What is the best small electric smoker for beginners?

An inflatable swimming pool, good friends and perfectly smoked ribs or chicken wings can bring out the best taste of summer. A horizontal offset smoker is most likely what a smokin’ pro looks for. But the best small electric smoker is enough for beginners like you who want to smoke a dozen chicken wings, a couple of turkey breasts or short beef ribs only once a week.

There’s nothing quite like a cut of juicy delicious smoked meat. Considering the solid temperature control, easy set up, portability, total cooking area, adjustable smoking racks, beautiful design, set it and forget it option and wallet friendly price tag Masterbuilt 20070910 30” Digital Electric Smoker is my favorite small electric smoker.

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  • Suitable for experienced as well as beginners
  • 730 sq. inches of cooking chamber
  • 4 chrome-coated removable smoking racks
  • 800 watt heating element
  • Can heat from 100° to 275° F
  • Can smoke anything from cheese to brisket

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Overview of the Masterbuilt 20070910, the best small electric smoker

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker is very easy to use for any level of chef. Whether you’re going to smoke a whole turkey, lamb shoulders, jerk sausage, 12 lbs beef brisket, salmon, lobster tails or your favorite vegetables, this small smoker will give off the real smoky flavor with excellent smoking efficiency.

As you know, overheat will make your smoked foods dry and inadequate heat will leave them uncooked. So to ensure even smoking, stability of temperature is the key thing and Masterbuilt 20070910 is well known for its performance. This electric smoker is designed with a digital temp controller which makes it very easy to control the temperature.

My sweetheart is crazy about it’s digital control panel. This control panel is featured with a 24 hour digital timer and auto shut off which makes it happen to enjoy the true “set it and forget” smoking. Just switch it on, set the temperature and timer and leave it. It’ll shut off automatically on time. So, there’s no risk of getting your food burnt.

Another fantastic fact of this mini smoker is that it allows you to smoke any of your desired foods without the hassle of pellets, charcoal or wood fire. No risk of getting out of fuel once the smoker is switched on. Just make sure your electric bill is paid off.

What makes my sweetheart crazy about the Masterbuilt 20070910

Consistent Heat With Full Control: No matter it’s the most traditional smoking using a charcoal smoker or the smart smoking with an electric smoker, heat plays the key role to make the food delicious. So, the most important feature of any electric smoker is its consistency in generating heat and the temperature range.

Only a smoker box would be enough to smoke your food if heat was not of that much importance. And thank God! My sweetheart is fully impressed with the heat retaining ability of the smoker. To retain heat properly within the cooking cabinet, the main chamber of this smoker is made of aluminum and the exterior of this chamber is protected with steel armor and plastic coating. This extraordinary craftsmanship can make anyone fall in love with this smoker.

I’m not exaggerating. Any normal aluminum or steel cabinet becomes too hot to touch if you cook something in it. But, you’ll find the exterior of this smoker cool enough to touch even after smoking a whole turkey or a giant beef brisket at the highest temperature.

I’m mentioning these two meats, not fish fillets or chicken wings because you know how much heat is needed to smoke them. Yap, Masterbuilt 20070910 can produce 100° – 275°F heat with its 800-Watt heating element. You can fix the heat at any point between this range. For instance, the ideal heat to smoke beef brisket is 250°F. So, follow your favorite recipes, fix the heat at the recommended point and smoke perfectly at the comfort of your home.

Internal Thermostat: I’m telling you that this smoker can generate 100° – 275°F hot temperature. But there’s no guarantee that I’m not lying and you also shouldn’t trust a stranger. Masterbuilt has given a brilliant solution to this issue.

They have designed this smoker with a builtin thermostat. You can check out and control your cooking temperature with this internal thermostat. However, you’ll need a bluetooth thermometer to check the food temperature. Let me make it clear.

The ideal cooking temperature for brisket is 250°F which you can easily control with its builtin thermostat and your brisket becomes ready to eat when the meat temperature reaches 190°F. You’ll need a bluetooth meat thermometer to check out this temperature. Now, let’s see other cool features of this amazing smoker.

