Apple Wood For Smoking Meat – Is Apple Wood Good For Smoking?

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Apple wood is one of the most well-known woods all over the world. Almost all kinds of foods can be smoked by using apple wood as it provides a kind of mild taste to any food. There are few companies like Smokehouse and Cameron that sell apple wood yearly in a good deal.

A mild smoky flavor with the sweet essence of fruity flavor is an amazing combination for smoky food lovers, right? 

This article will introduce you to some amazing quality apple wood for smoking. So, just read through the whole article to quench your knowledge’s thirst. 

5 Best Apple Wood For Smoking & Grilling

Many people get confused and think that there is only one kind of apple wood that exists in the world. But actually, this is wrong. To correct and modify the diary of your knowledge, let me introduce you to some amazingly usable and famous different kinds of apple woods that you may love to use.

Western Apple Smoking Wood Chips

These types of smoking chips are created and owned by the Smokehouse company. They ensure to maintain the naturality of the apple wood. They also claim to be the kind of wood that can remove all the pests with excessive smoke.

The Smokehouse’s western wood chips create a gentle amount of smoke during cooking. These can be used in smokers too but are mostly suitable for electric smokers. These burn nicely at low temperatures.

You can try these western wood chips for having a delicate and sweet smoky taste to your food.

Western Apple Smoking Wood Chips

Top Features

  • Lasts long
  • Idle sized packaging
  • Finely cut wood chips
  • Works well on electric grills
  • Can provide varieties of smoke
  • Can go with all kinds of meat and seafood

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Weight1.4 lbs
Wood TypeChips

In the packet of the western smoking wood chips, it is said that they are 100% natural and that is absolutely true. You will feel that they are natural when you will use them in real. 

There are hardly any mixes in the packet. The wood chips are finely cut. They can eliminate pests by the smoke they produce while getting burnt. Through the apple wood does not create heavy smoke but you can find varieties by using them. You can adjust the density of the smoke by using the correct amount of wood chips

Just put and spread the chips on the smoking tray and place them on the temperature. Apple wood can work well at low temperatures too.

This kind of apple wood can be used for cooking almost everything. It gives a sweet and delicately fruity flavor to any meat. Smoked turkey by apple wood is a very famous dish in Middle Eastern cuisines. 

The western smoking chips are great with beef, chicken, and salmon. They give an amazing taste to the ribs and give it a mild smoky flavor. 

Western smoking wood chips last long. I have found one review about that is he bought these chips and stored them for years and used them thoroughly and he is highly satisfied with the premium quality of the chips. These are very easy to set and use.

You can even mix these apple wood chips with any other good quality wood chips for having a unique taste. It will work great. 


  • Tiny packet. 
  • Do not work for all grills
  • Can be used only in small-sized grills.

WW Wood Inc company offers a great deal through this western wood chips product. Their specialty is they make their product as light in weight as possible for an easy carriage system. It is a brand of US but does their services outside of US too.

Oklahoma Joe’s Fruity Flavor Apple Wood Chips  

Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood chips are known for their flavor-enhancing quality. These chips are the best to add fruity-sweet flavor to the food. Though these cannot go with all food these give an amazing flavor and also enhance the taste gradually by getting burnt. 

Just like other apple wood chips, the Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood chips can also get mixed with other wood chips. Through this, you can have your custom smoky fruity flavor in your food. 

These wood chips are perfect for any longtime cooking. So, you can use these when you have to cook anything slowly.

Oklahoma Joe's Fruity Flavor Apple Wood Chips

Top Features

  • Best in quality
  • Burn for a long time
  • Tiny sized wood chips
  • Poultry friendly smoking chips
  • Works greatly in charcoal grills
  • Compilation of natural wood chips

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Dimensions12.6 in. x 9.6 in. x 0.5 in.
Weight1.81 lbs
BrandOklahoma Joe’s
Wood TypeChips

Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood chips are very good and premium in quality. According to many customers’ reviews, these are some of the best ways to add a nice fruity and smoky flavor to the food. These are natural and give the exact fruity and smoky flavor just how you want.

One of the hindrances will pop up in the customers’ mind is that these wood chips are the best wood for chicken and poultry meat. They are unable to perfectly smoke any vegetables or seafood or any other rib meat.

