How Much Wood Chips For Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (Answered)

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To taste the Yummy and mouth-watering smoky flavor in your grilled food, you have to know how much wood chips for Masterbuilt electric smoker. Welcome to this content to satisfy your inquiry.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

How Much Wood Chips You Need For Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

It depends on your desired flavor, heat, and amount of food. For Instance –

  • For vegetables and fruits, you need 2 to 4 ounces of wood chips
  • For chicken and turkey, 5-6 ounces is good enough
  • For ribs, you need 8 ounces of wood chips, and
  • 10 ounces of wood chips to prepare briskets 
  • 6-7 ounces wood for smoking tri-tip

Let’s reveal all things one by one.

  • The Foods You Are Cooking

How much wood chips you need most of the time depends on your recipe and the amount of food. If you are cooking some small pieces of salmon fish or a small number of chicken wings, then you need a few wood chips during starting.

And with these wood chips, you can finish your whole cooking. But if you are cooking a fair amount of fish, chicken, or turkey, then obviously, you have to add more chips when you’re going to start. 

Because the more amount of foods they need more amount of time, the more time means more wood chips.

  • The Smoky Flavor That You Like

Your favorite smoky flavor is another consideration criteria. Because every human being is different, and their taste is also different. 

So I know all people don’t like the same smoky flavor because when I grilled foods, some of my friends told me that the food tastes marvelous. 

On the contrary, after eating the same food, some of my friends told me that the food could be better. 

As I like to eat a little bit of smoky aroma in my food, so I maintained 30-45 minutes of cooking. After that, I removed the wood chips from the grill’s tray and didn’t refill it.

But if you like a deep smoky flavor, you may need to add more wood chips depending on your smoky flavor. 

In this case, I will suggest you experiment twice or more times to identify your favorite smoky flavor. And it is, of course, great fun for you if you are a grilled food lover.

  • Model of The Masterbuilt Smoker 

Yes, many things depend on your smoker’s model because all the smoker models are not the same. Different models have different sizes and capacities. Even different requirements to get the same kinds of smoky aroma.

I am using a Masterbuilt electric smoker 30”, which has a small wood chips tray and can load chips only for more or less than 45 minutes of smoking.

  • Upgrading Wood Chips Tray 

Sometimes, it is quite dull to add wood chips frequently. If you can upgrade your wood chips tray, you can avoid this boring task. The more time passes, the electric smoker is becoming more popular. 

Not only that, but the smoky flavor of grilled food is also becoming popular. So you can add a third-party wood chips tray with your original wood tray.

You can collect these kinds of trays from your favorite online shop Amazon. You can get hot and cold smoke by using an extra wood chips tray. You can also smoke cheese, salmon, southern poultry, salt, etc., with it.

If you arrange for a large family and friends to get together, you can produce smoke for an extended period. How good the opportunity is!

Topcellent Tip: As the Masterbuilt is an electric smoker, your food will be cooked by electric heat. That means you will use wood chips only for getting smoky flavor, not for getting heat! 

How Often Do You Add Wood Chips To Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 

Yes, if you are an amateur in grilling, then it is a big concern how often to add wood chips to your favorite smoker. But if you use your common sense, then you can solve it by yourself. 

First, go through the manual of your smoker, which the company has provided you during purchasing the smoker. Everything is written in detail about how much time it can produce smoke with a full tray of wood chips.

If you have found that your smoker can produce 1-hour smoke with full tray chips, you will get a rough idea about when you have to add the next chips.

If you want to smoke for 2 hours, you have to add chips one extra time. If you want to smoke for 4 hours, then add another three times. 

It is going like this! But if you get any unburned chips, keep them for the next time you smoke.

How To Use Wood Chips In The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

It is not a tough job to perform. Within some step-by-step process, you can use the perfect amount of wood chips to get your desired smoky flavor in your food.

Arrangements: When you wish to cook grilled food with the MES, make sure you arrange everything needed. Proper ventilation, enough space, a flat floor, wood chips, electric connection, and food ingredients are all parts of your arrangement.

Connect The Electricity: It’s time to connect the electricity with the masterpiece and load 1 cup of your favorite wood chips into the grill’s wood chips tray if you use 30” of MES. Besides the main grill, you can see a wood chips tray to load wood chips.

Reload The Wood Chips: When you are preheating your smoker, then the first time loaded chips may be half-burned within this time because it can take 20-30 minutes for preheating. Most of the time, it depends on the climate and weather of the area.

