Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pellets For Smoker?

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Pellets are the major fuel source for a smoker and are also essential to make the dish better with flavor. Finding premium quality pellets isn’t difficult if you choose one that is crafted with cutting-edge technologies. Brands are focusing on manufacturing pellets with real flavor, less ash without any use of chemicals.

If you’re searching for the best place to buy pellets for smokers, you may go to any local hardware or home improvement store. There are some online marketplaces as well that offer the best product with the best deal. 

They are trusted and provide premium delivery service to the consumers. To ensure the best pellets for turkey or any kind of meat, you must verify a few details of the product. 

If you are confused about buying wood pellets online, this article will guide you through. We suggested top online and physical stores to buy wood pellets. The online stores are trusted and will deliver you the product they expertise. 

On the other hand, physical stores can be a good alternative to online stores if you are not familiar with online shopping.  

7 Best Place To Buy Wood Pellets For Smoker Online

Consumers prefer online shopping as they can compare different products and choose the perfect one. The leading online retailers have a huge stockpile with a variety of products, allowing customers to find exactly what they want. 

Have a look at the 7 Best Place to Buy Wood Pellets Online –


As you know, Amazon is the leading online marketplace in the world. There are a variety of products available on Amazon. You can easily find quality wood pellets like bear mountain with different shipping options. 

If you are an Amazon Prime member, there will be a faster delivery than usual. During the search, you may fix a price range that will show the product within your budget range. 

Amazon also offers a quick way to return goods. If you are dissatisfied with the goods or it is not as described, you may easily return it through Amazon.

Amazon has a total of 19 brands available for Wood Pellets. You may pick the one you are looking for from the left bar of the Amazon site. You can easily sort the price and color as well. This ensures you are getting the desired one without wasting a second. 

If you are concerned about the customer rating, you can view the products with higher customer satisfaction from the filters. It’s recommended to pick wood pellets from the best sellers to have a better experience with the product.

That’s why Amazon is the best place to buy wood pellets for your pellet smoker.

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You’ve probably heard of eBay, which offers consumers a simple and hassle-free shopping experience. eBay has so many filter options that it won’t take much time to find your desired product. 

eBay can be a good option to buy pellets for smokers. You may go through the user reviews to have an idea about the real user experience of a specific product.

There is a huge collection of pellets on eBay. From the 6 different wood pellet brands, you will find quality pellets that include other features as well. There is a unique filter on eBay that allows the user to choose the Country/Region of manufacture. You can even find pellets that have an easy-to-clean and reusable feature.    

eBay has a huge collection of products and will be a better option for users who love to check different products before purchasing one.

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Walmart is another popular site for online shopping. This site doesn’t have too many filter options yet has the premium pellets in store.  

Walmart displays the product in three categories. Rollback, Popular pick, and Best Seller. This will help you to instantly pick the premium one. There is a fast delivery service offered by Walmart. 

There will be individual delivery duration under each product that enables users to know if the product will be shipped or not within the required period.

Walmart has a total of 18 different brands available for pellets. One of the advantages of using Walmart is, you may pick the product from your nearest Walmart shop. In this case, you need to check if the product is available in the nearest store. This online site allows you to view products within your budget rate by using the Price filter. 

Shopping from Walmart will definitely be a smooth experience. Walmart is recommended if you have already confirmed the product and are looking for a site to order. 

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Target is another online store that is popular for providing quality products with same-day delivery features. Target provides special discounts to the RedCard owners that can be purchased from the site. You will have both in-store and online advantages by owning the RedCard.

Target has wood pellets available from more than 20 brands. This huge variety allows the user to find the appropriate one according to their requirement. You will have the customer rating with the product to have a better product without wasting time. 

You may try Target, as this one has a huge range of pellets with quality assurance.


Etsy is another online store that has a great reputation in terms of quality and product value. Etsy provides easy refund and exchange policies that make it easier for a customer to try a product. 

Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces for handmade and original items. Etsy has a collection of some unique products that are not available at any other marketplace. 

If you search for ‘wood pellets’ in Etsy, there will be a different result than others. Etsy doesn’t have any filter for the brands; rather you will have a filter named ‘Item Type’. This filter allows you to choose one from handmade and Vintage. 

Aside from the pellets, Etsy can be used to create pellet hoppers or baskets by requesting the seller to meet your requirements. If you prefer handmade products, Etsy is undoubtedly the best option so far.  

Best Buy

Best Buy is another site with a good collection of wood pellets. The site has quick filter options to eliminate the hassle a user may face. For a safe and convenient experience, Best Buy can be a good solution for sure. 

Best Buy will display the products with the necessary details. If you have the location-enabled, you will be able to see if the product is available in your area or not. The site also allows you to compare different products instantly. The other common filters make it easier to find the perfect product without any waste of time.   

Home Depot

Home Depot is a great store for home improvement needs and bbq items as well. They are quite popular because of the top-notch customer service they provide. There is always a discount available for different products in Home Depot. Thus, you will have a product at the best price at Home Depot.

