25 Best BBQ Grill Brands Overview In 2023

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Whether you are a hobbyist home cook or an expert pitmaster, all you need is the right BBQ grill to create magic in your dish.

Trust me, anything you cook tastes better when it’s smoked better with a high-quality grill. But there are too many BBQ brands out there. Which one to go for?

Saying that, welcome to the review of the best BBQ grill brands. Let’s check out the prominent grill brands of recent times below. 

Best Bbq Grill Brands Reviews 

Here we go with some tried and trusted BBQ brands that can make a difference while smoking ribs or briskets. 

Let’s dive deep into their exclusivity which turned them into today’s top-graded grill manufacturers.


Truth be told, Weber is synonymous with quality grills, and for good reasons, of course. Back in 1952, it first started its journey with the classic kettle grill. 

Since then they have come a long way in producing top-ranked gas, electric, pellet grills, and more.

But of course, it always maintained its supremacy in making the signature bowl-shaped charcoal grill. The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is still the best in this regard. And for a gas grill, you can go for the Weber Spirit ll E-310 model.

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Looking for a wood pellet grill for your next BBQ session? Traeger is the only name that anyone will suggest. 

Starting its journey back in 1985, Traeger is still going great in manufacturing the most effective pellet grills in the industry. 

The Traeger 34 Pellet Grill is the most famous Traeger grill from the Pro series. Besides, they have some wonderful options in the Timberland and Ironwood lineups as well.

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Next comes the Masterbuilt grills which let you master the art of smoking. Although they have been producing top-quality smokers since 1973, they came into the limelight in 2019 with the Gravity series grills.

They have a vast range of BBQ products in the form of electric, gas, or charcoal smokers. 

Among all of them, I found the Masterbuilt 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker is the most convenient electric smoker right now.

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Pit Boss Grills

Talking about Pit Boss which is a subsidiary of Dansons Inc, it’s been another renowned grill manufacturer for years.

But it’s actually a one-stop solution for avid BBQuers. Apart from grills and smokers, they also offer griddles, accessories, BBQ sauces, and more.

They offer an extensive range of pellet grills, charcoal grills, combination-fueled grills, vertical smokers, and portable grills.

You can check out their Navigator 850 Pellet Grill to change the game of pellet grilling. And the Ceramic Charcoal Grill is another top-selling Pit Boss grill with a wide array of features. 

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Big Green Egg

Do you know who kicked off the kamado craze in the grilling dynasty? It’s Big Green Egg back in the 1970s.

Till today, they make the best kamado grill, ceramic grill, and charcoal smoker in terms of both high-heat grilling and low-and-slow smoking.

Moreover, they will last forever. So, why not try the Large Big Green Egg or the MiniMax BGE, two of their best-selling BBQ tools?

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Kamado Joe

Are you a fan of kettle-style grilling? Then you have to try one of the Kamado Joe’s grills. They produce some wonderful kettle grills and ceramic smokers with extensive heat retention capacity.

Whether it’s their Big Joe series or Classic Joe lineup, you can experience the versatility of smoking with their advanced BBQ appliances.

Check out this Kamado Cooking 101 Guide to become a Kamado master. 

However, I found the Classic ll 18″ Kamado Joe grill as their best full-sized model in terms of its extensive cooking space.

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Char-Broil is a Georgia-based grill and smoker manufacturer which stepped into the grilling era back in 1948.

You will get some out-of-the-box propane, electric, and charcoal smokers and grills in their collection.

Being primarily known for its unparalleled heat distribution capacity, the Char-Broil Commercial Propane & Natural Gas Infrared Grill is their best-known product.

And the Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill offers great value for the budget.

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If you need the most convenient outdoor cooking appliance, you should check out Blackstone. It can be a game changer in outdoor grilling, all thanks to its industry-grade griddles. 

These griddles are versatile, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Their 36-inch griddle was the stepping stone to making outdoor grilling easier for a large number of people.  

Whether you need a tabletop gas grill or a portable grill and griddle combo, Blackstone has it all.

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Z Grills

Comparatively, Z Grills is a new name in the BBW era. Although they have a long history of making BBQ grills and smokers for other brands, they only started manufacturing pellet grills under their own name in 2016.

Still, they managed to make a splash in the pellet-grilling sector with their top-notch material quality and innovative architecture. 

Especially, the one-button start-up feature became a crowd favorite pretty quickly.

I personally prefer their Stainless Steel Pellet Grill and Smoker for their intense smoky aroma.

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Camp Chef

Camp Chef is another well-regarded brand for making exclusive BBQ grills and smokers since 1990.

They have been manufacturing gas stoves, pellet smokers, fire pits, flat-top grills, cast iron cookware, and other outdoor appliances for years. 

Most recently, Camp Chef is better known for its extensive range of pellet grills and smokers. 

Nevertheless, you can go for their Deluxe Pellet Grill or the Flat-Top Portable Grill for a better smoking experience.  

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Oklahoma Joe’s

Oklahoma Joe’s smokers and grills are rigorously made to meet your versatile cooking needs. It has been one of the most sought-after smoker makers since its birth in 1987.

Whether you choose their offset smoker, charcoal grill, reverse flow smoker,  or grill-smoker-combo, rest assured that you are gonna enjoy a long smoking session at ease. Moreover, all their products are built to last.

However, the Longhorn Offset Smoker and the Highland Reverse Flow Smoker ate two of their top-selling products. 

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Blaze Grills

Next on the lineup, let’s talk about Blaze Grills. It’s been a successful grill manufacturer for years as they give you a BBQ grill for life. All their products are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Though Blaze Grills is mostly known for its gas and charcoal grills, you will also get electric grills, smokers, griddles, side burners, and other outdoor cooking accessories here.