Side Wood Chip Loading System

Side Wood Chip Loading System: Heat runs away every time you open your smoker. But, consistent heat is needed to smoke anything perfectly. So, it’s recommended not to open your smoker frequently while cooking. Here you’ll get another excellent craftsmanship in designing this electric smoker.

You don’t need to open your smoker to refill wood chips. There’s a drawer in its side wall. Pull out the drawer, load your wood chips here, pull it back and twist it to top up the wood chips box. This unique refill system lets you add more chips without burning your hands. It also keeps the internal temperature stable which is crucial to ensure even cooking.

Adjustable smoking racks: Having a small smoker doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke the whole turkey, big brisket or enough foods to serve a group of foodies at one time. You can do so if you’ve Masterbuilt 20070910 small smoker.

To smoke lamb shoulder or other meat of this size, you’ll need a bigger cooking space and this smoker comes with removable smoking racks. So, remove 2 or 3 racks to make more room whenever you need. You can even customize its interior to set more racks if it’s needed. This is the real advantage of owning a smoker with adjustable racks.

Ease of use: This smoker is very easy to handle, easy to smoke and easy to clean. From controlling temperature to cleaning after smoking, you can do everything without the hassle of sliding a cotton yarn into the rusty needle hole.

After smoking a brisket even without wrapping, it takes only a few minutes to clean the smoker because of its chrome coated racks and drip pan that catches the fatty juices running out of your smoked meat. So, just remove the racks and pan, rinse with the soapy water, use a soft scrubber and you’ll get the shiny racks after rinsing with the tap water.

Once the smoker is assembled and pre seasoned, you just need to plug it in to smoke your desired foods and assembling this small smoker requires no skill level. That means, anyone can assemble this following the provided user manual.

Quality Construction: Excellent craftsmanship is needed to retain the heat that can cook without touching your food. The insulated aluminium interior ensures everything that you need to smoke perfectly and the powder-coated steel exterior makes the smoker durable with beautiful appearance.

The door of this smoker is foam sealed which is very effective to guard heat from running away. Moreover, the door comes with an adjustable latch that you can tighten if the sealing wears down over time. Its brilliant construction helps you maintain a consistent internal heat and keeps your operating costs down. It allows you to smoke for seasons after seasons.

Another amazing feature of the elegant construction of the Masterbuilt 20070910 smoker can be seen in its wood chips tray. It’s completely separated from the main chamber. So, there is no risk of winding up the fuel residue in the food.

Wallet friendly price: Smart customers love to stay within the budget without sacrificing the quality and Masterbuilt loves to design the high quality but cost effective cooking gadgets. So, buying this smoker will save your wallet in two ways.

One is that you don’t have to go to restaurants to taste the delicious cut of smoked brisket or ribs. Its performance is surprising to let you smoke perfectly. And the other way is that you don’t have to spend your cash every year in purchasing a smoker as this one lasts years after years.

Pros of this small electric smoker at a glance:

  • It’ll come in a top notch packaging to prevent any damage
  • Sturdy smoker but not too heavy to carry
  • It generates enough heat and shut down automatically on time
  • Its insulated construction allows you touching exterior body when smoking
  • It comes with well sealing doors to prevent the heat and smoke run away
  • It’s designed with a probe for checking internal temperature
  • Genius wood chip loading system to make the use super simple

Drawbacks But Not Dealbreakers

Despite having these cool features the smoker also has some drawbacks. This is a very small smoker and it doesn’t come with wheels or high stands. So, you’ve to make a stand to smoke comfortably if you’re a tall guy. Moreover, all of the bolts used to attach the several parts of this smoker are not stainless steel.

So, replacing the normal bolts with stainless steel bolts will make your smoker more durable. And the last thing I’ve noticed is that its 800 watt heating element loses its efficiency after more or less a year. This happens to most of the electric heating devices. Replacing that small spare part can give off the same heat which you get from a new smoker.

Anyway above all, this smoker is designed for the occasional or beginner cooks. That’s why, this smoker can’t please a pro smoker with its performance. So, if you want to enjoy the more advanced smoking features, you can consider buying this one which is another amazing small electric smoker by Smokin-It.

How to Assemble Masterbuilt 20070910 Smoker

Assembling your Masterbuilt electric smoker is very easy. First thing you need to do is unpack your smoker box, remove everything off of the packaging and lay out all of your parts on the floor or on your dining table. Then read the instruction manual carefully before you start.

