Are you looking for the best gas grill cover for your favorite weber genesis?

If to firing up the backyard grill machine for a barbecue or grill party is an exciting matter to you then either you already have the best gas grill cover or you’re looking for it. May be I’m not wrong here. So, let’s see why do we need this cover and what type of cover do we actually need for our backyard grill machine.

We may celebrate our birthday only once a year, but the weekend comes every week. And enjoying a BBQ party with our fnfs is one of the most exciting ways to celebrate the weekend. So, it’s our pleasure to have a gas grill machine in our backyard and to protect the machine from the hostile behavior of nature, the performance of LiBa Outdoor Gas Grill Cover is excellent.

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What is a gas grill cover?

What is the cover? By the word cover, it indicates to guard against any attack or anything. Covering anything make you feel secure if you want to protect those things from any unwanted scenario.

A cover is something which lies on, over, or around something to give it shelter or protection. Thus, the way a gas grill cover is also doing the same act, used to provide protection to your gas grill machine from any rush environment or any animal, insecticides etc.

Why do you need the best gas grill cover

If you are a happy owner of a weber genesis, so you’ve invested a lot for your grill machine and unlike undersink water filter installed in the kitchen, your grill machine needs extra security as it’s placed out of your door.

In that sense getting a grill cover is not a wastage of money. It is very inexpensive, handy and sometimes good looking too. Using a grill cover will ensure you to continue enjoying your grill machine for a couple of years to come. So, you must need it.

Well, since the person who bought the grill machine can understand to cover or not to cover the machine. It’s an argument like the chicken and its egg, which comes first! It is always heating like grilling and comes with the lid up or down. Using a grill cover is a very simple concept, but the fact is that it is a bit of a problem. 

Unfortunately, the weather is not always with us, so a storm can roll the grill before you could reach your grill and can save it far. Heavy rain can wash away your leftover fuel under the grill machine even producing of some ash paste can lend tour grill machine useless in further.

A grill machine into your backyard has to face all the unwanted elements if it remains uncovered. That’s why, if you want to take care of it, you should be determined to buy a brand-new quality full cover for your gas grill and Outdoor Gas Grill Cover by LiBa will meet your criteria to the best.

LiBa Outdoor Gas Grill Cover @ a glance:

This cover is from an expensive as well as reliable brand. The cover is cut into exact size matching with your 60” grill machine. Grill machine cover of weber company made from top graded heavy duty fabric. That’s why it lasts for years.

Sometimes this weber cover offers its security service for approximately 10 years. Ten years is a very long time to offer an excellent service. However, this cover is very inexpensive and come with vent holes in the cover’s top. So, moisture will not be trapped into your favorite machine. 

Measurement of this product is 44-inch-tall 60-inch-long and 28 inches deep. They are the perfect fit with the grill machine of that size. Anyway, Weber company is present in the market with a variety of series of this cover. And they are- Weber Genesis 200 series (one and two), Weber Genesis 300 series (one and two), Spirit E-210, S-210, E-310, E330, Silver C Models etc. 

All these covers are made of breathable and pliable fabric so that you can feel very easy to place and remove within a second. These covers made of rip-resistant polyester so can protect ultraviolet ray all year round. 

Unlike some other cheap cover, these covers made with some Velcro straps. Velcro straps help your grill machine cover to stay in peace even in a storm or heavy wind. This product is made in very stylish design with black color so it will upgrade your backyard decor and any outdoor spaces.

Features that’ll surprise you:

