Instant Pot Lid Cracked (Reason & Solution)

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Cooking with an instant pot effectively saves time and is efficient from until and unless something significant happens to the instant pot. This ‘something major’ primarily implies a broken lid that can make you traumatized for ages and drastically lower cooking efficiency.

So, if you’re suffering from instant pot lid cracked, kindly go through this article. I tried to fix this unsalable problem here and some other guides. After reading the entire article, you’ll be able to know about most of the perks of instant pot lids and their remedies of it. 

Let’s get to the core without further ado…

Instant Pot Lid Cracked – What To Do Now

Assuming you are stuck with a cracked instant pot lid. Now, don’t get agitated, mate. It’s typical and not unusual at all. So, what should you do now? 

Well, first, you have to figure out the amount of crack. For measuring this, the steam test, aka pressure test, is probably the most practical task of all.

You will not expect a semi-broken instant pot in your kitchen. Nobody will. It’s almost deadly and life-threatening. So, it’s better to go through the pressure test. 

Pressure Test

Place the pot into the burner, pour 1-2 liters or more (according to the size) water, and start boiling. As soon as the water hits its boiling point, you will observe vapors omitting out of the instant pot. If there’s much more steam than the average, the issue is serious. 

And you will have to replace the lid with a completely new one. Otherwise, you can smoothly use the cracked cover without any nuisance with a small crack. 

Point to be noted, this pressure test is not any alternative to using cracked instant pot. This is conducted only for measuring out the cracked part. Get this straight. 

Replacement Lids

Now, where to find the replacement, and which one to buy as a replacement lid? Well, in my opinion, you can go for the suggestion down below-

All of these three lids provide a good as well as guaranteed service to the user. Get yourself one according to your size and keep going.

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How To Fix Cracked Instant Pot Lid

Apparently, there’s no way you can fix your cracked instant pot lid and keep calm into resilience. When the pressure cooker, aka instant pot lid, breaks, it works like a mini bomb.

You would not like to have a bomb in your house, right? So, to sum up, no troubleshooting would work in terms of fixing the cracked lid.

What should you do in this case? Well, there are some ways that would keep you going for some time. Though, the methods aren’t permanent.

You have to replace the lid once; it’s a must. But, for omitting emergency purposes, you can go through the pressure test to identify the crack, and after validating, you can still use the cracked lid for some rounds of cooking.

But in the end, you have to replace it. In the above portion, I have illustrated three different lid sizes. You can go for any that matches your instant pots’ size.

Following this manner, you can make yourself safe sound and enjoy some delicious meals cooked by your instant pot.

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101 Reasons Why Your Instant Pot Lid Cracks

We discussed several perks of instant pot lid crack, and now we will demonstrate some of the causes that might crack your instant pot.

Having a good idea about all these causes would allow you to prevent cracks in your lid. So, focus and concentrate on this part. Otherwise, you will regret it a lot. Let’s get in… 

  • Putting Spare Pressure 

Everything has its capacity. The instant pot you’re using to cook your daily meals will get wrecked for sure if you put more pressure than it can take. A medium ranged instant pot can take up to 105kP at a time. Try not to cross this given range while you’re cooking. 

  • Not Sealing the Lid Properly

For getting the utmost performance out of an instant pot, firstly, you have to close it appropriately. This includes closing or sealing the lid. It could be problematic to lock and unlock the lid without practicing. For getting rid of this nuisance, go through a training session of closing the lid before getting into real-time cooking.

  • Too Much Wiggle

Sometimes, you might observe too much wiggle while cooking in your instant pot. It’s the worst. Because the wiggle deforms the float valve and the rubber strip is placed right down to the lid. Whenever the wiggle occurs, it could destructively crack the lid. 

For lowering wiggle, you can regularly follow up on the instant pot and try to replace the rubber strip so that everything can hold together.

  • Closing the Lid Forcefully 

It’s mostly the main reason that can crack the lid or even break it into pieces. Forcing the lid would never be good. As soon as you release pressure, the to and fro motion would get terminated, which will eventually be left the lid cracked. Do not make yourself do this if you want to have a safe and sound lid; close and open the lid carefully.

  • Not Cleaning the Lid 

Cleanliness is a must. No matter it’s you or the lid that has been cracked for some reason. If you can not make it clean, there’s a high chance of it being trashed. And once it’s broken, you won’t be able to use it for a second time. Even if you do, that would be life-threatening. 

