Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets Review (My Honest Opinion)

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A perfect wood blend will boost the flavor of your food and make the dish delicious. The pellet should be made with natural elements and should not contain any artificial flavor. 

Bear mountain bbq pellets review will help you choose the pellets formulated with no fillers, binders, or bark as these elements may damage the food taste.

Bear Mountain is here to provide you the best flavor of BBQ with a wide range of pellet collections. The Bear Mountain has over 30 years of experience in crafting premium wood pellets. The wood pellets of this brand will be a perfect addition for outdoor smoking and BBQ.

6 Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets Review – Know Which Suits You Best

Without using any artificial elements, Bear Mountain ensures you a healthy and rich dish by using premium pellets.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key-Features ComparisonPecanAppleGourmet Blend
Flavor ProfileBalanced mild & SmokyLight Sweet & SmokySmoky & Balanced Sweet
Best forVegetable, Poultry, Meat & FishVegetable Fish & PoultryMeat, Poultry & Fish
Works WithAll Grills & SmokersAll Grills & SmokersAll Grills & Smokers
Special Feature100% All-NaturalNo additivesNo Binders & Fillers
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Have a glance at the top 6 variants of Bear Mountain Pellets below – 

Bear Mountain All-Natural Pecan Wood Pellets

Pecan has a sweet, nutty, and rich flavor so does the Bear Mountain BBQ Pecan. This is a 100% natural hardwood pellet with a smoky wood-fired flavor. This pellet will work well with all major brands of pellet grills such as Pit Boss, Traeger, Louisiana Grills, and others. There are two size variants available of 20lb and 40lb.

The pellets from Bear Mountain are quite fatter than other manufacturers. Thus it will make more smoke to enhance the flavor of your dish. This variant can be used as Bear Mountain sweet BBQ pellets because of the flavor.

As they are low moisture, you can use this pellet with all outdoor gas or electric smokers.

Bear Mountain All-Natural Pecan Wood Pellets

Top Features

  • Sweet and smoky flavor
  • Best for Poultry and Lamb
  • Available in two different size
  • Can be used with any outdoor smokers

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If you’re a bbq enthusiast, you should try different flavors of pellet. Bear Mountain Pecan pellets will surely satisfy you with the rich and premium flavor. This one is recommended to use with poultry, lamb, and beef.

For a complete BBQ experience, this one will be a top pick for sure. It doesn’t matter which grill brand you’re using, this BBQ pellet is compatible with most major brands.

The pellets are made with all-natural elements with no health risk. The pellets are made with a custom blend of the pecan flavor and will surely make your dish richer with flavor and can be stored for up to 6 months in a pellet storage container.

The premium quality pellets will deliver you perfect and clean smoke every time you’re using them. The aroma will make your BBQ dish better than ever. This product is recommended if you prefer a mildly sweet flavor in your dish.

Bear Mountain Pecan pellets is available in two different pack sizes of 20 pounds and 40 pounds. There is an instruction provided on the pack that will guide you to have the perfect BBQ.

You will have instructions for both foil and pan. There will be more smoke to provide you with a better flavor to your dishes.


  • Suitable for any meat
  • Impart natural smoky flavor
  • Can be used in any type of grills and smokers
  • It doesn’t overpower the smoke flavor

What I Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for seafood
  • There’s a bit sawdust in the bag

Bear Mountain Apple BBQ Wood Pellets

This pellet comes with a mild sweet flavor. If you are using a pellet smoker, then this one would be one of the best picks for the rich and smoky flavor. For veggies and poultry, this pellet will be a recommended one. You may use Bear Mountain BBQ Apple Wood for seafood as well.

The bbq pellets don’t contain any artificial ingredients, and there is no additional flavor used while manufacturing. There are no binders or fillers used in this pellet. Using this pellet while smoking will provide you a robust flavor with perfect tender. 

For veggies, poultry and fish, this will be a perfect go-to mixture choice.

