Weber Q Size Comparison Chart Including My Top 5 Picks

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Whether you are barbecuing at the beach or camping in the park, Weber Q series portable grills come in quite handy, thanks to their easy-to-clean architecture. 

Thankfully, there are a plethora of choices in this premium grill series in different sizes. In fact, it is said that you will always find a Q that will definitely suit your needs.

But are they all similar? Or are there some distinctive features to make them exclusive? Let’s have a look at the Weber Q size comparison below and break down their five famous models.

Weber Q Size Comparison Among The Top 5 Picks

To be honest, you will find every type of grill in this series including electric, gas, liquid propane, charcoal, etc. Apart from dimensions and cooking surfaces, they do have some basic differences. 

Of course, they share some similarities too. But the question is which Weber Q model is the right fit for you?

Let’s have a look at the weber q size comparison chart to have the right grill.

Model NameDimensions (LxWxH)Cooking AreaPrice
Weber Q120020.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches189 Sq. InCheck on Amazon
Weber Q100016.5 x 27 x 14.5 inches189 Sq. InCheck on Amazon
Weber Q220025.1 x 51.4 x 26 inches280 Sq. InCheck on Amazon
Weber Q240025.1 x 31.5 x 26 inches280 Sq. InCheck on Amazon
Weber Q140023.5 x 27 x 14.5 inches189 Sq. InCheck on Amazon

Now that you know all their core features like weight, cooking area, and diameter, let’s have an in-depth analysis of each model below.

“With a Weber Q grill, your backyard becomes a gourmet haven, where sizzling steaks and grilled delights reign supreme.”

Jeff Koss

Weber Q Size Models – What Size Weber Q Should You Buy

To figure out the right Weber Q size, you must pay attention to the details such as the ignition system, burners, portability, etc. aside from the Q size. Hopefully, the following reviews will help find out the perfect Weber q model grill.

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill

First, let’s start the discussion with the most colorful model of the bunch, the Weber Q 1200. Being the second smallest grill in this series, it is literally unbeatable when it comes to combining quality and carrying convenience. 

However, the prime specialties it comes with are-

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill

Top Features

  • Easy to start electronic ignition 
  • Up to 8500 BTU output per hour
  • 189 square inches of cooking area
  • Durable cast aluminum lid and body
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates

Check today’s price on Amazon

Even if you are a novice pitmaster, rest assured that you can prepare a mouth-watering meal with this grill at the very first try. 

One of the greatest advantages of this grill is the evenly heated cooking area. Be it direct or indirect cooking, you can control the temperature precisely to avoid over or undercooking. 

As the grill combines big capacity with a big performance, you can rely on the cast iron cooking grates for rust-free performance. Moreover, the built-in thermometer is surely a special add-on to this package. 

Previously known as Weber Q 120, now it’s popularly known as Weber Q 1200. Although the performance is similar. 

But the advanced model is blessed with some exclusive features such as the durable side handles, larger grip on the control knobs, strong front and rear cradles, ergonomic side table, etc.

This propane-powered grill is perfect for tailgating or camping with lightweight construction. 

In fact, it’s one of the best Weber Q grills for grilling on the go. 


  • Infinite burner control valve
  • Allows a grate/griddle cooking combination 
  • Sturdy and shroud stainless steel construction
  • Inbuilt thermometer to observe inside heat flow
  • Compatible with both low and high-temperature 
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions through the BILT app


  • Not suitable for higher altitudes 
  • The valve cover should be a little larger
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Weber Q1000 Propane Grill

Fast forward to the Weber Q 1000 model, all we can say is that it’s quite identical with the Q 1200. Be it the cooking area or the BTU output, you get the same result. But they differ in terms of some feasible features as well. 

Weber Q1000 Propane Grill

Top Features

  • Comes fully assembled 
  • Easy push-button ignition 
  • Rust-free cooking grates with porcelain coating
  • Compatible with disposable 14.1 and 16.4 oz LP cylinder
  • Sturdy stainless steel burner with superior heat resistance

Check today’s price on Amazon

Well, the first point it differs from the 1200 size is the ignition system. Unlike the Weber Q 1200, it comes with a clicky push button. 

However, you get the same 189 square inches of cooking space which is large enough to sear burgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, or vegetables. 

Being the smallest design in the series, it can literally accompany you anywhere and everywhere. 

The universal chrome color is perfectly complemented by the glass-reinforced nylon frame. And thanks to the separable catch pan, cleaning this grill becomes a breeze even when back on land.