The only tool you’ll need to make your smoker ready to smoke is a Phillips head screwdriver. To avoid any mistake or not to miss any small parts, you should choose a clean flat surface. You’ll get the smoker almost pre assembled. You only have to arrange all the parts and fix them up using a few screws.

Starting from the smoker stand will make the job even easier. So to start from the bottom, carefully place your brand new smoker on its side, attach all the small beautiful stands and then let it stand on its own feet. Your job is now almost 90% done.

And the rest 10% will take less than 5 minutes. Place the drip tray, chrome coated racks and wood chips drawer on their slots, attach the control panel on top of the smoker, connect the control panel with your smoker using the provided plug and play cable and you’re 100% done. Don’t forget to make sure all the screws are perfectly tightened. If still confused, you can watch this YouTube video

Why Masterbuilt

RR cars have four wheels and you’ll get the equal number of wheels in Toyota cars. But, a lot of car enthusiasts prefer buying RR rather than driving even one of the most expensive roadsters from Toyota. It’s because RR is more popular than Toyota not for features and speed but because of their history which people remember with respect and love.

You’ll find the same thing behind the Masterbuilt. Electric smokers and other idiosyncratic barbecue or grilling accessories of this famous brand are built on Faith, Family Ties & Hard Work. Their history of designing wallet friendly electric smokers dates back to 1973. Yap, their history is so very long. Their longevity, masterhood in manufacturing quality products and promising customer care can make anyone feel proud to be a part of the Masterbuilt.

7 Benefits of using an electric food smoker

As you know, gas smokers and charcoal smokers usually impart the best smokey flavor to any food. So, you might be wondering why should you go for an electric smoker. Well, no need to pass one more night in the dark. I’m now going to show you the extra benefits of having an electric smoker.

Requires minimal efforts to use

Feeding a beautiful bearded dragon is of course easier than feeding a full grown crocodile and so is maintaining a small electric smoker. From firing up to controlling temperature, an offset charcoal or gas smoker requires minute care. But, plugging in and switching on, these simple steps are enough to cook off a plate full of perfectly smoked foods.

An electric smoker is designed to minimize the hassle without sacrificing the real smoky taste. It requires no culinary degree or experience to operate. Just watch your favorite recipe on YouTube and try it with your smoker. Controlling heat in this type of smoker is as easy as playing puzzle games on your mobile device. Thanks to the digital control panel. Not only Masterbuilt, almost all the electric smokers are very much user friendly.

Risk free

Smoking should be a fun time. So, don’t let your new smoking appliance ruin the glorious experience by causing any accident to your pets or kids while cooking. My cat never jumped into the smoker when I reloaded wood chips. But, it doesn’t mean that she never tried it.

My electric smoker is designed in such a way that I don’t need to keep the door open while reloading wood chips and even there is no possibility of burning wood chips jumping out of the tray which may set things on fire. Moreover, the heating element of my smoker is not uncovered.

But, in a regular charcoal or gas smoker, cooks have to create real fire and kids as well as pets are prone to touch such colorful things. These smokers also produce harmful emissions like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which an electric smoker never does. So, electric smokers are a risk free choice for you no matter you’ve or don’t have any pets and/or kids.

Yay, it’s not impossible that something can happen to the thermostat which may produce unexpected heat inside your food chamber, but nothing to worry about. The built-in prevention mechanism of your electric smoker will take care of it and automatically shut off the power supply.

Not having to supervise from the sunrise till the evening

As a beginner, you’ll be surprised to know that whatever you want to smoke from brisket to ribeyes, fish, chicken, turkey, salmon, steak, fruits, vegetables or even dessert in your electric smoker, everything you need to do is switching on it, getting your desired food into the cooking chamber, reloading wood chips, setting the temperature, turning on the cook time and that’s all. You’ll get the dish ready on time.

No need to sit beside your smoker as babysitters have to do while smoking. In the babysitting process, cooks have to take care of the flame and manually control the desired temperature as per requirement to ensure even cooking without burning the food. As you know, temperature is the key thing to smoke food which is very stable in electric smokers. So, these smokers require very little to zero supervision.