Bear Mountain Apple Wood Pellets

Top Features

  • Mild sweet flavor
  • Free from fillers or binders
  • Made from 100% natural hardwood
  • Compatible with all outdoor smokers/grills

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Sometimes, it’s quite tough to find a pellet with great flavor. This pellet from Bear Mountain will not only provide you with a rich and smoke flavor but also will work well with most major grill brands. 

You will have the perfect smoke for your outdoor grills or smoker by using this product. The pellet doesn’t contain any fillers or additives and will make your meal full of flavor.

There were no issues from customers while using this pellet with the Traeger grill. The output was amazing, and the dish was full of flavor. You will enjoy any grill, BBQ, or brisket by using this pellet. 

Bear Mountain BBQ Apple Wood is perfectly balanced with no overpowering. The flavor will make your dish more delicious that you’ll definitely enjoy.

The product will be great fuel for any pellet smoker. Using them once will clear your doubts about the quality and the performance as well. The flavor will make it worth every penny you are investing in. 

Bear Mountain BBQ Apple Wood comes with solid packaging and contains the necessary guidelines for smoking. If you want to have a satisfactory performance in terms of flavor and smoke, you should try this product.


  • Generates more smoke
  • Well known for producing thin blue smoke
  • Best for brisket, steak and ribs
  • Dense enough to burn longer

What I Don’t Like

  • It leaves more ash than others
  • Not recommended for beef
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Premium Quality All-Natural Hickory Pellets

Hickory pellets are best for turkey and poultry. This pellet is suitable for all types of meat or veggies except seafood. Hickory pellet from Bear Mountain comes with a premium and rich flavor that will enhance the deliciousness of your dish to another level. 

This pellet will surely bring a robust smokiness to the BBQ meats. The authentic flavor will last long without making any change in the taste of your dish. 

Most users were very happy and satisfied by using this premium hickory pellet, and the quality was as expected. Purchasing this product once will surely make you a repeat customer.

Premium Quality All-Natural Hickory Pellets

Top Features

  • Robust smokiness
  • Great with most meat types 
  • Compatible with veggies
  • Enhance the food taste with flavor

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This pellet will be a top pick if you are struggling to find the right pellet to use with ribs, butts, and brisket. The pellet will leave a robustly smoky flavor to your dish and make the dish super delicious. 

Bear Mountain Hickory pellet will make your grilling experience better than usual, and the smoky flavor will make your dish incomparable. Most of the time, the output of the food depends on the pellet, not the grill. 

Thus, it should be ensured that you are using a quality hickory pellet, and this product will definitely satisfy you with the quality.

The pellets will burn clean, and there will be less ash. The Bear Mountain Hickory pellet is crafted in such a way that it will make more smoke and flavor with less ash.

You are going to have the best flavor to your dishes. Just like the pit boss pellets, these are also processed with 100% natural hardwoods to ensure the best possible quality.

There won’t be any objection about the packaging and the advertisement as well. You will get the output exactly how it’s described. The users were impressed with this commitment. They got what they expected. 

The hickory pellets will make your dish taste better and will make the flavor perfectly balance with the dish. You should definitely try this variant if you want to have a mouthwatering dish on your table.


  • Great for balanced flavor
  • Made from natural hardwoods
  • Low moisture profile ensures the perfect smoke

What I Don’t Like 

  • The price is comparatively higher

Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend Wood Pellets

The Gourmet Blend pellets are the newest addition to the Bear Mountain pellet variants. This pellet creates a perfectly balanced sweet smokiness that will make any dish delicious. Whether it’s a cut of meat or veggies, the gourmet blend pellets are compatible with both. 

JON KILUK OF @CRAZYGRINGOBBQ recommended the pellet from Bear Mountain as the user found a distinct flavor and smoke that was better than any other brands available in the market. Additionally, this pellet makes a decent amount of smoke that is not available in any other manufacturer. 

