Earth’s Coolest Gift Ideas for Cooks Who Have Everything

Getting surprising gift ideas for cooks who have everything can be quite a daunting task. From birthday to marriage anniversary day and from Valentine’s Day to Christmas day, they always cook something special for us.

Yes, it’s true that they’ll like us whatever gift we buy for them. But it’s also true that they deserve a great gift. 

Whenever we want to surprise them, our quest for an impressive gift always fills us with hundreds of ideas, and we end up buying something that isn’t actually impressive for them who have almost everything.

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This is a common phenomenon while choosing a gift for your love partner, sister, mom, or otherwise, and there’s a quick-fix solution to this happy problem. 

After celebrating hundreds of marriage anniversary and birthday parties, we’ve carefully selected earth’s coolest gifts, any of which will put a smile on the face you want to see smiling.

Topcellent Gift

Cooking is an art. But there’s no art in washing dishes. Moreover, dishwashing takes a lot of time if manually done, and constant contact with chemicals from dish soap may cause danger to your cook’s hands.

  • 18″ Built-In Dishwasher
  • 6 Wash Cycles
  • Digital Push Buttons
  • Has Light Indicators
  • Rinse Aid Compartment
  • Features a Leakage Sensor 
  • Easy to Install

On the contrary, a dishwasher easily cleans tough stains and hard-to-reach areas without any touch of your hand. 

It ensures 99.9% hygiene and 100% cleanliness as it comes with an antibacterial cleaning function that kills germs with heated water. So, it can be the topcellent gift if you want to make someone wow.

Surprising Gift Ideas for Cooks Who Have Everything

You’re looking for a gift to really wow a cook who has everything. That means she/he will not be surprised to get another cooking utensil that is already showcased in their kitchen. 

Out of their kitchen, they’re also cheerful human beings with beautiful hearts. So, instead of a kitchen utensil, it’ll be worth considering any of these impressive gifts-

Smart WiFi Air Fryer

I can control my smart TV using my smartphone. But only a few hours ago, it was beyond my imagination that a cooking utensil could be controlled and operated by a mobile phone. Yap, a smart wifi air fryer is such a cooker that you can run and monitor your cooking without touching it.

Moreover, the surprising benefit of this smart cooker is that you can fry chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, french fries, and so many other crispy foods using up to 80% less oil. As it takes less oil, it offers healthier foods.

Food is needed to be completely submerged in hot oil when it is cooked following a traditional frying method. 

But, this smart fryer cooks by circulating hot air around the food at high speed. It also creates a thin layer of oil around the food while circulating air to make the food crispy. 

These smart fryers are featured with a food agitator, temperature controller, and timer to offer more precise cooking. 

You can cook foods like beef, chicken, fish, potato chips, steak, cheeseburgers, french fries, or pastries in this exclusive fryer.

Some of these fryers are furnished with extra weapons to let you cook specific recipes, such as pizza pans, skewer racks, grilling trays, and cake barrels. 

It’s a pretty surprising culinary gadget, and any cook will be surprised to know that they can now control their fryer by simple voice command with Alexa from anywhere.

Electric Pasta Maker

Have you ever seen your cook making pasta? Homemade pasta or noodles always offer customized flavor. 

It also contains essential nutrients and a mouth-watering taste. Once upon a time, making those yummy kinds of pasta and noodles was very difficult and time-consuming.

But electric pasta makers have made this job easy. Now it takes only 10 minutes to make 1/2 lb pasta if there’s an electric pasta maker in the kitchen. 

This pasta maker helps to make delicious and colorful pasta with several hundred flavors, surprisingly in different shapes.

Chefs love to make their fans wow by bringing different flavors and different shapes to the same food, and an electric pasta maker helps them do so. 

This type of smart pasta maker comes with several shaping discs to give unique shapes, and cooks can try an unlimited number of ingredients to bring new flavors to the homemade pasta and noodles. 

If you want to eat more pasta or noodles for free, give this smart gift to your home chef today. 

Smokeless Indoor Grill

Who doesn’t love grill food, and whenever it comes to the grill, we start thinking about a giant oven installed in the backyard, spending a couple of hours in smoke, and finally celebrating a party with the grilled chicken, lamb, or beef.

But, you’ll be surprised to know that now you can easily make grills without leaving your kitchen. 

You know what, eating grilled chicken with french fries is even tastier while it’s raining outside, and it’s now possible as you can now cook grilled food in your kitchen.

Yes, a smokeless indoor grill machine helps to cook delicious grilled meat in the kitchen with nearly zero smoke. 

These smart grill machines are designed with smoke-less technology and infrared heating technology, which ensure perfect taste to the grilled foods.

From beef ribs to chicken wings and from salmon to green fruits, a cook can grill any food in an indoor grill. 

So, it seems to be another cool idea to make your chef wow with a smokeless bbq grill machine before the upcoming Global Grill Day.

Personalized Cutting Board

You’ll always find a sentimental, functional, and elegant gift on top of the list, and a personalized cutting board is such a heartwarming gift for the chefs who have everything. 

Your chef may have a couple of cutting boards, but a specialized one will never be an extra.

A cook knows thousands of recipes. They cook dozens every single day. But, they cook some special recipes only for some special person.

They also cook some special dishes to celebrate some special moments, and this personalized board can make those special moments impossible to forget.