So, if anyone is searching for a kind of wood chips that are just made for and master in smoking poultry meat can try this Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood chips.

Wood chips size is too tiny. Each of the chips is about 179 cubic inches in size. Moreover, all the chips are not that much the same in size. They differ as they are roughly cut. 

The size of the packaging is a bit shorter than any other wood chips. But still, you can give it a try if you are going to cook poultry in a sensible amount. 

These natural wood chips can burn for a long time. If you want to do slow cooking, then go for these chips. As they burn longer, the flavors will be soaked deeply inside of the meat. This is a plus point of these wood chips. 


  • Too tiny in size.
  • Cannot be applied to multiple types of food.
  • Small package.

Oklahoma Joe’s is a well-known company in the USA that manufactures different kinds of wood for smoking. The apple wood chips of this company are freshly packaged and their durability is guaranteed. They specialize in being friendly-sized wood chips in the market.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Apple Wood Chunks

Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood smoker chunks are just a twisted flavored chunk to be added to food. Not to mention much but these wood chunks are more than enough to add a mild fruity flavor to food. It is found that the packaging of this product is not so good at all. 

Though they claim to be a certain amount of weight and quality, it is heard that they do not fulfill all the expectations as advertised or promised. Keeping all the flaws aside, you may find some good qualities in these wood chunks. They assure a long time burning. 

They do not compromise in being natural. You can use these wood chunks for smoking poultry. Give it a try once.

Oklahoma Joe's Apple Wood Chunks

Top Features

  • Average in size
  • Natural chunks of wood
  • Longtime burning ability
  • Perfect for smoking poultry
  • Can easily be put on charcoal grills.

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Dimensions17.5 in. x 15 in. x 10 in.
Weight6.25 lbs
BrandOklahoma Joe’s
Wood TypeChunks

Chunks are always great for creating enough smoke that any food needs to get cooked. Oklahoma Joe’s apple wood chunks are no other exceptional thing. These are the wood chunks that maintain their naturality for a long time. 

The wood chunks are freshly cut and claim to be 8lb pounds. But actually, many reviews say that they actually differ in size and weight.

So, we can name the size of the chunks as an average one. Not going to create a rough discussion on that as you can still work with them however the size is.

These apple wood chunks are pretty easy to use. You will have to wait for them to be soaked. You can directly put them on the burner of the grill.

You may use a grilling tray or pot for that. These wood chunks work well with charcoal grills. But they can be used in electric or gas grills too. It will work.

These wood chunks are appreciated to be used only for poultry and these burn for a long time. So, if you are up to any slow-cooking poultry dish, then you better try these chunks. These will give your food a nice smoky flavor perfectly.


  • Can be used only for poultry.
  • Differs in size and weight.
  • Takes too much time to get burnt.
  • Creates less smoky flames.
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Smokehouse Fruity Flavored Apple Wood

This is one of the best products of the Smokehouse company. They never compromised with the naturality of their products. So, you can rely on them and buy any of their products. They provide various flavored wood chips. But their apple-flavored wood chips are in the top-ranked product.

You can use these chips in any grill but these work perfectly in a gas grill and they are budget-friendly too. You may get them in a few small packets jointly. 

The packaging is made like that to ensure its durability for a long. Get these natural flavored wood chips for getting better-smoked foods.

Smokehouse Fruity Flavored Apple Wood

Top Features

  • Finely cut
  • Small chips
  • Get burnt fast.
  • Multiple flavored
  • Can be used for everything

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Dimensions15.59 in. x 9.92 in. x 2.8 in.
Weight1.01 Kilograms
Wood TypeChips

These wood chips are too small. Sometimes these seem to be shredded fully. You can use foil paper or any smoker box for using this in grilling. They are finely cut into tiny pieces. This is really helpful. 

One of the best features of these wood chips is no matter how much time you keep them to soak, they still catch flame and get burnt easily. This is good actually because when you will not have enough time to take preparation for cooking, this will help you and save your time. 

Smokehouse’s natural flavored wood chips provide multiple natural flavors. If you are a mild smoky flavour lover, then try these wood chips in smoking anything. They create a sufficient amount of smoke that will add smoky flavors to your food. You will find a better result than any other ones. 

Another good feature of these is that they can be used in any dish. No matter what kind of food it is, just use these natural flavored wood chips and you will surely not get disappointed. 