For a bbq party, this one would be a perfect pick for sure.

Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend Wood Pellets

Top Features

  • Adds delicious flavor
  • Balanced and sweet smoke
  • The latest addition of pellets
  • Compatible with veggies and meat
  • It makes a decent amount of smoke

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The premium gourmet blend pellet from Bear Mountain will be an excellent pick for any meat or veggies. This one contains a great balanced sweet, smoky flavor that will make your dish taste toothsome. You will notice a distinct flavor in your dish that you have never experienced. 

Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend Pellet will make a standard amount of smoke to make the flavor perfectly balanced. The unique flavor won’t affect the taste and will surely make you fall in love with this pellet flavor.

This is the latest pellet addition of Bear Mountain pellet variants. The product is crafted according to customers’ satisfaction. The gourmet blend is perfectly balanced, and the flavor will be exactly how you want it. 

The made in USA product comes with the best quality and ensures no additives are being used. This one is made with all-natural components.

If you are looking for a new flavor to try with your dishes, this one will be the best pick for sure. This will be compatible with most grills and smokers. This one is the most versatile pellet that can be used with any meat or veggies. 

If you try bbq with different meat types, then bear mountain bbq pellets gourmet blend will definitely be the most effective pellet you may choose.


  • Exclusive gourmet blend
  • No additives or fillers
  • Makes you food sweetly smoky


  • Imparts a bit different flavor
  • A bit expensive

Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Pellets

Here comes another grilling pellet from Bear Mountain. The Gourmet pellet is recommended for any occasion and is a favorite choice of the Pitmasters. For the newbies, this will be the best pick for ribs and chicken. 

You will just need to fill the hopper to get the best flavor into your dishes. Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ pellets are compatible with any dish, and the output will be exactly how you want it. The pellets’ size is small and universal that will be great for any hopper. 

For a quick and incredible smoke, you should definitely try this variant of Bear Mountain.

Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Pellets

Top Features

  • Perfect size for hoppers
  • Pitmasters favorite
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • A versatile choice for meats

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The perfect blend of Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Pellets will make your BBQ experience better than usual. You will surely notice an excellent flavor of the dishes. The pellets will burn hotter and cleaner than any other brand. 

It doesn’t matter what meat you’re cooking. This pellet will be the perfect choice without any doubt. The pellets will create a wonderful smoky flavor with a perfect crust. There won’t be any bitter flavor that means you will get the dish exactly how you want it.

Whether you’re a professional one or a little newbie, this gourmet pellet will make your dish taste amazing. The price is also pretty much affordable than the others.

Even after a day of smoking, there will be a very little amount of ash produced by the pellets. The pellets allow the grills to burn consistently, and this is the most important factor while smoking.

Bear Mountain Gourmet BBQ Pellets is a top choice among customers because of its versatility. There will be an amazing output of flavor that will enhance the taste of your dish.

If you are looking for a satisfying result from the wood pellet, you should try this variant at least once. You will definitely love it.


  • Ideal for red meat
  • It’s also low moisture pellet


  • Flavor is not so strong

Premium Quality White Oak Wood Pellets

Bear Mountain Oak Pellets is another variant with a premium blend of 100% natural hardwoods. This pellet can be used with any meat except poultry. You will get a smooth smoky flavor by using this Oak pellet. 

This is among the bear mountain bold bbq pellets that leave a strong flavor without making any change to the dish. The pellet is compatible with Pit Boss, Traeger, and other major brands. You can even combine this product with other variants if you want to try something new. 

The combo will deliver you a smoky/sweet combo that will make any dish mouthwatering.

Premium Quality White Oak Wood Pellets

Top Features

  • Smooth smoky flavor
  • Can be used as a combo
  • Compatible with most meat types
  • Low moisture for the perfect smoke

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Bear Mountain Oak Pellets are recommended if you are looking for a smooth smoky flavor in your dish. This pellet will make your dish full of flavor. You may use this pellet with any meat type except chicken or turkey. 

