Best wood for smoking chicken wings to bring such a flavor that fruity wood chips can never bring

Have you ever tried to congregate and feast foodies? We had to do this last week to win a bet. So, we were looking for the best wood for smoking chicken wings.

As you know, my wife and daughter are crazy fans of cooking new recipes. As soon as my friends come to know about this, they asked me to arrange a chicken party and my daughter wanted to felicitate her uncles with a completely new flavour.

So, without wasting any time, my daughter and wife started digging out such a chicken recipe that nobody knows about it and come to know that this premium oak wood chips by Western can help them bring an awesome smoky flavour to the chicken wings.

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Surprising facts about the best wood for smoking chicken wings

When it comes to cooking chicken wings or just smoky chicken, many of us prefer to use  fruity wood chips such as apple, cherry, etc. But bringing such fruity flavours to smoky chicken using those fruity wood chips is no longer so popular.

So, instead of making smoky chicken using the conventional fruit flavor, many now use maple, hickory or oak wood chips. Maple Wood Chips bring a sweet flavour to the chicken as well as smoky flavours. Hickory Wood Chips add a unique spicy taste to the smoky chicken, similar to South State’s cooking.

But, the thing I like to talk about is oak woods. It adds a completely different flavour to the smoky chicken. You’ll be surprised to know that though it’s yet to be so popular in the United States, Oak wood chips are more commonly used to make smoky chicken in the UK and Germany.

What is the wood chips?

Wood chips are small dry pieces of wood made from different parts of the tree, such as tree trunks, herds, bark or branches.

Usually, all parts ( accept leaves) of a tree can be used to make small wood chips. 

Mainly tree is two types, one is the hardwood type, and another one is softwood type. Anyway, both kinds of tree can be subjected to small pieces and finally can make various wood chips.

Why Oak chips:

Wood chips are chips that made from small pieces of wood, bark, shoots, root or stalk of any oak tree.

Oakwood is heavyweight wood and contains less moisture than any other soft weight wood around us.

The exciting thing is that oak wood contains a minimal amount of resin, so a nit and clean smoke is produced from oak wood chips upon incorporating into heat. 

Where some other softwood like pine, may contain huge resin which is so carcinogenic to human health.  But due to high density and minimum moisture contained in oak woods, they are free of any hazardous and cancerous substance. Besides this, softwood may be responsible for the formation of creosote on cooked meat  which is responsible to destroy the actual taste of cooked meat.

There is a variety of oak trees present around us. Approximately 600 species of oak are available, among them red and white oak are most popular as wood chips. They are readily available everywhere.  However, the red oak tree is more robust than the white oak tree. Both are available in North America, Europe, and in the US.

Red oak chips and white oak chips are almost the same. But if you need the smoke  for a long-duration, then red oak chips are best. Red oak wood is harder than the white one. That’s why they can burn for a long duration rather than white oak chips.

Red oak chips can be used to bring smoky flavour to the beef, chicken, mutton etc. If you want to bring smoky flavour to any light dishes, such as fish, chicken wings, poultry etc. you can use white oak chips into your smoker box. Beside of dried oak wood, you can use live and fresh oak wood chips for your smoking purpose too.

Cool features of Western Premium oak wood chips:

Post Oak wood chips are the products of Western Premium barbeque products. They are made from a freshly collected oak tree and treated well by a heat-treating system.

You can use it at your smoker box without any tension of having any insect, rodent or bacterial moulds in your smoking chips. As these wood chips are subjected to dry well in the factory, so they contain a minimal amount of oxygen into them.  

Western premium post oak flavoured wood chips are very easy to use, and you can use them into your gas grill, charcoal grill and electric smoker box too.

Smoking chips is a great way to increase the food tastiness in depth from the food. When it seems very ordinary to feed a usual recipe every time, only using of wood chips to make your meal smoky -can make you free from any fade-up feelings of eating the same tasting food regularly.

Next time you want to enjoy a smoky chicken or beef use western premium oak woods and be the cooking hero to your friends and family.

If you use the western premium oak wood chips, you can use it directly into your smoker box. No need to cut into small pieces. They come in perfect size. Just fill up your smoker box with this wood chips and place the wood smoker box on one side of the grill and then start cooking of your seasoned meat. Cook the chicken as much as you required by closing the lid as far possible.


  • It is 100% natural. There is no way to Contains any artificial pesticides or chemicals into it.
  • They are treated to a high temperature so that all insects, pastes, rot would die and the chips become risk-free.
  • Contain User-friendly chips size. Not more than 180 cubic inch sizes chips are present in all packets.
  • Spread a mild-flavoured smoke into the cooked meal.
  • Suitable for any type of meat. Such as Braised Brisket, Beef Sirloin or Filets, Salmon or Trout.
  • Give better smoky flavour for whole chicken and specially for smoky chicken wings.