  • Can’t get soaked perfectly.
  • Some people may find uneasiness in using the shredded versions.

The Smokehouse is a company of pure commitment. They manufacture the wood chips in such a way that will make your cooking comfortable. Though they produce many kinds of wood chips but their apple wood is just awesome. Their maintenance of naturality is their specialty.

Camerons All Natural Apple Wood Chunks 

Woods bring a huge effect on your food during the smoking period. Woods that have their own flavors, enrich your food with a different flavor. And when we are talking about smoke woods, apple wood is a popular name. Apple wood has a very mild semi-sweet flavor that gives your poultry a rich taste. Another reason apple wood is famous is, it can be found easily in almost every season. 

Cameron introduces you to their smoking apple wood chunks. These chunks are light in weight which makes them handy and easy to use. They are seasoned and can hold the flame for long. They come in a perfect size to use and give an amazing flavor to your meal. 

They are a good alternative for charcoal briquettes including extra flavors. The wood quality is also very good. What else could be needed?

Camerons All Natural Apple Wood Chunks

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect in size.
  • Has a very unique flavor
  • Alternative for ceramic briquettes.
  • Usable in both smokers and indoor stovetops.

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions11 in. x 8 in. x 20 in.
Weight9.59 lbs
Wood TypeChunks

Cameron apple wood chunks are good in quality. They can be used as a good alternative for ceramic briquettes. 

Although an apple wood chunk cannot be used more than just once but the result is absolutely what you needed. Apple wood chunks can also be found easily then why not give it a try?

Who doesn’t like a mild sweet fruity flavor in their meal? As we all know, apple woods have a very unique flavor. While smoking, these wood chunks spread this semi-sweet flavor in your food. 

This goes great with all types’ poultries, including- beef, chicken, fish, and so on. And this smoky flavor is enjoyed all over the world.

These wood chunks may be different in size due to natural reasons. But all sizes are available for the customers according to their choice and likes. So, they can be used in both outdoor smokers and indoor stovetops. Cook wherever you want, you’ll get your desired flavor in your meal.

Cameron wood chunks are already seasoned. Seasoned or dried-up woods don’t take much time to set up the fire and remain it until the cooking mission ends. The moisture is already driven off from these wooden chunks and that is why these chunks are worthy of buying.


  • Wooden chunks cannot be used more than once.
  • The size and density of wooden chunks may vary.

The company ‘Camerons’ specialize in manufacturing wood chunks that can make enough smoke to smoke meat dishes. Even the apple wood they produce can create enough heavy smoke to cook. Their finely cut wood chips and chunks are worldwide famous.

What Size Apple Wood Do You Need

When it comes to smoking your favorite poultry, apple wood is a great choice to work with. Apple wood is very sweet as well as mild, lending a mellow flavor. 

Anticipating several hours of smoking, apple smoke flavors take a while to permeate the meat. These apple woods are found in different shapes and sizes according to the users’ choice.

  • Chips

Apple wood chips are great for adding a mild wooden Smokey flavor to food. Apple wood chips are also a good alternative to charcoal or ceramic briquettes as a heat source for grilling.

Wooden chips are handy in size and easy to carry. These can be found in almost every season. These are available in packs that can be found in supermarkets. Wooden Chips are also popular for their good quality and lighter weight than any other size. 

  • Chunks

Alike the wooden chips, apple wood chunks are also good for adding a mild fruity flavor to your food. Chunks are the medium size of apple woods that can be found for smoking. 

Wooden chunks are just a little larger in size. So most probably they are a good size to work with. 

Wooden apple wood chunks are also easy to find in packs. These are easy to put on the furnace or grillers to smoke and your work is done! They come with non-moisturized skin that helps to let them burn easily.

  • Logs

Wooden logs are the largest size of apple woods that can be found on the market. These smoking logs burn hot and slowly. If logs are seasoned well, they are great to continue the flame. But due to its large size, it cannot be used in every smoker available. That’s why these are great for smoking your meat.

Logs are mostly used for smokers with a larger space. Home cooks usually don’t use logs for their size issues but these logs can create and keep the smoke for a long time. 

Also, logs have the benefit that they are mostly sold after seasoning. So. there are no more headaches for blockages when you are using wooden logs for smoking.