It’ll help your favorite cook to keep a much-loved recipe close at hand. It’s absolutely a surprising gift for the cooks. Not only the recipe, but you can also add any text. 

This fancy cutting board comes with engraved personal messages. Just enter in your favorite recipe or personalized message before adding it to your Amazon shopping cart.

A Great Cup of Coffee

Stop overthinking and consider giving a great cup of coffee. Coffee, also known as survival juice, is the most favorite drink of the civilized world. 

It’s a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drunk, and the ever refreshing smell of fresh-made coffee can make any chef cook foods faster with more energy.

Maybe there’s a single reason to buy a gift, but there are hundreds of reasons to drink coffee. 

A tiny cup of hot coffee can offer some strong protection against Parkinson’s disease, Type 2 diabetes, Liver disease, including liver cancer, Heart attack, and Stroke. So, you should drink it, and it can also be a great gift. 

Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen knife set is another decent gift idea. This is the most used tool in the kitchen, and cooks love to have a wide collection of knives in their kitchen. They also need multiple knives to cut and prep different types of foods.

If you ask a professional cook, you’ll come to know that a steak knife can’t properly cut vegetables, a paring knife can’t curve a whole turkey, and you’ll need a serrated knife to cut potatoes. There are also several other knives for specific purposes.

Moreover, there are fancy European knives to cut impressions. A knife can also make a food platter impressive if it’s properly used from beginning to end of cooking a recipe. 

So, you can easily consider buying a kitchen knife set as a gift for a chef whom you want to surprise.

Smoking Wood Chips

Smoky chicken wings, smoky beef ribs, smoky salmon, everything is smoky now. Maybe this is because it tastes so good. 

Smoking isn’t just about adding a new flavor to the food; it’s also about adding a mouthwatering hue to the dish.

Who knows, you’ve become a big fan of your favorite chef because of this smoky flavor. As your cook has everything, you may find wood chips in their kitchen. But, still, you can select it for your gift as chefs need it every day.

Moreover, another pack of wood chips can help them bring a new flavor by mixing different types of wood chips. Don’t worry; your chef knows it very well that there’s nothing shameful with a little mix-and-match.

Pro Chef Jamie Purviance, author of Weber’s Smoke: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill, says-

“The most serious smokers or competition pit masters get into the act of blending woods the same way you would blend spices.

But, you should know that all wood chips aren’t created equal when it comes to smoking, and some aren’t even meant to smoke meat. So, this guide on Smoking Wood Chips will help you to choose the right pack.

Wool Dryer Ball

I’m pretty sure that your favorite chef knows a million of kitchen hacks. But how about surprising them with surprising laundry hacks? Dryer sheets are a common laundry product that can be found in almost every home in the United States.

But, some tennis balls like laundry products can effectively cut down on laundry drying time. These are made of wool and are mostly known as wool dryer balls. 

It’s a very popular green cleaning substitution and very effective in lessening the hassle of laundry.

I know, sometimes doing laundry becomes romantic when it’s only you and your love partner. 

But cooks never have enough time to enjoy laundry because they’ve so many things to take care of. 

From vegetable shopping to raw meat cutting and from menu planning to meal prep, their responsibility covers everything.

So, this simple laundry hack can let them enjoy one more cup of hot coffee as it reduces the laundry time up to 25 percent. It also reduces static sans from the clothes and softens the clothes without using any fabric softener.

Don’t worry; it can be a unique gift item with a simple DIY hack. Just wrap the balls with beautiful wrapping paper, insert it into a crystal gift bag and make it a personalized gift.

Ezyroller Classic Rider

It’s another fantastic toy rider. Fun to ride on and easy to get moving; this is what Ezyroller classic riders meant to be. No matter whether the kids are only four or fourteen, they can enjoy smooth riding across the backyard garden, driveway, playgrounds, or sidewalks hours after hours if there’s an Ezyroller machine.

Pro cooks have to be busy when little children look for a partner in the playground. As you know, the afternoon is the best time for the kids to play. 

But, this is the peak hour for the chefs. Ezy roller is full of fun but free from any risk. This story will tell you how much fun it can offer-

The height of this riding toy is almost ground touching. It doesn’t have any pedals or chains. It’s run by simple leg movement and can offer carefree fun. 

Parents have nothing to worry about if their kids play with this racing toy. So, it can be an impressive gift for your busy chef who has kids.

A Toy Drone

A toy drone can be a fantastic choice if your chef has a cute little kid. It’s a quadcopter with four rotors specially designed for adventurous kids. No need to complete any aviation course to fly this toy. Kids can easily fly it with simple controls.

This toy is available with several cool features. Some can fly both indoors and outdoors, while some can fly only outdoors. No matter if it’s designed for indoor or outdoor, anyone can enjoy flying toy drones in their backyard garden.

Some toy drones come with cameras. It’s not only an exclusive toy for the kids, but it’s also very effective in relieving depression. 

Fly it with your kids, take it up to the height of your nearby trees, explore the tree branches and take a look at how birds are making love, or simply take some aerial selfie and see how your depression is gone by. 

It can be a thrilling Christmas gift or birthday present to your favorite cook. We also have an epic article that goes exclusively over the Best Toy Drone for Kids to help you find the coolest one! But, make sure that she/he has a kid to fly it every afternoon.

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