White side & Dark side of Post Oak wood chips:

Diana said, oak wood chips have an extra aromatic flavour which she can feel pretty well. So she always prefers to use a mix of red and white oak while smoking any heavy or light meat. Mixing can so something better.

Madonna gives me a fantastic review on this wood chips. Because of the uncommon but nice aroma, she is very excited about this wood chips while cooking smoky chicken into her electric grill. Produce nice fragrance while cooking.

As John said- It’s a super medium smoky flavoured wood chips ever I seen. Hickory gives an over stronger flavour which I cannot tolerate, but oak gives a super medium flavour of my choice. Medium flavour.

Jenny said she would prefer to use a combo type wood chips in her kitchen. She loves to make a combo of white oak wood chips with cherry or apple wood  chips. This combo wood chips make a great aromatic smoke told jenny. She also loves Mix & Match method.

It was the first time Luna uses this wood chips packets. As usual, she also very satisfied using these wood chips. But one day she told me that she got approximate ten pieces of over large wood chunks into the chips packets which she could not utilized anyhow. Sometimes you may face this problem.

Pros @ a glance:

  1. User-friendly. Customer’s satisfaction is high here.
  2. Better for use with chicken. Gives a mild to moderate flavour to enhance the chicken’s taste. Oak wood chip  contains a delicate Smokey flavor.
  3. Give an extra dense aromatic flavor to the cooked smoky chicken or beef.
  4. Variety of packets sizes makes very easy to transportation process from one place to another. 
  5. Easy to buy also, need less expanse. 
  6. Proper and perfect size.
  7. The alternative to charcoal.
  8. Can use by mixing with charcoal.
  9. Hundred percent natural product, never contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives.

Cons @ a glance:

  • Not suitable for all types of meats.
  • Very often customer gives negative feedback of using these wood chips as they ignite so quickly that comparison with other wood chips it requires a huge amount to fulfil the smoking procedure.
  • It requires to treat with a high temperature so requires a top technological procedure in the factory.
  • These chips may cause your charcoal to extinguish sometimes.
  • Some customers said they had found mould in the chips packets.

8 easy steps for smoking chicken by oak wood chips:

  1. Take said amount of oak wood chips ( according to the recipe).
  2. Keep all the wood chips into your wood smoker box since you have a gas grill or a charcoal grill so most probably you have an inbuilt smoker box within your grill bar. If you don’t have any such type in the built system no problem, you can use an aluminium foil Pan or bag to keep the wood chips within the grill.
  3. So, fill up the smoker box or aluminium bag or pan and make a pause using another Aluminum foil to reduce oxygen level of your wood chips.
  4. Start firing, place the smoker box in the grill.
  5. Wait to raise the heat temperature to 299-399 degree centigrade. At temperature above 300-degree centigrade, the wood chips will start to release dense smoke.
  6. Keep your seasoned meat onto the grill and cover it very well.
  7. Now cook your meat in your way either by a direct or indirect grilling procedure.  
  8. Finally, when cooking is over, turn off all heat burners and let it cool at room temperature. Never make it too thick smoked while smoking; it will degrade your foods testiness.

Get Creative with Mix & Matching of various wood Chips:

If you are a newbie about your smoking staff, you may fall into great confusion about what type of smoker you should try, which aromatic flavor will suit or what type of wood chips you have to buy etc.

So when you start to smoke any meal, start by buying a wood smoking chips variety gift set. This variety set will give you a lot of ideas about how the flavours affect your food. These chips set are smaller in size and work better for your indoor use only.

Once you give some trial with the various sets of wood chips with your smoky recipe, you will find your preferable one and so will often use this one as we’ve discovered oak chips for chicken wings.

Never be afraid of experimenting with mixing the wood chips as there is endless combination so you can give a lot of trials with your variety of meat and various recipes.

Suppose you are going to make any smoky chicken with tropical pineapple based recipe so that you can use here a mixer of apple wood  chips with oak wood chips. A mixer of these two chips will provide your chicken a dense sweet flavor.

Again if you want to make any Southern beef recipe, use mesquite and pecan wood chips together. Mesquite wood chips will create a strong taste and pecan create a light sweet flavoured smoke. 

There are lots of wood chips that can be a perfect pair with your meal while smoking. If you use a wood smoking flavour chart, you can pick all those pairing of wood chips with your meal. So chill, and try various wood chips combinations.