So you have to monitor the wood chips level. If the first time loaded chips are almost burned, you have to reload some other wood chips into the tray. But, make sure that all the wood chips have burned entirely. 

Set The Temperature: When it seems that the grill is getting quite preheated, put in the food and set up your desired temperature

While setting up grill temperature, you have to give the food’s temperature priority. Otherwise, there may be a chance to burn or uneven cook.

Reload More Chips: If you cook some simple recipes, then these two times wood chips are quite enough to get a fantastic smoky aroma into your food. But if you cook time-consuming recipes, like meat or turkey, you have to reload more wood chips.

What Size Wood Chips You Need For Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

During a BBQ party, you are eagerly waiting to taste a fantastic smoky flavor from your grilled food. 

But if you can’t select the right sizes of wood chips while cooking, you will not get the right smoky flavor. 

So you have to know the right sizes of wood chips for your MES. Here I am describing two options for choosing the best sizes of wood chips. 

No. 1: When You Are Preparing Wood Chips-

If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) person and like to prepare wood chips by yourself, then follow these simple steps.

  • Cut some wood from the tree.
  • Make the wood 3/8 to ½ disks from 4 inches long.
  • After that, break them into smaller chips.
  • Spread them under the hot sun to get as dry as it can.
  • Now the chips are ready to give you a great smoky flavor to your food.

No. 2: When You Have Bought From The Shop- 

I have mentioned above that everybody doesn’t like the same smoky flavor in their food. So when you are planning to purchase wood chips, you must consider some factors. For example

Select your favorite wood chips as there are different types of wood for smoking in the market.

Select the best and most reasonable sizes of chips that will fit into your electric smoker’s tray. Most of the time, you will find the wood chips are already cut to a proper size that will fit.

Note: If you buy smaller and thinner wood chips, they will burn quickly. But if you buy larger and thicker wood chips, they will take more time to burn. 

How Do You Get More Smoke From Your Electric Smoker

When you are fond of smoky flavor and want to get more smoke without wasting any wood chips, in this case, you have to know some hacks to get more smoke from fewer chips. There are a lot of hacks, but I like to share the best six hacks with you.

  • First Time Preseason-

It is a simple cooking home appliance like others. So you have to preseason your smoker before using it the first time to get the maximum performance. For pre-seasoning your smoker, rub it with neutral or olive oil. Then run it for 2 to 3 hours.

  • Control Temperature

Though you are a beginner to use an electric smoker, it is not as challenging for you to learn how to control the temperature. 

You have found some buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. So be an expert at using these buttons. It will help you to get more smoke. 

  • Select The Right Woods

You can use different types of chips according to your demand. So you have to select the right wood chips to get more smoke from your electric smoker. 

All kinds of chips are not the same and don’t produce the same amount of smoke. That’s why you have to select the right chips and use them in the right way. Otherwise, the afford will go in vain.

  • Be a Master of Meats

Every meat recipe does not require the same heat. If you can be a master to select the right temperature, then you will get a smoky flavor without any hassle.

  • Never Soak The Wood Chips

If you soak your wood chips before placing them into the grill’s tray, they will burn slowly and take more time to burn. But if you use dry chips, they will burn quickly and produce enough smoke to give a good smoky flavor to your food.

  • Don’t Open The Smoker Door Frequently

If you open the smoker door frequently to check the condition of your food, it will reduce the smoker’s temperature. 

The more the temperature fluctuates, the more time it takes to cook. And the more time passes, the more chips you need to smoke. So for getting more smoke, you have to avoid opening the door frequently.

Is wood chunks or pellets suitable for my Masterbuilt smoker?

No, you should not use wood chunks or pellets in your Masterbuilt electric smoker because all those chunks produce too much smoke, and the meat absorbs that smoke. 

If you want to eat healthy food, you should avoid it because these kinds of smoke are not beneficial for the human body.

Which kinds of wood chips are best for the Masterbuilt electric smoker?

If you want to get your favorite smoky flavor to your grilled foods, you have to add suitable wood chips in your Masterbuilt electric smoker. 

The most suitable wood chips are Alder, Cherry, Applewood, Orange, Hickory, Maplewood, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan, Peach, Walnut, etc.

From where can I purchase wood chips for my Masterbuilt smoker?

It is a very easy job for you to buy the best and most suitable wood chips. You can purchase these chips from your nearest shop from where you bought your smoker. Or you can collect them from online businesses like Amazon.

How much time does a turkey need to smoke on a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

If I give you a one-word answer, then it takes 6.5 hours. You have to add smoky flavor for 30-40 minutes unless the temperature heats to 165° F. 

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