And the Blaze Premium LTE Gas Grill is the new fan’s favorite for its outstanding cooking performance. 

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Honestly speaking, Cuisinart’s most popular product is its food processor which is their first-ever invention too.

Later, they started making other cooking appliances as well including grills and griddles. 

Thanks to their stainless steel architecture, Cuisinart grills are exceptionally sturdy and easy to maintain. 

Among their wide range of pellet, charcoal, gas, and electric grills and smokers, the Cuisinart Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill is the most versatile one.

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Coleman is one of the most ancient outdoor cooking appliance makers as it’s founded back in 1900. It’s a Chicago-based company that makes some amazing grilling tools, especially for car campers and RVers.

W.C. Coleman, the founder of the brand first made a portable gas-powered lantern around 120 years ago. That’s how the brand stepped into making camping equipment. 

Later they continued making some revolutionary kitchenware and today, everyone knows Coleman for their gas grill, charcoal grill, pellet grill, and smoker.

However, the RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill is the top-selling Coleman product that can stand the test of time.

Coleman Official Website

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Green Mountain Grills

Next, there are Green Mountain Grills which basically make electric wood pellet smokers. 

Though you can also find their other variants such as gas or charcoal smokers, this is the most celebrated BBQ maker of this brand. 

Some of their famous grill series are Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and Jim Bowie. Among them, the Daniel Boone Wi-Fi-enabled version is their best-selling product.

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Louisiana Grills

If you are a home griller, a Louisiana grill is all you need. They offer feature-packed performances for people who want to be more engaged in outdoor grilling. 

Starting its journey just before the Millennium in 1999, Louisiana Grills are extremely easy to use. Moreover, it offers a 60-day return policy.

Nonetheless, they have some out-of-the-box products under the Black Label series, Elite series, Vertical series, SL series, etc. which include wood pellet grills, charcoal grills, kamado smokers, and more. 

Among them, the Louisiana Grills 800 Deluxe model is considered a grilling giant with 800 sq. inches of the cast iron surface.

Louisiana Grills Official Website

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Whether you are a part-time griller or an avid pitmaster, Napoleon grills will let you BBQ to your heart’s content. They stand apart from the crowd with their excellent corrosion-resistant craftsmanship. 

Apart from traditional gas, charcoal, and electric grills, they have some amazing heating appliances too. 

Being mostly known for its gas grills, they make the heavy-duty Prestige Pro 665 model which is a killer in freestyle grilling.

Napoleon Official Website

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Among the best BBQ grill brands, Nexgrill holds a special place because of its vast array of grilling accessories. It welcomes outdoor grillers to choose from its extensive range of gas, charcoal, pellet, or portable grills. 

Besides, flat-top griddles are also available here. But their signature lineup is the stainless steel gas grill. 

Nevertheless, Nexgrill Revelry 4-burner gas grill is their flagship product in terms of features and functionalities. 

Nexgrill Official Website

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Next on the lineup, I have a name for the perfect ceramic grill. Yes, Primo, it is and it’s the leader of the American-made ceramic kamado grills.

Being manufactured with the highest grade ceramic, these grills have exceptional heat and moisture retention capabilities. 

Whether you choose their X-L, L, Junior, or Round charcoal grill, you are gonna enjoy the authentic smokey essence in your meat.

Primo Official Website

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With a 100-year history of making different heating products, Dyna-Glo offers different types of grills and smokers for backyard BBQing. It’s a home and commercial grade product manufacturer from GHP Group Inc.

Compared to other grill brands, Dyna-Glo offers a wider smoking area in their grills and smokers that cater to LP gas, natural gas, charcoal, and dual fuel. 

You can check out their 3-burner LP Gas Grill or the X-Large Premium Charcoal Grill for a superior smoking experience. 


Although Recteq is not as popular as Weber, it offers some extraordinary wood pellet grills that give hard competition to Weber grills.

They are compatible with or without wifi. And you will get precise heat control with their compact pellet grill lineups such as the RT-B380 Bullseye Deluxe or the RT-340 Wood Pellet Grill.


Looking for an affordable grill brand? Brinkmann is such a brand that used to make some wonderful gas grills with excellent value for money.

Unfortunately, they discontinued their business in November 2015 due to bankruptcy. So, you cannot buy any Brinkmann grill directly from their website.

Broil King

Broil King is indeed a king in manufacturing industry-leading gas, pellet, and charcoal grills. As it uses heavy-gauge 9mm stainless steel in the construction, all their grills are exceptionally durable.

Basically, it manufactures products in the USA. However, among their versatile range of cookware, the Regal 490 and the Imperial S690 IR are the most popular products.


Are you a fan of charcoal grilling? Then check out Char-Griller which tops the list of the most versatile barrel-style charcoal grill brands. It’s their signature grill actually. 

Besides, they also make gas grills, but only in a limited number. It’s an Atlanta-based grill maker mostly known for barrel smokers and kamado grills.

Among their most famous models, the Char-Griller Double Play 3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill is making a huge splash in the smoking pool. 


Finally, you can check out Costco which is basically a wholesale retailer. It offers high-quality bbq grills with the highest customer ratings.

In fact, it’s a one-stop solution for those who are looking for a new grill at a competitive price. There are some good grills in their collection from top-rated manufacturers. 


Here I end the discussion on the best BBQ grill brands. Among the numerous brands stated above, Weber, Char-Broil, Masterbuilt, Big Green Egg, Pit Boss, etc. are highly appreciated by customers for their versatile range of grills and smokers.

The rest of the brands also offer some functional features which make them different and unprecedented in their own ways.

However, you should look for outdoor grills based on durability, portability, and performance. Also, it should perfectly fit into the available space you have while catering to your grilling style.

Hope this guide helps you learn more about the leading grill brands out there and pick the right one. Good luck!

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