So, kindly give your lid a cleaning session every time you use it. And always remember, a stinky lid could lead you to mischief.

To be precise, there are the top and deadly things that can make your instant pots’ lid cracked or broken. If you can somehow omit all these, you will be lucky enough to maintain the instant pot for two, three, and even more years. 

Get yourself going, then. Best of luck, mate!

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Replacing The Cracked Lid or Fix It – Which Is a Better Idea

To be very straightforward, replacing the cracked lid would be more accurate and preferable than fixing it. Because improving the lid might get you temporary ease from the problem you’re suffering from. 

But, when you replace the whole wrecked part, it would give you a massive relaxation. And, as it does not cost much, I guess replacing the cracked lid is much more convenient.

Nonetheless, if the cracked part is not that extensive or miniature, I recommend you not replace the entire lid. In this case, fixing the lid will be much more efficient. But as soon as the lid gets an enormous amount of cracked part into it, there’s no alternative to replacing it, honestly.

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How Tight Should Instant Pot Lid Be

Have you watched ‘Dark,’ by the way? It is a famous German TV Series. Let me tell you a quote from the series, “the question is not how, the question is when?”. Do you get it? It’s not your concern how tight the instant pot lid will be until there’s no wiggle in the lid. As soon as the wiggle occurs, you have to give it an adequate tight to prevent wiggle.

In addition to this, in the label sealed to the lid, there’s a directory that will surely help you to know about the tightness of the instant pot lid. Don’t render the lid with more pressure. Otherwise, it would get wrecked over the time being. 

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How To Take Care of Instant Pot Lid

For maintaining the lid of your instant pot, you do not have to take that much hassle that you think. You only have to keep some factors in mind and stay consistent in conducting them. 

Here’s to the thing that would save your lid from getting wrecked or cracked- 

  • Wash the lid with fresh tap water after every single use.
  • If the lid is stinky, you can apply some soap along with hot water and clean the entire lid properly.

Following these two method would drastically boost the lifetime of your favorite lid as well as the instant pot. After this remedy, keep an eye on the instant pot regularly. There’s that!

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Instant Pot Lit

If you can precisely follow the instruction given upward, you would be able to increase the lifespan of your instant pot lid quite a few times. However, here’s to some of the more tips concerning this-

  • Check up on the instant pot regularly and maintain it carefully. 
  • Don’t wash it using your hand. Use a brush instead. 
  • Don’t use heavy chemicals washing it. A simple solution of soap and warm water would be perfect.
  • Don’t put much pressure on the lid.
  • Don’t cook with a broken lid. Try to fix it if it’s fixable. Otherwise, replace it.

There’s that. Following all these terminologies would take your lids’ lifespan to a new level. Imply it today if you haven’t. 

How Long Does the Instant Pot Lid Last

A mediocre instant pot lid lasts precisely 2-3 years. After this time period, the material gets degraded, and the lid loses its morphological structure. And indeed can not serve properly.

To get a perfect and appropriate service, replacing the lid after the mentioned time period is mandatory. Following this manner, you would be lucky enough to avail the best out of it. And indeed, good service is a plus. There you go! 

Can You Use A Cracked Instant Pot Lid

To be honest, using a cracked instant pot lid is way too dangerous and futile. But, if the crack is miniature, you can go for using it. It’s not at all bad in that case. 

However, conduct a pressure test on your instant pot and observe the result. Performing the test is super easy. All you need is the instant pot and 1-2 liters of water. Pour the pot with water and seal the lid. Try to boil the water and observe the amount of vapor the instant pot renders towards you. 

If the amount of vapor is trifling, then you’re allowed to use the cracked lid. In contrast, if it renders much vapor, it might be time to change the lid. 

Can I Replace The Lid On My Instant Pot

Obviously! Why not? In fact, this is what I suggest to everyone who’s suffering from this very problem, as in instant pot cracked lid. You will be lucky enough to find the umpteenth of replacement choices at Amazon. Find a suitable one according to your requirement and go for that.

Apart from Amazon, you can scour a bit in the supermarket near your home. You will be lucky enough to find a replacement lid for your instant pot. 


We have come to the verge of this article. Till now, we have been talking about the problem that you might be suffering from. As in the instant pot cracked lid. I have tried to solve your problem by illustrating some of the solutions and showing a couple of reasons to prevent the situation in the far future. 

Nonetheless, if you feel like you have missed any part, I would love to request you give this article another shot and avail the information as soon as possible.