Pecan Wood For Smoking Meat & Turkey Including My 5 Picks

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One of the healthiest ways to make foods is to smoke them. For this, you need to choose suitable wood and pecan wood is a good one. Using pecan wood for smoking makes your food double times tastier and healthier than ever.

Pecan wood is enriched with a sweet and light flavor. It does not create any heavy smoke and creates as few sparks as possible.

Through this article, you will be able to know about some good quality pecan woods for smoking and how pecan wood is versatile by getting mixed with others, and how it can be used effectively. 

So, keep an eye on it!

Where To Buy The Best Pecan Wood For Smoking Meat

Pecan wood chips and chunks are well-known for smoking meat. In comparison with other fruit woods, pecan wood puts a strong and long-lasting smoky flavor. You can find pecan food on the website of Amazon or some good e-commerce sites. 

Now, these are available in the local shops too as the cooking technique of smoking is so famous nowadays. If you fail to find pecan woods in your nearest shops, then Amazon is just one click away. You will find it there surely. 

Now let’s get introduced with some amazing pecan wood chips and chunks-

Smoak Firewood Pecan Wood Chunks

The ‘Smoak Firewood’ company is known for keeping its products 100% natural. Their products are honored with the title of being the most durable and organic ever. There are no extra chemical substitutes added in their manufacturing. 

If you need some good wood chunks that can satisfy your cooking demand can go for these Smoak’s pecan wood chunks. 

Smoak Firewood Pecan Wood Chunks

Top features

  • Burns cleanly
  • Burns long time
  • Adds flavor to food
  • Pest free wood chunks
  • 100% natural and organic

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The manufacturing source of these good-quality wood chunks is in the USA. These wood chunks are fist-sized and USDA certified. This certification justifies that these chunks are nearly perfect to use. 

These are pest-free and do not spread unwanted ashes here and there while burning. That means these ensure a clean-burning environment. 

Pecan wood’s heat retention is a bit lower than others as it burns fast and keeps it continuing for a long time. This burning longevity adds a sweet and strong flavor to the food. 

By using Smoak Firewood pecan wood chunks, you will get a mixed flavor of spicy and sweet both in your food. The versatility of these pecan wood chunks will make you want them more. 

Camerons Pecan BBQ Wood Chips

Generally, most of the companies make natural wood chips but the ‘Camerons’ make sure that their wood chips should be 100% pure and natural. They make the pecan wood chips almost crushed and cleaned so that they do not create unnecessary ashes. These pecan wood chips are best for smoking chicken, turkey and poultry.

So, if you want to store the pecan wood chips for a long time and want to have a stronger fruity flavor added to your food, you can try these ‘Camerons’ pecan wood chips.

Camerons Pecan BBQ Wood Chips

Top Features

  • Long-lasting
  • 100% natural
  • Gets burnt faster
  • Works with all grills
  • Made from raw timber

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The Camerons pecan wood chips are coarsely cut for better and effective usage. This special quality makes it more useful for smoking poultry, lamb, beef, etc. other meats. The friendly-sized pecan wood chips so that they can be coped up with any grill easily. 

These pecan wood chips are perfectly dried and dried wood chips burn faster than any other fuel source. That is why you will not have to wait for much till the chips start burning. 

These pecan chips give a long-lasting strong fruity flavor to the food. So, invest some in these good quality pecan wood chips.

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Myron Mixon Pecan Wood Chunks

Myron Mixon’s wood chunks are known for their versatile flavor adding quality, especially their pecan wood is praiseworthy and worth the money. These pecan woods are full of uniqueness and enhance the meat’s flavor profile. They provide more of a sweet and smoky flavor to the food. 

As they do not produce excessive smoke, you can use them both indoors and outdoor.

Myron Mixon Pecan Wood Chunks

Top Features

  • Naturally dried
  • Hand packaged
  • Locally produced
  • Best for BBQ smoking
  • Adds smoky & nutty flavor

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These pecan wood chunks are used by professional cooks too. So, there is no doubt about its quality and usefulness. If you are an organic product lover, you may try these wood chunks and have delicious food. 

Mechanically dried pecan wood chips sometimes fail to get stored for a long time though they claim to be so. But the ones that are naturally produced and naturally dried by using no harsh chemical are always of top-notch quality. You will feel the smoky flavors fresh when you use them. 