The smoke won’t change the taste of your dish and there will be a distinct flavor that you’ll crave for.

Oak flavor is stronger than any other variant. This is why you will notice a bold smoky flavor in your dish. This pellet will be best for those who are craving the smoky flavor in their dish. You will get the best results by using this pellet while smoking ribs. This one is the most recommended one for smoking ribs.

Bear Mountain Oak Pellets will suit well with any recipe. You will have another level of taste by using this pellet.  For a perfect balance to your dishes, this one will be the best purchase for sure.


  • Imparts smooth oak flavor
  • No chemical flavoring

What I Don’t Like

  • The flavor is a bit bold

Brand Overview – The Story of Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets 

Bear Mountain is operated by the largest residential wood fuel pellet producer in the USA. The company was founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1990. Bear Mountain has wood pellet plants throughout the United States, and the raw materials are being collected locally. 

Maintaining the highest quality is one of the major concerns of this company. The raw materials are packed with care to deliver the customer a rich and balanced flavor. The products from this manufacturer are made after so many experiments. 

The experiments were done to find out the best flavor with the wood blends from the hardwoods. This is how they were able to craft delicious flavors with perfect wood blends.

During the arrival of the raw materials from the suppliers, only the clean and fresh wood is accepted. Bear Mountain focuses on this step strictly as this will allow the pellets to burn smoothly and consistently. You will have a very small amount of ash full of flavor in your meal. 

The manufacturer manually reduces the amount of moisture in the pellets. This process is done to provide the grill an optimum heat with thin blue smoke. You will have the flavor perfectly mixed to the dish you’re cooking with these pellets. 

Bear Mountain is concerned about the environment as well. The pellets are made from pressed sawdust. These are 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets. The hardwoods are hand-picked to naturally produce a range of smoking woods. 

This also ensures no hardwood is being wasted. In addition, they have strong control over the steps that are required while making bbq pellets.  

Bear Mountain was founded for those who are passionate about BBQ. The manufacturer cares about the earth as well. This is why they always focus on producing wood pellets by doing less harm to the mother earth. There are no artificial elements used while manufacturing the pellets. 

Bear Mountain ensures 100% natural pellets are being delivered to the customers. They stated nature as their guide and their mentor as well. There are no added flavors or fillers. They don’t use any binders or bark as well. 

This makes the products more premium than any other manufacturers in the market. The pellets are being refined in making processes so that you won’t have any health issues by using the pellets. Bear Mountain cares a lot about industry standards and maintaining the standard for more than 30 years.

What Is Used To Flavor The Bear Mountain Wood Pellets 

Bear Mountain wood pellets are made from 100% natural hardwoods. There is a wide range of flavors without using anything artificial. The flavors are implemented by experimenting with different hardwoods. 

This allowed the manufacturers to find the optimal flavor out of the right blend. To flavor the wood pellets, there is nothing artificial used for, and you’re getting all-natural flavor in your dish. 

Bear Mountain maintains the quality by using real wood chips that will produce rich and natural wood smoke to your dish.

There are a total of 11 flavors available of wood pellets. You may try the apple or gourmet variants for smoking. They all come from refined processes and don’t contain any fillers or binders. 

Cherry or Alder – whichever pellets you’re using for your dish, you will have a pure all-hardwood pellet that will deliver you a mouthwatering flavor. Every flavor is popular for a specific dish. 

For example, cherry-flavored wood pellets are used for making chicken more delicious, and the apple flavor is recommended to bring out the sweetness in pork. In the same way, hickory is commonly used to add richness to steaks.

Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets Worth It 

This is a common doubt that may arise in the customer’s mind if the Bear Mountain bbq pellets are worth it or not. Well, the premium quality with no artificial flavoring will definitely be worth the penny you’re investing in. 

