Best Air Fryer Lid for Instant Pot 8 Qt (Top 5 Picks)

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Your instant pot is already a versatile tool to get innovative with. However, an air fryer lid can take the game of an instant pot to another level. You can turn your instant pot into an air fryer only by using a special lid. And you can easily get one of these lids. But the question is, are they all good?

The answer is no, they are not. You often have to give up one feature to get another. To prevent this from happening, I’m going to walk you through the reviews of the best instant pot 8 quart air fryer lid. 

Best Air Fryer Lid for Instant Pot 8 Qt – Let’s Have a Look

Even though all manufactured products come with a few limitations, there are always some options that are better than others. That’s why I have gathered the 5 best options for you to browse through. Let’s get started, shall we?

6 Qt and 8 Qt Lid With Accessories Kit

The first lid I’m going to review is from Sousvide Art. It includes multiple accessories in a convenient price range. So, if you’re thinking about turning your instant pot into a quality air fryer, you can rest assured that this is going to be a smart investment. 

The quality of this pack lid that comes with some accessories is beyond expectation. Besides, it fits a large range of pots and pans. As for the instant pot, you can use it on 6-quart and 8-quart pressure cookers. 

Besides, it can be a healthy step for your diet as you can cut down a huge portion of fat.  

6 Qt and 8 Qt Lid  With Accessories Kit

Top Features 

  • Cook without oil 
  • 7 different modes
  • Save-spacing idea 
  • Comes with accessories
  • Fits a variety of pans and pots

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Before getting into anything else, I must emphasize how healthy this purchase can be for you. You can cook without oil and cut down a major portion of fat from your diet. 

Turning your pressure cooker or instant pot into an air fryer can also allow you to stay fit. So, if you’re trying to start a balanced diet, this lid should be on top of your list. 

The next thing to consider when thinking about this lid is its variety. It’s not only for your instant pot. You can use it for a variety of pressure cookers, pots, and pans. As long as the diameter of the pot is 22 cm and 24 cm, the lid can take care of it. 

This feature reminds me of how conveniently save-spacing it is. Imagine using several pots using the same lid. You won’t need to buy a new pot for this. So, it saves you money and space simultaneously.  

The lid comes with preset modes. It can be a great advantage for beginners. You won’t have to manually type the temperature for specific food types. 

The mode will determine the suitable temperature. So, even if you don’t have any idea about what recipe requires what temperature, you can go on with your cooking. 

Now, let’s talk about what you will be getting with this deal. Along with the air fryer lid (1000W, 120V), you will be getting –

  • A frying mesh basket
  • A steam rack
  • A silicone mat
  • A pair of kitchen tongs
  • A cookbook with air fryer recipes
  • A user manual

This is a lot more than any other brands offer in this price range. Besides, the quality of these accessories is very high too. 

The lid is super easy to clean too. You can simply wipe it to clean any mess. And because this lid comes with a plug, you won’t have to turn your instant pot on. For the same reason, the lid is compatible with other pots and pans.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for a gift
  • 7 modes expand your cooking area 
  • Comes with several other accessories
  • Compatible with a variety of pots and pans


  • The basket may be a bit small for people with an 8-quart instant pot
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Instant Pot 8 Quart 8 In 1 Air Fryer Lid

This lid from Michelangelo is another awesome way to upgrade your instant pot to a versatile cooking appliance. With 8 preset modes and ease of operation, you’re sure to get addicted to your new lid for the instant pot. 

What’s more, is that you don’t need to use a huge amount of oil for air frying the food. Only a few drops will result in a beautiful golden crispy finish. So, if you wish to become more innovative with your recipes, there can’t be a better lid than this one. 

In addition, you can use it with both a 6-quart and an 8-quart instant pot. Let’s take a look at the features first.

Instant Pot 8 Quart 8 In 1 Air Fryer Lid

Top Features 

  • Healthy meals 
  • See-through lid
  • 8 preset modes 
  • Durable material 
  • 360o air circulation technology

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Describing this lid in a few words is going to be difficult but I am going to try. The first thing you need to know is that it features eight preset modes. 

