Masterbuilt 560 Temperature Issues (Solved)

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Despite being an excellent gravity-fed smoker at a reasonable price range, the Masterbuilt 560 often fails to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. 

Sometimes, the grill just doesn’t get hot enough. And sometimes you might face overheating issues. While having a long BBQ session, the grill temperature might suddenly drop as well.

Keeping all these points in mind, I prepared an extensive guide about msterbuilt 560 temperature issues below followed by their potential quick fixes. 

So, buckle up and dive deep into the discussion!

Masterbuilt 560 Temperature Issues Solutions

Generally speaking, Masterbuilt 560 is well-known for its out-of-the-box temperature accuracy. But things don’t always go as planned. 

Similarly, this smart gravity-fed charcoal smoker could show signs of temperature issues once in a while. But what are the actual reasons? And how could you troubleshoot your smoker if something happens? 

Let’s break down the causes and solutions one by one.

Masterbuilt 560 Temperature Off Suddenly – The Fixes 

As a long-term 560 user, I experienced this situation several times. Honestly speaking, a number of factors contribute to this sudden temperature-off issue.

The very first reason could be a mechanical malfunction. The grill must have some wiring issues which affect the temperature regulation. Otherwise, the control panel might be at fault.

However, the temperature probe might also malfunction providing inaccurate temperature readings. At the same time, it happens due to not using the grill properly. 

Suppose, you left the lid open for a long time. Or you did not follow the start-up procedure according to the user manual. These could also lead to sudden temperature off in the grill.

And yes, rough and extended use of the grill could lead to worn-out parts affecting the temperature flow.

Whatever the cause is, you need to identify it first. If any of the grill components are at fault, temperature probe, control panel, fan, motor, or anything, either repair or replace it.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, you should reset the controller of your Masterbuilt 560 gravity charcoal smoker. 

First, power off the smoker. Then unplug it from the wall, wait for 5 minutes, and plug the smoker back in. Hopefully, this will let you get rid of the issue.

Nevertheless, if the problems still persist, contact the Masterbuilt customer support team for expert advice. They will either give you a permanent solution or send you a replacement. 

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Masterbuilt 560 Overheating – How To Fix? 

Whether it’s Masterbuilt 560 or any other charcoal smoker, if it’s overheating, it’s due to the blocked air vents in most cases.

If the air vents are blocked, you cannot expect regular airflow inside the smoker. As a result, the heat and smoke will be trapped inside to make the smoker burn like a giant charcoal chimney. 

So, you must keep both the air vents clean so that they ensure adequate airflow.

Moreover, you must be aware of how much charcoal you can put in the hopper. If you exceed the limit, the wood will burn faster making the grill hotter.

Masterbuilt 560 Not Heating Up and Won’t Get Hot

If you read my article about masterbuilt 1050 problems, you must remember what I said about gravity series smokers. They often fail to reach your desired temperature. 

The same goes for the 560 model as well. After having 2-3 long cooks, you may see it not heating up or reaching your required smoking temperature. 

And the possible reasons are-

  • Insufficient airflow
  • Bad charcoal quality 
  • Inadequate charcoal
  • Clogged burners 
  • Faulty igniter 
  • Loose chip tray

To let the smoker get hot enough, you must use good-quality charcoal. And please avoid feeding the hopper with wet charcoal. 

At the same time, you must put adequate charcoal in the fire box to produce enough heat. 

However, if the igniter is at fault, you should replace it immediately. 

Thirdly, you cannot expect a consistent heat flow inside the smoker if there’s not adequate airflow. Sufficient air circulation keeps the charcoal burning to raise the grill temperature. 

Of course, you should give the smoker a thorough cleaning after a few cooks to keep the burner ports unclogged.

And yes, the chip tray shouldn’t be loose from the burner if you want the charcoal to be heated up evenly.

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Masterbuilt 560 Temperature Drops – What You Should Do Now? 

Another common complaint about this versatile gravity series smoker is that it drops temperature. 

Suppose, you set the controller at 225° F. But unfortunately, the grill often cooks at 25-30° lower.

That’s probably the controller issue. Contact Masterbuilt for a replacement if your grill is still under the warranty. They will send a replacement. Hopefully, the new controller will solve the issue.

If it doesn’t, set the temperature at 250° F and the grill’s internal temperature will be 225° F due to the drop in temperature.