The Myron Mixon pecan woods are special because they put a different kind of smoky nutty flavor to the food. These large pecan wood chunks are best for BBQ smoking. Beef or poultry can be smoked using these pecan wood chunks. 

They come with a breathable bag that is hand packaged with alert. You can have faith in Myron Mixon pecan wood chunks for your cooking.

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Western Premium Pecan Wood Chips

The ‘WESTERN’ company produces the most reasonable products ever. Their pecan wood chips are both premium quality and reasonable. This is an exciting deal for smoky food lovers. These wood chips come with premium packaging and have amazing qualities to impress their consumers. 

You will taste a rich smoky flavor and these are specialized for BBQ smoking too. Just put enough amount of pecan wood chips and you will see how fast and accurately they smoke meat after burning themselves.

Western Premium Pecan Wood Chips

Top Features

  • Premium quality
  • Precise with heat
  • Suitable for all grills
  • Rot prevention ability
  • Used for a variety of foods

Check today’s price on Amazon

These Western premium pecan wood chips are light-weighted. They are a way of adding a smoky and slightly nutty flavor to the deep inside of the meat. 

They get adjusted easily with all kinds of grills and are pretty easy to be used. So, no worries in this case!

The whole packet full of pecan wood chips is precise with heat so that they can prevent rot and can be stored for a long time. Rot prevention ability is a rare quality and it proves that these wood chips are very premium. 

Moreover, these are okay with smoking any type of food. You can smoke brisket, chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables through them too. Try these premium pecan wood chips and enjoy their versatility. 

Weber Pecan Smoking Wood Chunks

If you want a sweet and mild smoky flavor for your food, then you should go with the ‘Weber’ pecan wood chunks. These can be in just charcoal grills. Weber wood chunks are generally larger than any other wood chunks you will find in the market. 

‘Weber’ is a well-known company that provides reasonable products and better services. With the perfect large size and longevity of burning, Weber offers you the most hyped deal you may ever find. Grab it today!

Weber Pecan Smoking Wood Chunks

Top Features

  • Kiln-dried
  • Reasonable in price
  • Larger than regular chunks
  • Can smoke varieties of foods
  • Provides sweet and fruity flavor

Check today’s price on Amazon

Fish, beef, poultry, brisket, chicken, and whatever you ask for, you can smoke with these pecan wood chunks. 

This versatility with premium quality is what you want. They provide a very light fruity and smoky flavor to the smoke. So, those who like light smoked food can try these wood chips undoubtedly. 

These pecan wood chunks burn for a long. You can use them instead of charcoal briquettes. You can use them on the outside as a heat source too. But, because of its roughly cut shape, you may have a hesitation of its wood grains.

This may irritate you while smoking. Or else, everything about these pecan wood chips is amazing. Shop now and enjoy smoking!

What Is Pecan Wood Good For Smoking Meat

Yes, pecan wood is good for smoking because pecan wood is known for its versatile uses and it gets originated from Mexico and the southern US. It is kind of similar to hickory wood but adds quite a lightly fruity and smoky flavor to the food. 

Though pecan wood works best by collaborating with some other woods, it still is one of the best woods for smoking meat as it maintains the moisture of the meat even after smoking it slowly for a long time. 

You can smoke any meat with pecan woods. It is more reasonable than other fruitwoods. Although they provide a nutty flavor to the meat, you will not get in any problem if you have an issue of allergy to nuts. 

Amazing, right? So, pecan good is just awesomely suitable for smoking meat.

What Meat Do You Smoke With Pecan Wood

Pecan woods are used by professionals because of their use to smoke varieties of meats. Starting from briskets to beef, you can smoke literally anything by using pecan woods.

smoking meat with pecan wood

These come in the shape of chips and chunks. You can use it according to your need. 

Pecan is the best option for smoking briskets and poultry. Briskets and poultry do not need a strong smoky flavor to get cooked. As pecan gives a mild taste, you can use them easily.

Beef and lamb are the perfect meat to be smoked with pecan wood. If you want to make the flavor a bit stronger, you can mix pecan wood with some other fruity woods. It will enhance the flavor profile of the meat and will give you an awesome smoky taste.

Chicken is not perfect for pecan wood. But if you want to add a slightly nutty taste and mild fruity smoky flavor to chicken you can use pecan wood for sure.

Sometimes, you can use pecan woods for smoking fish and vegetables too. Though vegetables do not go perfectly with these, you can give it a try. I am sure it will be loved.

