Best High Temp Paint For Grills & Smokers (Top 3 Picks)

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Finding the best high temp paint for grills is quite tricky as there are some facts that you should check before purchasing one. It’s recommended to use durable and rust-resistant paint that will provide your grills better protection. 

High temp paints are pretty common to use on grills, especially barbeque grills. Applying these paints will renew the surface and protect the metal from extreme heat.

This also does provide a durable finish that looks great. In addition, some paints come with multiple color variants so that you can choose the one you prefer. 

3 Best High Temp Paint For Grills and Smokers

We picked 3 of the best high-temp paints to evaluate in this article. Color variants, finishing type, and durability of the individual paints should be checked for efficient usage. The detailed features will help you to get the best one for your job. 

Rust-Oleum Bar-B-Que Black Enamel High Heat Paint 

With a tough satin finish, Rust-Oleum 7778830 will undoubtedly be one of the best choices for your grills. This high-temp spray paint will provide your metal surface solid protection with an excellent outlook. The finishing will stay the same even after repeated heating. 

In addition, the spray will make the surface corrosion-resistant. The special rust-resistant feature will protect the grills from getting rusty. Five different colors are available for Rust-Oleum 7778830. 

Rust Oleum High Heat Paint

Top Features

  • Tough & durable satin finish
  • Durable with corrosion-resistant
  • Has a unique rust-resistant feature
  • Protects Metal Surfaces up to 1200°F
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use

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Paint TypeEnamel
ColorBar-B-Que Black
Special FeatureRust-resistant
Weight14.4 ounces

You can easily apply this one to your wood stoves, fire pits, or other surfaces. You won’t get any defect in the color while using it in extreme heat as this paint can retain the finish for up to 1200℉.

Satin Finish

The satin finish of the paint will look great on any surface. The glossiness of this finishing will make the surface like a newly purchased one. The finishing will make your equipment look more premium. 

Satin finish works great on grills or matt materials. The enamel spray with satin finishing will surely add a superior type to your years-old material.


Rust-Oleum 7778830 is a durable paint for any surface. You will get decent protection from dust. Thus, the surface will maintain the top-notch look for a long time. The paint will enhance durability and protect metal surfaces from extreme heat up to 1200°F.

Color Variants

The spray paint is available in five different colors, so whether you are planning to color on your car engine or the fireplace screens, you are ready to go. 

The spray paint is available in black, almond, white, green, and silver. You should not worry about the finishing of the colors as they will remain the same even after repeated heating.


  • Can paint most of the metal parts of your grill
  • Easily face-lift your grill without spending any big fortune
  • Usually it doesn’t drip if you go slow
  • Can be applied on several things


  • It may fade away if you use harsh soap to clean your grill
  • Not suitable to use in the rain
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Majic Barbeque Black Enamel Rust Kill Spray

Majic 8-2020-8 will secure a position on the list of the best high temperature grill paint. This paint can withstand heat up to 1300°F, which is pretty impressive. There won’t be any cracking, bubbling, or peeling for any extreme heat. 

With a single can, you will be able to cover around 18 sq ft. Majic 8-2020-8 will provide a gloss finish that will make the surface look impressive. The glossiness will stay for a long time even after multiple uses. 

Majic Rust Kill Spray Ename

Top Features

  • Provides gloss finish on surfaces
  • A single can will cover around 18 sq. ft
  • The spray can withstand heat up to 1300°F 
  • There won’t be any cracking, peeling, or bubbling
  • Specially designed for grills, stoves, and fireplaces

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Paint TypeEnamel
Weight12 Ounce

This is a specially made paint for the barbeque to renew the grills, stoves, and fireplaces. The premium quality of this paint will surely impress you with its performance.

High Heat

Majic 8-2020-8 will last long, even in extreme heat. This paint can withstand heat up to 1300°F. As the paint will mostly be used in barbeque grills, the temperature limit would be a significant fact to consider. 

The paint won’t get defected for the heat, that’s for sure. You may use this paint for any exterior purposes.