It opens diverse opportunities to expand your cooking experience.  Using these preset air frying options, you can cook steak, fries, chicken, egg tart, shrimp, sweet potato, pizza, fish, and lots of other recipes too. 

There are not many lids that allow you to go this versatile with your cooking style, especially with an air fryer. 

The lid has a strong build and won’t crack easily. It’s super easy to use too. You only have to place it on top of your instant pot, press it hard till you hear a beep, and use your preferred preset mode to cook a delicious meal. 

Besides, the lid isn’t messy to clean at all. All you have to do is use a cloth or paper towels to wipe it clean. 

Another feature I must talk about is the tempered glass design. You can see the food through the lid. I have always admired tempered glass lids for cooking because it allows me to monitor my food and make necessary adjustments. 

However, when the lid is turning your instant pot into an air fryer, it’s tough to make the lid transparent. Yet, this lid is see-through that facilitates your cooking procedure. 

Using an air fryer doesn’t have to mean using tons of oil. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a healthy meal when making crispy and golden food. It may sound contradictory, but you can cook your meals using only a few drops of oil with this lid. 

Your food will still get perfectly cooked and taste the same. On one hand, you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal, and on another hand, you will get to stick to a healthy diet. 

Another thing I want to discuss is its 360 degrees of air circulation technology. When you operate the lid, it keeps your food moving inside the pot. 

So, you won’t have to wait hours before you can serve your meal. It’s certainly one of the quickest ways to prepare a meal. 

The lid stays locked on top of the instant pot while ensuring safety. In addition, the lid will only turn on when the handle is in a locked position. 

Overall, it’s one of the perfect instant pot 8 quart air fryer lids you can get. Note that you can also use it for your 6-quart instant pot.


  • Safe and secure lid
  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Can cut down oil up to 95%
  • The food doesn’t take long to cook
  • 8 preset modes allow versatile cooking


  • Doesn’t come with any accessories
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8 Quart Air Fryer Lid With 7 Accessories

An epitome of precise cooking comes along with this 8-quart air fryer lid. Advanced technology ensures that the heat reaches small food items with perfection so that you can enjoy your perfectly cooked meal without burning it. 

And if you have difficulty determining a precise temperature, you can simply use the preset modes. Besides, you can enjoy a perfectly healthy meal with 95% less oil if you are switching to this air fryer lid. 

Before getting into a detailed review, let me tell you some top features of this product.

8 Quart Air Fryer Lid With 7 Accessories

Top Features 

  • Perfect as a gift
  • 8 preset modes
  • 7 accessories included
  • Bright and easy to read display
  • 95% less oil required for cooking

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A combination of quality, durability, and practicality makes this lid a great one. The first thing that will catch your eyes is the display. It’s a straightforward one-touch control panel that makes your job as easy as possible. 

The panel is super easy to read too. Users who don’t want to block their kitchen space with an air fryer can simply get this lid and turn their instant pot into an air fryer. 

If you are thinking about cutting down oil for a long time, it’s the best time to get started. Getting this lid will not only encourage you to cook delicious meals, but also keep the fat in your diet under control. Imagine getting perfectly fried food without any additional oil. Isn’t that a dream?

One thing I mentioned is how perfect this lid is for a present. If you are searching for a gift idea, consider a lid rather than giving them an entire air fryer. 

Almost everyone owns either a 6-quart instant pot or an 8-quart instant pot. So, if you’re getting them a lid, they can enjoy an air fryer, without blocking any space. 

You will be getting a few accessories with this lid, 7 to be precise. The good news is, all these accessories are easy to clean. So, this is certainly one of the best tools for turning your instant pot into an air fryer.