Masterbuilt 560 Inconsistent Temperature – How To Fix? 

If I want to cover all the Masterbuilt 560 temperature-related problems, I must talk about inconsistent temperature flow.

When the grill offers uneven cooking temperatures, you are definitely going to overcook or undercook your food.

If this happens, probably the fan isn’t working properly. It’s the fan that keeps regulating temperatures inside the smoker, you know.

Unless it maintains an even heat and smoke regulation inside, the smoker is bound to face temperature fluctuations.

Resultantly, the food will be either too hot or too cold causing potential health hazards.

So, you should immediately identify the reason behind the malfunctioning fan and repair/replace it accordingly. 

However, if you are interested in why Masterbuilt 560 fan not working, I have a detailed article on this topic. Make sure to check that out.

Nevertheless, a damaged thermostat sensor could also lead to temperature fluctuations. 

Therefore, check the sensor as well if you notice an unusual inconsistency in the smoking temperature. 

Why Is The Temperature Not Accurate On My Masterbuilt 560?

In most cases, the Masterbuilt 560 temperature probe is at fault when you find the temperature inaccurate. In some cases, the digital controller is at fault though. 

However, make sure you wipe the meat probe after each use to get the correct temperature reading.

Talking about the controller, experts suggest resetting it following the user manual to solve temperature inaccuracy. 

Why Does The Temperature Of My Masterbuilt 560 Keep Rising?

As I discussed above, overheating on Masterbuilt 560 is a common issue that usually happens due to misaligned vents and dampers. 

If you cannot adjust the air vents properly, it leads to increased airflow inside the grill causing the temperature to rise.

Besides, a blockage in the hopper could lead to constant pellet flow into the firebox resulting in non-stop temperature rise.

Why Is My Masterbuilt 560 Not Reaching Temperature?

If the Masterbuilt 560 is not reaching your desired cooking temperature, the digital temperature controller might be providing inaccurate readings.

  • Make sure the controller is free of dirt, debris, and moisture to work properly. 
  • Secondly, you have probably restricted airflow by closing the vents. 
  • Let them stay open to provide adequate oxygen into the grill so that it can produce enough heat. 
  • Finally, you must feed the fire box with sufficient charcoal for adequate heat build-up.

How Do I Know If My Smoker Thermometer Is Accurate?

There are usually two ways to test the accuracy of a smoker thermometer. One is the ice bath test and another is the boiling water test.

To run the ice bath test, you should fill a glass with crushed ice cubes. Add some cold water and mix them well. Now place the thermometer into the glass and wait for 15 seconds. 

Point to be noted, the thermometer probe must be 2 inches into the glass.

Now, if the reading says it’s 32° F, the probe is absolutely accurate and needs no calibration. 

Similarly, you can place the smoker thermometer into boiling water and check the reading after 10 seconds. 

If it says the temperature is 212° F, then the probe is okay. And if the thermometer says otherwise, you should note the difference. 

However, you should remember that in both cases the probe shouldn’t touch the sides or bottom of the water pot.

Where Is Masterbuilt 560 Temperature Sensor Location?

The temperature sensor in Masterbuilt 560 is located above the main cooking grates in the cooking chamber. Masterbuilt cleverly designed the sensor to measure the actual food temperature accurately. 

What Can Affect The Masterbuilt 560 Temperature? 

Alongside the quality and quantity of charcoal in the firebox, a faulty ambient probe, damaged controller, and ventilation issue could affect the regular heat regulation in a Masterbuilt 560 digital smoker.

At the same time, it could really be affected by outside conditions as well.

For example, if you are smoking in windy conditions or cold weather, it might be hard to reach a high grilling temperature. 

Besides, irregular cleaning and improper maintenance of the smoker naturally impact the usual heat flow of the smoker. 


To end the guide on masterbuilt 560 temperature issues, I highly recommend cleaning the grill after every use. This will keep all the grill components( meat probe, controller, thermostat, air vents, fan, etc.) free of dirt, food grease, and debris.

As a result, the smoker will be less likely to produce uneven cooking temperatures, hot and cold spots, inaccurate heat readings, sudden temperature drops, etc.

However, if your grill is still not heating up correctly after all the quick fixes above, you must contact the Masterbuilt expert team for further troubleshooting.

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