. Using a solution with a large turkey will make it pretty heavy. This is why a handle will help you to complete the processes efficiently.

These standard features will help you to pick the right one for you. Using a standard container will make the brining process easier and more effective as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you brine a turkey?

The standard duration to brine a turkey is 8 to 18 hours. This will make the turkey perfectly absorbed with the solutions. Don’t keep the turkey for more than 24 hours because it may make the meat too salty.

What should I brine my turkey in?

There are multiple ingredients you should use. Common ingredients used for brine solutions are apple cider, brown sugar salt, garlic, and rosemary.

Is brining your turkey necessary?

It’s neither necessary nor a must. You may brine the turkey more a flavorful & juicy dish.

Do you rinse a turkey after brining it?

You don’t need to rinse a turkey after brining it. Instead, leave the turkey uncovered for a couple of hours that will make it dry. 

Do brined turkeys cook faster?

Yes, a brined turkey cooks comparatively faster than an unbrined turkey. If you usually cook an unbrined turkey, then you should check the brined turkey frequently.

Does brining turkey kill bacteria?

Bringing your turkey will help the meat not grow bacteria inside, but it doesn’t kill the bacteria.


The article tried to guide you to choose the perfect container for brining turkey. A standard container will make your turkey taste better than usual. Use the perfect product by checking the detailed features. 

Check the manual before purchasing one. Using a food-grade material with a premium build quality will be preferable for brining turkey as turkey has a decent weight. 

The brining will make your dish more flavorful and juicy so choose the one that matches your requirements.

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