Gloss Finish

You will get a stunning finish on metal surfaces with this paint. The paint would be perfect for grills, stoves, and fireplaces. As the gloss finish is more stain-resistant, you will have a more durable painting on grills. In addition, it will be easier to clean the glossy surface that will reduce your hassles as well.

Barbeque Black

Majic 8-2020-8 Rust Kill Spray will make your grills look new with the barbeque black color coating. A single can of paint would be enough to cover a space of 18 square ft. The enamel paint will take less time to dry, and the glossy finish would make the surface more stunning than before.


  • Gives a new look to the grill almost instantly
  • One can is enough for a large grill
  • Effective to withstand high heat
  • Produces no bubble


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Not suitable to use inside any grill
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Rutland High Temp Black Paint 

If you are looking for a solid performance, you may pick the Rutland Hi-Temp paint. This paint will be an ideal choice for a stove or grill. Steel, cast iron griddle, aluminum, brick, and most other metals can be painted using this paint.

The paint can hold out against 1200°F, thus no worry of getting defects. No primer is needed while using this paint. The paint comes in a flat black color with a matte finish that will look great on metal surfaces. 

With a single paint, you will be able to cover grills, stoves, smokers, or even chimney caps.

Rutland Hi-Temp Paint

Top Features 

  • Matte finish with flat black color
  • Adheres to most of the metal surfaces
  • The paint can withstand 1200°F of heat
  • No primer is required while applying paint
  • Ideal for grills, stoves, stove pipes, or chimney caps

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Exterior FinishMatte
BrandRutland Products
Weight12 Ounce


You should not purchase different types of paint for different surfaces if you have this paint. This paint is perfect for most metal surfaces. This paint can be used on steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brick as well. 

In addition, the paint will provide you an impressive performance for smokers, fireplace inserts, and other fireplace tools. You will be able to cover almost all surfaces with this single paint.


Rutland Hi-Temp is durable paint that will look stunning for years by protecting the paint from dust. The paint will keep the dust at bay, so the surface will look new even after multiple numbers of heating. 

Solid Paint

The color quality and the matte finish will make any surface look stunning. You won’t need to use any primer to apply this paint.

An old fireplace would definitely look like a newly purchased one after applying this paint. The color quality made the paint an excellent option for a repaint, and that won’t disappoint you for sure.


  • No adverse impact 
  • Effective to protect the grill from rust
  • Dries up with in no time
  • Suitable to paint stovetop, fireplace and so many other things


  • Has a strong chemical smell
  • It may peel off if over sprayed
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What To Look Before Buying High Heat Paint for Grills


High-temp paint is used to renew the grills. If the finishing isn’t top-notch, it won’t make the painting worth it. The high temp paints are available with different finishing effects. Glossy finishing is recommended if you want to make the finishing look clean. 

This is easier to wipe as well. The matte finish makes grills look premium. This is a rough yet shiny effect on a surface. The other type of finishing is Satin. This is quite a silky type of finishing. 

One of the advantages of this finishing is that the flaw will be easily noticeable in this type. You will be able to paint the grill perfectly with this satin finishing.


The color of the paint is a crucial factor for most surfaces. If you are painting a fireplace, the color should be matched well with the rest of the background and objects. 

Most of the paint comes in black color. Make sure the paint won’t get defective after a few amounts of use. The color should last for years.

Rust-Oleum 7778830 comes with variants of color. This high temp paint is available in five different colors. If you are looking for a specific color, you can pick this paint. The paint will satisfy you in the other segments as well.


As you are purchasing the paint for grills, it’s pretty apparent that you may use the paint in a fireplace such as a barbeque. The paint should withstand a decent range of heat. 

Most of the high temp paint withstands up to 1200°F. It’s recommended to use the paint on the outside of the grills. Using the paint inside is not safe as they may get in contact with the foods.


The color should be durable for years. A dust-resistant high temp paint will make the paint more durable and will maintain the newly applied effect for a longer period. 

It will be a plus if the paint is corrosion-resistant. A durable paint will save your time and budget as well. You won’t be required to paint your equipment frequently.