its features make me surprised
  • Keep your gas grill machine almost new. If you are a true grill lover, then you must know that there is nothing like immaculately clean grill machine and maintain it perfectly. So, a premium quality grill machine cover will keep your outdoor grilling accessories safe from any unwanted environment for a long time. Besides this, it will also save your grill machine from last-minute cleaning.
  • Weber cover will protect your grill machine for all year round. It is prepared by Boasting with 600D, rip-resistant polyester fabric with ultraviolet protection. It contains straps (Velcro) which provide an extra snug fit. This cover is made in a way so that it can withstand rain, wind and sunlight. It also keeps your grill machine safe from any dust and rust.
  • This grill cover made of exactly designed to fit so perfectly on any weber gas grill. Its dimension is   44″x 60″ and is very customized to the weber genesis. So, never consider compromising the look of your garden with an extra and bulky cover that gets blown away by the wind whenever the weather gets very rough.
  • This cover is straightforward to place and remove it to anywhere. As it is made of very soft, pliable and extra breathable fabric, so you can easily manage it.
  • Weber gas grill machine cover is offering a hassle-free replacement warranty. The manufacturer believes in customer satisfaction. So, they offer a 36 months replacement warranty for rips and tears.
  • This grill cover is also straightforward to clean. As this cover is made of polyester materials, so does not catch stain or dirt so much. As a result, it can easily clean by a simple cleaning procedure.
  • Though all weber covers aren’t waterproof, but fortunately, this cover is performing very well during heavy rain and snowfall, it is a perfect weather-resistant weber genesis and spirit outdoor grill cover.
  • Not expensive; you can buy this cover without colossal money.
  • It is made of shiny black color and thus can enhance the garden beauty at your backyard.

Pros and cons:

As you have an intention to use a grill machine cover, so you need to know the details of all the advantages and disadvantages of this cover. Here I am going with all the strength and weakness of using this grill cover from my real life experience…..

One of my relatives, named Shaughn Ziech, told me that he is unable to suitable fit his grill cover to his grill machine. I was asking him what his grill machine measurement is. Unfortunately, he told me that it is 60 inches, but he has also bought a 60 inches cover. So, in that case, it will probably do your covering job but not smoothly, because the size of your cover should be bigger than the size of your grill machine.

Pam Matthews, my eldest neighbor told me that she liked the grill cover very much. She told us that she bought the LiBa Gas Grill Cover because she found a lot of positive reviews on this product. According to her, it fits very well with her grill machine; besides this, it doesn’t have any heavyweight feeling while she tries to remove or replace the cover for cleaning or using purpose.

One of my friends says that this cover is faded in color to a light grey after he had used it for only one year. He also claimed that there is a rip in his cover now. I don’t know what I should tell him, but he should contact the manufacturer as they provide 36 month replacement warranty.

My nephew told me that the shiny black color of this weber genesis cover helps to decor his backyard. And his friends appreciate the design and color when they see the cover is fitted onto the grill machine perfectly.

John and Lucy told me that they are very comfortable to use this grill cover. And as they are living in a coastal area, so their grill machine has to face all-time very salty air and storm. So, when they start to use this grill cover, it’s just showing them a perfect job to protect the grill machine from the salty air.

Pros @ a glance:

  1. The inside of this grill cover is not prone to mold anyhow because they made of rip-resistant polyester fabric. As a result, it can stand up to any rough weather exposure, tears and fading.
  2. This LiBa Gas Grill Cover is made of some long-lasting fabric that’s why it is a durable cover. Using heavy-duty material, let not this product so easily torn or ripped. Even after ten years of use, it can perform very well, can resist the heat.
  3. Containing straps with the cover is another advantage. If you are living with severe experience of random storms or strong winds that this grill cover is specially prepared for your grill machine. This cover will support your grill machine even in any milder climate too. Besides this, it will secure your grill machine from any animal to getting under the grill machine. And any dust or debris will be kept out of the grilled food if you use this product.
  4. presence of regular air vents with this product make it more usable and more elegant. Presence of air vent will not allow any trapped moisture inside the grill machine finally condensation of any moisture doesn’t proceed in further to convert into water. Finally, your grill machine remains safe from catching any rust or corrosion. This cover also can prevent ballooning itself on a heavy wind with the help of these air vents.
  5. Color and design of this cover is so lovely and elegant that it will just increase the beauty of your backyard garden.
  6. This cover is very less expensive so that you can afford this cover without breaking the bank.

Cons I’ve noticed:

  • If your expectation is very thick, then this product is very thin to fulfill your expectations.
  • Sometimes, this cover maybe splitting at the seams.
  • Sometimes it functions fine but looks terrible because of extra sunlight.
  • The performance of this cover might be not so good for coastal area.
  • If for any reason, the packaging is thrown out with the garbage, then you may not claim the warranty if it’s needed.

What features should you consider when purchasing a grill machine cover?

The first advice is for you- do you have a gas grill machine into your backyard? Do you want an excellent look at your weber genesis so that a bad presentation of the machine doesn’t spoil your garden beautification?