All sizes and shapes of apple woods are great to use but, in my opinion, wooden chips are the best size to use for most of us, as it has a very lightweight and it’s handy to use. 

These can also be found in almost every season. That’s why I think, using wooden chips is indeed a good idea for smoking when it comes to apple woods.

How To Pick The Right Apple Wood

Apple tree wood is a worldwide famous item. To use it, at first you need to choose the right one. By noticing a few important features, you can pick the right apple tree wood. These are-

  • The root area of the tree should be rounded.
  • The foliage should be dark in color and large in size.
  • Pollinated trees are appreciated to be bought. 
  • Check the glossiness of the upper layer of the tree.
  • Apple trees that have self-fertile system work well in smoking.
  • Choose the tree where the apples are ripper near the trunk area.
  • Apples should not have any bruises. 
  • They should be felt firm in touch.

These are the processes how you may pick the right apple tree wood. I hope you can select now your favorite ones.

What Is Apple Wood Good For Smoking

There is a kind of tree named ‘Malus pumila’ that actually gives apple wood. This is called apple tree. Its origin is Central Asia, though it is harvested almost everywhere in the world. It is nice firewood. 

Apple wood is used for smoking food. It gives a mild and sweet fruity flavor to any food. Though it does not work well with rib meats, it works pretty well with vegetables and poultry food. This wood is used by many people and is highly appreciated. You may find these woods throughout the whole year. 

Types of woods give different types of flavors to your food. And who doesn’t want a mild Smokey flavor in their food? Apple woods give you a very mild with a subtly sweet, fruity flavor. 

It may take a while to permeate the meat but the result is absolutely what you want. Once lit, the apple wood will release its smoke that injects the food with a semi-sweet, apple-like flavor.

The sweetness of the apple goes perfectly with the going-to-be-cooked poultry. The fruity smoke also attracts food enthusiasts.  Apple woods are found in different sizes and shapes according to the users’ needs all over the year. 

Poultries like, chicken, beef, and salmons are hit choices when they are smoked in apple woods. 

When the wood chunks are seasoned well, they provide you with more flavors that enrich your food with a different taste. And that’s why apple woods are great for smoking.

 A Few Must-have To Follow While Using Apple Wood For Smoking

  • Use charcoal or any other regular coal as the source of fuel.
  • Use light-density water to soak the wood before smoking.
  • Increase the amount of wood gradually while grilling.
  • Choose the food that will be smoked within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Put the food just after the wood creates smoke.

How To Season Apple Wood For Smoking

Seasoning smoke woods is a must before smoking the entire food. Because unseasoned woods or wood chunks can cause blockages. That’s why only dried woods go good for smoking and that lasts quite a few couples of minutes and creates the flavorful smoke. 

  • The first thing to do is, to cut the wood into 2inches cookies or short chunks and soak them in water before starting the smoking mission. The already moisturized fine chops don’t need to be soaked before use.
  • The wood size depends on the user’s choice. They can be smacked with hammers to get smaller sizes too. Home cooks prefer chips and chunk sizes mostly as it is easy to find, carry or use. Logs are mostly used on smokers with a huge capacity.
  • Seasoned apple woods bring a warm flavor to your food with a semi-sweet punch. Overall it gives your food a rich smoky taste that you were probably looking for. 

Fresh green wood isn’t always a good idea for smoking as they have so much moisture held in them. That’s why a lot of fire requires to drive off the moisture from them. This leads to a good number of wastage of woods. As a result, they can’t even hold the flame for more than a few minutes. 

When the smoke woods are season well, the inner moisture drives away. This makes the woods easier to set up the flame and hold them for a certain period.  Also, seasoned woods ensure the injected mild flavor on your food.

 As much as the wood is seasoned, it will lesser time to spread more flavors in the food. That is why smoke woods should be seasoned well before using them in your smoker.

Tips for Smoking Turkey Using Apple Wood

Smoked turkey is a forever enjoyed meal for people of all ages from all times. And when this amazing meat is smoked with apple wood, the feast becomes more enjoyable. People of suburban New Jersey started the trend of this apple wood smoked turkey which is now a great choice for food enthusiasts all over the world. 