A paint that is applicable to all types of metal is more preferable. You will be able to cover the whole fireplace with a single can. A standard high temp paint is applicable to grills, wood-burning stoves, radiators, and other surfaces. 

Make sure the paint will last long on steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other metals. The grill or the fireplace has different types of surfaces included. So it will be a wise decision to choose one that is suitable for most of the metal types.

These are some of the major factors that make the paint more preferable. If you can choose a high temp paint that satisfies the mentioned points, then the performance will surely be the best.  

How To Spray – The Ultimate User Guide

You won’t get proper output if you don’t use the paint properly. There are some basic steps that you should follow while using paint on any surface. Here are some of the steps that you may follow –

  • Cleaning the surface

This is the first step to start the painting. Clean the surface and make sure there is no debris or dust on the surface. The better the cleaning is, the better the repaint will look. 

You may use detergent or warm water to clean the surface perfectly. If the grill is kitchen equipment, then the cleaning should be done accurately for a better result.

  • Cover

There are some parts that are required to cover while spraying, such as the handle. Use tape to cover such parts. By following this step, you will be able to maintain the outlook of the instrument. 

In addition, if the covered parts have a different color, you may add the required color as well. Before applying the spray, you may read the provided user manual.

If you are spraying any barbeque item, it is important to cover the inside part of the equipment. It will be risky if there is any paint on the portion where you place the food. The heat may get the chemical into your food which is very much dangerous.

  • Maintain Distance

While applying the paint, maintain a distance to make the paint more effective. This will save your paint as well. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the spray. 

Applying the paint from a distance of 8-inch would be perfect. The distance will make sure that your spray is getting applied into more space at a time.

  • Rotate while Painting

The recommended way to paint a surface is to rotate while applying paint. If you continue the spraying by rotating, it will be easier to cover the parts. This is the easiest way to paint or spray fireplaces such as barbeque grills. You will be able to finish the painting in one go. 

  •  Check the Surface 

If the whole surface is done painting, check if there is any surface left of spraying. They don’t take much time to get dried. If you can finish the whole surface with a single round, the painting will look much better. Thus make sure you have covered the entire surface. 

  • Dry

Though most of the high temp paint dries within an hour, you should still keep the grill or the surface in an open space to dry completely. This will make the paint more durable. In addition, the enamel paint takes less time to dry. 

These are the typical steps that you should follow while applying a spray to any surface. Spraying or using high temp paint isn’t a complex job. Follow the steps carefully, and you will surely get a perfect output. The following video on YouTube will make you better understand the complete process –   

Is it recommended to use on a newly purchased grill for extra protection?

You may use the paint on a newly purchased grill though it’s not necessary. Use the paint on the outside surface. Make sure you are not painting the inside portion of the grill that may get the chemicals into the food.

How durable are the paints inside of the fireplace?

Most of the high temp paint comes with heat resistance up to 1200°-1300°F. If the fireplace cross that heats, it would damage the surface otherwise, it’s fine. You can use the high temp paints for the common fireplaces without any hesitation.

Are there any color variants available for the paint?

Only Rust-Oleum 7778830 comes with five different colors. The other two have a black color variant with different finishing types. 

What is Enamel Paint?

Enamel paint comes with a glossy look that makes the old surface look better. The surface of enamel paint is easier to wipe as well. This paint is preferred if you want a quick paint that will dry within a shorter duration.

Which one has the highest temperature resistance?

Majic 8-2020-8 Rust Kill Spray comes with the highest temperature that will withstand the heat of 1300°F or 705°c. The other two comes with a heat resistance of 1200°F 


Some facts differentiate one paint from another. You should check the features to get the ultimate one. The detailed comparisons were to make you decide easily. If you prefer any specific type of finishing, you may choose the preferred one as well. A durable paint with a solid color will provide better performance. 

This article tried to make picking the best high temp paint for grills easier to help you paint your grills more effectively. Rust-Oleum 7778830 can be considered as the winner in this list because of the color variants with the other features. 

Majic 8-2020-8 should be picked if you’re considering the heat factor. Rutland Products 80 comes with a matte finish and a flat black color that will look great on any metal surface. You may choose any of them if they match your desired features.

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