You can smoke anything

Maybe the history of food smoking began with meat and then people started applying this new cooking method on fish. But, after the invention of the electric smoker, the notion of food smoking has completely changed. Smoking enthusiasts now want to smoke vegetables, fruits, desserts, vulnerable foods like cheese and even milk.

Meat requires the maximum heat to smoke and you’ll need to maintain a very low temperature while smoking cheese. An exciting advantage of using an electric smoker is that you can maintain your cooking heat from as low as 100° F to as high as needed to soften beef or any other tough meat.

So, beside smoking beef, lamb, turkey, chicken or vegetables, you can also smoke cheese or dessert in your electric smoker. That means, an electric smoker allows you to cold smoke your desired foods. A single smoking appliance is enough to smoke off all foods if it’s an electric food smoker.

It heats fast

You need to preheat your smoker before start cooking which takes a long time for regular smokers. But, an electric smoker takes only 20 to 45 minutes to reach your desired temperature. The reason behind its fast heating is that electric power is more efficient than any other thing to heat something up and the main source of heat for this smoker is electricity. Compact and comparatively small cooking space also plays a significant role to heat up the smoker so fast.

Comes with advanced technology

It’s widely regarded that technology makes our life easy and once again it has been proved with the invention of electric smokers. Not every model from every brand, but some high quality electric smokers are designed with built in thermostat, digital control panel, cook timer and even bluetooth feature.

With a bluetooth electric smoker, you can supervise your cooking using your mobile phone. To me, it’s amazing that my mobile phone will assist me in my cooking. Anyway, I’m yet to use such an advanced electric smoker.

Wallet friendly

It’s another prominent advantage of the electric smokers. As a beginner, you shouldn’t break the bank to buy a new cooking appliance. Because of the size, weight and robust construction, traditional smokers require a big investment. But, electric smokers are available at a very reasonable price.

Moreover, you’ve to spend some extra cash in purchasing charcoal, gas, pellets or propane if you use regular smokers. On the contrary, there’s no additional cost for fuel in using electric smokers. And you don’t have to worry about your utility bill. Most of these smart cooking gadgets including Masterbuilt are energy efficient.

Things to Consider While Buying An Electric Smoker

As you’re here, I’m pretty sure that you’ve set up your mind for purchasing this amazing food smoking appliance today. When it comes to buying George Foreman grills or electric smokers, it sometimes gets very tough for the beginners to tell the difference between the competing models from different brands. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry! Considering the following things will help you pick up the best electric smoker:

  • Cooking space

Cooking space is an important thing to consider before buying your smoker. Unlike steaming or pan frying, food smoking is a long time cooking process which you can’t do twice to prepare a meal. It usually takes 6 to 12 hours and even longer to cook a batch of meat or fish in this method while fruits and vegetables take a bit shorter time.

So, if you want to smoke something for a large group of people, an electric smoker will not be a good fit for you. Most of the electric smokers can serve 15 to 25 people. If you don’t need to smoke foods for more than that number of people then you can easily go for a 30” small electric smoker.

But, 30” smoker is too small to play with a full rack of ribs or whole packer briskets. This size of small smokers come with around 700 sq. inches of cooking space which is more than enough to smoke a lamb shoulder or a whole turkey. So, define your requirements and then decide which size you actually need. If this size is not enough for you, then you can think about 40” smokers.

  • Digital vs. Analog

At first I thought all electric smokers are digital, but I was wrong. Analog smokers are also available in the market. In an analog smoking appliance, you’ll get 3 options to set your temperature, these are – low, medium and high. So, an additional thermometer is needed to know the exact cooking temperature.

Moreover, you can’t expect a cook timer in this version of an electric smoker which allows you to enjoy the “set it and forget it” cooking feature. It’s actually not suitable for the tech savvy cooks. I can’t imagine an electric food smoker without a digital screen, push buttons and other advanced features which make smoking as easy as boiling a pair of eggs in an instant pot.

  • Construction, materials and durability

All smokers are not constructed equally. A lot of home cooks use self made drum smokers which can’t hold heat as effectively as a well constructed smoker can. Heat is always prone to escape but you need stable heat to ensure even smoking. That’s why you’ve to be careful about it.

