How a stainless steel kitchen rack shelf can make your small kitchen bigger?

Nobody will believe that a stainless steel kitchen rack shelf can make a kitchen bigger. But after having a look at this engrossing story, you’ll come to know how this impossible thing happened to my tiny kitchen.

So, let’s get into the story….. The proverb cleanliness leads to godliness had a great impact in my life since I decided to give up my bachelor life and marry my mellifluous girlfriend Aurora. I was no different than any other single boys who used to lead their life carelessly.

I was very indifferent to my household things especially towards my kitchen. My kitchen was too smaller than any regular one so I was worried sick about increasing products I had to buy for my upcoming life.

But one thing helped me a lot in this journey from messy to tidy. It’s Seville Classics stainless steel kitchen rack shelf which is a kind of product that changed the scenario not only of my kitchen but also my garage and living rooms. I’m talking about this topcellent rack shelf –

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How did I come to know about this stainless steel kitchen rack shelf

I had completed my graduation last year and started a job in a small company with a handsome salary. Aurora was my girlfriend since College and we were committed to each other that after our graduation we will get married.

Since our graduation was completed and my job was also running well, I thought it was time. Since I am staying alone in a small apartment near my office obviously I never noticed my living place with much attention.

As a result the whole house looked like a big store room and that made me effervescent feelings. I was trying to avoid this marriage thing to enjoy my freedom for few more days but Aurora was standing farm with her final decision.

She said – you already passed one year after your graduation, how much enjoyment do you want, will it be forever?

After her such strong words I understood that I had no option. I asked for only one more month so that I could prepare myself and my apartment to receive her.

to make you happy

Now I put my attention to my apartment and became frustrated because it was not better than a dump yard. In this very moment I was addressed by my immediate senior colleague Mrs. Emily Johnson who recently got married.

She noticed that I was worried and could not concentrate on my work. She asked me what had happened and laughed out loud after hearing that. I was so demurred while she told everyone and they also start laughing.

Mrs. Emily then stopped laughing and said don’t worry we would decorate your house in such a way that definitely would impress your bride. But they gave one simple condition for that, I had to tell them my love story.

As I had no choice I agreed and invited them to my house after office.

Our sweet love story

After office I along with my seven colleagues came to my house and after entering the house they said-

you really are a dirty man

I cordially offer my apology to them for that reason and get some cookies and popcorn for them. They then start poking me for the story. I started my story with a dramatic tone…..

I met Aurora when I went to my College for the first time. I was looking for register’s office to register my student ID as I was new there. My family just moved there a few months ago so I didn’t know anything about that place.

I saw a bunch of girls discussing something there and I asked one of them about my query. A girl turned around on my face and said something but I was literally unable to listen to anything. I was mesmerized with her charming looks.

i became surprised like this rabbit

I tried to say at least a thousand words full of passion and love but my mouth goes off and I became speechless. Suddenly she pushed me saying “hey boy! Are you ok?

The most I could do at that time was to shake my head upside down and I did that. She left the place with her gang but I could not stop gazing at her. I don’t know how much time I was standing on that very place forgetting everything about my plan of going to register’s office.

The only thing running through my brain was “who is this lithe beauty with mellifluous voice”. Yah I did manage to find the office and register my ID later on that day.

Anyway, I decided to become the highest attendance taker in the College not because of extra credit but to meet that lovely girl. The very next day I found out many important leads about her from our student directory.

I saw that she likes to play tennis and the College champion. The fact is that I was also a lawn tennis lover and men single champion at the state level. I thought it could be my thing to impress her as we both play that amazing game in common.

I followed her regular activities and found out that she goes for tennis practice in a club every next day. Without further delay, I also took the membership of that club and start practicing neat her just before she reached there.

I saw her and asked her for a formal single match, although she hesitated a little but agreed. After every wonderful shot she was playing I was becoming more and more close to her.

This girl has beauty and strength at the same time and she is my type” I was wondering those words inside my head.

she is my type

Who won the match? You or Aurora?

asked Mrs. Emily Johnson.

Being played very well she lost the game but gave a very tough competition, I replied. As the game finished then she start talking with me about my game plans. So we started from the tennis and will finish with marriage maybe…

Jane, the prettiest one of my colleagues asked –

tell me who proposed first and how?