Well, so you have to buy a grill cover for your weber genesis. A grill cover will help you in many ways to keep the garden beautiful as well as to keep your grill looking good for a couple of years. You should cover your grill after every use of it, but prior to cover it you have to make the grill cool down.

So, if you want to buy a new gas grill cover, please put your full attention on below-listed features to get the best one for the money you’re ready to spend-


So, you must want a grill cover with an exact size, because if your grill cover is smaller than your grill machine, it will not provide proper or ample protection to the grill machine. Again, if it becomes bigger than your grill machine, it is providing enough space for the outer animal to sneak in. That’s why the size is one of the crucial features of your grill cover which you want to buy.


Always try to buy a grill cover with straps. It will help your grill cover in proper place even in windy conditions. Straps with cover help your grill to stay away from any unwanted pests. Now, you’ll be happy to know that this LiBa Outdoor Gas Grill Cover is made with straps.

Air vents:

Look if there are any air vent in your new grill cover or not. Grill covers with air vent is also beneficial to prevent the building of moisture and condensation (which can cause rust to the machine) onto it.


If you want to keep your utensils close at hand and use ready to use for any next grilling sections, pockets with cover is useful then. So, if you want to put the lid on for overnight, then you can go for it.

To cover or not to cover

To cover or not to cover:

To cover or not to cover is a very controversial issue. Some from us say to cover the grill machine again; some may suggest not to cover it. Covering your grill machine is not any complex and hard rule. Sometimes it is beneficial to cover the grill sometimes not. We suggest to implement a combination of coating and not covered by depending on various facts. 

A little bit of atmospheric change or rush will never harm your grill but if it is more the little bit? Forgot it, don’t be scared, just read the below-

Humid climates: 

If you are living in such an environment which is hot and humid (i.e. humid zone like, both east and west coast, bottom third of Texas up to Saskatchewan). If you are staying in a humid zone, that doesn’t indicate that you are staying at very hot or tropical places. Sometimes humidity can mention the word damp-so; in this case, it is a very bad idea to cover your grill machine.

So, covering your grill by a synthetic fabric will enhance the chance to trapped humidity inside the grill machine, which in the future will produce rust and just leading to corrosion. But if your cover has any vent system so that it can facilitate airflow from inside to the outside of the machine, in that case, excessive humidity will release out from inside of the cover.

But it’s a good idea to give your grill machine some extensive exposure to the air. Anyway, put your concentration to wipe down the grill cover periodically and also try to use a stainless polish to make the cover durable for a couple of years.

Coastal Climates:

Living by the side of any ocean is much more enjoyable if you are not using a grilling machine into there. The salty air and erratic weather are very much useful to degreed your grill machine efficiency. Our recommend is here to using a grill cover when you were expecting heavy rain or snowfall into your area.

Further, it is wise to perform a weekly wipe down procedure with your damp cover cloths, followed by thorough drying. This removes any salt residue from the cover and helps to ensure a durable life for your grill machine,

Dry Climates:

If you are living at a place like Rest of Texas (through the states) and Alberta (over to the Rockies) it is very safe to leave the grill machine uncovered if your backyard is free from any bugs or animals. But we still recommend covering the grill machine mainly throughout overnight because many insecticides or animals are more prone to attack your grill machine at night. 

All Climates:

It is not a matter, mainly where you are living, but it is a matter to handle the grill cover in the correct timing. In any extreme weather, you cannot leave behind your grill machine just secured and opened. Hence it is a good idea to place your grill machine in a sheltered area with a safe space between the grill and the walls.  Place the grill machine out of the direct wind. And for safety purpose never grill in a completely closed area or room, garage or gas grill indoors.

If you forgot:

have you forgot

OH, have you forgot to cover your grill machine? Yes, it can happen. Sometimes maybe after finishing your grilling process, you are waiting to cool it down. If in that case the sky is opening up and your grill machine gets soaked.

Or sometimes it may also be possible for you to forget to take out any delicious meals from the grill machine. So, in that case, what will you do?  Don’t sacred. You can fix your grill machine though all this have happened with this.

Although it is suggested to cover your grill machine all the time it doesn’t indicate that you will cover your grill machine twenty-four hours in a day. Just remember to do a good wipe down at a regular interval and cover it when you think it is necessary.

Always bear in your mind, the more you take care of your grill cover the longer it will protect your grill machine for preparing a delicious meal for you.