The pellets are manufactured by the master of the craft. There are some additional advantages as well that will make your bbq experience better than before. For example, the low moisture of the pellets will leave less ash than usual and will reduce the hassle you may face after cooking. 

The packaging is also done with care to provide you a safe use every time you’re using it.  These pellets can be used with any pellet or electric grills. There are three different methods included with instructions in every single package. 

This makes the product a more versatile pellet and a top pick as well. The products are not overpriced and come in a decent budget that ensures quality and quantity. Moreover, Bear Mountain focuses on the environment. The products they produce are 100% sustainable and are made from pressed sawdust.  

Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets Vs Other Pellets

You should know the differences between  Bear Mountain BBQ pellets with other pellets. This will help you decide easily to choose the best. The major difference between Bear Mountain and other pellets is the purity. 

Bear Mountain pellets are made from nature. There are no artificial flavors or fillers used while crafting the pellets. The pellets are made in certified pellet manufacturing facilities that mean there is no hidden process and the pellets are safe for everyone. 

In addition, Bear Mountain tests the pellets by 3rd party labs, and they are available in the market only after passing the lab tests.

Sometimes, the manufacturer uses artificial odor to enhance the smoky flavor. This won’t stay long and will make your dish taste bad. In addition, there is less moisture in the Bear Mountain pellets. 

This is a much-concerned fact while smoking grills or bbq. There is a common objection from the users about ash. If the pellets leave much ash, this will make it tough for you to smoke grills. Bear Mountain BBQ pellets will save you from this hassle. 

Bear Mountain is approved by the customers and has been running the business for more than 30 years. This gained trust from the users, and for the best flavor, they feel free to depend on Bear Mountain pellets. 

Benefits of Bear Mountain Pellets Smoked Foods

Bear Mountain is undoubtedly one of the popular bbq products manufacturers in the USA. Their products come with all-natural ingredients to ensure a healthy and safe bbq experience. 

The wood pellets will deliver you rich and smoky flavor without using any artificial elements. There are no fillers or binders being used while crafting the wood pellets. 

The products are manufactured after combining different choices of hardwoods. Thus, you will have the optimal flavor out of the right blends. 

The pellet-making process is refined, which means they will contain only 5% of moisture. This is why Bear Mountain products reach the optimum heat faster and allows you to get your grill heated at the minimum time. 

In addition, the pellets will leave less ash than usual, and your bbq will have the perfect smoky and deep flavor. For a quick look, here are some benefits that may make you realize why Bear Mountain Pellets will be a top choice for smoked foods – 

  • Only 5% moisture 
  • No fillers, binders, or bark
  • All-natural wood pellets
  • No Artificial flavor
  • Refined pellet-making process

Are Bear Mountain pellets good?

Bear Mountain is one of the finest quality wood pellet manufacturers with over 30 years of experience. 

Are Bear Mountain pellets 100% natural?

Bear Mountain pellets are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial flavor. Each and every flavor maintains the same quality and adds a premium flavor to the dish.

Do Bear Mountain pellets have fillers?

You should not worry about this issue as the pellets from Bear Mountain are free from fillers and binders.

Who makes Bear Mountain pellets?

Bear Mountain is owned by Lignetics Inc., and the pellets are manufactured in the USA.

Do Bear Mountain pellets burn hotter?

Yes, the pellets of Bear Mountain contain less moisture thus, it will allow the grill to heat faster.  

Bear Mountain is undoubtedly one of the best bbq pellet manufacturers in the USA. They have maintained the premium quality for more than 30 years. Their pellets are made with proper care and are made from natural hardwoods. This is a brand you can rely on. They have a wide range of pellets with different flavors. You can pick the one you are craving for. The pellets are available in the market after passing the lab tests. There are no artificial flavors or ingredients used in the pellets. If you want to cook mouth-watering dishes, you should definitely try Bear Mountain BBQIt can pellets.

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