Home Depot has a great collection of wood pellets with easy filtering. The flavor filter will make it easier to find the one you are looking for. There are 30+ varieties of brands available for wood pellets. 

This collection allows users to try and explore pellets for their smokers. Home Depot provides free shipping to your nearby store. Thus, there will be no problem getting the desired one.

These are among the top online stores for wood pellets. They hold a strong market value with positive customer feedback. They offer the products at the best price as well. Whether it’s the delivery process or the quality of the product, the stores won’t disappoint you for sure.

6 Best Place To Buy Pellets For Smoker Locally

It’s not always possible to purchase goods online.  As a result, you should be aware of local places where you may purchase pellets for smokers. This will save your time and effort as well. 

Check out the top 6 types of physical stores where pellet smokers will be available – 

Hardware Store

Hardware stores usually have a large stock of goods. Finding out the required flavor of pellets won’t be a problem because of the huge collection. If you have any trusted hardware store nearby, it would be great purchasing them from there. 

You will be able to check the quality and the condition of the package as well. If you need any additional equipment with pellets, you will be able to get them.  

Home Improvement Store

Home Improvement Store combines hardware and home improvement supplies. You will find wood pellets there and other bbq items there. Home Improvement Stores allow you to check the quality and manufacture date during the purchase. There will be less hassle while buying pellets from a home improvement store.

Department Store Like Walmart

Walmart has both online in-store shopping features. Check the store locations and stock availability from the Walmart site that ensures you are getting the required pellets from the nearest department store. 

There are other department stores like Walmart that have a good collection of pellets with other bbq items. These department stores are recommended if you prefer a hassle-free shopping experience.

BBQ grill stores

BBQ grill stores are dedicated outlets for bbq accessories. BBQ grill stores will have pellets with different flavors. As they store so many bbq items, you will find your required items under one roof. They are recommended if you grill frequently. 

It may feel a bit awkward to check multiple products in a local shop. But if you want to have a better product, you should explore and compare different products in a BBQ grill store.

 Farm Stores

Farm Stores is a kind of retail outlet that sells goods produced from the farm. If you manage to check the quality of the pellets, you may find premium pellets from farm stores. They allow the farmers to sell their goods directly to the consumers. 

You are getting pellets at a lower price. Farm store pellets are normally of higher quality since they are devoid of chemicals and other additives. You should try Farm Stores to explore quality pellets.

Wholesale Clubs

Wholesale Clubs can be a good alternative for regular grilling. They will cost you less than usuals. If you are purchasing pellets in a large amount, Wholesale Clubs will be the best option for sure. 

As you are purchasing a huge stock, make sure the products are in good condition. The only problem you may face is the shipping. You need to carry the huge weight to your location which is a bit of a hassle. 

These are the common destinations you may try to purchase wood pellets. You should inspect the products and packages to ensure a better purchase. For an instant grilling session, there is no alternative to purchasing pellets from a local store.

The Advantage of Buying Pellets from Online

Purchasing any product online is pretty simple. The online stores provide fast-shipping with quality products. Online stores allow users to check real user reviews with images and ratings. 

During purchase, you will be able to know the features offered by the pellets. Almost all the popular brands are available online. That means you are not missing any product. 

Online shopping saves you from the hassle and makes it possible to get the product in your home. The home delivery feature made online shopping convenient and popular to users. 

You don’t need to visit shops and search for your favorite pellet physically. If you want to avoid traffic and save time, then online shopping will be the best option so far. 

Advantages of Buying Pellets Online 

  • Online shopping saves time 
  • It is possible to explore as many products as you want 
  • Products are available with a detailed description
  • Products can be purchased by checking the user reviews
  • Includes discount and combo deals
  • Offers refund and easy return features

The Advantage of Buying Wood Pellets Locally

Wood Pellets are a common ingredient for grilling. It won’t be a hassle to purchase them from a local store if you manage to check the quality during the purchase. You will obviously find pellets in your nearby stores. 

Buying wood pellets locally allows users to check the product and the quality. You are getting the product instantly, and you don’t need to wait for its arrival. If you visit local stores, you will be able to pick the fresh goods. 

Sometimes, bad packaging damages the quality of a product. So, if you shop locally you can check the packaging of a product and get the better one. Purchasing something from the physical store allows the user to check the manufacturer and the expiry date. Thus, there will be no confusion about the product.

Advantages of Buying Wood Pellets Locally

  • Allows to pick the fresh goods
  • Possible to get the product instantly
  • It’s possible to check the expiry date of a product
  • Less confusion as you know the condition of the product
  • No payment hassle 
  • Possible to choose product with experience

Buying Wood Pellets Online vs Physical Store

The comparison quite depends on the situation. Online and physical stores both provide top-notch service to consumers. 

If you need the pellet instantly, it’s recommended to get the product from the local store. You won’t need to wait till the delivery. Some of the users are not familiar with online purchases. 

If you can’t do proper research before purchasing a product online, the experience may not be satisfying. You need to check so many factors such as – user reviews, delivery options before purchasing a product online. 