So, I started again…….

We start meeting regularly in the club and in the College also. We became very good friends and in this process about six months had passed but still I didn’t have the opportunity to propose to her.

I was worried about one thing that if I proposed to her, she didn’t accept what would be the consequences. As we are practicing together, our games improved a lot and inter College sports championship day was knocking at the door.

We decided to play as doubles from our College and we finally managed to win the gold medal.

When the prize giving ceremony took place we got flowers and in front of whole college I proposed to her with that flower and she accepted that. The whole college gave a huge run of applause and finally we became a couple officially.

Making Space in the rat hole

My colleagues were very happy after hearing the whole story and they start their working to clean my house. They took only one hour to assemble everything in a very proper manner. They know how to do it.

I was shocked that there were plenty of space in my tiny apartment. I thanked them all for their help and they leave the house with a smile.

I was very hungry so I went to my kitchen with a view to finding some food but what I noticed that no one came to my kitchen because it was all the same as before.

I realized that they forget about my kitchen. So I had to do something myself. I know that I have to buy dozens of kitchen utensils like cast iron pan, kitchen knives, meat grinder etc etc. But, right now I need to buy some drinks and then would think about my kitchen.

So, I went to the nearest coffee shop and I saw the shopkeeper put all the cans on some kinds of shelves. I asked him about that shelves and suddenly got the idea about buying those for my kitchen.

Details of this amazing kitchen rack shelf

When I searched online for that shelves I found many items looks almost the same. So, it wasn’t that easy to find out. But, as far as I can remember, the product I saw on the store had a tag of Seville Classics. So when I searched with that name I found this amazing shelf easily on Amazon.

I saw thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and got some more ideas about using this kitchen utensils gadget.

The whole structure is constructed from industrial-strength steel and features Ultra Zinc plating. The coating will provide the same corrosion resistance and exactly similar chrome plating shine. When on leveling feet, each unit can hold up to 300 lbs and 1500lbs in total.

According to the manufacturer, these shelves are perfect for adding extra storage in any places like around the house, tidying garages, and organizing office spaces. The whole product can be assembled with the included casters for a mobile storage solution, no tools needed.

This shelf looks like normal ordinary shelf but in terms of durability and strength it’s out of the box. Though I bought this item to organize my kitchen, it perfectly fit my other parts of the house too.

The most surprising thing about this stainless steel rack shelf is that it can carry over 150lbs on wheels and 1500lbs on stands where surprisingly the shelf itself weights only 26 lbs.

I was greatly impressed by the quality, especially with such a low price tag and in a way I didn’t expect it at all. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box of this Seville Classic steel wire shelf unit was the neatness and care with which they packed all the parts individually.

We can only find such seriousness and a level of attention to detail with super expensive products only. Anyway, it can be used anywhere in your house with a glamorous touch of style. Some features are given below….

  • Steel construction for reliable heavy-duty
  • Multipurpose storage capacity 
  • When assembled on leveling feet, each shelf can hold up to 300 lbs 
  • 1. 5″ rolling caster wheels with lock + leveling feet offered
  • Easy positioning 
  • Easy to wipe down and clean 
  • Customizable, height adjustable (no tools required).
  • Very powerful Industrial-strength
  • Casters allow for easy positioning in the kitchen, garage, or office 
  • Shelves can be adjustable at 1″ increments
  • Includes 4 wheels (with 2 locking) and leveling feet
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Limited 10 year warranty


Dimensions: 14″ D x 30″ W x 60″ H (almost 61.5″ H with casters)
Capacity on leveling feet: 300 lbs. per shelf
Total system capacity on leveling feet: 1500 lbs.
Capacity on casters/wheels: 26 lbs. per shelf
Total system capacity on casters: 130 lbs.
Weight: 28.5 lbs.
Model Name : SHE14305ZB

Why did I choose this  kitchen rack shelf

I have a long cherished problem that I never buy any product just because there are very attractive advertisements but the reviews given by the customers.

If a product quality is that much up to the mark there must be some good feedback available there. I always follow the customer reviews before buying something. I got some amazing feedback about this particular product.

So, I wrote a post on my social wall that I wanna buy this shelve for my kitchen. Do you ever used it? What’s your experience using this cheap shelve? As a result, I got dozens of comments.