Double-wall construction is the best option. This construction offers proper insulation with longer durability. The outside wall of this Masterbuilt smoker is made of heavy duty stainless steel and the inner wall is made of aluminium. This type of sturdy construction is very effective to allow you smoke even in cold weather.

  • Mobility

It’s not a car, so you won’t get mobility in all of them. But, it’s important if you want to take your smoker out with you every weekend to beach parties or RV camping trips. You may also need to move your smoker when you want to clean it or for whatever reason. That’s why your smoker needs to be durable yet lightweight and portable.

To ensure these qualities, some manufacturers design their smokers with handles and others install caster wheels in their smoker legs. A user friendly electric smoker will come with either handles or wheels or both.

  • Power & Temperature Range

Sometimes, pro smoking enthusiasts need 1500 Watts heating devices or even higher while 500 to 800 watts is ideal for the beginners. This power determines the temperature range. Most small smokers can generate up to 275°F of constant heat which is enough to smoke brisket, ribs, salmon and several other foods for your family. Masterbuilt 20070910 also can generate 275°F heat.

  • Temperature Control

Do you know what makes a beginner smoke like a pro? No matter you’re a beginner or with hundred years of experience, if you can’t control your cooking temperature, you can’t smoke evenly. This is the key thing to smoke anything. So, you’ve to consider this thing before buying an electric smoker.

As you know, it’s almost impossible for a new BBQ enthusiast like you to control cooking temperature without a digital control panel. Proper insulation, rheostats, sealed doors, drip pans, vents, smart wood chip loading system and thermostats also help controlling and maintaining the temperature.

  • Warranty and support

A quality smoker never requires this but a reliable brand always offers this with their products to make their customers feel safe. Any electric appliance even from reputable brands can easily go wrong within its circuits. So, warranty and customer support are the two most important things a user expects from a manufacturer. In this case, Masterbuilt is a very good option where you can invest your faith.

How Does An Electric Smoker Work

This is a technical part and I’m not a tech. But as a loving husband, I know how to use it and from my experience I’m pretty sure that the “set it & forget” option of the electric smokers has made most of the beginners curious about the functioning of this tech savvy food smoking device. However, because of this curiosity, you’ll learn all the hacks of this machine which helps you get the best taste possible from your food.

A quality electric smoker comes with a digital control panel. If yours is Masterbuilt, you’ll get this panel on top of your smoker. There’s a power button to switch the smoker off or on. This control panel also helps you set the cooking temperature as well as the cook timer and you can read the current temperature of your cooking on it’s digital screen.

Different recipes require different temperatures. So, following your recipe book, you can set your desired temperature using the control panel. But in a regular smoker, cooks have to control the temperature by limiting the flow of oxygen which is not as easy as controlling with push buttons.

You can imagine your electric smoker as an insulated oven in your kitchen, but with smoke. Electric smokers are designed with electric coal or heating elements which you can see under the wood chips tray. This element heats up, makes the wood smoking and the cooking chamber traps that smoke in with the food to impart new flavor. You can also get a water pan there which helps maintain the moisture inside the food.

From the YouTube video I’ve embedded in the electric smoker assembling guide atop, you’ll come to know how to settle the wood chip tray and water pan. Then it comes to get your food in the smoker (don’t forget to preheat your smoker). Just over the wood chips, you’ll get a few racks where you can put the foods you want to cook.

Now, you can close the smoker door and sit back. Your electric smoker will take care of cooking. Even food smoking depends on controlling the temperature which is completely automatic in electric smokers. So, beginners can smoke almost perfectly with this type of smart food smokers.

Who this small electric smoker is designed for

There’s only one star in my nest (my sweetheart) but you’ll get dozens of different smokers out there in the market. It’s beyond any doubt that all of these BBQ machines are designed with unique characteristics, but how to know who the electric food smokers are best for. Well, let me fry one more egg.

Suppose, offset smokers are the greatest of all, but what can you do if there’s not enough space in your backyard to install one of those great pieces? Again, it’s known to all that charcoal smokers are the best to impart the most distinguished smoky flavor. But, how many of the foodies can separate the meats cooked in an electric smoker from those that are cooked in a charcoal smoker if served together?