Being crafted with a premium-grade cast aluminum lid and body, the grill is quite durable compared to its price. Of course, it comes cheaper than the 1200 model. 

Nevertheless, you need to be a bit forgiving about the side tables as it doesn’t include any. Also, there is no built-in thermometer to check the inside temperature.

But the good thing is you can connect it to a 20-lb tank through an LP adapter hose. What a cost-effective deal it is!

Best of all, you need not assemble it on your own. It comes ready assembled out of the box. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy-to-operate push-button ignition 
  • Lightweight and durable architecture 
  • Sturdy side handles with comfortable grips


  • Doesn’t have a built-in thermometer 
  • You may find the lid shallow to cook roasts or ribs
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Weber Q2200 Propane Grill

Here comes our third pick, the Weber Q 2200 propane grill. Let’s look forward to its key specifications to learn more about this amazing product.

Weber Q2200 Propane Grill

Top Features 

  • Easy electric ignition 
  • Up to 12000 BTU per hour
  • Includes two folding work tables
  • Strong and stable stainless steel burner
  • 280 square inches of larger cooking area

Check today’s price on Amazon

Although it’s way larger than the 1000 series in terms of cooking space and diameter, that doesn’t affect the portability at all. In fact, the Q 2200 is also as portable as other grills of Weber.

Indeed, it can be a great inclusion in your grilling armory if you prefer a spacious grilling surface. The 280 square inches of area lets you cook roasts, ribs, chicken, or turkeys pretty comfortably. 

That’s why we highly recommend this propane grill for full-size grilling. 

In terms of BTU count, it outperforms the previous two models with a 12000 high BTU output. No wonder you can grill on really high heat if needed. 

Moreover, the porcelain-enameled cooking grates also perform pretty well to battle against rust and peel.

Similar to the Weber Q 1200, it too comes with an inbuilt thermometer that accelerates the easy start of the grill. You can light it up quite easily with the electronic ignition system.

Above all, we were blown away by the two folding side tables that keep all the hassle of grilling at bay. Resultantly, we found it the most feasible solution for cooking any meal. 

Whether it’s about preparing lunch or serving some guests at the dinner table, you will love every bit of this tabletop grill.


  • It burns the propane quite clean
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • The burner heats evenly 
  • Withstands a lot of use
  • Removable catch pan


  • A bit expensive 
  • Sometimes, it gets excessively hot

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Next on the lineup, let’s break down the Weber Q 2400 electric grill to see how their electric products perform. 

Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

Top Features 

  • Includes a 6-foot grounded cord
  • 1560-watt electric heating element 
  • Durable cast aluminum lid and body
  • 280 square inches of total cooking space
  • Comes completely assembled out of the box

Check today’s price on Amazon

Talking about this irresistible grill, the key differentiating fact from the other Q series grills is that it’s an electric one. 

Unlike the propane grills, it doesn’t come with stainless steel burners. Instead, it includes 1560-watt cooking elements to grill your food evenly.

As already mentioned, it delivers the same cooking space as the 2200 model- 280 square inches. We think it’s more than enough to grill a whole chicken or a small turkey. 

And as they don’t depend on gas fuel, there’s no need for a button to light up the grills.

Being restyled back in 2014, the previous Q 240 is now renamed Weber Q 2400. Certainly, there are some new functional features to speed up the performance of the grill. 

For example, you get strong and sturdy side handles to carry it comfortably. Besides, the control knobs and the front and rear cradles also come in handy to operate it smoothly. 

On top of that, the larger grilling surface allows for cooking a lot of items in a different way. Be it grilling chicken, veggies, fish, or searing burgers, you get unfailing results even at the first attempt. 

In addition, it’s a full-featured grill with some unique aesthetics to let you enjoy grilling on the go.


  • Infinite heat control settings
  • Fully featured grill with loads of  
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates
  • Includes aluminum heat retention liners
  • Easy cleaning with the removable catch pan


  • A bit heavyweight 
  • Solely for outdoor use

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

Lastly, let’s check out another electric grill from Weber Q series, the Q 1400. According to features and functionalities, it’s pretty similar to the Q 1000. 

Weber Q1400 Electric Grill

Top Features 

  • 6-foot grounded cord 
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum 
  • 1560-watt electric heating element 
  • Lid closed dimensions: 14.5″×27″×16.5″
  • 189 square inches of total cooking area

Check today’s price on Amazon

As the name suggests, this is a small electric grill with 189 square inches of cooking space. Weighing only 29.3 pounds, it fits well on your backyard balcony. 

