Meater Plus Probe Not Connecting To Block, Charger, and To The Base

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I know how frustrating it is if your meater plus keeps disconnecting while cooking.

But what is the reason? Why is the Meater Plus probe not connecting to the block, charger, base, and wifi?

There could be several causes for such malfunction. Probably, you placed the charger too far from the probe. The smart device it is paired with may have a weak signal. Or it might happen because your probe needs a thorough cleaning.

Whatever the reason is, I came up with a troubleshooting guide below. Hopefully, it will help keep your meater plus smart thermometer unfailingly connected.

So, let’s dive in!

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Meater Plus Probe Not Connecting To Block – Meater Connection Problems Solved

One of the major reasons behind your Meater Plus probe not connecting to the block is the limitation of Bluetooth (Up to 165 ft or 50.292 m Bluetooth Range).

If you are dealing with highly insulated cooking utensils, it might limit the range of Bluetooth coverage.

In that case, the Meater probe keeps losing the signal. 

Worry not, this is not a big deal. Like meater block, meater plus is a premium quality wireless thermometer, Meater Plus is built to sustain such conditions. 

When the probe reconnects to the block, the cooking will be carried on as usual. 

To avoid such circumstances, use smokers or grills with thinner materials. Because the thicker the materials, the fewer the gaps to escape signals. 

Therefore, the Bluetooth range automatically gets limited and your probe loses connections to the block.

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Why Meater Plus Probe Not Get Connected To Block

As I already discussed, your Meater probe is probably out of the Bluetooth range if it’s not connected to the block.

Either it’s due to the heavily insulated cooking appliances or you have not turned Bluetooth on your mobile device.

Always make sure to keep the Bluetooth on as long as you are cooking.

For Android users, it’s utterly important to note that you must enable the location permission to connect the Meater probe via Bluetooth. 

Only then you can get an uninterrupted connection between the probe and the block.

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Meater Plus Probe Not Connecting To The Charger

Suppose, your Meater Plus probe is suddenly not getting connected to the charger. What will you do now?

Unless the probe is fully charged, you cannot run a longer cooking session. It must be charged at least for 4 hours before you start cooking.

Otherwise, the probe will lose connection while cooking and won’t reconnect until recharged.

Well, the most possible cause of the probe not connecting to your charger is that the probe’s ambient tip probably has food residues. 

If the tip is covered with oil stains or residues, how could it connect to the charger?

So, what now? Cleaning the probe thoroughly, what else?

I highly recommend cleaning the Meater Plus probe after every use. It will help keep the charging contact clean from any dirt or debris build-up.

Besides, you should wash the probe from a hygienic point of view too. 

Being water-resistant, the probe doesn’t mind being washed with hot water.  Saying that you must scrub the probe thoroughly to get rid of the food debris and oil stains. 

Use a mild dishwasher to clean the probe tip and scrub off the dirt with an abrasive sponge. 

Please remember,  the remaining food stain on the ambient tip of the probe might be invisible. 

Still, you need to clean it properly with a little bit of elbow grease to prevent any dirt buildup on the tip.

If you still find issues while connecting the probe to the charger, clean the ambient tip using low-grit sandpaper.

In a nutshell, there shouldn’t be a single food fragment between the probe tip and the charger.

Once you are done with cleaning,  you must dry the probe. Use either a piece of soft cloth or a paper towel to soak the water. Never place a wet Meater probe on the charger.

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Meater Plus Probe Not Connecting To The Base

If you find the Meater Plus probe not connecting to the base, chances are there is a grime buildup on the charging base itself. 

Just like the pointed tip of the probe, the silver spring on the base could be affected by dirt, grime, and residues. 

As long as you don’t clean them, the probe won’t connect to the base. 

Therefore, you must clean the silver spring with baking soda and vinegar. A gentle wash with a sponge dipped into this solution will scrub off any food particles or debris from the base. 

Thus, you can put the probe back into the base and ensure an unfailing probe-to-base connection.

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Meater Plus Probe Not Connecting To Wifi

A Meater Plus heat probe won’t directly connect to the wifi. Because it’s Bluetooth-compatible only. To enable Meater Plus to work via wifi, you must use a secondary smart device. 

That means you need two smart devices to connect the Meater Plus probe to a wifi network. 

The first device will be directly connected to the probe via Bluetooth. 

Whereas the second smart device will establish a reliable connection between the first device and the wifi network you are using.

Thus, you can use your home wifi network to connect a Meater Plus probe.

But you must connect both devices using the same wifi network. Now, you can connect the Meater probe from the Quick Start Guide. 

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How Do I Know If My Meater Plus Probe Is Charging?

Unfortunately, Meater Plus doesn’t come with an indicator light to let you know whether it’s being charged or not. So, how will you check it? 

Usually, by checking the battery percentage. As the probe charges passively,  you need to check the battery life before cooking. 

What if it disconnects in the middle of your cook due to insufficient battery life?

However, when the probe is in the charger, it is charging and once it’s full, the charging stops.

While you are putting the probe back in the charger after use, place the ambient end towards the bottom. Because there are two charging contacts at the bottom edge of the charger. 

If you want to make sure that your probe is charging, you must make the probe touch both contacts.

And I suggest storing the probe always inside the charger when it is out of use. As you cannot directly see whether it’s charging or not, keeping it connected to the charging contacts is a wise decision. 

However, you can check the battery life of the charger itself by pressing the black button on the front of the charger. 

If the LED light is green, it’s alright. But if it’s red, you need to replace the AAA battery.

Why Does My Meater Plus Keep Losing Connection?

Being the first truly wireless meat thermometer, Meater Plus is, indeed, a proud smart cooking tool. But sometimes it could be utterly disgusting and lose connection frequently. 

On such unwanted occasions, the first thing to notice is that you should be connected directly to the Meater Plus charger, not to the probe.

And to ensure such a stable connection, the Meater Plus charger must be within the range. 

Keep the charger as close as possible to the probe. If the probe loses signal or is out of range, it will be disconnected. 

If you are facing the disconnection issue, probably the probe and the charger are losing connection within themselves. 

While using the Meater app, you can see the Plus icon on your device if you are connected to the charger.

Needless to say, the smartphone or tablet you are using should also be as close as possible to the probe for a secure connection.

How Do I Connect My Meater To Bluetooth

To connect a Meater product to Bluetooth, you must turn the Bluetooth on your smart device.  And make sure to remain Bluetooth enabled as long as you cook. 

For Android devices, connecting a Meater probe via Bluetooth requires location permission.

How Do I Connect My Meater Probe To My iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, download the Meater app from the App Store. Now, open the app on your phone. 

Meanwhile, take the Meater probe out of the charging dock and it will automatically turn on.

You will see a large green button on the app. Tap on the circular button to search for your probe and select it from the list.

That’s it, the Meater probe is connected to your ios device. To finish the setup, tap “Next” and select the temperature scale on F or C.

Can Meater Connect To Two Phones?

Yes, you can connect a Meater probe to two phones using Meater Link.

The Meater Link connects the probe to wifi and thus, you can monitor your cooking using multiple devices at a time.

Just make sure all the smart devices are under the same wifi network. Most importantly, one of the connected devices must be within the Bluetooth range of the probe.


As a long-time Meater Plus user, I can guarantee the authenticity of the probe. It’s truly a wireless meat probe and lives up to the expectations. 

But sometimes you will find the Meater Plus probe not connecting. Don’t be disheartened. It’s not the manufacturing fault. 

Perhaps, some external factors are preventing the probe from being connected to the block, base, or charger.

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