What is the reason to use a grill machine cover?

So, using a gas grill cover for your weber genesis not only to modify the beautification into your backyard, a grill cover will keep your grill machine almost new for several years.

Anyway, there are several explanatory reasons for which you should consider buying a grill cover and the reasons are-

  • Protection from any elements: 

A grill cover will help your grill machine to protect from any rough weather which can throw from our mother nature. It can be rain, snow, hail or heavy wind etc. Besides this it will also protect your grill from dirt and twigs.

  • Rust prevention: 

Some of us may think that a grill cover may enhance the rusting process for the grill but it’s not actually true, because you need to cover your stainless-steel grill between uses so that lawn chemicals and other corrosive agents cannot come in touch with the grill’s materials and finally your grill machine remain rust-free. 

  • Critter control: 

If you open your grill machine for grilling purpose and if you see any pests already is present there so how will you handle this? Thus, a grill cover is very helpful in keeping pests out from the grill machine. Where any uncovered grills are much more prone to attract any raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and other furry animals which are responsible for licking up any leftover grease or drippings there using a simple cover can keep your grill stay so far from these. Using a grill cover to your grill machine will not let to make a nest of bees, wasps, spiders and other bugs.

  • Ash Paste:

Do you know when and how ash paste are prepared? Ash paste forms when the rainwater get mixed with the charcoal ash present into your grill machine. When this ash paste is hardening, it becomes tough and turns into such element which is nearly impossible to remove from the bottom of the grill machine. Thus, the efficiency of a grilling machine is just decreasing.  But if you can use a waterproof grill cover to cover your grill machine, it will not happen, and your grill machine will remain very efficient.

  • Long- and short-term storage: 

Whether the using interval time for your grill machine is short or long, if you use a grill cover, it will protect the grill machine between usage during any grilling session or throughout the rush winter season.

  • Fuel fortress:

If you have a habit of keeping any fuel like charcoal, wood or other of this type under the grill machine that an outdoor grill cover will not only protect your grill machine but alongside, it will protect these fuels from exposure to moisture. We all know that disclosure of these fuel with the humidity makes it useless. Using a grill cover will also protect your propane tank if it is present with your grill.

Why manufacturers are more prone to make the grill cover black color?

There is a particular reason manufacturers tend to make the grill cover in black color. It is a scientific matter. There are seven colors in the sun. They are purple, blue, sky, green, yellow, orange and red.  Every black cloth can absorb these seven colors. And no other color can absorb all the sun’s colors. The black cloth absorbs all the colors of the sun and immediately warms up. At the same time, the heat absorbed will release into the air immediately.

This is why the sun’s heat grows lower onto the grill machine.  Moreover, because the black cloth can release the absorbed heat very quickly, it quickly dries too. Therefore, we appreciate making the grill cover in black color.

Materials that are used to make a grill machine cover:

It can make various materials, some of them given below-


Most probably it’s the standard fabric used to make any grill cover. It is very light in weight fabric and can stand up against any weather condition. Besides this, this fabric is effortless to handle and clean. But it is not durable for a long time, so you have to replace it at a frequent interval if you want to see your grill machine cover very new.


This type of fabrics is highly waterproof. So, if you can use grill cover using this type of material, it will offer you excellent protection against any rough weather that is snowfall or rain. 


It is the cheapest fabric used to make any grill cover. And beside this, it is the most durable fabric amongst any grill cover making fabric. So, it’s just now your turn, by which materials or fabrics you will make your grill machine cover.

Cleaning procedure of a gas grill cover:

Cleaning procedure of a gas grill cover

Weekend barbecue or grill party in our backyard is an ancient tradition in our country. But keeping the grill clean with its cover is also very much challenging rather than enjoying it. After the grill party is over, you may get your grill machine and its cover fantastically designed with some sauce splatter, burger grease and dust which come from outside the shelter. But, no worry, these simple and easy to do tasks will help you clean your cover as well as your grilling machine-