Yes, many smoke lovers often use flavoured wood chips to make an aromatic smoked salt too. So get mad and try all the possible combinations of wood chips and be a smoke ninja.

Oak wood chip flavor, how could it make a unique  aroma with its smoke?

The flavour of oak wood chips varies from the medium and very light smoky flavour. They offer a more enthusiastic and distinctive smoky flavour rather than hickory or mesquite smoky flavour. Where hickory and mesquite wood chips spread a unique and very strong  smoky flavor.

But oak spread a mild-flavoured smoke to the cooked food. Hence, oak wood chips have a negligible amount of aftertaste effect on a meal. As a result, the smoky diet never loses its original yammynezz.

Wood chips, chunks or logs?

wood chips chunks or logs

Before deciding your wood chips, you should elaborately know about three classifications of wood pieces.

Wood chips are most thin pieces of wood which are made by wood chipping process using a wood chipper. Mostly they are wood scraps and wood shavings. But they ignite so quickly, so it is not pretty well to smoke your meal.

Wood chunks are more prominent than wood chips. I prefer using wood chunks due to their fist-sized pieces. Wood chunks take more hour to ignite than wood chips; ultimately, that’s why it is better to use in the grill or smoker box. Wood chunks are less expensive by the way, so for me, it’s an excellent choice, and I always prefer using wood chunks.

Wood logs are full wood pieces. They are used in the fireplace or build in a campfire. So to make a barbecue on a campfire, you can use wood logs. But for home kitchen purpose it is useless. As it is large, so take extra time to ignite fully. It  also creates an unnecessary huge smoke which degrades the taste of the food.

Wood logs are hazardous for transport purpose also it takes an enormous amount of money from your purse while buying it. Now it completely depends on you whether you go for logs, chunks or wood chips.

How to make wood chips?

Well, it is not any complicated process. First of all, cut your selected tree into large pieces. Wood chips can produce by cutting or chipping process. The method of chipping Wood is accomplished with the help of a wood chipper.

According to the origin of wood for making wood chips, there are variations in the name. For example,  when wood chips made from any wood collected from the forest area, termed as forest chips.

Again when wood chips made from any untreated wood or wood residue or recycled wood or off-cut wood termed as wood residue chips. Wood chips collected from any sawmill residue is termed as sawing residue wood chips. And if any wood chips received from any energy crop, termed as short rotation forestry chips.

Whatever the origin or sources of all wood chips, their functioning in cooking progress is more or less the same in enhancing the smoky flavour of grilled food. Anyway, you can make your wood chips by yourself. But, do it at your own risk. Here’s how to do it-

Why do they reduce oxygen to make wood chips?

Some native bacteria from the farm’s soil come into the wood and form big colony here. These bacteria termed as denitrifying bacteria, and they eat carbon from the woods to survive. This denitrifying bacteria is also responsible for inhaling the nitrate and finally removing nitrogen into the water.

However, a large amount of oxygen is also present in all woods beside the nitrate present.  

Wood chips produce smoke when the heater temperature reaches up to 299 – 399-degree centigrade. Burning of wood chips produces a phenolic compound which reduces the animal fat rancidity as well as gives an aromatic flavour.

However, during the combustion of wood chips, it creates smoke and heat with producing some fire fame. This fire fame is built due to the presence of oxygen into the wood.

So it is mandatory to reduce the oxygen level of wood chips so that it smokes for a long time and let it not to burn in a short time.

The best way to reduce the oxygen level is to keep the wood chips in a metal wood chips smoker box or using a wire mash smoking box, so that extra oxygen can release out from your wood chips while smoking.

What is the best wood for smoking wings?

There are lots of smoking wood chips available in the market. But all are not suitable for every recipe. So you have to customize the perfect wood chips for your specific recipe.

For massive meat such as beef or lamb or mutton, hardwood is required as wood chips. So you can use mesquite or hickory wood chips for your smoky beef recipe. For chicken or fish barbeque, you can use red or white oak wood chips. Oak wood chips are less hard in comparison with hickory or mesquite wood chips.

Anyway, though you can use some fruity wood chips such as apple, cherry, or maple wood chips to bring a mild fruity flavour to your smoky chicken, most of the chef’s choice is to use of oak wood chips for whole smoky chicken or only smoky chicken wings.

Very often a combination of two different wood chips are used  to enhance an extra smoky flavor while smoking. Such as using a combination of hickory wood chips with apple or cherry wood chips will enhance a mild sweet taste while you are going to make a smoky beef butt or beef shoulder.