  • Saves money and space 
  • Can prepare a variety of meals
  • Easy to clean accessories and lid
  • Transparent lid for observing food
  • Can cook healthy meals by cutting down oil


  • Some users had difficulty operating the lid
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6 Qt & 8 Qt Instant Air Lid Recipes Included

The last air fryer lid I have on my list comes with some really useful accessories, including recipes. In my opinion, it’s one of the most suitable tools for air fryer beginners. You won’t need any prior experience to operate this lid. 

There are preset temperatures you can use, and the lid is transparent too. So, not having expertise in cooking won’t affect your dish. 

However, that’s not all the features to expect from this lid. Take a look below at the top features. 

6 Qt & 8 Qt Instant Air Lid Recipes Included

Top Features 

  • Transparent lid
  • Overheat protection
  • Double safety switch 
  • Preset temperatures 
  • Cooks different recipes

Check today’s price on Amazon

When you are certain that you want to try out an air fryer, take a pause and think for a bit. Instead of buying an air fryer, you can get this lid to be a winner from every aspect. 

You won’t need extra space, you get to use your instant pot as an air fryer, and you get to save money. It’s a smart decision in any way you think about it. 

Along with safety features like overheat protection and a double safety switch, the lid is transparent in nature that allows you to monitor your food while cooking. Preset temperatures are always a great perk if you don’t want to manually set it. 

Different recipes will require a different temperature and time. The preset modes will save you some time to figure out what setting is suitable for a particular dish. 

Because the lid is a save-spacer, you can enjoy another appliance without blocking any space. Besides, if you’re getting into a healthy diet, there can’t be a better option than an air fryer that doesn’t require additional oil. So, it’s time to enjoy tasty meals, without adding extra fat to the diet routine. 

One minor feature most people don’t value enough is how easy it is to clean everything in this package. For the lid, you won’t need anything else than something to wipe it with. 

As for the accessories, they don’t require any special care. You can manually wash them or use your dishwasher to clean them too.


  • Set time up to sixty minutes
  • Wide range of temperature setting
  • Cooks quickly compared to other options
  • Healthier compared to traditional cooking
  • Compatible with a variety of pots and pans


  • The heat pad that comes with the lid is thin
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What To Look Before Choose 8 Quarts Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

I have discussed all the best products available in the market. But that’s not enough. In case you didn’t like any of them, I’m writing a buying guide to make a decision on your own. 

When purchasing an air fryer lid for your 8-quart instant pot, consider the following features.  


The first thing I recommend looking into is the price range. Even though it’s an electric tool that allows versatility, you should go out of your way to spend a fortune on an air fryer lid. There are plenty of affordable options available. 

However, it’s also essential that you pick a quality item rather than purchasing the one cheap lid you come across. 


Air fryer allows you to cook healthy food by cutting down oil. However, that’s not the only feature regarding health that you should be looking for in a lid. Take a look at the materials. The materials should be BPA-free to ensure food safety. 


Always make sure that the lid is compatible with your instant pot. The capacity should be 8-quart. All 8-quart air fryer lids will also fit a 6-quart instant pot. Besides, you can use any pot with a similar diameter to your instant pot. Because you’re only buying a lid, compatibility is a must-have feature. 

Control Panel

The display plays an important role in operating a machine like these lids. The control panel on an air fryer lid should be easy to direct and use. It shouldn’t require unnecessary presses to operate the lid. The instructions should also be straightforward. 

Preset Modes 

Your air fryer lid must have some preset modes. Even though experts don’t need these options, setting the temperature manually can be annoying for them too. These modes will allow you to go versatile with the lid. You can cook a variety of meals, even if you are just starting as a cook. 


Some people love having accessories with their air fryer lids. On the contrary, some of them don’t like extra tools because they already own them. So, depending on what type of user you are, you can go with a lid that comes with accessories or vice versa.


No matter which option you are going for, make sure that the instant pot 8 quart air fryer lid is worth it. Instead of spending money on another appliance that you don’t have space for, select a smarter solution. Save your kitchen space and money, while getting the benefit of a new appliance. Turn your instant pot into an air fryer within minutes. And, if you’re in search of a gift option, think of something innovative like an air fryer lid for an instant pot.

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