These are the varieties of meat you can smoke with pecan wood. Shop pecan wood and use it for smoking your favorite meat today. 

Exclusive Guide To Smoke Chicken With Pecan Wood

Smoked or roasted chicken tastes heavenly when it is smoked with pecan wood. Pecan wood makes the taste of chicken differently flavorful.

smoking chicken with pecan wood

Nowadays, BBQ chicken has become everyone’s favorite and for making this, pecan wood is a must. Because pecan wood is specialized for smoking BBQ dishes. 

There are many benefits of smoking chicken with pecan wood. It will add a delicate smoky flavor to the chicken you want to cook. As it cooks slowly, it will not burn your food. 

Moreover, it keeps the juiciness of the meat. So, you can have the juiciest chicken if you smoke with pecan wood.

Now, let’s know how to smoke chicken perfectly with pecan wood-

  • First of all, you should let the wood chips or chunks soak for 30 minutes minimum. Though this process is not mandatory, you can do so for moisturizing the whole smoking process.
  • Now you have to marinate the chicken pieces according to the recipe you want to cook. Keep the marinated chicken aside for a while till the wood chunks get soaked fully. 
  • Now strain all the water and put the water-soaked chunks onto the smoking tray and turn on the burner of the grill. They will start burning fast. 
  • Keep the temperature up to 200 to 230degree F.
  • After the smoking tray gets hot, put the marinated chicken pieces one by one at a safe distance from each other. 
  • Flip the chicken pieces after every 1 hour to make all the sides evenly smoked.
  • Now, smoke the chicken for around 3 to 4 hours according to your need.

It is highly recommended to use pecan wood for smoking meat, especially chicken as it adds a delicate nutty and smoky taste to the meat. 

Try these mentioned processes and from now on, you will be able to smoke chicken using pecan wood.

How To Prepare Pecan Wood For Smoking

Smoking your food is a great choice of taste as well as a unique cooking style nowadays. Woods play an important role in this process, adding various flavors according to their origin. 

This can also affect the tenderness of your meat and the overall result. About choosing a wood according to your taste, Pecan woods are a great choice. 

So, let’s know about the mandatory preparations before using these woods for smoking-

  • At the very first of flaming the woods, they should be well dried. Unless they hold moisture in them which might not let them hold the flame and hinder the cooking process. And that is a wastage of time as well as woods.
  • The next step is to get the woods according to the needed size. If the woods are the size of logs, then you might be needed a smoker with a larger space. And getting chunks and chips for large smokers are also not suitable. That’s why size variations are an important part of this preparation. 
  • Before flaming, a necessary knowledge about the needed amount of woods is needed. Using a massive amount of logs even though only a few are enough can create a high amount of smoke and control the cooking method.
  • The woods should be spitted into links for a better experience. This easy method can help you to control the flame and smoke according to you.

The following steps guide you to the adequate preparation of these woods. About smoking, these pecan woods can perform well only if they are prepared well. This preparation can leave a lot of effect on the cooking process and flavors as well. 

And that is why it is suggested to follow the mentioned steps above to have a better smoking experience. 

A Great Combination Of Apple And Pecan Wood For Smoking

When it comes to smoking food with your favorite flavors, both pecan wood and apple wood come with an outstanding performance. 

As we know mixing woods for smoking is a great choice as well as an interesting thing to do. And about it, mixing similar flavors is suggested. 

  • Pecan woods

Pecan woods burn slow which allows them to spread their mild and delicious flavor all inside the meat. They go great with BBQs. Pecan woods have an amazing delicate flavor in them which doesn’t go well after mixing with other woods. But mild fruity flavors may go well with this wood sometimes.

  • Apple woods

Apple wood is a famous name among BBQ lovers who look for mild flavors in their meals. Apple woods have an amazing light fruity flavor in them which allows the meat to absorb all the fruitiness and remain tender. 

An accurate amount of flame can let your work with apple woods get easier and enrich your food with its mouthwatering taste.

Both apple woods and pecan woods share a similar type of flavor in them which enriches the food with their mild and unique flavor. As we know, mixing woods with similar flavors to flame is a good idea that can be used for smoking your favorite food. 

So mixing apple wood with pecan woods won’t let you regret your decision as they share a very unique and delicate flavor with each other. So, it is worth mixing apple and pecan woods. 