You can bring a smoky flavour by using any wood chips in your smoking process. But if you want to specify your chicken or meat by any specific flavour, you have to select your preferred wood chips among all of them.

Never use any wood chips from any unknown source. If the raw wood or tree was painted or chemically treated, avoid any wood chips from that tree.

Some resinous softwood trees such as pine, eucalyptus, cedar should not use as wood chips. These wood chips not only bitter your cooked food, but they also incorporate a carcinogenic substance onto your cooked meal, which is very dangerous to the human body.

For any chicken recipe, you can use a combination of fruitwood chips with the hickory or alder wood chips, but you have to fix the ratio of both the wood chips in a proper way.

If you wish, you can make a bundle of a different wood branch and store them for further use. But you should make the bundle with hickory, oak, and pecan wood branch so that you can achieve an authentic conventional flavour when you use them. Hope you got the answer.

How to choose the correct wood chips?

You can choose 4 types of wood chips while cooking smoky chicken.

Mild flavoured wood chips:

Apple and cherry wood chips are the best example of softwood chips around us. You can use soft wood chips for cooking any smoky chicken poultry, turkey or fish item.

Medium flavoured wood chips:

You can use medium wood chips for cooking of any dark-coloured dense meat such as smoky beef or brown chicken meat.  Example of medium wood chips are- oak, hickory, maple, cedar, etc. This type of wood chips provides a super smoky flavour to your smoky meal.

Strongly flavoured wood chips:

Such as mesquite wood chips. This type of wood chips provides super stronger smoky flavour. You can use it for cooking of beef limb or lamb butt etc. But careful not to use more than one cup of mesquite wood chips at a time while smoking. Only one cup of mesquite wood chips will go for a long and durable effect. 

Combo flavoured wood chips:

You can use a combination of two or more wood chips if you wish. There is no specific rule to make any comb of wood chips. Just blend one to another as you want and enjoy a new smoky flavor of your own choice.

The procedure for using oak wood chips:

It is simple as  usual process like using other wood chips. Just keep the desired amount of oak wood chips into your smoker box and heat it. Spread the wood chips into your smoker box as much as possible then cover it by some amount of ashes.

If you want to smoke your chicken by using charcoal, no problem then you can add some oak wood chips onto the hot charcoal and cover it by aluminium foil. If you do this, your smoky chicken will absorb some oak flavour which will enhance the smoky intensity.

Soaking of wood chips before starting to cook is a conventional way; Some think it is mandatory to absorb all the wood chips before start your smoking operations, but again, others are saying that soaking is not mandatory. It never increases any practical value to the smoking procedure. ,So now the decision is up to you, whether you will soak your wood chips or not. But, before taking any decision, let’s see what my friend Jamie suggests-

15 things you must know to use wood chips for smoking chicken wings:

Do you think that summer is the best time for making a barbecue or steak in your backyard garden!

Well, I never think that making barbeque or steak anymore is a  seasonal issues. Whether it is summer or winter, who cares! I want to make a smoky flavoured meal whenever I wish to eat it.

So to make your smoking process easier, I am describing these facts very thoroughly  here. Just read it keeping your kids busy in flying toy drones!!

1] How would you Use Wood Chips For Smoking?

You can use your wood chips by a smoker box into your gas grill or your charcoal grill. The more exciting thing is that you can make your meal smoky despite you don’t have a gas grill or charcoal grill also.

Well equipped today’s gas grill or charcoal grill contains a built-in system of putting wood chips for smoking. But if your gas grill /charcoal grill doesn’t have any inbuilt system, you can make it with the help of any technician.

Another exciting thing is that you can even make your meal smoky while you are cooking in an oven or pan. For getting a smoky flavour while cooking into a stove or pan, use an aluminium foil bag, or you can rape the charcoal and wood piece into an aluminium pan and then keep the pan in one corner of your container or oven. But, I don’t like to do it.

2] Do you want to grill any meal With Wood Chips On your Charcoal? 

If you are using a charcoal grill, no problem, you can also add here wood chips to bring a smoky flavour.

Rap all wood chips with a foil paper, make some pore onto the foil so that maximum smoke can come out while smoking. If possible, spread some ashes onto the wood chips, then place the wrapped foil paper beneath your dedicated heat burner.

3] Using procedure of Wood Chips On your Gas Grill:

So it’s an effortless procedure to use wood chips through a smoker box beneath your cooking meals. Just keep the wood chips into the smoker box then cover it with the lid and place the smoker box within the grill bar.