  • To smoke your turkey using apple woods, firstly the pieces have to be placed on top of the smoker. In which, the chunks or splits of apple woods are going to be burnt.
  • Before placing the wood chunks, they need to be seasoned well. The green wood requires a lot of fire to drive off its moisture and as a result, they do not last long in the flame.
  • Once the dried or seasoned apple woods are placed in, they need to be lit. The size and shape of the woods may vary the time it takes to set up the fire properly. 
  • When woods start to burn well, the apple woods start to spread their flavor all over and inject them inside your poultry with a very mild semi-sweet apple-like fruity flavor.
  • Apple woods last for an hour or near in the smoker so if the smoking process lasts long, it is suggested to change the chunks in between or add more in the flame.
  • To get the whole Smokey flavor of apple in your food, you can lid it from the top. And your food will be enriched with your favorite flavors.

The following steps are enough to serve you your desired turkey with a smoky apple flavor in it. But if the cooking process lasts long, it is suggested to check the temperature frequently. Unless the meat might dry up and the apple flavor won’t work well.

Mixing Cherry And Apple Wood For Smoking

Alone apple woods are enough to enrich your food with a beautiful fruity flavor. But food enthusiasts often like the flavor more when it is mixed with other woods like cherry, maple, hickory, and others. Especially, the mixture of cherry and apple woods is definitely a must-try combo if you are interested in smoked poultry. 

Apple woods are famous for smoke grilling as they have a very mild and sweet flavor. These woods are mostly found growing frequently throughout Southeast Asia. They are cultivated along roads and edges of fields and often in orchards.

Unlike apple woods, cherry woods aren’t that easy to find everywhere. But these woods are popular for mild-flavored smoking. Cherry woods are only harvested from the American Black Cherry Trees. 

The mild and sweet flavor of cherry woods goes great with any poultry. Some woods like chokecherries often have a little bitter flavor but they remain unrecognized when they are mixed with a good amount of sweet-flavored woods.  

Both apple blocks of wood and cherry woods have a very sweet and mild flavor that goes good with any poultries like- fish, turkey, beef, chicken. And when these two types of woods are mixed together, they create a unique fruity flavor that makes your food even delicious. 

The woods are found in different sizes and shapes according to the user’s choice. They can either be chunks that are smaller in size or logs that are larger than the other. So, if both are mixed together, make sure to use the same size of both at once. Unless the desired flavor won’t come up. 

Benefits Of Apple Wood Smoked Foods

Apple woods are well-known and used by almost everyone. There are a few benefits of using it. They are-

  • You will get a mild and sweet fruity flavor.
  • Poultry and turkey meat get nicely smoked by apple wood.
  • Using fruit woods for smoking food is healthier than any other wood. 
  • These enhance the mild smokiness of the food.
  • These contain less amount of resin that helps the food to get easily smoked. 
  • It gives a caramelized look on the outer layer of the food and makes it tastier.
  • The smoke that comes by burning this wood is also sweet.
  • It gives a unique taste.

Apple woods are cherished everywhere. You may find it packaged through the year. Using fruity wood will keep you on the list of benefits. Try the apple wood and see the magic in your food today.

Is It Safe to Use Fresh-Cut Apple Woods For Smoking

Apple woods are always on top of everyone’s choice in smoking. But before smoking, they always need to be seasoned well. As much they are dried up, they have more flavors on them.  Also, the seasoned woods take lesser time to set up the flame high.

Using green woods for smoking isn’t a good idea at all. Green wood holds a very high level of moisture in them. That’s why they need a good amount of time to burn and hold the flame. 

But during that burning period, the woods lose their power to continue the ire and remain for no use. That’s why green woods can’t hold fire for more than a few minutes which leads to the wastage of woods. 

Good seasoning helps to drive off the moisture from the woods and make them dry, exactly what you need for your smoker. And when you flame those dry woods, they catch fire easily and become able to continue the flame for a good amount of time. 

Fresh cut apple woods cannot provide this quality. That’s why freshly cut apple woods shouldn’t be used for your smoker.


Though 90% of people cultivate apple trees to have their fruits, their woods are admired and valued too. Many of you might not have known about apple wood’s details but now I guess you have known everything through this article.

Many people get confused when the apple woods are used. I hope their confusion is cleared now. There are different types of apple woods in the world. You just need to have proper knowledge about them and choose which apple wood will be suitable for smoking the food you want. The Smokehouse company is offering some amazing deals on apple wood. You can try those too.

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