Pecan Vs Oak Vs Apple Wood For Smoking

Pecan, apple, and oak woods are famous and massively used in the whole world. Smoking woods create a huge effect on the food that you are going to smoke. So before smoking, at least knowledge about the woods is a good idea indeed. 

But there is always a difference between types of woods that help us to differentiate when and which wood should be used.

Pecan WoodOak WoodApple Wood
Pecan woods have a mild and delicate flavor.Oak woods have a strong flavor.Apple woods have a very mild and fruity flavor.
Pecan woods go great with both charcoal and gas grills.Oak woods go great in electric smokers but they can be used in gas grills as well.Apple woods go well in charcoal smokers.
Pecan woods burn hot and slow.Oak wood takes time to flame up.Apple woods burn faster than oak and pecan woods.
Only a few woods create a good combination with pecan woods after mixing.Oaks don’t go good by mixing any other woods with itApple woods work even well by mixing similarly flavored woods with it.
Pecan woods go great smoking beef, pork but it doesn’t work well with fishOak woods work well with lambs and beef especially.Apple woods go good with any type of poultries.

Overall, all the woods mentioned above play an important role in creating a difference in your food. But before smoking, you should know which wood goes well with which poultry. And this is how working with these woods would be even easier.

Pecan Chips Or Chunks –  What Fits For What

Pecan woods are a great choice for smoking with a light and delicate flavor. These woods are enough to enrich your poultry with your desired flavors. And these woods are found in different sizes and shapes in the market. 

Any of them might work well with your cooking but you have to decide your choice according to the space of your smoker and desire. 

  • Pecan Wood Chips

Wood chips are the smallest size of wood found in the market to flame. Chips burn easily due to their low density. They take a very short amount of time to catch flame and remain it for a couple of minutes. 

If you’re looking for a meal that cooks fast and can be used easily, you’ll probably need wood chips. They give a fast hand performance and that’s enough for a short time flaming.

  • Pecan Wood Chunks

Pecan wood chunks are larger in size than chips. They have a higher density in them which means they take time to flame up. But when they catch the flame, they remain in it for a long time. 

And that is what you need for long-term cooking. Dried chunks are alone enough to continue the flame of your smoker and keep spreading its delicate flavor all inside the meat.

About using one between wood chips and chunks, it’s highly recommended to go with the one with several purposes. In my opinion, chunks take more time to flame up than chips. 

They remain the smoke for hours which also saves a lot of time and energy.  And that is why I consider pecan chunks more effective and useful than pecan chips to smoke.

Is pecan wood good for smoking brisket?

For smoking briskets, pecan wood is the best suitable wood. Briskets taste better with a light smoky flavor and pecan wood does so. It provides mild and fruity flavor to the food. As it creates light smoke, that is why pecan wood is good for smoking briskets.

Does pecan burn hotter than oak?

No, pecan does not burn hotter than oak. Oak wood is one of those woods that provide strong flavor and burn really hot with massive smoke. On the other hand, pecan wood produces less smoke and burns slowly and lighter than oak wood by giving a milder taste.

Does pecan wood smoke a lot?

No, pecan wood does not smoke a lot. This wood is safe to use as it produces a very less amount of smoke while getting burnt. This wood is environmentally friendly and creates the right amount of smoke.

How long do you season pecan wood for smoking?

Seasoning wood means drying it out for better usage. It can’t happen in just one night. You will need a few weeks or maybe a few months to season it naturally.

Though few companies use the kiln way to season the wood faster, the natural process is the best one. It may take a whole summer to season pecan wood for smoking.

Can you smoke with fresh pecan wood?

Actually, pecan wood should be dried while used to smoke. It generally maintains the moisture of the meat. But fresh pecan wood is not fully dried. They will put more moisture to the meat and may differ the taste that may not be liked by all. That is why you should not smoke with fresh pecan wood.


Pecan woods are one of the finest woods and environmentally friendly ever. These go with almost every kind of meat. I hope, through this article, you have now known about affordable and best quality pecan wood for smoking. Using pecan woods for smoking is now easy for you as you have just gone through this article.

If you are confused about which pecan wood you should buy can definitely be one of the 5 pecan woods I have mentioned here. These will surely satisfy your need, give you a healthy cooking experience and the tastiest foods. For adventurous taste, you can mix these pecan woods with any other woods. You will love the result. Good Luck!

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