  • At first, remove all debris, or food (if remained) from the grill cover.
  • The second step is to hose down the sheet. Hosing down the grill cover will help the cleaning agent to penetrate the surface materials.
  • In this step, you have to apply a cleaning agent such as simple green heavy-duty grill cleaner. Spray over this cleaner over the everywhere of the grill cover. If you are unsure about the work procedure or mechanism of this cleaner, be sure at first to a spot test before starticleaning. And never spray this cleaner on any dry surface. It will create an unwanted hassle for you.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes to set the cleaner into the entire surface of the grill cover. After a few minutes when the cleaner is well set by penetrating into the grill cover, scrub soiled areas of the grill cover with a non-abrasive metal sponge or a smooth brush.
  • Now rinse all the surface of the grill cover thoroughly by a garden hose pipe or by a bucket of clean water.
  • In this step, let all the water throughout the cover. And let it dry into the open air.
  • It is the final stage. In this stage, you have to repeat the whole cleaning procedure if any tough stain or grime is stack onto the grill machine cover.

Some additional tips:

  1. Never cover the grill machine when it is hot. Wait for few times until it becomes cool down, then covered it.
  2. In warmer months, it is not mandatory to use your outdoor furniture covers. So many people may think a grilling machine also can remain when warmer months arrive. But the fact is, a grilling machine should always stay under a cover except when it is using to prepare any grill or barbeque food.
  3. Do not buy a low quality (felt lined) grill cover; it will tear away over time and degrades the grill machine causing a mess. A felt-lined grill cover is usually a sign of low-quality manufacturing using poor and weak cover materials.
  4. If you want to fit your grill cover with your grill machine more tightly, you can use any electric cords for an adequate fitting of the grill cover to the grill machine.
  5. Always try to use a hosepipe to clean the grill cover. Using a hose while cleaning, will increase the removal tendency of all dust and debris from the surface of this product.

Frequently asked question:

  1. Can I put my grill cover into my washing machine?

Well, we suggest not to clean your grill cover by using your washing machine. Washing of the grill cover into your washing machine will not only damage the cover, but also it can remain unsafe for your cooking area as well. So please avoid it.

  1. Do grill machine covers prevent any rust?

Most grill machines are keeping outside home. So, following the grill machine in the backyard without a grill cover will not protect the grill machine from the outer moisture or the rain.  As humidity or moisture is the main enemy of your grill machine, it is also responsible for catching the rust too. So, using a grill cover with a fixed time interval for wipe it down keeps the grill machine remain safe from any rust. But one thing I have to say here, you have to buy a stainless steel grill machine, and the grill gates have to coated with porcelain. Porcelain-coated surface effectively protects from many corrosions, and finally, it will not damage.

  1. What is the measurement procedure for the grill cover?

At first measure the height of your grill machine, it will be a distance from the highest portion of the grill machine to its ground.

Then measure the width of the grill machine. It is the distance between the farthest edge of the grill machine to the other.

It is a step you have to measure the depth of the grill machine. Just record the distance horizontally from the front of the grill machine to its back parts.

  1. Should you cover your grill machine after each use of it?

You should cover your grill machine all day long, though it is not necessary to keep your grill machine be covered 24/7. And remember that you have to wipe down your grill cover once in a month. And one more thing, never cover your grill when it is staying hot after accomplishing the grilling process. The more you will take care of your grill cover, the more it will serve you to continue its job.

  1. How can I handle my grill cover while it is raining?

Rain can harm your machine, falling of heavy rain onto the grill machine catch the rust and make the ash paste. So, we suggest you use a reliable gas grill cover like LiBa for your grill machine; it has a strapping facility within it so during heavy rain it never blows away from the grill machine. Besides this, it is made of synthetic polyester fabric so act as waterproof sheet onto the machine. And you can use some electric tie or cord to tighten the cover with the machine. As a result, you will find it more functional.


Buying a grill cover can sometimes be a difficult job, but if you know the information discussed above, you will feel very comfortable and confident to buy a grill cover and to use it.

So why are you delaying? Let’s have a grill party on the terrace of the house or in the backyard behind the house. The taste of eating hot grilled meat from a grilling machine is different. Just be sure to cover the grill machine once your party is over and your grill machine is cooled down.

We know, spending a few notes on expensive restaurants can be an absolute pleasure for us. But it’s even more pleasant having a barbecue party with family and friends which is arranged in the backyard garden.

So, to spend some quality time with friends and family you may consider buying a gas grill and the duty of the best gas grill cover is to save your grill machine  from rough wind, rain and also from pets or other small creatures.

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