Physical store allows a user to check the product manufacture and expiry date with the product condition during the purchase. 

While purchasing a product online allows the users to check the product virtually. You will be able to check real user reviews and feedback. This will make you able to pick the one with better reviews. 

It’s difficult to check multiple products in a physical store as it’s quite embarrassing. You can review thousands of products during an online purchase. This ultimate freedom makes it possible for a user to explore the best product within the budget range.   

5 Best Wood Pellet Brands For Smoking

Now that you’ve discovered the places, it’s time to know about the brands. There are so many brands available of wood pellets that you may feel confused if you visit an online or offline shop. You need to know about the brands as it will help you to pick the best one. 

Here are some of the best wood pellet brands for smoking. They are among the top in the market so you can rely on the brands without any hesitation.

Traeger Grills Brand

The original wood-fired grill was invented over 30 years ago in Oregon by Traeger. They have a variety of products available in the market. You will be totally satisfied with the Traeger products as the products come with the latest upgrades and technologies. 

Traeger wood pellets are made entirely of natural, cooking-quality hardwood. You’ll get the ideal burn with the best wood-fired flavor. Traeger is the most trusted fuel source with limitless taste combinations.  

PIT BOSS Pellets

PIT BOSS is a subsidiary of Danons Inc that produces engineered and innovative grilling accessories. PIT BOSS is a full-service barbecue provider available across multiple retailers and direct-to-consumer sales in around 30 countries worldwide. 

Products of Pit Boss are designed by category experts. Pit Boss was one of the top-selling grilling item brands in the United States in terms of unit sales. 

Pit Boss cares about the partners and customers, and this dedication helped them to maintain superior quality even after a huge growth of the brand.


LumberJack is the home of real bbq wood pellets. They offer exceptional flavor and performance for any occasion. The pellets of LumberJack are made with pure and virgin tree stock. 

You are going to have the finest quality wood pellets as the manufacturers pick only the top-quality raw materials. LumberJack produces a variety of flavors of wood pellets. 

The pellets are crafted from top-quality plants collected from the abundant forests of northwest Wisconsin. For a unique smoky flavor with superior quality, you may try LumberJack wood pellets.  

Jealous Devil

Here comes another top-quality wood pellets manufacturer – Jealous Devil. The brand never compromises in quality and crafts premium wood pellets. 

You will be totally satisfied with the quality of Jealous Devil. The pellets are made from virgin, bark-free hardwoods. From the start to the ending process, Jealous Devil monitors each step to ensure the best quality in their products.

There are no chemicals or fillers used while producing the pellets. You may use the pellets of Jealous Devil without any hesitation.

Camp Chef

Last but not least, Camp Chef is another top-notch brand for wood pellets. The pellets offer a better flavor with an efficient burn. You will surely enjoy the flavor as they are made with 100% pure virgin hardwoods. 

Camp Chef pellets are made with no oils or chemicals meaning you have pure flavor in your dishes. There will be less ash than usual that eliminates the hassle during cooking. One of the noticeable features of Camp Chef is the consistent burning which is quite important during grilling.

Though Wood pellets include some common features, some of the pellets contain unique features to enhance the flavor and fuel efficiency.  Purchasing wood pellets from premium brands allow the users to get a better experience with the product. 

The top brands maintain a standard quality during the crafting of the pellets. There won’t be any additives or chemicals to deliver you the best flavor without any damage to the taste.

Is Buying Wood Pellets From Online Good Idea

Well, it depends. Online shopping provides more flexibility to the users. There is a wide range of products available online. If you are not finding the desired product on the first site, check it on the next site and others. You will definitely find the product by exploring the sites mentioned above. 

Online stores include more details about a product. You are getting user reviews with real images and the pros/cons of a product. It saves time and hassle as well. 

Some of the online stores offer discounts with lower prices. You will be able to compare different products and their prices online. You won’t need to worry about the delivery while shopping online. 

There is no time barrier for online stores. Whenever you need wood pellets, just visit your favorite online store and place an order. Online stores offer easy returns that makes it possible to ensure if you have received the advertised product or not. 

The only drawback of online shopping is it won’t deliver you the product instantly. If you need wood pellets today, you won’t get them by placing the order. It may take time though some of the sites offer same-day delivery. The delivery mostly depends on the stock and the location.    

 Are All Smoker Pellets The Same

There are so many smoker pellets available from different brands. They are obviously not made the same. The brands maintain a variation of the process and the raw materials as well. This is why they include a signature taste or flavor in their products. 

The brands have their innovative way of crafting pellets from raw materials. Based on their engineering and process, they have distinct features as well. Some pellets produce less smoke and ash while others are popular for producing the smoky flavor. This is how every pellet contains unique features.


This article was all about where to get pellets and which brands to buy. I guess, you will be able to get the finest wood pellets the next time you go shopping, whether in a physical store or online. Once you’ve gained some experience, finding the best place to buy pellets for smokers will be a breeze. Explore the details of the product with user reviews while shopping online. If you are in a physical store, check the product quality and packaging to have the best one in your hand.