One of my social friends said-

I never expected the quality especially at such a low price point and that is why I was impressed from the moment I opened the box of this Seville Classic steel wire shelf unit.

The first thing grab my attention is a level of attention to detail that can see on expensive products but here they ensure great packaging that they arrived without damage.

The next thing that grabs my attention was the high quality feel and finish of the steel parts. The products though made in China you should not fear getting like the kind of stamped out junk metal.

The parts came together in an easy, flawless fit and tool-free assembly was also a pleasant surprise. The wheels and also leveling feet can bear a great deal of weight.

This unit deserves more than five stars and highly recommendable for price and quality. I am giving this review because I want to inform others about this amazing product that saves my money and space.

Another one, whom I am following for around 6 years for her amazing home decor ideas, her comments helped me to take my decision. Here’s her words-

I brought it for using as a front entry “coat closet” in my very large apartment but poorly arranged. We were using its first two shelves to put bins on two of the shelves for hats, gloves, sunglasses, sun block and another bottom two shelves hold boots and shoes.

You even customize it by adding a DecoBros chrome coat rack to one of the sides to hang coats and jackets. We also attached two more coat hooks on one end to use it for hanging bags, purses and scarves.

We came back to Amazon for buying Seville Classics Steel Wire Shelving Systems for my unofficial pantry in the kitchen and we added another shelf for additional storage. We have filled the rack with clear acrylic containers filled with tons of baby food jars, spice jars and many more.

If you are creative enough then monumental amount of food you can get on one of each rack and perhaps played lots of Tetris as a kid. We intentionally put the bottom shelf up pretty high as it is just next to our main door in the open floor plan apartment.

We did it on purpose, so we could put rain or snow boots on shelf in front of a fan allowing them to dry out overnight.

Both of these shelving racks have been strapped to the wall with bottom fixed system to prevent a child or toddler from knocking them over and also we have them the long way against the walls to cover the either side of our front door like two guards standing.

We have arranged them the short way to make sure the hallway when anyone comes in and I could see who that was. This rack is only a couple inches shorter than me and the manufacturer says to put heavier items on the bottom and light items on the top.

I though do not follow them but it should be followed because the amount of stuff you have on either of them it would probably injure you if it tipped over on, so be careful. Whether you have children or not I still suggest using anti-tip brackets.

No matter what you’re using these racks for as items tend to tip over on the shelves or fall through otherwise my personal suggestion would be to use shelf liners for safety. I put almost 100 pounds of glass jars on some of the shelves they still don’t bend.

They are steadier and farm when on the leveling feet instead of the caster’s they come with. I will definitely recommend buying these chrome shelving units for anyone who need stylish storage in their home or business that’s also very sturdy and mesmerized.

And above all, you’ll get thousands of positive customer reviews on Amazon which spurred me much to consider buying this rack shelf.

Check its customer reviews on Amazon

What’s in the Box?

At first I ordered one package to be sure that those reviews I saw on Amazon was right, because now a day’s many online business sites use fake reviews for their product.

But the time I opened the box I got the true genuine product with all the mentioned quality. That’s why I love Amazon. Anyway, I got the followings…..

  1. The whole package comes with 4 poles of .75″ diameter
  2. 5 stainless steel shelves measuring 14″ x 30″
  3. Total 4 casters or wheels available of 1.5″ diameter
  4. Two wheels with locking device
  5. 4 leveling feet for standstill
  6. 20 slip sleeves

I put that amazing shelf in my kitchen and easily arranged all my dishes and other grocery items stack on the racks. Now it seems I have a bigger kitchen with much wider space. And the best part is that it’s super easy to assemble this rack shelf.

I thought it could be used in my living room and other places too. So I bought another three to place them in my living room, hallway and garage respectively. 

If you see my house now after installing the Seville Classics stainless steel kitchen rack utensils, you’ll say that it is a four bed, four baths huge apartment, at least you can have the feelings though mine is only two bed small apartment.

Now I have plenty of space to hang around with my wife as all the extra items are arranged on the Seville Classics Steel Wire Shelves.

I am ready to welcome my love Aurora and proud to give her such a wonderful spacious house. What’s your kitchen decoration experience using this stainless steel kitchen rack shelf?

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