However, electric smokers are best for the smoking enthusiasts who want to celebrate all of their weekends with smoky flavor, but don’t have enough time to babysit charcoal or pellet smokers. These slim smokers are also suitable for the cooks who don’t know how to operate those traditional smokers but want to eat gloriously smoked food. And above all, electric smokers are wallet friendly as well as beginner friendly. So, as a beginner, you can go for an electric smoker.

Getting the most out of your small electric smoker

So, you’re going to own a shiny new electric smoker to cook up some of the restaurant quality mouth-watering meats, vegetables, and cheeses at the comfort of your home. I know the excitement which very often makes a beginner chef prone to skip some minor but essential steps. Knowing these secrets will help you take proper care of your smoker.

Consider your space

We’ve learned a lot about cooking space. Now, it’s high time we learned something about the location where we’re going to place the smoker. The smoker we’re talking about is small, it won’t take much space. But, you can’t simply put it in your kitchen or even inside your apartment because using your smoker inside your apartment will leave a smoky smell on all your precious furnishings.

Just like any regular smoker, it generates a lot of smoke. So, it’s better to place your new smoker in the back porch or in the yard. Wherever you put it, the place should be open, smooth, plane with enough air flow and active electric socket. You’ll need this socket to supply power to your smoker and air flow will drive away the smoke.

Don’t forget to season your new smoker

Seasoning is very common to smokers and grill machines. It allows your fantasy cooking appliance to remove dust, oil or any harmful left over from the manufacturing floor. As you know, seasoning an electric smoker is very easy. It’s no different other than cooking.

My sweetheart calls it “fake cooking”. To season your smoker, you’ve to follow every step of a tough meat recipe like brisket or ribeye but to place the meat inside the food chamber. You have to cook for the same amount of time as a real brisket needs to be cooked. That means, set the temperature at high, load the wood chips tray, fill up the water tray and then switch your smoker on. Let it run for five to six hours. Now your smoker is 100% to use.

Invest in a bluetooth meat probe thermometer

I know, I know, you’ve chosen a digital electric smoker which comes with a  builtin thermostat. It works well and reads accurately. But, this thermostat can’t read the meat temperature. So, you should consider buying a bluetooth meat probe thermometer if you want to cook some fantastic barbecue on the very first time.

Beef becomes deliciously edible when internal meat temperature reaches 160 to 165° F. You can’t read this internal heat with your builtin thermostat. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to invest a few more bucks in an extra thermometer.

Preheat your smoker before every use

If you want your smoker performs excellently for years to come, you’ve to follow this simple step before every use. Before placing any food on the smoker racks to cook, you should wait until the temperature reaches at least 100° F. Don’t worry! Masterbuilt heats fast and any empty smoker heats even faster. And also don’t cook too much food at a time. Load up to 60% of total capacity.

Clean after every use

This is the last secret I know. Cleanliness leads to a healthy and happy life. Regular cleaning will keep your smoker efficient as well as rust free and it’s also very easy. Let the smoker come down to room temperature, take out racks and other removable things, take a cotton cloth, soak it in warm soapy water then wipe the interior of your smoker.

Next, rinse the cloth with tap water and wipe again. Finally wipe using a paper towel and look at the things you’ve removed. Maybe these are chrome coated smoking racks, grease pan and water tray. These are dishwasher safe. So, you can give them a hand wash or also can leave them into your dishwasher.

It’s time to make a decision

Despite being very easy to use and having dozens of cool advantages, a lot of pro smoking guys don’t like electric smokers. I don’t know why they don’t like it, but I’ve noticed something which pulls back these smokers from being so popular. These smokers can’t produce as many smoke rings as charcoal or pellet smokers can.

Another issue I’ve got is that some recipes require higher temperature than Masterbuilt 20070910 can generate. So, I can’t try those recipes. Moreover it lacks the remote control features. But I’m happy with it as it offers the features I actually need.

Neither I’m a chef, nor I’m an expert. I just am a husband of a crazy girl who’s fond of smoky flavor and my smoker never failed to please her. Once I was also a newbie user of electric smoker like you are today and after cooking not hundreds but more than hundred deliciously smoked dishes, I’ve got that Masterbuilt 20070910 is the best small electric smoker for beginners.

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