As a result, it helps accomplish your long wish of urban barbecuing. Just plug in this cute little grill and have your favorite meal prepared. 

The cast aluminum lid and body seal the deal by preparing it to withstand several usages in a row. Moreover, the infinite heat control settings permit precise temperature control to grill food perfectly. 

Previously, it was known as the Q 140 model. With the technological advancement in the grill, you don’t only get a new name but some exclusive amenities too. 

Being smaller in size, it’s a space-saving product with superior portability. And being electric powered, even if you don’t have the permission to use a gas or a charcoal grill in your residential area, you can BBQ hard with it.

Aside from that, it has 8.25 watts of heating element per square inch. And as we all know, math never lies. Therefore, this small yet sturdy holds up heat pretty well. Even more, it gets hot quicker. 

So, overall, it’s a decent deal for the price. 


  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Superior heat holding capacity 
  • Comfortable grip on the handle
  • Infuses authentic grilled taste in food
  • Strong and durable cast iron cooking grates


  • For outdoor use only
  • A bit tough to clean the metal tray and grill plates

How To Tell What Size Weber Q You Have

Suppose, you have a Weber Q but you don’t know the size. What will you do if you need to replace a specific part of the grill?

Will you measure the cooking surface? That doesn’t always work as some Weber Q models offer similar grilling areas. 

Wait, wait. Don’t get daunted already. It’s not rocket science. Simply check out the serial number and you will get the answer.

Different models have serial numbers in different places. So, it’s very important to have a clear idea where the serial number of the Weber Q grill is located.

For Baby Q, Q 1000, and Q 1200- you will get it located in the backside frame. And for Q 1400, Q 2400, Q 2000/2200, and Q 3200- look in the rear leg frame. 

Once you find the serial number, type it in the search box on the Weber website. You will get to know which Weber Q size you have within seconds.

What Is The Smallest Weber Q?

smallest weber q

Being launched back in 2003, the Weber Q series came with some amazing portable grills in different convenient sizes. But the smallest grill of this lineup is known as the Baby Q (100/1000). It’s indeed a very lightweight and portable grill. At the same time, it’s pretty powerful as well. 

Is Weber Q Worth It?

Absolutely yes. If grilling is your prime purpose, these girls from the Q line are unbeatable. They offer a perfect sear on the steak. Moreover, you get to choose from many sizes to suit all your grilling needs.

is weber q worth it

Aside from grilling, some Weber Q grills also permit roasting and searing. The cast-iron cooking grates are great to fight against any rust or peel. Furthermore, they are creatively designed to bypass the food grease not affecting the direct heat flow. 

You cannot but love the impressive cooking surface, sturdy architecture, and lightweight ergonomics. Being portable, most of the sizes perfectly fit both your backyard balcony or support grilling on the go.

So, yes, they definitely are worth the price and the hype.

How Big Is Weber Q1000?

Although the smallest in the series, the Weber Q 1000 is big enough for perfect grilling for a few guests. With the dimensions of 16.5×27×14 inches, it offers 189 square inches of cooking area, similar to the Q 1200 and Q 1400 models. Moreover, it weighs only 16.4 ounces to be carried easily.

Can You Boil Water On A Weber Q?

To be straightforward, yes, you can boil water on a Weber Q grill if you don’t have a stove. But you need to heat the grill plate enough so that it transfers the heat to the water kettle. Also, the grill will consume excessive gas. So, it’s better to boil water on a Weber Q occasionally, not regularly.

Can You Cook A Roast In A Weber Baby Q?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to preheat the grill properly but not to burn the bottom of the roast. If everything’s done properly, it delivers an irresistible flavor to whatever you roast, beef, chicken, lamb, or fish.

What Size Gas Bottle For Weber Q 2000

You need to use a gas bottle of 4.5-9 kg for your Weber Q 2000. You can choose any size from this range.

What Size Box To Store Weber Q Grill

If you want to store your Weber Q securely, especially the Q 1200 or Q 1000 size, a 35-gal box is the perfect choice for that.


Weber is a world-famous name that makes some amazing grills- all by grillers and for grillers. Among their innumerable choices, the Q series holds a special place in everybody’s heart for its versatile range of products. You get a lot of portable and stationary grills in several sizes. 

However, choosing the right size of Weber Q could be more challenging than you thought. Despite the varying model numbers, they can be identical on cooking surfaces.

On that note, we prepared this guide on the Weber Q size comparison that includes their top five models with all their pros and cons. 

Hopefully, you can now check on their details and decide on the appropriate size of Weber Q for you. 

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