4] How Long do I Soak all the Wood Chips For my wood Smoker:

It is a matter of confusion either you should soak your wood chips or not. According to some professional grilling guru, you should obviously soak your wood chips if you want to ignite your wood chips for a long duration. Well soaking of wood chips thirty minutes before placing into the fireplace, prepare them not to let burn at a glance while smoking.

Many renowned chefs recommend soaking the wood chip overnight or over a day so that you can make a beautiful Boston butt at your desire. For any smoky steak preparation, you need to soak the wood chips only for thirty or forty minutes.

So the longer you want to smoke your meal, the longer you should soak your wood chips accordingly.

As there are so many recommendations for soaking the wood chips before smoking, but still there are so many chefs who suggest not to soak the wood chips at all. They think soaking of wood chips overnight or over half an hour unnecessarily make them saturated with water and dump them.  

So, it’s your choice whether you want to smoke your wood or you want to a whole burning piece of wood. 

But I suggest to soak the wood chips before smoking; it is better to smolder the wood than just let it burnt at a while.

5] How Often Should I Change Wood Chips In my wood Smoker?

Well, there is no specific rule to change wood chips in your wood smoker box. You may change it after five to six hours at your wish. Again you can add one or two cups of new wood chips on the top of the old burned one. The important thing is to look out for the quality of smoking items every time when you change the wood chips into your wood smoker box.

You can use a cooking log, to maintain a detailed log of what mixer of chips you are using, what flavour,  and how often you change the disks. So after a throughout calculation or experiment, you can fix your perfect combination for your every further use.

Be sure of those wood chips which already you used three or four times into your wood smoker. Let’s change the wood chips at your desire. keep in mind that thin smoking means you have to add fresh wood chips into your wood smoker box now.

6] Is red oak wood good for smoking?

Red oak is more hardwood than the white oak. It is good to use for beef or brown chicken.

7] Can oak be used to smoke meat?

It can handle. Moreover, you should consider of oak wood chips for bringing a mild aromatic sweet flavour into your grilled chicken wings.

8] Is Live Oak good for smoking meat? 

It is useful if you can use two or three years old aged green live oak for your smoking process. Just cut the whole tree into large pieces then chipping them into wood chips. But, I don’t like to cut live trees while readymade wood chips are available.

9] Why does my smoked meat taste bitter? 

Maybe you are using excess amount of wood chips while smoking. Excessive use of wood chips produce a thick smoke thus produce a massive carbon while burning. Thus a vast carbon is stored on meat while cooking and finally make it bitter.

10] What’s the most accessible meat to smoke? 

A total chicken is much more comfortable to cook smoky. Beside this poultry meat are so available at the nearest grocery shop, so it is straightforward to prepare and smoke the freshly collected poultry meat whenever you wish.

11] What is the cheapest meat to smoke? 

Poultry is the first in the most affordable list of all meat. Then accordingly, turkey, beef, lamb, etc.

12] Do you keep adding wood chips when smoking? 

It depends up to your choice. You can add wood chips when half of your cook has done. Or you can add it when you can feel that your smoke has been thin accordingly. 

13] Does smoked meat raise blood pressure? 

Any smoked meat (chicken, beef, pork) can increase hypertension to anyone. Due to hypertension, the blood circulation system is disrupted, and finally, a heart attack may occur.

14] Can I use a smoker indoors? 

Yes, you can. But for indoor use, you have to use a small size electric grill. Abundant sized gas or charcoal grill will produce so much heat, which seems dangerous to your home. Besides this, it creates enormous black wastage which will spoil your floor or tiles.

15] Why does smoked meat taste good?

though an artificial smell is dominating the original taste of smoked food that doesn’t indicates that its taste reduces any amount. 

In the smoking process, when the meat surface’s breaks down into amino acid and sugar, a reaction named maillard reaction occurs on the meat surface.

Due to this maillard reaction, all bacteria potentially died on the meat surface so the cooked meat can preserve for a long time. And as all living bacteria eventually died and all the fat burns onto the meat surface, it increases the good taste of food.


So how smoky or delicious your cooked chicken will be totally depends on not only your wood  chips, but also on your smoking method.

Yes, if you use an excellent flavored wood chips while cooking your smokey chicken, then you might find an elegant tasty smoky flavor from your Smokey Chicken. But to make your smoky chicken very yummy, you must keep your chicken exposed to the smoke for sufficient time at a low temperature.

Therefore,  a successful smoky chicken cooking does not just depend on your grill, oven or wood chips. Always try to remember one thing very sharply, any type of cooking is just an art.

Whatever you are trying to cook, jus put your total concentration over it. Your patience with your full concentration simply sharpen your cooking skill and the best wood for smoking chicken wings will always make your chicken yummy.

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